Case Study: Chicago Connected

Education Superhighway

With the possibility of remote learning returning this fall, the City of Chicago, Chicago Public Schools (CPS), the philanthropic community, and leading Internet Service Providers (ISPs) recognized a historic opportunity to eliminate broadband accessibility as a barrier to digital learning.

Lake Shore Central School District Case Study


At Lake Shore Central School District in Angola, NY, Buncee empowers all students as creators and communicators, as students have the choice of multiple ways to communicate their learning with the support of the accessibility tool Immersive Reader. Download The Case Study.


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The Case for Case Studies: Success Stories for Continued Growth

A Principal's Reflections

Case studies provide a glimpse into how vision, strategic planning, and implementation drive results-oriented change. These detailed stories have the ability to provide great context through an explanation of the following: Goals Challenges Solution Success Overall, a case study provides readers with details on how problems were solved, outcomes achieved, and how investments in professional learning led to a positive cultural shift. Access the case study HERE.

What has happened when campuses shut down for other disasters? A coronavirus case study

The Hechinger Report

Mackenzie Bryan, a communication studies major at Butte College, which was closed for weeks by the Camp Fire. Communication studies major Mackenzie Bryan lost her home in the fire, bouncing from hotel to hotel for four months. OROVILLE, Calif.

Digital Promise Partnering with Five Rural Communities Using Micro-credentials

Digital Promise

Codefi Foundation on Rural Innovation is focused on expanding access to digital jobs in software development for high-poverty communities. Students will have 24/7 access to the platform, progressing through the content at a pace suited to them.

Case Study 4.7: ?Global Learning and Teacher Education – Leigh Zeitz

Learning Confluence

It is also a collection of anecdotes, inspiring examples, case studies and resources. Case Study 4.7: ?Global His case study is full of exciting learning experiences for his students that involve connections with external peers, students and practicing teachers from across the globe. When you read the full case study you will find Leigh shares in detail four experiences his students had in working with other students around the world.

Case Study: A “mega” school district negotiates a better deal

Education Superhighway

As is the case in many mega-districts, PWCPS already had access to high-speed broadband. The post Case Study: A “mega” school district negotiates a better deal appeared first on EducationSuperHighway. Prince William County Public Schools (PWCPS) is a massive district. With 95 schools, over 10,000 employees and almost 90,000 students, it is the second largest school district in Virginia and the 36th largest in the nation.

Case Study: A “mega” school district negotiates a better deal

Education Superhighway

As is the case in many mega-districts, PWCPS already had access to high-speed broadband. The post Case Study: A “mega” school district negotiates a better deal appeared first on EducationSuperHighway. Prince William County Public Schools (PWCPS) is a massive district. With 95 schools, over 10,000 employees and almost 90,000 students, it is the second largest school district in Virginia and the 36th largest in the nation.

Case Study: Read How Skaggs Schools Embrace BYOD with Google Apps

eSchool News

Read The Story To Learn How Skaggs Achieve Easy And Secure Wi-Fi Access With EasyPass Google. Skaggs Catholic Center in Utah comprises of a high school, middle school, elementary school, day center and church, all requiring fast, reliable and secure Wi-Fi to keep up with growing device density. “We We decided to embrace BYOD rather than resisting it”, explains Jim Duane, Director of Educational Resources. Xirrus Wi-Fi empowers them to adopt Google Apps for Education.

Ensuring Access and Opportunity; Supporting At Home Connectivity

Tom Murray

According to a report released by the Pew Research Center, approximately 5 of the 29 million households with school-aged children lack access to high quality broadband internet while at home. The data also makes it evident that low-income households – especially our black and Hispanic families – make up a disproportionate percentage of the 5 million families without access. For more on how your district can support students’ at home access, visit

Newport News Public Schools


District leaders appreciate the solution’s alignment to Virginia’s state standards, ensuring that all students have access to the general education curriculum. Case Study Research and Results Results

The Creation of a Picture Language

Fractus Learning

It was an easily-accessible library of pictures; these were of events and things that were important to the people in the center. Software could be developed to help people access those pictures easily and assemble them in ways that could be used to communicate. This would facilitate research to see how access to personalized pictures could support language development across a large number of people. Case Study Collaboration Family Language Techniques

A tale of two pilots

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Here are two case studies of how carefully planned and executed pilots helped districts make informed choices—and improve teaching and learning. Best Practices Digital Learning and Tools case study lightspeed myon pilotsnote : Choosing hardware or software for an entire school district is a momentous decision, so it only makes sense that districts across the country are choosing to pilot products before signing on the dotted line.

Live Interview on Thursday, February 24th - Case Study on the North Carolina School Connectivity Initiative

The Learning Revolution Has Begun

Join us Thursday, February 24th, for a live and interactive webinar with Michael Horn and Heather Staker from the Innosight Institute as they discuss their case study on the North Carolina School Connectivity Initiative, a public-private approach to bringing Internet access to K-12 public schools. In 2006, Education Week gave North Carolina a “D” on its report card for Internet access.

Prodigy Success Story: How Two Teachers Transformed Maths


The hurdles Significant funding cuts, a shortage of 1,000 computing and 1,850 maths teachers, limited access to functional devices, average class sizes of 36 pupils: this is the stressful reality in which educators in state schools across England — and the UK — live. Success Stories Use Case case study England UK

The triple threat: affordability, access, and alignment

The Christensen Institute

The theory of disruptive innovation describes two innovation strategies: sustaining innovation , which in higher education represents improvements to existing programs targeted at existing students, and disruptive innovation , which creates cheaper, simpler, more accessible products and services to reach those at the low end of the market. The post The triple threat: affordability, access, and alignment appeared first on Christensen Institute.

