Station Rotation Model: Grouping Strategies

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This model is an easier shift for elementary teachers who are already use learning stations with students. Unfortunately, most secondary teachers do not learn how to design lessons using stations in credential school. Work directly with small groups of students.

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Will new standards improve elementary science education?

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Science could be considered the perfect elementary school subject. After practicing as a class, kids broke into small groups to sort more images. Sorting done, the class gathered back on the rug to go through the cards as a group and tell each other how they got their answers.

It's Elementary When it Comes to #EdTech

A Principal's Reflections

Superintendent Scott Rocco provided me with a great opportunity to not only work with teachers in his district, but to also push me outside my comfort zone, which has always been secondary education.

Will New Standards Improve Elementary Science Education?


Science could be considered the perfect elementary school subject. After practicing as a class, kids broke into small groups to sort more images. Sorting done, the class gathered back on the rug to go through the cards as a group and tell each other how they got their answers.

Thinking Routines in the Classroom

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03:39 Karen V: What I learned… I was privileged to go back for a second time as a study group leader to Project Zero a couple years after my initial experience there. Karen Vogelsang has taught elementary school in Memphis, Tennessee for fourteen years.

GeoGuessr- Build critical thinking skills with this map-based game

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I think GeoGuessr is best as a small group or class activity where students can work collaboratively to solve the challenge together.

SumBlox: explore number relationships through visual/kinesthetic play

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Students can stack multiples of a number to represent abstract math concepts like multiplication grouping or addens of ten. ** This is not a sponsored post, I’m just super excited about this product and can’t wait to see what our students do with it!

How to Teach Thinking Routines in the Classroom

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This fun, visual tool lets students explore 150 different science and social studies units for elementary and middle school learners. Karen Vogelsang has taught elementary school in Memphis, Tennessee for fourteen years.

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Teaching isn’t Rocket Science – It’s Way More Complex

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And then when they’re in class with the teacher, the teacher can work with one student or a group of students or even the whole class — depending upon what they’re trying to get at — to help them better internalize the direct instruction they’ve been watching.

Wildly Audacious Goals and the Power of One

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In the first week of this inquiry block, a group of three students came to me and asked if they could stay in for recess. The kids split into groups as part of their inquiry block to think about ways that they could raise money.

Virtual Escape Room

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How to use Virtual Escape Room in your classroom: The Virtual Escape Room is a great way for your students to work in small groups to solve a mystery together using critical thinking and problem solving.

What makes your school/PD/conference different?

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We make decisions for students as if they are a homogeneous group, or worse, a number. We remembered what it is like to be a “new” teacher again, the fish-out-of-water feeling that comes from having a loose inquiry plan with a different age group.

We’ll provide the environment, your job is to flourish… Join us in February!

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If you want to bring a group to 5Sigma, contact me and I’ll see how I can help you out. 5Sigma Anastasis Academy education reform inspiration Middle/High School Primary Elementary professional development Secondary Elementary Subject Teacher Resources 2018 5sigma anastasis academy classroom conference education conference environment flourish intention learning pd word of the year2018 is almost here.

Powerful Leadership, Vision, and Problem Solving for Districts

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The Kids Discover online platform lets students explore 150 different science and social studies units for elementary and middle school learners at three different lexiles. Vicki: What are the things that you ask these group to do, as they work with you to improve your school?

Making & Science with Google

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Most activities take 15-30 minutes, so would be the perfect length for groups of students to visit as a center if you have a few devices for students to use. What it is: Making & Science is an initiative by Google aimed at showing students that anyone can be a maker or a scientist. Using the featured Science Journal app (Android and Chromebook only), students can measure light, sound, and more.

“What if we started a school?” – Come see us in action!

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and I will be happy to work out a group discount. So often I see the same sentiment from educators involved in education dialogue, “Wouldn’t it be nice if a school were doing _. I would love to see a school who actually implemented _, instead of just talking about it.”

Flash & Thunder- Part graphic novel, part game, all fun and learning

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You might want a few copies so that students can read together and work through the game and missions together in a book group.

Avoid the One-Size-Fits-All Classroom

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When I volunteer in my children’s elementary classrooms (1st and 3rd grade), I am struck by how frequently the teacher finds time to work directly with small groups of students to offer additional support, review concepts, assess understanding, and practice skills.

Modernizing student evaluation in 3 steps

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The Algoma District School Board (ADSB), located in Ontario, Canada, serves a diverse group of 9,400 students across 39 elementary and 10 secondary schools.

