25 creative ideas for using mobile devices in school

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Whether you have iPads, Android tablets or a bring your own device policy for students, mobile devices are a great way to engage our students. DitchBook Twitter chat Ed Tech Teaching ipads in the classroom mobile devices in the classroom teaching with mobile devicesAnd the best part is that these devices encourage our students to get up and moving because they are made for using on the go. So how can we utilize […].

Pair Activities with Mobile Devices

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Our learners love their mobile devices. However, many of our learners rarely use their mobile devices to communicate with others face-to-face or develop relationships with their peers. We can guide our learners to communicate and collaborate effectively with their mobile devices by pairing or grouping them to problem-solve and create. Check out my slide presentation ( download for free ) and the bookmarks below for pair work activities with mobile devices.


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Get Started with Flipgrid Mobile By @MCarrilloEDU

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Try Flipgrid Mobile App Flipgrid Mobile is fun, easy, and conveniently available using the Flipgrid App on your phone, tablet or iPad. The post Get Started with Flipgrid Mobile By @MCarrilloEDU appeared first on Teacher Tech.

12 Principles Of Mobile Learning

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12 Principles Of Mobile Learning. Mobile Learning is about self-actuated personalization. As learning practices and technology tools change, mobile learning itself will continue to evolve. Technology like tablets PCs, apps, and access to broadband internet are lubricating the shift to mobile learning, but a truly immersive mobile learning environment goes beyond the tools for learning to the lives and communities valued by each individual learner.

Recent Mobile Learning Findings

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iPads : 1. iPad Apps Separated by Subject Area 2. 103 Interesting Ways to Use iPads in the Classroom 3. iPad/iPod Resources 4. Mobile Learning Integration 5. Middle School iPad Apps 6. iPad in Education Resources Worth Exploring 7. 50 Resources for iPad Use in the Classroom 9. 39 Sites for Using iPads in the Classroom 10. 32 iPad Tips and Tricks Smart Phones (Mobile Learning Devices) : 1. Mobile Learning Portal 4.

How Gamification Through Mobile Apps Can Improve Student Engagement


Educational Games & Gamification iPads and Other Tablet Devices iPhones and Smartphones Mobile Learning ResourcesElementary education in the 19th century was just about teaching children some basic learning, usually the ability to read. When the 20th century came, the education system changed and was centered. Please click on the post title to continue reading the full post. Thanks (and thanks for subscribing)!].

30+ iPad Resources

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Only One iPad in the Classroom? iPad Apps Separated by Subject Area 3. iPad and iPod Resources 4. The 55 Best Free Educational Apps for iPad 5. 15 Literacy Apps to Create Books on the iPad 6. 23 Ways to Use the iPad in a PBL Classroom 7. Middle School iPad Apps 8. Interesting Ways to Use iPads in the Classroom 9. 39 Sites for Using iPads in the Classroom 10. 50 Resources for Using iPads in the Classroom 11. iPad Livebinder 21.

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50 Shades of Mobile

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SMCS Mobile Learning Technology 2. The Mobile Learning Portal 3. Cybrary Man''s Mobile Learning Page 5. 100 Mobile Tools for Teachers 6. Go Mobile 4 Learning 8. Learning2Go iPads 11. iPad Apps Separated by Subject Area 12. iPad/iPod Resources 13. 102 Interesting Ways to Use iPads in the Classroom 14. Middle School iPad Apps 15. iPads in Education Wiki 16. Mobile Learning Integration 17. The Mobile Native 26.

K-12 Demand for Mobile Devices ‘Skyrocketing’ Due to COVID-19 Remote Learning

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The K-12 mobile device market is booming. education market could jump by 27 percent this year, the product of districts and private schools buying mobile devices in bulk for remote learning in a COVID-19 era.…

7 Reasons Why Mobile Apps Are Great for Vocabulary Boosting


Mobile Apps Can be a Highly Effective Way to Discover and Learn New Vocabulary Think about how lucky students are these days. Free Tools & Resources iPads and Other Tablet Devices iPhones and Smartphones Mobile Learning Resources Social Media & Social Learning learn new vocabulary mobile apps study vocabulary mobile apps vocabulary study apps

4 Psychology Principles To Leverage In Mobile Apps To Make Learning Fun


Mobile apps are at the very apex of this boom and. iPads and Other Tablet Devices iPhones and Smartphones Mobile Learning ResourcesToday’s youth is in the centre of an unplanned, extensive experiment, surrounded by digital technologies that were hardly around a decade ago.

