Steps That Administrators Can Take to Address Secondary Trauma Stress

Insight Education Group

Schools are realizing the very real presence of Secondary Trauma Stress (STS). In recent years, teachers have been included as those experiencing workplace Secondary Stress Trauma as well. The COVID-19 pandemic has left long-lasting impacts on educators and students alike.

How to Successfully Personalize Learning in Secondary Schools

Education Elements

Last year, a group of educators sat down with engineers from a well-known technology company. The first question the educators asked was what the engineers look for in potential candidates. Adaptability was their immediate response. The way these engineers code today is different than how they coded ten years ago and will be different ten years from now. Discrete knowledge isn’t important because it will soon be outdated.


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Station Rotation Model: Grouping Strategies

Catlin Tucker

Unfortunately, most secondary teachers do not learn how to design lessons using stations in credential school. Most of us are still be trained to teach using a whole group lesson model, so reimagining a lesson to rotate students through a series of stations feels daunting. That said, there are clear advantages to using this model at the secondary level. It makes it possible for secondary teachers to: Create smaller learning communities within the larger class.

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Use Digital Notebooks to Facilitate Book Clubs and Literature Circles at the Secondary Level

Catlin Tucker

Unfortunately, most secondary curriculum relies on a one-size-fits-all approach to reading. Instead of being assigned a book they must read, students are given a menu of books to choose from and the teacher groups them according to their book selection. So, teachers can provide whole group mini-lessons or small group instruction on the various skills and students can use their individual books to practice and apply those skills.

Station Rotation Model: Alternative Group Formations

Catlin Tucker

Teachers see my examples which show four separate groups and assume that all station rotations must have four groups. For example, I worked with a school in Southern California that dedicated Mondays to whole group instruction then Tuesday through Friday were rotations. The teacher works with one side of the room, and the other side of the room is engaged in a collaborative small group activity or individual practice online.

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Student Collaboration: Grouping That Works


In Group Work That Works, Paul Vermette and Cynthia Kline draw on research and experience to provide a thorough plan, supported by extensive resources, for implementing collaborative learning. Educator Linda Biondi recommends the book to hesitant secondary teachers. Book Reviews Grouping challenges collaboration Cynthia L. Kline Dual Objective Model eye on education group work interdependence Linda Biondi Paul J.

MasterMind Educator Groups: Build Safe Spaces for Innovation

The CoolCatTeacher

Mastermind groups are innovative ways to create safe spaces for teachers to grow and learn together. In this show, 2012 National Teacher of the Year Rebecca Mieliwocki shares how she has facilitated Mastermind groups successfully. She talks about the pitfalls and challenges of creating spaces to innovate and why mastermind groups aren’t for every teacher. Daniel Bauer has a free Mastermind Toolkit to help you gMastet started building mastermind groups.

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What to do with all that graded work: A functional filing system for secondary teachers

The Cornerstone for Teachers

Over time, however, especially after the experience of participating in the 40 Hour Teacher Workweek , my wheels started turning about how I could apply Angela’s strategies to my own secondary classroom. This article is written by Truth for Teachers writer Leah Bouas.

Secondary Traumatic Stress for Educators: Understanding and Mitigating the Effects


The condition has numerous names: secondary traumatic stress (STS), vicarious trauma, compassion fatigue. How Schools Can Acknowledge Secondary Trauma. Create Peer Groups. Peer groups can be equally effective when trying to address the mental health of educators. Peer support groups are an effective strategy to combat STS in other helping professions.

Quiet In The Classroom: How To Recognize And Support Introverted Entrepreneurs

EdNews Daily

Teacher training is similar to influential groupthink, focusing in on design thinking, group discussions, meetings and project collaboration. Extroverts are recognized as the next top leaders given their outspoken nature, sense of confidence, and comfort interacting with large groups. Make use of open class areas, resources and computer labs, libraries, and when weather permits, take a group of students outside to encourage creativity through nature. Written by: Robyn D.

22 Strategies For Learning Through Conversation

TeachThought - Learn better.

Update: I just realized that discussion strategies don’t necessarily have to be grouping strategies. The innermost group can take turns responding to a debatable prompt–the limits of freedom of speech, for example. Affinity Groups. Learning Fundamentals Group Work

Choose Your History Teaching Adventure


Lessons, primary sources & discussion groups bring the American Revolution, Civil War, Post Reconstruction & Civil Rights Era to life. Future of History History Resources American Revolution assessment book groups Carol Tieso chronology civil rights Civil War Engaging With History in the Classroom geography historical thinking Janice Robbins Jody Passanisi lessons primary sources Reconstruction secondary sources Shara Peters

ESB Group Chooses Bose Professional ShowMatch DeltaQ Array Loudspeakers for Grissom High School Auditorium


Named for astronautical pioneer Virgil “Gus” Grissom, Huntsville, Alabama’s new secondary school had architectural intricacies that the ShowMatch loudspeakers easily addressed Framingham, MA – Huntsville, Alabama’s newly-built Virgil I. Audiovisual systems integrator ESB Group of Springville, AL, designed and installed a ShowMatch system consisting of a left and right hang, each including an SMS118 subwoofer on top with four ShowMatch loudspeakers below.