Panel Presentations: Connect Students with a Real Audience

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I find it interesting that most teachers at the secondary level do not ask parents to come into the classroom to help out. I regularly volunteer in my children’s elementary classrooms, but I rarely have parents volunteer to come into my high school class.

3 Key Social Media Platforms That You Can Use To Keep Students Engaged In Your Classroom


Younger students may not have their own accounts and no matter what age group you teach, you’ll want to encourage safe use. Divide your class into groups and ask each group to come up with a snap story about the day’s topic for you to review at the end of class.

Inspiration Stations: A Creative Spin on the Station Rotation

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spend more time working in small groups with students. Unfortunately, it’s rare to see students engage in play at school after they’ve left elementary school, but secondary students need this time too.

Design Your Own Digital Choice Board

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This week I had the pleasure of training a group of elementary teachers on blended learning strategies. As a group, they wanted to focus on: Differentiation. Elementary teachers, who are teaching all subjects, may combine reading, math and vocabulary activities on a single board.

8 Ways to Help New Teachers Thrive (and Veteran Teachers Too!)

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A Smile is the Teacher’s Game Face This summer, I met Rob Brown , elementary school principal at Southside Christian School in South Carolina. Progress through the teacher pipeline: 1992–93 college graduates and elementary/ secondary school teaching as of 1997.

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Improving Social-Emotional and Reading Skills

Recent research has shown that SEL increases high school graduation rates, and post-secondary enrollment and graduation rates, as well as employment rates and wages. Now we also offer Smarty Ants® for personalized foundational literacy and Actively Learn for secondary curriculum depth.

Women’s History Month should have a place for teachers

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Mary McLeod Bethune with a group of students after resigning as President of Bethune-Cookman College, Daytona Beach, Florida, 1943. Approximately 77 percent of the more than 3,827,000 teachers in public elementary and secondary schools in the U.S.

How Teachers Can Just Work 40 Hours a Week?

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When the year is up, they will never be charged again and will have continued access to the Facebook group and all club materials. Angela Watson: The private Facebook group is where they can get help adapting the club ideas for their unique teaching contexts.

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CA Computer Science Legislation with CUE Support Approved by Gov Brown


Ensure all pupils have access to computer science from K-post secondary education. Present computer science at the secondary school level in a way that can fulfill a computer science, math, or science graduation credit. CUE Advocacy Update.

How SEL Can Promote Hard Conversations About Mental Health


With that data, we can provide support to large groups, small groups or even individual students. They pull out a small group of students struggling with the same competency and meet with them weekly to do SEL lessons created by Second Step, or lessons from Panorama’s Playbook.

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Preparing Young Students for Home Row Keyboarding: An Unplugged Approach

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If students wait to receive formal instruction in secondary grades they may already have too many bad habits engrained ( Bartholome ,1998). Besides, we want our children to communicate with digital effectiveness in elementary school!

OPINION: Rethinking school choice policies, the ‘myth of meritocracy’

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Not unlike the college search, when quality primary and secondary educational opportunities are seen as scarce goods, some parents employ strategies that will significantly increase their children’s likelihood of admission to the prized schools, even at the expense of other children.

The Best PD for Math Teachers (and How to Use It) #mtbos #iteachmath

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On April 26, celebrate PowerofEcon on Twitter with Discovery Education, CME Group, and their Econ Essentials Program. To join the celebration, tune into the Twitter chat with me, fellow teachers, and the CME Group’s chief economist on April 26th at noon Eastern Time, using #PowerofEcon.

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A World of PBL… 25 Authentic Resources To Connect Students Beyond The Classroom

21st Century Educational Technology and Learning

iEarn – Join interactive curriculum-based groups where students are creating, researching, sharing opinions and becoming global citizen. Biblionasium – Explore this site that is the fun, reading-focused social network for kids in elementary and middle school.

How we turned around our data culture and student learning

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The district is composed of five elementary schools and four secondary schools, serving more than 2,600 students. Demographics: Fairfield County Schools is a small, rural, high-poverty school district in South Carolina.

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If you can’t see it, you can’t be it: Edtech that connects students to role models

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Academic research has reached the same conclusions as this teacher; the 2016 State of Racial Diversity in the Educator Workforce assessment reported that “the elementary and secondary educator workforce is overwhelmingly homogenous (82% white in public schools).”

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