Mobile is Changing Everything, and Education is no Exception


Well Developed apps Provide Multi-modal Learning Pathways, Bridge Gaps, and Extend our Reach As the digital world gets more integrated with daily life, mobile apps are used as tools to get things. Adaptive Learning Technologies Future of Education Technology iPads and Other Tablet Devices iPhones and Smartphones Making the case for Education Technologies Mobile Learning Resources mobile learning apps multi modal learning smart phone apps

Checking in on The State of the iPad in Education in 2015


When Apple released the iPad in 2010, they took the world by. iPads and Other Tablet Devices iPhones and Smartphones Mobile Learning Resources ipad in education today ipads in schools today popularity of ipads in schools state of ipads in academics academia tablets in education teaching learning with ipadsCreative Commons License Image Source With Competition Slowly Creeping in, How Goes it for the Behemoth of the Classroom Tablet Scene?

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Podcasting Microphones For Mobile Recording


The other nice thing about this microphone is that it fit nicely into my iPhone or iPad and the headphone connection had an extra slot where you could plug your headphones into it for feedback of the recording. Because both the Zoom and my iPad create files that have time stamps on it, many of my setups now involve using the iPad and Padcaster for 4K video and in post, I sync up the audio from the Zoom using Final Cut Pro.

Waterford Early Learning for iPad targets K-2 personalized mobile curriculum

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Thousands of activities available this summer on iPad for back-to-school use. Waterford Institute has announced another platform for Waterford Early Learning, this time on iPad. Utilizing the Apple iPad in schools across the U.S, Waterford has enhanced nearly 8,000 dynamic learning activities, including hundreds of new activities, to take advantage of iPad’s mobile and touch capabilities and to provide early learners with developmentally appropriate curriculum.

Catering to Today’s Learners with Mobile Apps for K-12 eLearning


Future of Education Technology iPads and Other Tablet Devices iPhones and Smartphones Mobile Learning ResourcesK-12 education today needs to cater to the learning style of Gen Z, the generation of “digital natives.” In fact, research shows that 51% of high school students bring a smartphone to school every. Please click on the post title to continue reading the full post. Thanks (and thanks for subscribing)!].

The Ultimate Guide to Using iPads in the Classroom


Your school district or principal has just decided to use iPads in your school. The post The Ultimate Guide to Using iPads in the Classroom appeared first on Edudemic. Articles Featured How To Popular featured guide iPad ipad classroom mobile technology tabletsCongratulations!

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Mobile Nations - great resources for all mobile OS's and devices

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If you own a smartphone or tablet, you should be using Mobile Nations. Mobile Nations is a group of web sites that each focus on a mobile operating systems. These sites are great for anyone who uses a mobile system, including teachers, students, and others. There are 4 sites/communities based on different mobile systems. iMore for iOS (iPhone and iPad) Windows Phone Central for Windows Phone/Mobile Android for Education Resources.

Interactive Use of Mobile Apps in Teletherapy


This trick could give you the option of using mobile apps interactively in a teletherapy session. As we know, we can allow viewing of, say, iPad apps by Quicktime on Mac ( here's a link on that, you just don't ever have to click record, you can simply show the screen ) or wireless mirroring.

7 Surprising Places Learners Use Mobile Devices

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Are you a closet iPhone or iPad user? No, really, do you use mobile devices inside your closet? This infographic from litmus.com makes a strong case for leveraging the power and omnipresence of mobile devices for learning. Not only are 80 percent of our learners using mobile devices, they take them everywhere. The post 7 Surprising Places Learners Use Mobile Devices appeared first on Brilliant or Insane. Featured Infographics Mobile Learning edtech

12 awesome digital and mobile learning resources

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Digital and mobile learning can invigorate a dull classroom, boosting student engagement and motivating students to immerse themselves in learning. Related content: Mobile apps for students with special needs. We’ve gathered a handful of popular digital and mobile learning apps, websites, and resources for you or your team of educators to try in the classroom. Related Content: eSchool News Digital & Mobile Learning Guide.

20+ Mobile Learners Worth Following On Twitter #mlearning

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Here is a list of 20+ Mobile Learners that share great mlearning content on twitter. Each one of them shares their unique views of mobile learning from around the world. Here is a list I created on twitter of 101 Mobile Learners. iPads Mobile Learning Twitter

Win an iPad Mini from @MasteryConnect


Our friends at MasteryConnect are giving us an opportunity to win an iPad Mini with the Share Your MasteryConnect Experience Video Contest For those of you who may be unfamiliar with MasteryConnect , they are a wonderful company that makes focusing on the core easy via their apps, online tools, and learning community. When I came home from school today I opened my email inbox and was greeted by a fantastic offer that I just couldn''t wait to share.