State Leadership Working Towards Broadband Access for All

If the workday of an adult typically requires seamless broadband access, then it’s reasonable that today’s students need the same access during their school day. Recently, SETDA released State K-12 Broadband Leadership: Driving Connectivity, Access and Student Success , which looks at the current state of broadband access and how states are supporting teachers and students. The key is the state leadership to make broadband accessible to all.

Access State-Reviewed Instructional Materials with SETDA’s Dashboard

As explained by Christine Fox, Deputy Executive Director of SETDA, during a recent edWebinar , this searchable information will help educational leaders ensure that the materials they purchase are high-quality, aligned with their standards and goals, and accessible to all students. And now the recommendations are accessible, along with details from the review process, through the SETDA dashboard.

Students Thrive With Fewer Access Restrictions to Digital Tools

Gaggle Speaks

Restricting access to digital learning tools isn’t the best way to keeps students safe. Amber discovered that Gaggle provided a way for the district to remove many of the restrictions it had in place, resulting in many successful initiatives, including safe student blogging and access to safe YouTube videos. In this “walled garden” approach to online safety, students will climb over, or dig under, a walled garden to get to places where they shouldn’t be.

Creating Conditions for Powerful Technology Use

Digital Promise

To support current implementation and to provide insights to shape future implementation, Digital Promise examined teachers’ experiences with technology and professional learning through a series of case studies.

An App for Student Emergency Aid Finds New Urgency During Pandemic.


Students lost jobs, child care and access to dorms, dining halls and food pantries. At Dallas College, many students don’t have reliable access to housing they can afford, Wilkins says. Education Technology Financing Coronavirus Higher Education Access and Affordability

With higher ed in limbo, students are switching to community colleges

The Hechinger Report

In the past, community colleges have relied on the fact that they’re inexpensive and accessible,” he said. A coronavirus case study. “At Chris Smith wasn’t planning to spend the summer at a community college.

Survey 114

Little-noticed victims of the higher education shutdowns: college towns

The Hechinger Report

A coronavirus case study. Coronavirus and Education Higher Ed Higher Education News Higher education access Higher education affordability Higher education completionANN ARBOR, Mich.

Pressure mounts for universities to anticipate in-demand jobs

The Hechinger Report

Colleges and universities, which are trying to figure out their own futures, will need to be encouraged to shift their focus to job training in some cases, and displaced workers will need to be persuaded to rethink their careers. A coronavirus case study.

Saving Students’ Lives: All Part of a Day’s Work

Gaggle Speaks

Our latest case study shares one of those stories. Other highlights in this case study include how: The district’s digital transformation includes devices and student access to email and online file storage. Read the entire case study, “The Priceless Value of a Student’s Life,” and learn more about how Gaggle helps saves lives, by visiting the case study section of the Gaggle Content Library.

Job Prospects for “Generation Limbo”

The Christensen Institute

What may be rational behavior on the part of employers leaves the next generation in a catch-22: young people can’t gain the work experience employers demand if they can’t access work experiences in the first place.

Survey 245

If schools want to serve students equitably, getting the metrics right is everything

The Christensen Institute

No school can be considered “good” until the most disproportionately affected students are able to access and activate the supports they need to thrive. . Disparate access to relationships and networks as a signal of structural inequity.

Data 241

How a Two-Generation Approach Can Build Success for Students and Families


Substandard housing, lack of access to medical care, and poor nutrition can affect a child’s physical and cognitive development. Further, logistical challenges like lack of access to the Internet or home computers can challenge students.[5].

Dixon Public Schools Uses New Websites to Engage Community, Do More With Less

Gaggle Speaks

Such is the case of Dixon Public Schools, which wanted to relaunch its district and five school websites. How Dixon schools gained access to modern web publishing tools and limitless customizations is described in a new case study. Whenever I talk to technology leaders at smaller school districts, a consistent theme comes up: They face similar challenges of school systems ten times their size, yet have to confront them with much smaller staffs.

Root Robotics–Great Way to Extend Hour of Code

Ask a Tech Teacher

An all-new version of StudioWeb has just been released – and we’re excited for the Sunburst community to now have access to this incredible program. Visit Website | Case Studies | Teacher Resources | Packages. Visit Website | Case Study | Teacher Resources | Overview (PDF). Turn the Internet of Things (IoT) into an accessible, experimental, interactive and fun experience for learners of all abilities.

The real state of AR in education today


We all know EdTech is a burgeoning market, and the media and communication landscape is awash with case studies and press releases promoting one or other form of technology as “the one” for education. Bloggers the world over have jumped on the bandwagon, often repeating the same tired case studies or specific AR products. There is absolutely every reason to continue exploring new ways to make learning more accessible, more resonant and more effective.

Economic Mobility Pathways in Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky: Building Networks for Frontline Talent Development

Digital Promise

As the team began analyzing the existing pathways’ effectiveness in supporting more than 1,400 single mothers, they uncovered deeper, more systemic challenges related to access for underserved populations.

Clint ISD’s communication system proved invaluable during virtual learning

eSchool News

Their work to improve access to high-speed internet in the community paved the way for online learning. Clint ISD is a case study in effective emergency planning and management.

Purchasing Devices Does Not Equate to Learning

A Principal's Reflections

Every day I see new articles highlighting the millions of dollars; in some cases, spent to either begin to close or eradicate the digital divide. The COVID19 pandemic unearthed many harsh realities for education across the globe.

How To Elevate Case-Based Teaching Strategies

Omega Notes

Case-based learning provides several important benefits to students. Using collaborative learning systems can resolve these issues, providing students and faculty alike with a useful tool that makes using case based learning practical, efficient, and effective. .