5 Companies to Watch in 2011

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Note: This is the first of my series "5 things to watch in 2011" Future installments will include: Five people to follow in 2011 Five trends to watch in 2011 Five technologies to watch in 2011 Five blogs to read in 2011 The folks over at Prezi continue to make their presentation product more and more compelling. January of 2011 saw the launch of an iPad app on which to view presentations.

The 2011 Edublogs Awards Shortlist (A Shameless Ploy For Votes) #Eddies11

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You may remember, last week I did my nominations for the 2011 Edublog Awards. It is truly an honor to be nominated and I am in good company on both lists. This is an annual event highlighting the best in the Edublogosphere and Twitterverse.

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Looking Back At 2010 And Looking Forward To 2011.

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So here is my reflections on 2010 and my predictions for 2011. So education related companies are going to have to be innovative in the apps they create for these devices. Lots of potential there and I bet we will see at least one education company develop learning games for the Kinect.

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Lakeshore Learning Special Offer for Kleinspiration Readers!


Although I received this product for free from Lakeshore, the opinions reflected here are my own and were not influenced by the company or the fact that the product was free. Get an additional 25% off any non-sale item just by clicking here as a Kleinspiration Reader!

2011 Virtual School Symposium Recap

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2011 iNACOL Virtual School Symposium This week I attended the 2011 Virtual School Symposium in Indianapolis, Indiana. Assembling a program from the best offerings of multiple vendors is not currently an option due to the restrictive and proprietary systems that companies have created.

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The 21st Principal: 2011 Edublog Best Administrator Blog Nomination Thank You

The 21st Century Principal

Nominations for the 2011 Edublog Awards are in, and I feel honored that this blog, The 21st Century Principal is among the nominees for Best Administrator Blog. I am truly honored to be included in the company of the most connected administrators in the world.

5 Technologies to Watch In 2011

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Note: This is the fifth and final installment of my "5 things to watch in 2011" series. Five companies to watch in 2011 Five trends to watch in 2011 Five people to follow in 201 1 Five Blogs to read in 2011 Josef Dunne, Via Flickr 1.

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It's All About The Hashtag

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Many TV shows, events, companies, and more are creating hashtags to monitor conversations and just generally engage with other followers. If you remember, in my 3 part series on Twitter , I wrote about how I completely changed the way I do professional development on Twitter. In a nutshell, I no longer start with signing up and tweeting the first day. I always show how to use Twitter without ever signing up.

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TCEA 2011 Legislative Update Advocacy Panel


Notes from TCEA 2011 Panel. We spend rediculously large sums of money to the same companies every few years for repackaged content. also need to get telecommunications companies to run fiber to rural areas which they are reluctant to do because it is not profitable for them. digital content tcea tcea 2011 Texas Texas legislature Texas State Board of Education The speakers words flowed fast and I caputred/paraphrased them as accurately as I could.

It's All in the Design

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Company pride was apparent everywhere. The other day I was fortunate to attend a training session on the new Chromebook at Google''s New York City offices. The Chromebook itself turned about to be an intriguing device that clearly has an upside as an educational tool in schools.

5 Trends to Watch in 2011

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Note: This is the second of my series "5 things to watch in 2011" Future installments will include: Five companies to watch in 2011 Five people to follow in 2011 Five technologies to watch in 2011 Five blogs to read in 201 Reverse Instruction is an innovative instructional strategy that was originally used by chemistry teachers Aaron Sams and Jon Bergman. Look for mobile devices and applications to dominate the news and innovation cycle of 2011.

Fingerprint: Brand New Apps For Kids and Their Grownups


Here is an exclusive sneak peek video of this great company, which allows us to really have a good insight into what our kids are doing on their tablets and smart phones.

5 people to follow in 2011

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Note: This is the third part my series "5 things to watch in 2011" Future installments will include: Five companies to watch in 2011 Five trends to watch in 2011 Five technologies to watch in 2011 Five blogs to read in 2011 Here''s who I''m paying attention to in 2011. Who are you following in 2011?

