Going Places! The Google Cardboard Book


I was particularly interested in the information about the Google Expedition resources, which is a big interest of mine and integrating it within my school. One resource I found was the TES website of Google Expeditions shared lessons. Army with a tour of duty in Iraq in 2005.

10 Ways to Use Google Maps in the Classroom

The Thinking Stick

Google Maps has been out for 10 years now. With that in mind here are 10 ways you could use Google Maps in the classroom. Google Sightseeing blog: View some of the great images from around the world. Yes…Google does have a whole site dedicated to using maps in education.

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Britannica CEO Talks Google, Wikipedia and What Lil Pump Can Teach Us About Credibility


There was a time not long ago when people claimed to trust Google news results and Wikipedia articles more than the media outlets they linked to. In other words, up until pretty recently Googling was synonymous with a question answered. But it turned out I could only read the first 100 words of your own entry when I entered from Google. Editor’s note: Because of an instance of Wikipedia vandalism, in May Google listed “Nazism” as a core ideology of the Calif.

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Seesaw in the Elementary Music Classroom with Amy Burns

The CoolCatTeacher

Project Pals connects with Google Classroom but also lets me see detail on which students are contributing and participating. Episode 392 with Amy Burns on the 10-Minute Teacher Podcast From the Cool Cat Teacher Blog by Vicki Davis Follow @coolcatteacher on Twitter.

April 1, 2011: What Stunt Will Google Pull Off?

The Electric Educator

Google has become notorious for its April 1st shenanigans. Here''s a list of their pranks from the past few years: 2000: Google Mental Plex (search using mental telepathy) 2002: Pigeon Rank (the secret to Google''s search algorithm is trained pigeons) 2004: Google Copernicus Center (apply for a job at Google''s newest office-- on the moon!) What will Google try to pull off? Here are a few ideas: Google Tax-- move over Turbo Tax!

Do You Teach With a Paper-Based Mindset?


Google Docs was developed in 2005 by Sam Schillace. While Google Docs is designed to look like paper, It isn't an improved version of paper - it's something different entirely. Google Docs). Google Docs is a great example. Paper was invented around 100 BC in China.

Love Song to My Readers: Cool Cat Teacher’s 10th blog birthday

The CoolCatTeacher

Cool Cat Teacher, established December 9, 2005 From the Cool Cat Teacher Blog by Vicki Davis Follow @coolcatteacher on Twitter. On this day in 2005, I started blogging. I remember when my students first collaborated live in a document in 2005 on Writely.

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A Call to Remake the Maker Faire


The story starts in 2005 when Dale Dougherty founded MAKE: magazine as a quarterly publication with his long-time business partner, Tim O’Reilly. Google, a newly public business, reported a mere $6 million in revenue at the end of 2005.

Adobe Flash End of Life & the Threat to Education


Flash peaked around 2005 when other programming platforms starting to gain tractions including HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Eventually, the tech world moved on, all the big players including Google, Microsoft, Apple all shifted away before Adobe made the big announcement in 2017. .

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Teachers: 3 ways technology can make learning visible, easily

eSchool News

The Apple App Store wasn’t invented until 2008, the iPhone in 2007, Google Maps in 2005, Facebook in 2004—before 1999, most laptops didn’t even have wifi. John Hattie’s meta-study, Visible Learning (2009), changed the way we think about what works in the classroom.

Is Education Entering the ‘Age of Alternatives’?


Has anyone else noticed that some of the new schools being built, including much-celebrated “schools of tomorrow” resemble Google headquarters, as well as each other? Without ignoring that much of what differentiates one school from another takes place below the surface, the desire to make schools look like high-tech office spaces might be just the latest demonstration that education has historically followed and reflected —rather than led—technological, political and economic change.

Going to School, Running a Startup: When Students Build Their Own Edtech


Quizlet , the studying tool he built in 2005, is now one of the most widely used education apps, claiming more than 50 million active users in 130 countries who have created over 300 million study sets.

