Elementary Social Entrepreneurship: A Perfect STEAM Lesson

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But elementary school-age kids do have the natural curiosity, imagination, drive, and ability to come up with innovative ways to change the world for the better. I am completing a social entrepreneurship unit with my gifted students, grades 2nd through 5th. It was one of my favorite units.

How to Teach Coding in the Elementary Grades with Sam Patterson

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Elementary and primary students can learn to code. How to Teach Coding in the Elementary Grades with Sam Patterson. Why code in the elementary grades? So, Sam, why do we even want to code in the elementary grades?

Starter Exercises for Interactive Storytelling


Here are a few exercises that provide playful starting points to making interactive narratives: Interactive Fiction Party Game: Emily Short recently shared the ruleset for a brilliant Interactive Fiction “party game” she created for a game designer picnic, LudoLunch.

Notes from Code Studio elementary coding training

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My notes from yesterday’s Code.org elementary coding workshop… Ben Schafer , University of Northern Iowa, Facilitator. Code.org’s elementary school courses overview [VIDEO]. Code.org elementary curriculum was created in conjunction with Cal-Berkeley.

How a growing number of states are hoping to improve kids’ brains: exercise

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Students can also choose from two additional exercise-focused electives — dance and personal fitness — which for some students can mean a 40-minute exercise period every day. A student leaps during a game at Horizons Elementary School. APPLETON, Wisc.

Robotics and Computer Science for Elementary Level Learners

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I absolutely love all of the new robotics toys that have been coming out for elementary age learners. The free SPRK education program (which can be used with both Sphero and Ollie) has series of lab exercises to teach kids programming and robotics concepts.

Elementary Technology Favorites by Grade Level

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One of the things shared was the list of "tried and true" technology usage by grade level at our elementary school. They can exercise their brains by remembering their math drills and solve the mental math problems to test their skills.

Practical examples of social media in elementary school

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I often post assignments for either in-class exercises or vacation homework. Guest post by Computer Teacher & Tech Coordinator, Chris Casal | Cross posted at The Casal Operating System Editor''s note: Chris Casal is a member of the NYC DOE Social Media Advisory Team. His insights have helped inspire and guide teachers in the effective use of social media in the classroom. Here''s how he does it. I am often asked about how we use "social media" here at PS 10.

GeoGuessr- Build critical thinking skills with this map-based game

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This exercise could take 10-15 minutes and jump-start your students in critical thinking and problem-solving.

FREE Healthy Lifestyle Program for Schools: fit4Schools

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MOVE: exercise, play, and physical activity. Daily Fitness Challenges, a Fun Sweepstakes, and a Way to Link to Parents for Healthy Lifestyle Choices From the Cool Cat Teacher Blog by Vicki Davis Follow @coolcatteacher on Twitter. We need promote healthy lifestyles for our students.

Educating Kids for Life not for Tests

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And our teachers, in terms of being able to exercise that creative juice, that it lets them really explore learning in a way that gets at passions of teachers.

Why Kids Can’t Stop Moving: The Neuroscience Behind a Student’s Need to Move

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That’s why we like exercise. Suzanne Creswell on episode 244 of the 10-Minute Teacher Podcast From the Cool Cat Teacher Blog by Vicki Davis Follow @coolcatteacher on Twitter. Students have reasons for how they behave, particularly if they have learning differences and learn in unique ways.

Amazing Grace Adkins – my 89 year old learning lab director and the most amazing woman I know

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I get up at 3:00, ride my exercise bike 10 miles, drive 18 miles to school. We have children in the elementary side through fifth grade. But then you have to do your part by eating right, exercising… and read. And you always exercised.

Alternative Classroom Seating Helps Students Concentrate

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Sun Valley Elementary School in San Rafael, California uses balance balls as chairs for kindergarten kids, which they say allows children to learn more effectively by channeling physical energy appropriate. Stephanie Hansen, a second-grade teacher at Lake Ripley Elementary in Litchfield, Minn.,

SumBlox: explore number relationships through visual/kinesthetic play

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The educational set comes with 4 guides that lead you (the teacher) through exercises and lessons to do with your students. ** This is not a sponsored post, I’m just super excited about this product and can’t wait to see what our students do with it!

Flipgrid for every classroom

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What it is: Flipgrid is a video discussion platform for your classroom that lets you engage and capture learning in new and awesome ways. It’s simple (and free) to get started, just create a grid and add a topic to spark some discussion.

The Pivotal Role Movement Plays in Learning

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The best part is the conversations that I get to have with learners, especially at the elementary level. Downing Elementary School with principal Marcos Lopez as part of some broader work in Ector County ISD. Add more recess not just in elementary, but in middle school as well.

Aurasma: Create Augmented Reality Experiences in Under 2 Min.

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It would have been a neat exercise to have them end the day by taking pictures of landmarks at the various stops around their tour as Triggers. What it is: Aurasma is an app (also a website) that allows learners to quickly create augmented reality experiences for others.

Hello Ruby: A whimsical way to learn about computers and programming

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Hello Ruby has since escaped the pages of the book, and now Ruby continues all of her adventures in exercises, games, and apps. Hello Ruby introduces your students to programming but also beautifully engages them in logical thinking, problem solving, and critical thinking exercises.

Lesson Ideas for #Chromebook Classrooms: Getting Started with Computers

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Here are some exercises to help build mouse skills: Mousercise: [link] MiniMouse Games: [link] Voxel Building Blogs: [link] Letter Tracing: [link] Practicing Logging In Even young students should have their own account to log into, not a generic class account.

