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Providers Rise to Meet the Challenge of K–12 Data Security

EdTech Magazine

Symantec Endpoint Protection Cloud: The Symantec Endpoint Protection Academic edition package includes SEP 14, an enterprise-grade threat protection program that can keep faculty and students safe, no matter what device they are using.

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Who is the Right Customer: Decisions for Managing Customer Surveys

Teacher Reboot Camp

Symantec has discovered that each page turn in a survey is a leaky pipe for survey abandonment, so they limit their survey to four pages containing only key drivers of Net Promoter, emphasizing customer-centric questions. Know your gaps between current and desired skills, passions, and performance.

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3 Ways K-12 Schools Can Improve Their Cybersecurity in 2019

EdTech Magazine

Endpoint security software offered by companies like Symantec and Malwarebytes allow universities to more easily detect vulnerabilities and unify network management. These devices can be especially vulnerable because many people use the same devices to connect to home networks, which may offer less protection than campus networks.

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K–12 IT Teams Use Phishing Simulations to Boost Cybersecurity

EdTech Magazine

KnowBe4 provided training to phishing-prone educators using simulation programs similar to those used by Symantec or Kapersky Lab. While human error can be a district’s greatest weakness against cyberattacks, a properly trained staff can also be its greatest defense.

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Teaching cybersecurity to your students: 3 basic tips


According to a study done by Symantec , apps with the most cybersecurity issues are lifestyle apps, which account for 27 percent of malicious apps. Considering that 95% of teens have access to a smartphone and 45% say they are online ‘almost constantly’ , they need all the support possible to avoid becoming victims of cyber threats.

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Using Social-Emotional Learning to Combat Digital Stress

This edWeb broadcast was hosted Common Sense Education and sponsored by Symantec. Symantec was founded in 1982 by visionary computer scientists. Then, the skills teachers want students to learn for in-person interactions become the same skills that students feel confident using online. WATCH THE EDWEBINAR RECORDING.

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Binge Watch the Top 25 edWebinars of 2019!

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