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?? Do you teach with a paper-based mindset? ??

The Electric Educator

Google Docs was developed in 2005 by Sam Schillace. While Google Docs is designed to look like paper, It isn't an improved version of paper - it's something different entirely. Google Docs). Google Docs is a great example. Paper was invented around 100 BC in China.

Friday 5 — 3.6.2015

Perry Hewitt

Despite the mass adoption of Gmail, Google has never gotten contact management right. The user interface is confusing, duplicate records are hard to eliminate, and the termite guy you used once in 2005 seems to be suggested as often as your frequently-emailed sister. Meerkat is a new livestreaming video app that launched and skyrocketed this week. Tightly integrated with Twitter, the app allows you to livestream video direct to your Twitter feed.

Teaching Students with Autism about Digital Citizenship


Jennifer Liang graduated from Georgia State University in 2005 with a degree in education and has completed coursework towards a master’s degree in special education. She is a Common Sense Digital Citizenship Ambassador and a Level One Google Certified Educator.

New Semester, New Students Begins With A Promise

Fractus Learning

Joseph Cavanaugh’s research has found that teaching a course online consumes more instructor time than teaching the identical course face-to-face (2005). I am told through folklore, we also appear on Google Hangouts and Skype.

Report that says online learning growth is slowing misses big picture

The Christensen Institute

Initially, the research arguably gave a reasonably complete view of the state of online learning in all of higher education, as it showed online learning growing rapidly with growth rates of over 20 percent in 2003, 2005, and 2009. Udacity’s Open Education Alliance with AT&T, Google, and others as well as Coursera’s Course Specializations in partnership with companies are just two examples of this.

Khan Academy’s New ‘Teacher Aid’ Tool Goes for a Test Drive in Southern California


Most people associate Khan Academy with online videos, and that’s largely what it has been since 2005 when founder and CEO Sal Khan began recording instructional clips from his closet to help his cousin better understand math. Teachers using Google for Education will also be able to integrate the Khan Academy platform with their G Suite for Education account. Teachers will be able to use the Khan Academy classroom tool without Google, too.)

What Happened to the ‘$100 Laptop’?


Back in 2005, one of the biggest stories in tech was a project by a group of MIT professors to build a $100 laptop and give them to children in schools around the world.

5 Great Software Functions!

WJU EdTech

Just Google it.) Khan Academy has become very popular for various tutorials on subject ranging from math and science to art and history! Wieman and Perkins (2005) report research stated that interactive simulations in physics are frequently more effective than seeing actual demonstrations!

Blogging: Five of the best

Learning with 'e's

Lessig, 2005, p. Interestingly, the post went viral not so much because of the subject matter, but more likely because the image I had inadvertently chosen was the top Google image search hit for 'fire'. 2005) Free Culture: The Nature and Future of Creativity.

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Ringleader of Admissions Scam Also Ran a College Counseling Firm For Families in China


Whitney Laughlin The USA-UES website also says that it has worked with children of executives at top Silicon Valley companies, stating: “We are the exclusive college guidance experts for families of executives at Facebook, Google, Apple and Amazon.” It turns out that Mitchell knows Rick Singer personally, and was quoted in a favorable profile of Singer in the Sacramento Business Journal back in 2005.

Manipulating Texts: Unmagnetic Poetry

Baker's B.Y.O.D.

To create the kits, I copy/pasted each speech into a Google Doc (Word works fine, too), played with the font and size of the text, and deleted common words, then cut the words out by hand and stashing them in their own envelope.

Students at the Forefront: Blended Learning & Math


I took the students data and created a Google Sheet with each of the individual classroom’s data. This information was sent to all the students through Google Classroom for the students to view. Math seems to be at the forefront of many districts’ agendas.

