Reflections on an Interest Mapping Exercise


This post is co-authored with Sherif Osman ( @the_sosman ), CLT Senior Officer, Pedagogy and Assessment, Center for Learning and Teaching, American University in Cairo and Co-founder and Chief Learning Designer of ERGO Ed Design. Assessment.

Why Student Creation is the Hardest/Best Form of Assessment


The goal of assessment has traditionally been to measure student mastery. The final product that results from a creative assessment is a unique expression of each students thinking and learning. This is actually not a creative assessment at all. Assessment TL Advisor Blog PBL

Everything You Wanted To Know About Formative Assessment But Were Afraid To Ask

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Recently Shaelynn Farnsworth and I had a great and engaging discussion on the topic of Formative Assessment for ACER Education. Some of the highlights: What Is Formative Assessment —As you can tell from our video, there are many ways to describe formative assessment.

Edueto - Create Original Online Activities - great for formative assessment

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Teachers can create exercises such as quizzes, matching, writing, sorting, equations, sequences and more and assign them to their students to complete. There are also exercises created by other teachers that you can use and even edit. It's easy to use and can be a great way to do formative assessment with your students using different formats. Check out his blog here: [link] Related: Assessment Resources Online Assessment Resources Online Assignments Resources -.

Video for assessment

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I have always believed that assessment should be primarily for the benefit of the student, not the teacher. I concede that teachers need to know how their students are progressing, and this is very much a part of the assessment process. I don''t like end of module assessments much.

Vulnerability Assessments Reveal Security Weaknesses

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By Mike Chapple Learn about tools used for these exercises and the insights they can provide. Data protection Security

Use These Two Tools in the Classroom for Communication, Assessment, and More

Meanwhile, Edulastic provides an easy way to create formative assessments and analyze data. Take this exercise to the next level in a foreign language class by having students respond in a different language.

Digital Natives Still Need Help Navigating Online Assessments


You can find ways to bring in tools and assessments that mirror the functionality of the tests. If you can replace a traditionally paper and pencil test prep exercise with a computer-based one, do it! Or, assuming you have enough computers in your classroom, try online writing exercises. Want to help your students prep for the functionality of online assessments? Education Technology Assessments Technology in School

Assessing Creative Writing Is Hard, So Here Are Three Ways To Avoid It


Whether it’s a group of retirees who cluster in the back of your corner coffee shop or the so-called Ponzi schemes of MFA programs like the famed Iowa Writers’ Workshop, assessment comes in the form of peer feedback—marginalia and discussion. As the educators I spoke with lamented, “the product is so hard to assess.” He avoids assessing creative writing altogether by assigning his students to write critical essays about their own short stories.

GlobalEd.TV June 1st Webinar - "Effective Evaluation and Assessment in Global Education"

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presents: "Effective Evaluation and Assessment in Global Education" Date + Time: Wednesday, June 1st 7pm EST (Click on the time link to see the event time in your own time zone.) Evaluation and assessment in global education is a relatively new and growing topic. GlobalEd.TV

The Most Beautiful Way to Assess, Poll and Engage: Typeform

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On-Device Quiz and Assessment. While Typeform is not a dedicated assessment platform, it is the perfect place to put together a short quiz, test or poll. An excellent exercise in both storytelling and logical thinking. Overview.

Assessing Social-Emotional Skills Can Be Fuzzy Work; SELweb Offers Concrete Data


He’s the man behind SELweb , an online tool designed to assess K-3 students’ social-emotional learning (SEL), their ability to recognize and manage emotions and build healthy relationships. A unique approach to SEL In the last few years, there’s been a flurry of new products targeted at bolstering students’ SEL skills, including interactive curriculums , often consisting of videos and computer-based exercises, and digital games that promise to build empathy and regulate emotions.

Bribing children to take our tests

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Is it kind and sensible for educators to preclude from the fun those children who exercised their legally-protected rights? Let’s face it, these assessments are rarely seen by children as a natural outgrowth of their learning. Assessment Learning and Teaching discipline testing


Technology Tidbits

formative is a new site for giving students quizzes/exercises and assessing them in real-time, that I just found out about from Free Technology 4 Teachers. This is a great way for educators to assess students and differentiate instruction. assessments quizzesThe way this works is an educator creates a class on formative and students join w/ a unique code (i.e. ClassDojo). Once the student answers the quiz/questions, teachers get instant real-time results.

Why Flipped Classrooms Fail

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If students aren’t performing well on assessments, one question to ask yourself is, “what are they paying attention to when they are preparing?” Many of us list learning outcomes on our syllabi and consider them when we write assessments.

Why Flipped Classrooms Fail

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One big measure of success in a flipped classroom is how well students perform on high stakes assessments. If students aren’t performing well on assessments, one question to ask yourself is, “what are they paying attention to when they are preparing for those assessments?”

NoRedInk Raises $6M to Teach Writing Using Hit TV Shows, Student Hobbies

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NoRedInk, a website that uses student interests to create grammar and writing exercises, raised $6 million in a Series A round. Venture Capital assessment commoncore grammar investment k12dealmaking noredink onlinelearning standardizedtests trueventures venturecapital writing

The numbers game

Learning with 'e's

But not all teachers do, and I should point out that there is a big difference between assessment of learning and assessment for learning. Assessing students'' work can be tedious and time consuming, and it turns out to be the bane of many teachers'' lives.

Why a K-12 Operating System is the Next Step in the Evolution of Edtech


To supplement in-person support offered during class and lunch periods, I published a simple Google site to house my lessons, assessments, and other resources. If students missed class or needed additional help, they could go to my website and access the day’s lesson as well as videos and digital exercises from YouTube and Khan Academy. I stepped up my game by adding even more videos and assessment exercises to my class website, mining resources from IXL and CK-12.