Using ESSER Funds to Prepare for a Transformative School Year

Insight Education Group

The COVID-19 pandemic has left elementary and secondary schools across the country in need of additional resources to operate and support their school communities. billion to the Elementary and Secondary Emergency Education Relief Fund, also known as ESSER ( NCSL, 2021 ).

Using the ESSER Funds to Prepare for a Transformative School Year

Insight Education Group

The COVID-19 pandemic has left elementary and secondary schools across the country in need of additional resources to operate and support their school communities. billion to the Elementary and Secondary Emergency Education Relief Fund, also known as ESSER ( NCSL, 2021 ).

The Awesome @Remind101 just Got Easier for Parents and Students with Join Pages!


However, you can have your middle school and secondary students sign up for your class. free texting group texting join pages Remind 101 Remind101 safe texting for class text a class text a group text app text for free text your class texting app Remind101 Launches Join Pages Remind101 is a free text messaging service. It is safe and secure. Teachers can sign up for a free account. They are given a specific number that is different than their personal phone number.

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Group withdraws applications to convert remaining traditional schools in New Orleans to charters

The Hechinger Report

ExCEED Network Schools Charter Management Organization, a new group led by principals and Orleans Parish school district staff, has withdrawn its applications to convert New Orleans’ last five traditional schools to charters. announced ExCEED’s withdrawal in a statement Wednesday afternoon, an hour after the agenda for Thursday’s school board meeting was published with no mention of the group’s charter applications. This story is reprinted with permission.

GeoGuessr- Build critical thinking skills with this map-based game

iLearn Technology

I think GeoGuessr is best as a small group or class activity where students can work collaboratively to solve the challenge together. Analyze Apply collaboration Evaluate Fun & Games Geography Inquiry Interactive Whiteboard iOS Language Arts Math Middle/High School Primary Elementary Secondary Elementary Social Studies Virtual Field Trips Websites conversion game geoguessr inquiry location map metric units story virtual field trip

We’ll provide the environment, your job is to flourish… Join us in February!

iLearn Technology

If you want to bring a group to 5Sigma, contact me and I’ll see how I can help you out. 5Sigma Anastasis Academy education reform inspiration Middle/High School Primary Elementary professional development Secondary Elementary Subject Teacher Resources 2018 5sigma anastasis academy classroom conference education conference environment flourish intention learning pd word of the year2018 is almost here.

#Ignite43 Eureka!

Pair-a-dimes for Your Thoughts

A small group of educators from Coquitlam gather at a restaurant where 10 of them take turns doing an Ignite talk. My colleague at Inquiry Hub Secondary , John Sarte , shared thoughts on the purpose of schools, and delved into some of the projects students work on, including one of our students that designed and built snow-making machines, built a bunch of them, and then created a job for himself at local ski mountains running them and maintaining them.

Making & Science with Google

iLearn Technology

Most activities take 15-30 minutes, so would be the perfect length for groups of students to visit as a center if you have a few devices for students to use. What it is: Making & Science is an initiative by Google aimed at showing students that anyone can be a maker or a scientist. Using the featured Science Journal app (Android and Chromebook only), students can measure light, sound, and more.

School Leaders: How effective is your feedback? 3 questions to ask

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According to an article from the National Association of Secondary School Principals, Can Teacher Evaluation Improve Teaching? Dr. Michael Moody is the Founder and CEO of Insight Education Group. Great teachers matter. This is a fact that I don't think can be emphasized enough.

SumBlox: explore number relationships through visual/kinesthetic play

iLearn Technology

Students can stack multiples of a number to represent abstract math concepts like multiplication grouping or addens of ten. Analyze Anastasis Academy Apply Create Evaluate Fun & Games Inquiry iPod Knowledge (remember) Math Primary Elementary Secondary Elementary Teacher Resources Understand (describe, explain) addition algebra blocks fractions kinesthetic manipulatives mathematics maths number relationships numeracy subtraction sumblox visual

GeoGuessr- Build critical thinking skills with this map-based game

iLearn Technology

I think GeoGuessr is best as a small group or class activity where students can work collaboratively to solve the challenge together.

Virtual Escape Room

iLearn Technology

How to use Virtual Escape Room in your classroom: The Virtual Escape Room is a great way for your students to work in small groups to solve a mystery together using critical thinking and problem solving. Put students together in groups of 3-4 students to solve these problems on classroom computers, using an interactive whiteboard as a center, or on individual devices. What it is: I’m telling you, the edublog alliance I created in 2010 is like the gift that keeps on giving.

