Edublog 2011 Awards: Best New Blog


Kleinspiration Named Top 5 Winner in the Edublog 2011 Awards Thank you all so much for your support. award winning edublog edublog 2011 edublog 2011 winners edublog awards edublog best group blog edublog best new blog edublog winners Erin Klein Kleinspiration Teaching Blog Addict

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Edublog 2011 Award Nominations


Edublog 2011 Award Nominations The nominations are now open! There are so many great individuals and groups to support. I''m always excited to see how many bloggers come together to support the writers they learn from and collaborate with throughout the year.

The Best of 2011 via Edutopia


The Best of Edutopia 2011 Resources This year, I was fortunate to be a guest blogger for Edutopia. Click here to enjoy their final newsletter of 2011. best of 2011 edutopia best of education 2011 Edutopia edutopia blog edutopia enewsletter edutopia newsletter Erin Klein guest blogger edutopia You can read my post here. I''m always amazed by the quality resources their team puts together. I highly recommend viewing their e-newsletter and becoming a subscriber yourself.

The 2011 Sunshine Award


I am happy to receive this award from Cindy of In The Teacher''s Lounge. Thanks Cindy! It''s always nice to be recognized by our peers.

Wide EMU unConference 2011


NWP 2011 on Prezi Here are a few links that will be mentioned within today''s chat: Do your students publish with purpose? The following is a Prezi I used to do my demonstration lesson this summer at the Eastern Michigan Writing Project. I will be referring to some of the resources within this presentation. Thank you for attending my session today the Wide-EMU ''11 unConference.

The Top Posts Of Web20Classroom For 2011

The Web20Classroom

Is it 2012 already? Another year has come and gone and like several of my good blogging friends have done I wanted to recap the Top 5 Posts from this year. I am sorta surprised at the mix but there are some, if I do say so myself, good posts.

Back To School-Leadership In 2011

The Web20Classroom

Lastly, check out my most recent post from Leadership Day 2011. I orginially wrote this post back in 2009. Since that time so much has gone on in the world of Social Media in Education, I decided it needed some updating. There is so much pressure on school leadership in this day and age.

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Looking Back At 2010 And Looking Forward To 2011.

The Web20Classroom

So here is my reflections on 2010 and my predictions for 2011. My reflections on 2010, and my thoughts on 2011.

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The 2011 Edublogs Awards Shortlist (A Shameless Ploy For Votes) #Eddies11

The Web20Classroom

You may remember, last week I did my nominations for the 2011 Edublog Awards. This is an annual event highlighting the best in the Edublogosphere and Twitterverse.

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ALT-C 2011 retrospective

Learning with 'e's

Image by ALT ALT-C 2011 retrospective by Steve Wheeler is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 James Clay Oliver Quinlan ALT-C 2011 Julie Voce ALT-C Live Beta

It's been a Great Week!


What a great year Kleinspiration has had in 2011. best new blog edublog 2011 edublog 2011 winners Edudemic Erin Klein ISTE 2012 ISTE 2012 Presenters Kleinspiration Really Good Stuff teacher stores The Teacher''s Lounge First, I''d like to wish you all a Happy Holiday!

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2011 Edublog Award Nominations


After watching the Edublog Awards process for a few years, and even voting in the final round before, I''ve decided it''s time for me to get involved at the grass-roots level by making some of my own nominations in 2011!

TeachMeet Georgia 2011 Keynote-The Path To Teacher Leadership

The Web20Classroom

Last weekend I had the honor and pleasure of giving a keynote at TeachMeet Georgia to a wonderful group of educators from all over the southeast. It was a great day of learning and I was glad I was able to make it down. My keynote centered on how educators can move from just teachers to teacher-leaders. A video of my keynote is below. It begins with a great intro from Cybrary Man , Jerry Blumegarten. My remarks begin around the 11.30

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2011 Virtual School Symposium

The Electric Educator

This week I am hanging out in Indianapolis at the Virtual School Symposium sponsored by the International Association for K12 Online Learning ( iNACOL ). Today I let an all day pre-conference on Google Apps for Education.

2011 MACUL iPad Conference

The Electric Educator

This year the Michigan Association for Computer Users in Learning ( MACUL ) sponsored one of the nation''s only educational technology conferences focused on the iPad. The limited number of registrations were quickly filled and many were place on a waiting list.

2011 MACUL Conference Selections

The Electric Educator

This year I need to cut out a little bit early on Friday to help my students submit the final section of our 2011 yearbook. This week marks the 35th annual conference of the Michigan Association of Computer Users in Learning ( MACUL ).

My Interview with Learnboost - check it out!


eddies11 best new blog blogger interviews edublog 2011 edublog awards edublog nominations edutech blog Erin Klein Kleinspiration LearnBoost Click here to continue the interview for questions like: What are some of the challenges you face in sharing helpful technology with other educators?

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Lakeshore Learning Special Offer for Kleinspiration Readers!


Kleinspiration would appreciate your support by taking 30 seconds to click here and vote for us in the Edublog 2011 Awards for Best New Blog. Get an additional 25% off any non-sale item just by clicking here as a Kleinspiration Reader! I just ordered the Create and Play Animals and love them!

Have you seen these great sites?


