Few preschool apps are developmentally appropriate, report finds

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Photo: Jackie Mader/The Hechinger Report. Those are the findings of a report recently released by researchers at the School of Education at the University of California, Irvine. The iPhone App store offers dozens of apps aimed at preschool students.

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Advocacy Group: Charters Under Pressure to Fill Empty Seats

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Members of a charter school advocacy group, the Democracy Builders, rallied outside New York City’s City Hall as they touted their report claiming that privately-operated, publicly-funded learning institutions are not playing fair.

New report underscores education problems in institutions for foster youth

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A new report says the state of Pennsylvania ought to be doing more to oversee such facilities serving foster and delinquent children. Photo: Caroline Preston for The Hechinger Report/HuffPost.

Virtual charter schools need “bold action” for change, says national charter school advocacy group

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The major advocacy group for public charter schools is concerned that failing online charter schools may be hurting the credibility of the movement as a whole. Report of the National Alliance for Public Charter Schools.

Digital Equity to Be Addressed in 2019 by U.S. Senate


Emily Tate, reporter at EdSurge, recently highlighted the Digital Equity Act – a bill that the U.S. News CUE Spark legislation Legislative AdvocacySenate introduced that would invest hundreds of millions of dollars to expand broadband access in communities that currently lack it.

Iowa school poverty and report card rankings

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Today the Iowa Department of Education issued its first-ever school report cards. Ames High School didn’t do as well this time, only managing an overall ranking of Commendable , which is the third-highest report card category.

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Shine a Light on Advocacy - NOW!

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And to build on the momentum, and perhaps to help fashion a wider advocacy plan that we can all support. We’ll report it. we’ll report on how many signatures TOGETHER WE drive to the petition.

Advocacy of robo-readers hasn’t won the debate — it still misses the main point

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The Hechinger Report has a recent article out about the potential of software in the realm of robograders. The title, Robo-readers aren’t as good as human readers — they’re better , is sensationalistic and sacrifices the tenor of the article’s argument for a round of quick clicks.

New report gives Mississippi an F in regulatory oversight of for-profit colleges

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A new report says the state of Mississippi does not do enough to regulate for-profit colleges. Photo: Terrell Clark for The Hechinger Report. Check out the full report and details on Mississippi’s scores here.

Resource: iNACOL’s Reports on Next-Generation Learning


It does this through: Advocacy. Creating knowledge (through research and reports). Materials include reports to help shape vision, such as: What’s Possible with Personalized Learning? Other reports dig into the specifics of competency-based education , blended learning and personalized learning as well as how to implement those learning models. Additionally, a section of reports address policy issues.

Report: The 4 models of blended learning in action

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New report explores main blended models and their use. A new paper by advocacy and policy org iNacol explores how blended learning is being used in practice and traces its history from 2008 to today.

Head Start centers have ‘outsized role’ in rural Mississippi, report finds

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Head Start centers make up one-third of the center-based child care programs available in some of Mississippi’s most rural areas, providing critical child care services, access to health care, and early intervention services that children may not otherwise get, according to a new report.

Online charter schools slammed in pro-charter report

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Report finds “disturbingly low” performance among online charter schools. Stakeholders should be “outraged” by the low performance and profit-seeking of some states’ internet charter schools, according to a new report from a national pro-charter organization.

Report: 41 percent of schools are under-connected

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A new report details the importance of state advocacy in connecting schools, students to broadband internet. The report highlights the pivotal role state leaders and policymakers play in helping districts and schools implement high-speed broadband and wi-fi in schools.

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If public education is ever going to meet the needs of low-income students, ideas for change must get beyond the constant war of words fueled by advocacy journalism, partisan blogging and fake news. The Hechinger Report enables me to freely pursue truth. Support The Hechinger Report!

Stanford Report Touts Benefits of Visual Element to Math Education

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Stanford’s new study reaffirms these groups’ advocacy and urges the necessity of fostering visual thinking. According to the report, the dorsal visual pathway in the brain is the core region for representing the knowledge of quantity. The full report is available online.

Groups urge IES to release months-late report on student internet access

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A federal report on students’ home access to digital learning resources is months late, and ed-tech groups say the delay is impeding efforts to close the homework gap.

Just 36 teachers across U.S. graduated in 2016 ready to teach CS

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That’s the picture offered in “2018 State of Computer Science Education: Policy and Implementation,” a new report produced by the Code.org Advocacy Coalition and the Computer Science Teachers Association. Uncategorized Code.org computer science CS report Teacher preparednessForty-one states didn’t graduate a single new teacher prepared to teach CS.

Editorial: Screens Are NOT a Hoax


Here, we see a report that’s sixteen years old. Advocacy Connected Educator Education Technology Technology in Education Uncategorized edtech hoax response TIMEEDITORIAL.

Leadership as Process

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Great for reporting out. Advocacy Leader as a Thinker Literacy professional development qualitative data Reflection beliefs evaluation identity Lucy Calkins Units of StudyIt is October, which means it is school learning objective time.

I dare you NOT to share! (So many AASL School Library Month goodies!)


Plan your April advocacy with the official calendar of activities , filled with author/ambassador quotes, professional development links, an interactive calendar and suggested activities for each day and for various grades. Think annual report.