Yes, Kinder CAN Use Chromebooks!

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This book is loaded with practical, use-tomorrow lesson ideas, learning activities powered by G Suite, and proven strategies that will not only help transform elementary classrooms but also open your mind to what’s possible in K-12 education. The post Yes, Kinder CAN Use Chromebooks!

Calming, Part 3


behavior management description early elementary emotions executive function problem solving thinking skills videos visual teaching visualization Incorporation of mindfulness techniques, regardless of instructional discipline, is a strategy that has more than emerging evidence.

Take Breaks and Be Active! An Important Digital Message for All Students

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One resolution my elementary students and I are setting is to be more healthy with our digital use. With the Move It Chrome browser extension , you can set notification intervals on the students’ computers, and the screen will present a random brain break and exercise to complete.

Fit in Fitness this Fall

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By Kristen Davis, 1st Grade Educator from Jay Elementary School, Santa Rosa County, Florida School District, Super Health, Super You Discovery Education Program Ambassador. __. We all know that exercise is an important part of overall health, but it can be challenging to fit into our busy schedules. When families exercise together, the benefits are far more than just physical. Studies show that when families exercise together, the family bond improves.

Math Journals: Adaptive Software + A Metacognitive Practice

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As a blended learning coach, I often see students at the elementary level rotate through a station rotation lesson like the one pictured below. Although I appreciate the value of adaptive software, it is important to pair online practice with a metacognitive exercise.

Is “Have a Growth Mindset” the New “Just Say No”

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Bulletin boards, classroom exercises, and catch phrases about the growth mindset are being promoted in lots of school settings. I’ve been interested in the ideas surrounding the growth mindset prior to it being coined as such by Carol Dweck.

The Importance of SEL to Education Success

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SEL exercises. Here are a few of them, mixed with other suggested exercises from teachers who use SEL training in their classes: breathing — exactly what it says: Use this natural process to calm yourself and check in on your wellness.

Movement And Breathing Breaks Help Students Stay Focused On Learning


For many kids, sitting still all day in school is a big challenge, which is why movement breaks are good practice, whether it’s in elementary school or high school.

3 Key Social Media Platforms That You Can Use To Keep Students Engaged In Your Classroom


Depending on how much you plan ahead, you can prepare questions about each snap for students to answer aloud or jot down quickly as an engagement exercise. Because Facebook’s age limit is 13, elementary schoolers won’t have their own accounts.

Halloween Wars: An Interdisciplinary Lesson with a STEM, STEAM, Maker Education Focus

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For Halloween 2016, I did a version of Halloween Wars (a Food Network show) with my two classes of gifted elementary learners. I am sharing this lesson through my blog post as it reinforces how I approach lesson planning and teaching. Background Information.

STEM 245

How K–12 Schools Can Create Flexible Seating in the Classroom

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Typical solutions in a flexible classroom might include: Unconventional chairs: Adding contemporary seating — such as beanbag chairs, scoop chairs or exercise balls — makes it easy for students to move around the classroom. After Kelly Almer, an elementary school teacher for Littleton (Colo.)

Rhythm, blues, and reading cues: How music improves young students’ reading skills


Luther College notes that there are many commonalities between literacy and music and especially so in early elementary-age children. Music to exercise the mind. Children typically become proficient readers sometime between their fifth and seventh birthdays.

Teaching Grammar-In-Context

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I teach gifted elementary level classes with a good portion of the students being English Language Learners. As it becomes a group exercise, the other class members seem to enjoy the challenge and become engaged in offering corrections and improvements. Archaic Ways of Teaching Grammar.

Learning to Breathe: Educators Use Yoga and Meditation to Reduce Burnout


SAN FRANCISCO — Kimberley Rose knew that breathing exercises could help kids calm down. Yet she never would have incorporated them into her classroom if she hadn’t experienced the power of these exercises herself. She spent many of her weekends this past fall at an elementary school in San Francisco’s Tenderloin district, alongside 83 other peers, including fellow classroom teachers and other educators.

How student posture can affect their learning outcomes


Exercise and its essential role in cognition is perhaps a topic for another post; today we will focus on posture, and how keeping an eye on your students’ posture in class can go a long way to improving their comfort and therefore concentration. Sit still!

Does Your School Offer Enough P.E.? These Statistics Will Shock You! #ProtectPE #ad


Of course I knew kids needed exercise, that just made sense. Only 4% of elementary schools, 8% of middle schools, and 2% of high schools provide daily PE or its equivalent for the entire school year. How Important Is Physical Education In Schools?

Teaching Debating Skills

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Every public high school and middle school in the county has a debate program, along with more than two dozen elementary schools. I stressed that sometimes being on the side you don’t necessary agree with can be a good exercise, especially for understanding the other side of the issue.

U.S. ranks No. 13 in new collaborative problem-solving test

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In this 2015 photo, fifth graders collaborated on a Rube Goldberg machine in a Pennsylvania elementary school. Sometimes, students are guided through a negotiation exercise, where they must navigate through competing individual goals and come up with the best outcome.

Why should schools consider adaptive learning


Struggling readers would be assigned reading materials and weak multipliers would be given more exercises to improve that skill. And how lost I felt in elementary school in geometry class, when everybody but me seemed to understand the Theorem of the Three Perpendiculars.

Providing Accessible Math Tasks for All Students


A three-act task is a group exercise consisting of three videos or pictures. In part two, the exercise is repeated except half of the data is provided by the teacher and the other half by the students.