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with Mac and Windows parity @techsmith. Product info screencast video

Video Preview: Introducing the new #Camtasia from @TechSmith Education

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Jason Valade from TechSmith Education gives us a demonstration of the BRAND NEW Camtasia! The post Video Preview: Introducing the new #Camtasia from @TechSmith Education appeared first on TeacherCast Educational Broadcasting Network.

Video Preview: How can can I use Camtasia in my classroom?


Take a tour of the most popular screencasting application for the classroom, Camtasia 9. The post Video Preview: How can can I use Camtasia in my classroom? In this video, you will learn how to create the perfect screencast.

Using the @Wacom #BambooSlate to Create a Screencast – Inking On a Worksheet & Editing with @Camtasia #edtech @TechSmith @TechSmithEDU


But if you’re already editing in Camtasia (like I do) or a similar program, you may enjoy seeing what I’ve come up with so far — There is something I love about writing pen to paper, which keeps me coming back to my Bamboo Slate as a favorite.

Screencasting with Camtasia and Creating Online Courses with Kyte Learning

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Additionally, we have the privilege of being the first podcast to get a demonstration of the new version of Camtasia! Additionally, we have the privilege of being the first podcast to get a demonstration of the new version of Camtasia! In this episode, the TechEducators, welcome TechSmith and Kyte Learning on to discuss the best ways for teachers to create effective screencasts for their students. Together, we discuss content, timing, and much more.

New TeacherCast #BestInClass Winner: @TechSmith makes #Screencasting and #FlippedClassroom Simple with @Camtasia for Win/Mac

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Learn how to bring simple to create, professional looking videos into your classroom with Camtasia from TechSmith.

Create Amazing Movies & Presentations with @PowToon for Free!


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The Foundations of Flipping


Using Camtasia Studio , here is an example a student created on Mathtrain.TV. camtasia Camtasia Studio Educreations flipclass flipped learning project based learning TechSmith The flipped classroom Best Practices for Teaching Today "Kids don''t show up to learn new stuff.

Learn how the new @TechSmith SNAGIT can be utilized to create AMAZING Animated GIF’s

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EdTech News ISTE TeacherCast App Spotlight Tech Tools Camtasia Snagit TechSmithThis year TechSmith EDU is offering 2 amazing apps to provide streamlined content creation so you can focus on your students, and not the technology. The post Learn how the new @TechSmith SNAGIT can be utilized to create AMAZING Animated GIF’s appeared first on TeacherCast Educational Broadcasting Network.

How can a Screencast be used in the classroom?


In this episode of the TechEducator Podcast, we look at how Camtasia can be used as a perfect screencasting tool for your classroom. In this episode of the TechEducator Podcast, we look at how Camtasia can be used as a perfect screencasting tool for your classroom.

Top 3 Reasons to Open Caption your School Videos by @SamPatue

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Learn how to add essential accessibility features to your screencasts such as Close Captioning using Techsmith Camtasia. The post Top 3 Reasons to Open Caption your School Videos by @SamPatue appeared first on TeacherCast Educational Broadcasting Network.

How to select the best screencasting tool for your flipped classroom


Now let’s take a look at a few alternatives: Camtasia. I will start with my favorite screencasting tool, which is Camtasia Studio from Techsmith. Snagit also has an education pricing, just like Camtasia. Have you ever seen a watchman mending a watch?

Dropbox + Pinterest + SMART Exchange for Teachers + Common Core = ClassConnect


You can even have student groups creating the content via Educreations or Camtasia Studio! With Camtasia Studio , I can even create quizzes within my lessons for immediate student feedback. Of course, I place the Camtasia lessons into ClassConnect as well!! Try Camtasia Studio!

Screencasting: Pick the Right Tool for the Job

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I can create any video I need with Screencastify, Screencastomatic, and Camtasia. Camtasia If you are serious about video production and need advanced editing tools, then Camtasia is worth the $$$ investment, but be ware, videographers, that post-production editing can take up more time than the actual filming.