Fingerprint Releases 5 Mobile Apps for Kids & Their Grown-ups - Here for The Holidays!


Last week we discovered a great new app company called Fingerprint which would be launching soon. About Creativity Mobile Located in the Silicon Valley, Creativity Mobile was launched by parent company Creativity, Inc.,

Glogster EDU Gets Even Better

A Principal's Reflections

Here is how the company describes their product: Simply put, a Glog is a kind of poster —fully designed by you! Recently the company announced some exciting new enhancements to improve the experience for users. For those of you not familiar with Glogster it is a fantastic web 2.0 tool that allows educators to create FREE multimedia posters called glogs. A Glog is a unique creation made up of text, images, music, and video.

Give-Away: $25 Gift Certificate for Blog2Print


25 gift certificate to the web company: Blog2Print What is it? Disclaimer: I am an affiliate for Blog2Print* This simply means that if you connect to their site from mine, and decide to purchase, I''ll get a small portion of revenue from the company for referring business.

Give-Away: Click N Kids Subscriptions


What we''re giving away? 3 one-month subscriptions to Click N Kids, an online Phonics Program ( yes, there will be 3 winners! What is it?

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Class Dojo Wins at NBC’s Education Nation!!!


Recently, ClassDojo was picked to be one of the three education technology companies featured on NBC''s Education Nation show in September. Some of you may remember our earlier post on ClassDojo from this summer and have been using their technology this year in your classrooms. We''re incredibly proud that our friends at ClassDojo ended up winning that contest.

The Today Show's Top Tech Gifts for Women


99 LeapFrog LeapPad Explorer From the award winning educational toy company comes LeapPad, the learning tablet just for kids. I''m loving Thanksgiving break! It''s so nice to be at home with the kids and not have to be anywhere at any specific time - whoo hoo!

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October Give-Away Winners Announced!


October Give-Away Winners! Congrats to the MANY winners we had in October. We also gave away several prizes throughout the month (over $600 in addition to the goodies listed above!). The total monthly winnings in October are over $810!!! *I

Looking Back At 2011 And Looking Forward To 2012

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We are seeing more and more teachers, conferences, and companies embrace QR as another way to engage students, audiences and customers.

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Guest Post: Using Video Games in the Classroom: by Leah Landly


There are many popular examples of multi-player games on the popular market -- such as World of Warcraft and Halo -- but more companies are designing these types of games specifically for educational purposes. Choosing the right game -- preferably designed by an educational company -- is key to success, as is choosing the right kinds of follow-up assignments. Many students today play video games more than they watch television or go online.

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Guest Post: Connect Technology to Education by Tim L. Cooley


Companies are now seeing the incredible potential for edutainment through mobile applications and the most impressive is Fingerprint, “the first mobile learning and play networks for kids and their grown-ups.” Connect Technology to Education Technology provides a clear advantage for teachers who are looking to educate, uplift, and instruct students.

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Layoffs Hit LearnZillion as Company Shifts Focus to Core Curriculum


For venture-backed education companies, the path to sustainability—and profitability—can be full of difficult twists and turns. Most of the people affected were part of the company’s professional development team, which worked with educators to implement its supplemental curriculum offerings.

Can Passion Cross The Line?

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Today I spent some time talking to a education related company, offering feedback on their various products and their social media presence. So what we were doing here with this company was the same. I want to be better and I believe this company wants the same. First, kudos to them for bringing in teachers and other educational professionals to have open and honest feedback about what they are doing right and a little about how they could be better.

Week of March 28, 2011 - Live, Interactive, and Free Webinars in Elluminate

The Learning Revolution Has Begun

Utilizing an actual high-tech, consumer electronic Fortune 100 company renamed ''Orange Inc.'' as a session case, participants discover how a company with exceptional customer support is driven in part by their focused training and employee assessment strategy. Below are this week''s public, free, and interactive Webinars through LearnCentral.org , the social learning network for education that I work on for Elluminate.