Wildly Audacious Goals and the Power of One

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In the first week of this inquiry block, a group of three students came to me and asked if they could stay in for recess. The kids split into groups as part of their inquiry block to think about ways that they could raise money. In 2010, I thought that technology might be the savior of education. I created the Learning Genome Project as an attempt to make it possible to personalize education for every child.

What makes your school/PD/conference different?

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We make decisions for students as if they are a homogeneous group, or worse, a number. We remembered what it is like to be a “new” teacher again, the fish-out-of-water feeling that comes from having a loose inquiry plan with a different age group. The first question that I get asked when people find out that I’ve started a school: what makes Anastasis Academy different? And this is a tricky one to answer, because the truth is EVERYTHING makes us different.

“What if we started a school?” – Come see us in action!

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and I will be happy to work out a group discount. 5Sigma Anastasis Academy Classroom Management collaboration education reform Inquiry inspiration Middle/High School Primary Elementary professional development Reform Symposium Conference Secondary Elementary Teacher Resources #twitacad 5sigma agency conference discovery education learners learning pd school starting a school what if we

Cost remains the top barrier to higher education

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The cost of college, including the expense of living and the cost of tuition and course materials, is the biggest barrier to post-secondary education for students.

Flash & Thunder- Part graphic novel, part game, all fun and learning

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You might want a few copies so that students can read together and work through the game and missions together in a book group. 5Sigma Analyze Anastasis Academy Apply Evaluate Geography Government History Interactive book Interactive Whiteboard iPod Language Arts Primary Elementary Secondary Elementary Technology Websites adventure barnes and nobel challenge comprehension game graphic novel inquiry INVICTA ios iPad leadership literacy maps reading video game

Blending Online and Offline Learning: Exploring Hybrid Schedules

Catlin Tucker

Schedule 1 has the student population divided into two groups: Group A and Group B. Group A and Group B would spend half of their day on campus attending the face-to-face portion of their classes.

Blending with the Station Rotation Model

A Principal's Reflections

Following a short period of direct instruction with the entire class, the teacher breaks students into groups using data where the class engages in a series of activities during a set period of time. Blended learning is something that is near and dear to my heart.

Classroom Travels with Twitter: An Evolution

Ask a Tech Teacher

Most teachers I know have used Twitter in their classes either to communicate with parents, share homework with students, for group study, to research on a topic, crowd source ideas with colleagues, or a myriad of other purposes ( click here for more ideas ).

Time is the Best Resource You Have

A Principal's Reflections

Data is used to group, regroup, provide targeted instruction, pull individuals for intensive one-on-one support, and differentiate to especially help at-risk learners. While the majority of the class works on the assignment, pull small groups of students or individuals for targeted support.

Avoid the One-Size-Fits-All Classroom

Catlin Tucker

When I volunteer in my children’s elementary classrooms (1st and 3rd grade), I am struck by how frequently the teacher finds time to work directly with small groups of students to offer additional support, review concepts, assess understanding, and practice skills. At the secondary level scenes like this are less frequent. I’ve affectionately termed the group that works with me “Tucker Time.”

Creating Digital Notebooks with Google Slides

Catlin Tucker

Teachers working with younger kids or special needs groups may not want their students posting their work online for a global audience. If you are working with secondary students and want them to use Blogger or Google Sites to create their digital notebooks, check out this blog ! If you are a secondary English teacher looking for a standards-aligned digital literature circles template, check out this blog !

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Panel Presentations: Connect Students with a Real Audience

Catlin Tucker

I find it interesting that most teachers at the secondary level do not ask parents to come into the classroom to help out. Secondary teachers are juggling so many students that it’s challenging to provide meaningful and timely feedback all by ourselves. Groups rehearsed their presentations several times for peers and one group called me over to help them improve their delivery.

Digital Promise Appoints Jean-Claude Brizard as New President and Chief Executive Officer

Digital Promise

Previously, Brizard was a partner and vice president at FourPoint Education Partners (formerly Cross & Joftus, LLC) and president of UpSpring Education Group.

The Station Rotation Model

Catlin Tucker

While my students engaged in student-centered learning at the online and offline stations, I enjoyed the dedicated time to work with a small group of learners at my teacher-led station. I felt more effective and engaged working with a small group of students.

UDL 363

Both Humans and Technology Are Noisy: How Do We Move Forward?

Digital Promise

In short, it’s a leap to think that a research study that examines a single or even a group of technologies, generalizes beyond those specific technologies (or specific products). If the immediate necessity is to develop a product or application that is effective, developing insights into the fundamental nature and complexities of human behavior is a secondary concern.