My Flipped Classroom Resources and Tips, from Beginner to Advanced #flipclass #edchat #edtech


I use Camtasia Studio (PC only) to record, edit, and produce my videos. Note: Camtasia Mac does not allow for the embedded quizzes, but you can also use a webtool like Zaption for that (see below). For a full comparison of Camtasia PC vs Mac, see Camtasia Studio vs Camtasia Mac.). Sample content that I’ve created for my flipped math classes: Here is a sample of one of my screencasts for Algebra 2, creating using Camtasia Studio.

4 of My Favorite Web Tools Demonstrated

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I created these screencasts using TechSmith''s Camtasia , another of my favorite creativity tools. I''ve been working on building resources for a website I use to support one of my presentations.

52 Tools to Inspire Summer Learning with Photo and Video Challenges

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Professional movies, tv commercials, music videos, or movie trailers with RenderForest , Biteable , Open Shot , Moovly , Camtasia , WeVideo , Youtube Capture iOS app , iMovie and Windows Movie Maker. “Taking pictures is savoring life intensely, every hundredth of a second.” – Marc Riboud. Many of us have started our breaks.

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Web Tools for Video and Audio Feedback on Essays and Projects

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For more advanced editing features and more try Camtasia for free up to 30 days. “I think it’s very important to have a feedback loop, where you’re constantly thinking about what you’ve done and how you could be doing it better.” – Elon Musk.

Video 244

Favorite #EdTech Tools of 2015 @zaption @peardeck @techsmithedu @desmos @socraticorg @wacom #flipclass #edchat


Here are a few of my #EdTech tools of 2015: Camtasia – used to screen record & video edit my flipped classroom videos. I have been using CAMTASIA since 2010 to create and edit my screencasts. In this post, I explain some of the reasons why I choose to use Camtasia.

Let’s Play Matchmaker: Connecting Edtechs & Educators @JuneLabs #edchat #edtechchat


I stumbled across Camtasia Studio and bam, I knew I was looking at an answer. Lucky for me, an awesome team of education-focused individuals work at TechSmith (makers of Camtasia). As educators, we all know it’s never simply about finding the perfect tech tool; however, finding and customizing the right tech tool can transform a classroom. How did the flipped classroom begin for me?

An Introduction to Screencasting in the Classroom | Featuring @TechsmithEDU


Join former educator Jason Valade as he provides inspirational ways to teach more effectively and enrich experiences in and out of the classroom, including an introduction to popular video creation tool Camtasia.

Tuesday Show - Teachers Becoming Their Own Khan Academy

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In 2010, after attending the Building Learning Communities conference, Stacey saw a demonstration of Camtasia Studio and immediately knew that she was looking at her answer – a way to reduce anxiety in her AP Calculus classroom by eliminating the traditional lecture on the board.

My Math Classroom, Flipped: Saving Time & Empowering Learners #WhyITeach @McGrawHillK12


It was the summer of 2010, at the Building Learning Communities Conference, that I learned about Camtasia Studio — software that would allow me to create a screencast, edit my video, and produce and share my final product. As soon as I saw a demo of Camtasia, I knew that my classroom would change completely. McGraw-Hill asked if I would be interested in contributing to their Art of Teaching series.

Win a Document Camera and a HearALL Assessment Recorder from Learning Resources


Enter to WIN a FREE Luna™ Interactive Projection Camera a Rafflecopter giveaway Don''t forget about our TechSmith Give-Away for $299 Camtasia Studio Software! HearALL™ Assessment Recorder ( click here ) Product Description : Hear way beyond!

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After that, I exported the illustration movie and brought it into Camtasia 2 for Mac to edit the dead spaces out and to speed up the process to match the length of the audio.

20 Web Tools and Apps for Learners to Create Fun Videos

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Camtasia provides a free 30 day trial and has access to incredible editing features, transitions, and screen recording options. “Humans are incredibly visual and powerful, moving images help us find meaning… video helps capture and contextualize the world around us.” ” – Dan Patterson. Students enjoy producing short videos and showing their creativity. Planning a video project doesn’t have to be a huge headache.

Video 240

They NAILED it!

