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Five ways to connect with parents using Poll Everywhere

The Innovative Educator

Poll Everywhere provides a terrific way to capture the thoughts, ideas, and opinions of parents. Simply set up a multiple choice or free response poll, text parents the code, and have them text in their answers like they do on shows like American Idol. Some ideas for using it include the following.

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10 Good Tools to Create Free Surveys and Polls

Educational Technology and Mobile Learning

Typeform Typeform is a good form builder that you can use to create a wide variety of form types including: surveys, contact forms, questionnaires, quizzes, registration forms, polls, invitations and many more. Google Forms Google Forms is a great tool to use to create surveys, polls, and questionnaires.

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Increasing Student Participation During Zoom Synchronous Teaching Meetings

User Generated Education

What I really love about using Google Forms for surveys and polls is that immediate feedback can be presented to the students through the response tab. Poll Everywhere. I like using Google Forms to check in with students and to inquire about what topics they would like to discuss.

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3 new Poll Everywhere features


Learn about incorporating LaTeX, surveys, and ranking polls.

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A Commitment to Digital Learning

A Principal's Reflections

After students decided as a group, they voted individually as a class about their opinion on the source with “ Poll Everywhere ,” using their cell phones. In math, Mrs. Chellani began the lesson with mobile learning devices and Poll Everywhere to review prior learning.

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Poll Everywhere has many new features


summary of several rounds of upgrades.

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Formative Assessments Are Easier Than You Think!

The Web20Classroom

Poll Everywhere - Another one of my favorites, simply because of the variety of uses and methods of submitting responses. Similar to the others, the teacher can create a simple feedback poll or leave the question open ended. Another great feature of Poll Everywhere is the data analysis you get.