The Future is Here: Take Advantage of It

A Principal's Reflections

This has led to a Bring Your Own Technology (BYOT) initiative, where students are encouraged to bring in their mobile learning devices, which include cell phones or personal computing devices (laptops, tablets, iPod Touches, eReaders, etc). In the case of mobile learning devices (cell phones), if a student does not have a device my teachers have been instructed to pair or group them when using polling sites like Poll Everywhere or conducting research.

Advancing Mobile Phones as Learning Devices

A Principal's Reflections

This morning I read a great article on PBS Media Shift by Audrey Watters entitled " Why Schools Should Stop Banning Cell Phones, and Use Them For Learning." Fortunately for me I have already begun to work with my staff and students to transform the teaching and learning culture at New Milford HS as it pertains to cell phones as mobile learning devices. By the end of last school year many more teachers were incorporating mobile learning devices into their instruction.


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What is the Most Effective Classroom Technology?

A Principal's Reflections

The rationale for placing IWB''s at the top of the list included the ability to manipulate virtual objects/data and cater to multiple learning styles (tactile, visual). My choice is mobile learning devices, otherwise known as cell phones. application like Poll Everywhere. Add in the fact that kids love using them in school for learning makes this a compelling choice in my eyes. educational technology IWB''s mobile learning devices Opinion

Streamlining BYOD With ClassLink

A Principal's Reflections

Throughout the entire 2011-2012 school year, we worked to refine our approach, implementation, and learning outcomes for the program. Students are permitted to use their devices for learning during non-instructional time (i.e. Mobile learning devices (i.e. tools such as Poll Everywhere and Celly. The challenge then became how to deliver a uniform experience across all devices in order to assist with the teaching and learning process.

BYOD 150

Climate is Everything

A Principal's Reflections

While learning about Immigration in Rebecca Millan’s American History 2 class during the week of October 4, students created interactive Glogster posters. As a culminating activity, Mr. Manzo asked the students to take out their mobile devices and submit their questionnaire answers using Poll Everywhere. This was an extremely significant event as this represented the first time that a teacher and students used mobile devices in NMHS as a learning tool.

The Seeds of Innovation

A Principal's Reflections

It being, that technology, if used responsibly is a great asset for teachers to improve instruction and for students to enhance their learning. I believe helping students to apply what they learn in the classroom to the real world is arguably the greatest responsibility of a teacher. Then, I met with two other math teachers who showed me how they use smartphones to increase class participation and to assess their students learning.

Forging Ahead With Change

A Principal's Reflections

My school is a shell of what it once was when one looks at how far we have come in terms of effectively integrating technology, re-envisioning learning spaces, and providing a foundation for a more relevant and meaningful learning experience for all of our students. In collaboration with my staff and the support of District leadership, my efforts have laid the foundation for an innovative teaching and learning culture that focuses on preparing all students for success.

Small Changes, Huge Results

A Principal's Reflections

Yes, I was the Principal at that time, but my perspective and philosophy as to what constituted a 21st Century learning environment was vastly different than what it is today. We have seen many shifts in terms of instruction, communication, and learning at NMHS resulting in a transformative culture that is more in line to meet the needs of our students. We also had to trust they would use their mobile learning devices (i.e. Cross-posted at the Huffington Post.

New Year, New Adventures

A Principal's Reflections

Many of the initiatives that I am about to pursue either came directly or indirectly from my Personal Learning Network (PLN). Professional Learning Communities (PLC''s): The district will be moving to this research-based model as our main means of professional development. The more I learn about the power of PLC''s the more excited I get! The data that I will collect and share with them will serve as a catalyst for their improvement in the areas of teaching and learning.

Just Another Typical Day

A Principal's Reflections

This past Wednesday (February 6) was the second annual Digital Learning Day. New Milford High School joined thousands of other schools and educators across the country to showcase how digital learning is changing education. The only thing though is that this day was just like any other typical day at my school as digital learning has become an embedded component of our school''s culture. Perna utilized computers with her classes to facilitate student learning and growth.

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