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Quick List Of Mobile Apps For Administrators

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When it comes to mobile learning there are loads of great sites for apps for kids and teachers. Well my administrator friend, here are my Top 9 Apps For Administrators (All of these are for iPad but you can find many, or an equivalent, in the Android Market as well) 1) Google Docs-Where would I be with out Google Docs? 5) Skype-Desktop video calling is now available on the iPad. All on your iPad! mlearning android apps ipad

Want to Code on an IPad? Here are 3 Great Apps

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a series of symbols, used synonymously as text and grouped to imply or prompt the multimedia in the games and programs that happen on computers, websites, and mobile apps. Most programming classes, training, and games take place on websites, but with the popularity of iPads, developers created apps to put the learning where kids live. The game approach feels much like typical games youngers are already playing on their iPads and Smartphones.

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4 Questions Every Teacher Should Ask About Mobile Learning

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4 Questions Every Teacher Should Ask About Mobile Learning. Truly; the promise of mobile is extraordinary. As I see an increase in creative ways to keep learning alive after class, I’m interested in thinking about what we should be doing to ensure schools can reap the full benefits of mobile. Put simply, how do we do mobile learning programs right ? 4 Questions Teachers Should Ask About Mobile Learning In Their School. iPad Technology ipads mobile learning

Could sharing iPads boost achievement?

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Research reveals that young students who share iPads may outperform peers on assessments. Students who shared iPads significantly outperformed their peers in one-to-one classrooms and in classrooms without iPads, according to data from a Northwestern University researcher. Blackwell worked with one school with an operating one-to-one iPad program; another school with a limited number of iPads, prompting students to share the devices; and a third school without iPads.

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Back to School with iPads


Learn something new with Greg Kulowiec and Beth Holland Beth and Greg check in to cover the newest features and capabilities of the iPad in the early Fall of 2015. Free iPad Activity Book. Blog Posts from EdTechTeachers The First 5s with iPads – from Beth Holland. It can seem daunting to envision a year’s worth of activities with iPads, but when taken in small chunks, it doesn’t need to be intimidating. Optimizing Field Trips with iPads – Guest Post from Cheryl Davis.

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Video Interviews with iPads: The Power of Mobile Technology


But the age of mobile devices has changed all that. Mary's Academy in Portland, Oregon, and I serves to help our students adjust to the expectations of a 1:1 iPad high school and gain some ba currently teach SMA's mandatory first semester 9th grade Digital Literacy class. I wanted to change all that, but needed to tailor the unit to apply to iPad cameras and editing apps. That's the power of mobile technology in a classroom when harnessed in the right way.

Evaluating authentic mobile apps for learning

Nik Peachey

Check out my ebook As a result of that workshop and the research that developed from it I've now developed this list of criteria for evaluating mobile apps for educational purposes. Will it work across all / most mobile platforms and also work within a desktop web browser? The safest way to ensure this is to check to see if the app also has a browser based version, so that students without up-to-date mobile devices will still be able to participate.

Addressing Foreign Language Learning Anxiety with Mobile Technology


iPads and Other Tablet Devices iPhones and Smartphones Mobile Learning Resources _ Miscellaneous Tools and Topics foreign language speaking practice app practice speaking foreign language practice speaking spanish app practice your spanish with appApp Enables Students to Practice Speaking in Private and Build Their Skills We all have our preferred strategies and our little box of tricks to lower learning anxiety in the classroom.

From Consumption to Creation on the iPad


Often times when schools go one-to-one with iPads, teachers continue to do what they’ve always done. It’s not that using technology iPads as a substitut e for pen and paper is “bad.” When iPads are added to the pedagogical equation, the recipe for curriculum, instruction, and assessment changes. iPads are not only useful for the consumption of new material and for curating resources, but these mobile devices provide a pathway to the pinnacle of student creation.

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Come Share YOUR Teaching With the iPad Tips and Techniques With Other


Call for Proposals Ends June 30 Do you use the iPad in your school or classroom? So many teachers and students are doing fun, creative things with iPads in the classroom. iPads and Other Tablet Devices iPhones and Smartphones Mobile Learning Resources Professional Development Workshops & Conferences ipad education conference ipad teaching conference presentations submit your proposal to present how you use the ipad in classroom teaching teachers present at ipad conference

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Assessment and Mobile Learning Questions

Education with Technology

Here are some questions about assessment and mobile learning to think about as you plan for your mobile learning. Who/ What will assess the students’ mobile learning? A) the same mobile app that the student worked on. B) a different mobile app. E) the teacher assesses the students’ paper, presentation or project that incorporates learning from the mobile device. Technology can play a critical role in the learning process.

Tips for Using iPads in the Classroom


While for some teachers, iPads in the classroom are already a familiar part of everyday life, as of Pearson’s 2014 Student Mobile Device Survey, only 16% of students attended schools that provide tablets 1:1. For all the news stories and chatter in the educational industry about using iPads in education, many teachers haven’t gotten a […]. The post Tips for Using iPads in the Classroom appeared first on Edudemic.

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