2 Tech Tools to Keep Students Engaged & Alert


With the goal of encouraging learning at school and beyond, Curtis Chandler describes two free tech tools to help get students and the school year off to a good start: Poll Everywhere will quickly spark discussion and the Remind app will keep everyone on track. Class Apps Quick Communication classroom conversation Curtis Chandler deeper thinking online poll parent contacts Poll Everywhere Remind reminders

The Best Flipped Classroom Software Tools For Flipped Learning In 2021

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The right learning platform apps and tools can produce engaging content ranging from science videos to English lessons. Flipped classroom models empower students to do classroom work at home using multimedia presentations and online learning platform resources. Poll Everywhere.


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A Commitment to Digital Learning

A Principal's Reflections

New Milford High School proudly joined 37 states, 15,000 teachers, and over 2 million students on February 1 for the inaugural Digital Learning Day. Below I have summarized some of the pre-planned activities that my teachers planned and had their students engaged in on Digital Learning Day. History class, students learned about the rise of Jacksonian Democracy and had to determine if Jackson was a highly successful president or a corrupt leader. Students in Ms.

4 EdTech Ways to Differentiate in a Student-Centered Classroom

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Co-Written with my friend and business partner Shaelynn Farnsworth In all the work that Shaelynn and I do with teachers across the US and beyond we see educators creating amazing learning environments for students. From the use of 1:1 technology to enabling students to learn authentically, these really are incredible times to teach and learn. On the one hand, they have the traditional methods of accessing content and assessing what students have learned.

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EdTech Quick Take: What's the Best Student-Response Tool?

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There are a lot of different student-response tools for teachers to choose from. As you can see, using student-response tools can boost your students'' engagement in class, and the real-time feedback options enable some great formative assessment, too. As you look for the right tool, think first about your students'' needs and what you''d like to accomplish. For simple polls or quizzes, something like Poll Everywhere can suffice.

How to Use Technology in Your Faculty Meetings

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Technology in the classroom plays a significant role in student engagement as teachers continue to implement a variety of tools to improve the learning process. Engaging faculty using technology isn’t as hard as you think. Poll the faculty with SMS. Instead of the traditional “raise your hand if you agree,” poll teachers through text messages. While teachers often will blog with their students, consider a dedicated blog for your teachers.

New Year, New Adventures

A Principal's Reflections

Each September I am excited like most educators to get back to business doing everything I can to help students succeed. With this being said, there is just something magical and invigorating about having students in the building. PLC''s are fantastic for professional growth as they empower educators to work collaboratively on areas that they are interested in and are entirely focused on improving student achievement.