Build Labeling Games with Quizlet Diagrams

Learning in Hand

Quizlet has been around since 2005, and the study tool continues to add new features. After your diagram is created, you can copy its URL and share it anywhere: Google Classroom, through a QR code, URL shortener, website, hyperdoc, etc.

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Building Education Technology for the Developing World


When it launched in 2005, the idea of a $100 laptop for the world’s poorest children captured the backing of Google, eBay and UNDP. When Tulsi Parida joined Newsela in August 2014, she was the 19th employee at the fast-growing New York City-based startup. During her time there, the company tripled in size and she earned a promotion. Last July, however, Parida felt an itch to tackle educational needs in her native country, India.

How One Master Educator Uses Visuals and Tech to Make Dracula a Must-Take Course


Stanley Stepanic: When I first came to UVA in 2005 to study for my master’s and my PhD, I was a teaching assistant to the course and was mentored by Professor Jan Perkowski. When I came here in 2005, the course had been taught for at least two decades. So now I’ll use Google maps, archive.org, YouTube, the Internet and other sources students use. When Stanley Stepanic was growing up in Latrobe, Pennsylvania, he lived in a house built in 1823.

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Discovery Education’s Top 9 Ideas of 2016

Discovery Education

Using real-world problems answers the commonly asked question, ‘Why is this important, especially if I can Google it?'” A 2005 study concluded that the professionalism teacher leadership has the potential to build—one that is based on trust, recognition, empowerment, and support—can improve teaching and learning in schools. With 2016 quickly coming to a close, it’s time to reflect on what the year brought us.

The Riddle Of Meaningful iPad Integration

TeachThought - Learn better.

The Riddle Of Meaningful iPad Integration. by Noah Kravitz. Background. In lieu of being incredible pieces of hardware with significant learning potential, iPad adoption has produced uneven learning results thus far.

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The Real World, Not MTV Style

A Principal's Reflections

For two days this December, in Mrs. Collentine’s Global Perspectives in Literature Honors classes, NMHS class of 2005 alumnus Jonathan Silver was a “guest” speaker/teacher/actor and taught and performed Shakespeare’s Hamlet for Mrs. Collentine’s students.

Meet the 5 Education Technology Startups From Y Combinator’s Summer 2017 Class


Since 2005, Y Combinator has funded 1,430 companies and nearly 3,500 founders. The company also has a knack for timely marketing, having recently partnered with Google to deliver 15,000 glasses—for free—to elementary school teachers in time for the eclipse. Tools like Google Docs allow for real-time feedback to happen, but keeping track of all the comments in a classroom of 30—or a lecture hall of 300—can be a massive headache.

Rural children often without critical mental health treatment

The Hechinger Report

She speaks from experience: Brister spent more than 20 years working for the Mississippi community health system before joining NAMI in 2005. Yet the number of school psychologists in Mississippi decreased by 20 percent between 2005 and 2010.

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Many Online Education Marketplaces Have Sputtered. Will Quizlet’s Pass the Test?


Founded in 2005, Quizlet has become a popular source among students for its user-generated digital flashcards. And the company regularly ranks in the Top 10 lists for downloads in the educational category in Apple’s and Google’s app stores. Content may be king. But distribution determines the fate of kingdoms.

How a Flipped Syllabus, Twitter and YouTube Made This Professor Teacher of the Year


I’ve also done online office hours in a live format, where students, alumni, or random visitors basically used AOL Instant Messenger or Google Talk to ask questions. Paradise Now ” (2005, Palestine, directed by Hany Abu-Assad)—Unsettling political thriller about two Palestinian men preparing for a suicide attack in Israel. Tsotsi ” (2005, South Africa, directed by Gavin Hood)—Powerful human drama set in a Johannesburg slum.

New Teachers Won’t Save Us

The Thinking Stick

History teachers… as part of their program should be required to know how to use all the amazing layers found in Google Earth. This is going to come as a shock I know…but pre-service education programs are not preparing teachers for a technology rich classroom teaching experience.