How to Create a Twitter List of Reliable Media Sources

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Find people on Twitter who are reporting information and offering commentary (versus simply stating opinions on a topic). News reports can become all consuming, even when the sources are valid. Advocacy Communication Community engagement Soapbox Technology flipboard lists twitter

How we stopped using Accelerated Reader

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Around that time, I discovered a summary report from the What Works Clearinghouse, a part of the Institute of Educational Sciences within the Department of Education. This report described all of the different studies on Accelerated Reader.

Data-Driven Decision Making: Who’s the decider?

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After I shared out my previous post , describing my confusion about making sense of certain types of data, the International Literacy Association (ILA) replied with a link to a recent report on this topic: This is perfect timing for our #ILAchat this Thursday at 8:00 p.m. Advocacy Assessment classroom instruction Communication data qualitative data quantitative data RtI Technology Amanda Datnow digital portfolios Genesis Cratsenberg ILA Samantha Mosher Vicki Park

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Boys Will Be Boys

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A multimedia presentation, such as an interactive video, doesn’t have to replace the traditional report. In fact, the report could be a prerequisite for the digital-based task which could complement the original writing project.

Testimony in Favor of Texas SB 6 Instructional Materials Allotment


Jennifer Bergland has written about the companion bill in the House, HB 6, at the TCEA Advocacy blog here and here if you would like more detailed information. According to the TEA Progress Report on the 2006-2020 Long Range Plan for Technology, released in December 2010, 59.3%

Mapping Out-of-School-Time Opportunities: Why It Matters

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That was the thought the Chicago Learning Exchange (CLX) had when creating their most recent report, “ Engaging Youth in a Connected World ,” in partnership with the University of Chicago’s Outlier Research. How you can recreate CLX’s out-of-school-time report.

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Girls Who Code Helps Draft ‘Landmark’ Legislation Aimed at Closing the Gender Gap


This is landmark legislation,” Corinne Roller, director of advocacy and public policy at Girls Who Code, tells EdSurge. “It’s The education department will then compile all the school data into a report published “conspicuously” on its website, according to the bill.

North Carolina New Schools Shuts Down, Cites Rapid Growth

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While that funding eventually came to an end, New Schools was able to continue its work with funding from various other sources, including federal and private foundation grants as well as state money, reports Lynn Bonner for The News And Observer.

Student Engagement and Closing the Opportunity Gap: An Action Plan, Part 2

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As a bonus, families have appreciated knowing how their students are progressing throughout the school year, instead of waiting for report cards and conferences.

Student Engagement and Closing the Opportunity Gap: An Action Plan, Part 2

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As a bonus, families have appreciated knowing how their students are progressing throughout the school year, instead of waiting for report cards and conferences.

ACTION ALERT: Texas HB 6 With Vital Instructional Materials Funding- House is Voting April 6th!


The following is a legislative action alert I received today from Jennifer Bergland and TCEA Advocacy. advocacy educational technology instructional materials legislation Texas Texas legislature textbook txedbudget It is reposted here with permission. HB 6 is the companion bill to SB 6 which I testified on before the Senate Education Committee last week. Even if you are reading this late in the day Tuesday, call your rep!

What the World Can Teach the US About Education Technology


Some of the conclusions may not come as a surprise in the Omidyar Network’s report on what works in scaling education technology in different regions worldwide. Governments, educators, advocacy groups and companies large and small need to work better together. But what may surprise some readers of the report, released Monday, is what the United States can learn from developing nations when it comes to bringing together all parties interested in edtech. says the report.

Advancing Computational Thinking Across K-12 Education

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Our new report, Computational Thinking for a Computational World , draws from research and interviews with leaders around the country to answer the essential question: In a computational world, what is important to know and know how to do? Click here to read the full report.

Senator Alexander: Here are the building blocks for your new accountability system in the HEA

The Christensen Institute

Higher education data today is collected by colleges and universities themselves and is largely self-reported. In a recent New York Times op-ed , Senator Lamar Alexander (R-Tenn.)

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Progress Made on K–12 Connectivity, But Work Remains

EdTech Magazine

Teachers and students are well on their way to fulfilling the mission of seeing 99 percent of all schools connected to next-generation broadband, according to the “2018 State of States Report” from EducationSuperHighway. EducationSuperHighway’s report details two other critical steps.

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States Are Adopting More Computer Science Policies. Are High Schools Keeping Up?


That, plus rapid tech adoption by schools and a major push from advocacy organizations, explains why nearly every U.S. schools, however, computer science instruction is still far from ubiquitous, according to a new report. Since the nonprofit Code.org began its advocacy work five years ago, the number of states with one or more computer science policies in place increased from 14 to 44. We hope this report gets outdated very soon.

A shocking number of young people can’t separate fact from fiction online

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Our first round of piloting shocked us into reality,” the report’s authors wrote. The report suggests that schools must teach students the skills they need to be savvy consumers of news and information they encounter online. Photo: Getty Images.

What is your school doing to teach financial literacy?

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In December, our center issued its third state-by-state report card on high school personal finance education. Report cards also were issued in 2013 and 2015. Our report cards are among several advocacy efforts.

Before assigning homework, ensure that students have a home

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But since it wasn’t our house, they could use the bathroom first,” Kimberly, 12, told the child advocacy organization Children’s Defense Fund for their The State of America’s Children 2014 report. Yet it gave itself a D on its report card earlier this year.