Why Do We Separate the Teacher From the Tech?

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Too often these assessments are based upon the technology as if it were the only factor having any effect on the students in the classroom. Adding technology into a curriculum is not a passive exercise. Complicated tasks are not easily assessed. We cannot accurately assess the effect of technology in the classroom without considering the teacher responsible for implementing and using that technology.

Answer Pad

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This is an excellent site/app that allows educators to turn their classroom paperless and do all testing/assessing on an iPad. Teachers are using this to differentiate instruction and assess learning in real-time as they push out their lessons on to student''s iPads and gauge their learning.

How to flip your class with quizzes in 5 steps

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Rather than quiz as punishment, we use the mini-tests to check in on our students before a more substantial, high stakes exam or assessment. Also, always give credit or points for completing these exercises.

Learning Walks

A Principal's Reflections

To help achieve an ROI we increased the number of formal observations and evaluations, collected learning artifacts (lesson plans, assessments, student work, etc.) Classroom Walkthrough Digital Practice Assessment Downingtown Area School District ICLE Jonathan Blow Matt Friedman

New Answer Pad

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This is an excellent site/app that allows educators to turn their classroom paperless and do all testing/assessing on an iPad. Teachers are using this to differentiate instruction and assess learning in real-time as they push out their lessons on to student''s iPads and gauge their learning. assessing iPad mobile learning student response system The Answer Pad the great student response system and mobile learning tool has just been updated w/ a brand new polished look.

Schoolboy errors

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I remember being told off by my teacher for writing out the number eight wrongly in my exercise book. We discussed assessment methods and concluded that in most countries these are too restrictive, and often assess superficial levels of knowledge.

5 of the best

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5833 hits, 17 comments|) It's interesting to note that all but one of the above posts featured assessment in their text. Assessment of (and particularly for ) learning seems to be a recurring theme that exercises the minds of teachers around the globe.

Food for thought: The data-driven future of food and higher education

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Every click, every exercise and assessment will generate important data about each student. Education Blog assessment big data business model innovation Chef David Chang digital learning Edtech higher education online learning predictive analytics scale

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Competency-based legal education

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Centrality of competencies, learning outcomes, and assessments. The assessments, in other words, are both forward looking (assessments that help determine what a student studies next) and backward looking (assessments that indicate whether a student has mastered the material). This exercise can take us in a lot of different directions.

What’s up with Whatsapp?

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Meanwhile, Edulastic provides an easy way to create formative assessments and analyze data. Take this exercise to the next level in a foreign language class by having students respond in a different language.

Some districts ditch online exams for paper and pencil

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Some officials believe such distractions could skew results on the new Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers exams in reading and math. Assessments Common Core IT Management IT Newsletter McClatchy News Top News

7 Key Characteristics Of Better Learning Feedback

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I don’t typically announce when telling the joke that my aim is to make you laugh or that I wrote that short story as an exercise in irony. However, when you moved to the small-group exercise using the ‘mystery text’, I saw such off-task behavior in only 1 student.”

Zientia: Changing the Way We Learn with Augmented Reality

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Students can make exercises and they can be automatically corrected. It also comes with engaging exercises to study and assess learning. Zientia is out to change the way we learn using interactive augmented reality applications.

15 Simple Tips To Keep Your Sanity During Testing

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Exercise after school. This one can be touchy though–depending on your class, school, or other relevant circumstance, games can also be loud, distracting, and take away from assessment performance if poorly implemented.

Is “Have a Growth Mindset” the New “Just Say No”

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Bulletin boards, classroom exercises, and catch phrases about the growth mindset are being promoted in lots of school settings. These tools can include reflective blogs, questions for discussion (like the ones included in my graphic), and personal assessments.

How to Prepare for the SAT Essay

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While it traditionally is an assessment tool for college-bound seniors, more and more high schools are choosing it as an exit exam for graduating seniors (such as these changes in Ohio and the State of Washington ). High School assessments

Never mind the quality

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The quality of personal learning gain can only be measured through authentic forms of assessment, and the more individualised these are, the better. I suggest ipsative assessment which involves measuring a student's learning against their own previous achievements.

Curriculum Design is Emotional Work—This Teacher Makes It Easier


standards-based) school for at-risk youth, pre-packaged curriculum and assessments offered very little flexibility for personalization or modification. Despite the immense amount of work involved, my colleagues and I fine-tuned our curriculum every year based on student skill gaps and results from formative assessments. This was at odds with my experience, because I relied extensively on edtech for assessments.

What I miss and what I don't

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The inevitable round of time consuming interviews, public relations exercises, open days and other associated duties follows - in fact it is scheduled for the entire year for many departments. academic assessment education lecturers LMS teaching university

Changes make SAT shorter, better aligned to what students learn

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We know many students went through similar exercises,” said Scott Hill, vice president of the College Board’s western regional office. Assessments McClatchy NewsA new version of the SAT makes writing optional and reflects student coursework.

A Teacher’s Insight and a Suite of Apps Revitalized Geography—Boosting Student Engagement and Collaboration


When asked about this deeper engagement, Abromaitis describes how Workspace enables her to differentiate her course, particularly for the many English language learners who attend her high school: “I can populate my students’ Dashboards with articles appropriate for their levels of language acquisition, and modify their homework—simultaneously assigning a Geography vocabulary matching exercise to my English learners and a more in-depth reading assignment to my native English-speaking students.”