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I recorded this in one take using Camtasia's record feature. Making the rounds on the interwebs this week is Key & Peele's Comedy Central skit, Teaching Center , where they pose the question, "What if Teachers Were Treated Like Pro Athletes?" Key & Peele totally NAILED it.

ScreenChamp Finalist!

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Several months later TechSmith , the makers of Camtasia, Jing and SnagIt, launched the " ScreenChamp " competition in an effort to choose the best screen capture video on the web. I love Google Apps and use them with my students all the time.

10 Great PowerPoint Changes You Probably Don’t Know About

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This includes DropBox, Google Drive, Poll Everywhere, Camtasia, and Adobe Stock. PowerPoint is the iconic leader in slideshow-type digital tools.

Web 2.0 Content Creation: A Quick Guide


I''ve used Educreations since the product first launched, I use Camtasia almost daily, and I''m a big fan of Glogster as well. Web 2.0

How to Choose the Right Tools for your Flipped Classroom

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Don’t have enough in the budget for Camtasia ? Why are there so many conflicting messages when it comes to the flipped classroom? Well, being a flexible pedagogy, the flipped classroom can and should be adapted and moulded to meet individual classroom needs.

10 Tools to Help you Flip Your Classroom

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Camtasia Studio : The leading screen casting software title on the market. See what Camtasia can do by viewing one of my screencasts. Snagit : from the makers of Camtasia ( TechSmith ), this screen capture tool allows you to quickly capture a still image of all or part of your screen. Jing : the cousin of Camtasia Studio (see #1 above), Jing is a light-weight screencasting tool. Jing is not as full-featured as Camtasia or Snagit.

How Do I Learn to Make Awesome Videos?

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This video I shot with my iPad, but then transferred the footage to my laptop and produced it with Camtasia.

My Top #EdTech Tools for Teaching Online AP Calculus @wacom @PearDeck @SlackHQ @EDpuzzle @OneNoteEDU @SocraticOrg #flipclass


Record video using Camtasia. Edit video in Camtasia. I am teaching a purely online section of AP Calculus AB this school year! I am excited (and nervous) but mainly pumped for the challenge, learning, and growth that teaching in a purely online environment will bring.

Collaborative Story Writing with Google Docs

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I used Camtasia Studio to record the editing as it took place and did the final editing in iMovie. This past week I started to train my 9th grade students to use Google Docs, part of the Google Apps for Education suite. One of the assignments that we did together was a collaborative class story. Here are the rules: 1. I wrote the first sentence to get things going. Every student adds one sentence to the story.

ThingLink for Video Adds Interactivity


I used Camtasia Studio on my PC to record the uploaded video while playing it from the AdobeVoice website. Camtasia is not a free program, but there are other screencast recording tools out there that could probably be used. I saved the Camtasia video in mp4 format and uploaded it to YouTube. I''m taking a MOOC through Coursera and UC Irvine called Advanced Instructional Strategies in the Virtual Classroom. This week, we had to turn in an assignment.

Video 65

I LOVE Bella & Harry Books: Teach Social Studies & Add Augmented Reality to Bring the Books to Life!


Then, I could have screen-caseted the video and saved it that way using Camtasia or SnagIt by TechSmith. The Adventures of Bella and Harry! Like many of you, I receive a ton of press releases in my inbox.

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Learning in a Digital Age: The myth and the reality

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Brunel University did an excellent job of recording my voice and the slides, and synchonising them, probably using Camtasia or a similar tool. I recently gave a keynote at the eLearning 2.0 conference held at Brunel University, in West London.

Create an Interest List for Professional Learning on Facebook


I am also just learning to use Camtasia, so please excuse any blips! I was asked to be a guest this evening on the Tightwad Teacher podcast. The topic was The Connected Teacher. The podcast was live streamed, but it will also be edited and posted in final format next week. In prep for the podcast, I created a little tutorial on how to create an interest list on Facebook to leverage Facebook for professional learning.

How to Flip Back to School Night

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Open Screencastomatic or Camtasia, and select recording a portion of your screen and have the picture in picture on. In a previous post I shared about the results of flipping Back to School Night. Today, I'm going to show you step by step how I used blended learning to achieve those results.