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Week of January 3, 2011 - Live, Interactive, and Free Webinars in Elluminate

The Learning Revolution Has Begun

Learn: How the new generation browser-based, high fidelity 3-D virtual simulations are making sales learning and collaboration immersive; engaging.How Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and similar company internal social; networks are embedding learning in every-day work processes and connecting reps with each other.How podcasting and mobile apps are changing the paradigm from reps; and coming to the class room to the class room coming to the reps.

Who Owns Digital Badges? A Company's Patent on Credential System Raises Questions


That group of colleges, companies and nonprofits is working to build an openly licensed Open Badges platform for digital certificates that professionals and students can use to show they’ve mastered certain skills (either academic or so-called “soft skills,” like collaboration or problem solving). How, they wondered, could a company claim to have just invented something that is so well known? When the U.S.

Tuesday, July 5th - Live with Sandy Hirsh on the Future of Libraries and Librarians

The Learning Revolution Has Begun

Date : Tuesday, July 5th, 2011 Time : 5pm Pacific / 8pm Eastern / 12am GMT (next day-- international times here ) Duration : 1 hour Location : In Elluminate.

10 Ways to Re-Imagine the Classroom: 8. Educational Resources

The Playground Advocate

This post is part eight in a series in which I offer some ways that we can work together to re-imagine our classrooms so that students are more engaged, our work is more relevant, and student learning is more enriching.

Live Interview Thursday: Panel on Search Literacy with Google's Tasha Bergson-Michelson

The Learning Revolution Has Begun

Date : Thursday, December 1st, 2011 Time : 5pm Pacific / 8pm Eastern / 12am (next day) GMT ( international times here ) Duration : 1 hour Location : In Blackboard Collaborate (formerly Elluminate).

May 31 - Interview with James Bosco on Digital Media and Participatory Learning

The Learning Revolution Has Begun

Date : Tuesday, May 31st, 2011 Time : 5pm Pacific / 8pm Eastern / 12am GMT (next day-- international times here ) Duration : 1 hour Location : In Elluminate.

I've Written My Representatives; Have You? #TxEdBudget #SaveTxSchools


This is how families and companies balance their budgets. They are word processed, printed, signed, stuffed in envelopes, addressed, stamped, and waiting to be mailed in the morning. What are "they"? My letters to Governor Rick Perry, Senator Steve Ogden, and Representative Larry Gonzales.

Steve Jobs, Visionary. 1955-2011


Through the years, I have loved the products conceived and nurtured by Steve Jobs, even in those years the company was expected to go under (Jobs himself got kicked out of the picture for a period of time). I distinctly remember my first computing experience.

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Save the Dates - Announcing the Worldwide Library 2.011 Virtual (and Free) Conference

The Learning Revolution Has Begun

We are pleased to announce the Library 2.011 worldwide virtual conference, November 2 - 3, 2011. The conference will be held online, in multiple time zones over the course of two days, and will be free to attend.

June 1 - Panel Discussion on "Unschooling"

The Learning Revolution Has Begun

Date : Wednesday, June 1st, 2011 Time : 5pm Pacific / 8pm Eastern / 12am GMT (next day-- international times here ) Duration : 1 hour Location : In Elluminate. Join me Wednesday, June 1st, for a live and interactive Future of Education panel discussion on "unschooling."

Start Thrashing

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Three months ago your team was asked to write a report for your company. "Travelanche" by Chiot''s Run via Flicker. Exam Cram by zslibrary via Flickr. Everyone thrashes. The question is when do you thrash? You''ve had this vacation planned for months.

We Are Strong: The United States After September 11th


Regular people going on with their daily lives, enjoying one another''s company and talking of the things that are important to them. These acts of mass murder were intended to frighten our nation into chaos and retreat. But they have failed. Our country is strong. President George W.


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The most successful companies and individuals who have the ability to overcome obstacles, maintain vision and focus, and push a product, idea, or solution out the door. I recently finished reading Linchpin by Seth Godin. There were a couple of ideas in the book that were very powerful.