Also, Kleinspiration would love your vote in the Edublog 2011 Awards. ABCya abcya games best new blog best new blog nominations edublog 2011 edublog award nominations Kleinspiration learn boost LearnBoost Mastery Connect MasteryConnect ten marks TenMarks

The 21st Principal: 2011 Edublog Best Administrator Blog Nomination Thank You

The 21st Century Principal

Nominations for the 2011 Edublog Awards are in, and I feel honored that this blog, The 21st Century Principal is among the nominees for Best Administrator Blog. administrators blogging Blogging Edublog Awards 2011 educational leadership school administration

Our Class Skype with Bruce Littlefield!


Bruce Littlefield edublog edublog 2011 edublog awards edublog nominations Kleinspiration Record Skype record skype calls Super Tintin The Bedtime Book for Dogs I''m so excited that I successfully recorded my first Skype session!

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2011 Virtual School Symposium Recap

The Electric Educator

2011 iNACOL Virtual School Symposium This week I attended the 2011 Virtual School Symposium in Indianapolis, Indiana. Over 1,900 educators interested in online learning were in attendance.

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TCEA 2011 Day 2 - Edubloggercon!


blogging edubloggercon lsebc11 tcea tcea 2011 After a good night''s sleep and smooth commute, I am ready to engage in learning again. Today is Edubloggercon , my first unconference. I''ve been blogging for not quite two years now, and I''m looking forward to hearing from others and seeing what they are doing with professional and maybe even student blogging. The nature of an unconference is it gets organized on site, so I don''t know what "sessions" I''ll be in yet.

ASHA 2011 Wrap-up


What a trip the ASHA convention was, as always. It was really a whirlwind this year as it seemed I had a ton of people I wanted to see and talk with. In between doing last preps for our own session and chatting with folks all over the place, I went to some great sessions.

Breaking News: Today - Educreations Launches New iPad App and Turns Your iPad Into an Interactive Whiteboard


Available for the first time ever today, the new iPad app from Educreations will transform teaching. Using this app will turn your iPad into an interactive whiteboard, and allow you to plan, create, and share lessons in far less time than before.

Edscape 2011: Innovation Now

A Principal's Reflections

Building upon last year''s event I am proud to officially announce Edscape 2011 will be taking place at New Milford High School on Saturday October 15, 2011. Edscape 2011 is a conference intended to bring together passionate educators who firmly believe that innovation is essential to increasing student engagement and achievement. We will be accepting proposals to present up until July 15, 2011.

2011 Edublog Awards - Nominations Due by Friday!

The Learning Revolution Has Begun

I have the pleasure again this year of co-hosting the annual Edublog Awards, designed to promote the educational value of social media. I encourage you to consider nominating someone or a site for an award in one of the eighteen categories, and to do so this week! Here are the Web 2.0

Edubloggercon East 2011


Hey Folks, hope everyone is having a great summer! This Monday I had the great experience of attending Edubloggercon East here in my hometown of Boston.

MACUL 2011 Conference Notes

The Electric Educator

I''ve started a collaborative notes document for keynote and break out sessions from the 2011 MACUL conference (Michigan Association of Computer Users in Learning). This year the conference is being held in Detroit, Michigan. If you''d like to view the live document, click here. Thanks for subscribing to my blog. I always appreciate feedback on my posts. You can find me on Twitter (@jrsowash), Google+, Linkedin (jrsowash), and YouTube (jrsowash). macul11

Google Academy Opening Session TCEA 2011


m trying an experiment in live blogging as I attend the Texas Computer Education Association 2011 Convention and Exposition. google google academy google apps tcea tcea 2011 OK folks.I''m Basically, I''ll be taking notes here on my blog. I hope this winds up being useful to any readers as well as serving as a plce for me to look back and reflect on my learning. First Up - Google Academy Opening Session Colleges & K12s: considering or using Apps for Edu?

Announcing the 2011 Global Education Conference!

The Learning Revolution Has Begun

Because I was traveling, my co-chair for the 2011 Global Education Conference, Lucy Gray , took the lead on announcing our new conference website, dates, and call for proposal. The second annual Global Education Conference, a week-long event bringing together educators and innovators from around the world, will be held Monday, November 14 through Friday, November 18, 2011. The Call for Proposals for the 2011 event is now open at [link].

5 Blogs to Read in 2011

The Electric Educator

Check back next Monday for the final installment in my series "5 things to watch in 2011".

Closing Session - TCEA 2011 Google Academy


Notes from the closing session of the TCEA 2011 Google Academy Professional Development for Becoming A Google Apps Certified Trainer - both in person at TCEA, webinars, and on your own options. google google academy google apps tcea tcea 2011 Every Wednesday TCEA does a lunch and learn webinar that is free for TCEA members.

David Pogue - TCEA 2011 Closing Session


There will be 1 billion members by Christmas 2011. pogue tcea tcea 2011 The Digital Kids Grow Up Disruptive Shifts in Tech and Culture The App Phone - Whole computers - iPhone, Android It''s a whole new category of gadget 350,000 iPhone Apps, 220,000 Droid Apps Example: Ocarina - written by a music teacher in California - author became a millionaire in 7 months - blow into the mic and put your fingers over the "holes" on the phone.

5 Technologies to Watch In 2011

The Electric Educator

Note: This is the fifth and final installment of my "5 things to watch in 2011" series. Five companies to watch in 2011 Five trends to watch in 2011 Five people to follow in 201 1 Five Blogs to read in 2011 Josef Dunne, Via Flickr 1.

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TCEA 2011 Legislative Update Advocacy Panel


Notes from TCEA 2011 Panel. digital content tcea tcea 2011 Texas Texas legislature Texas State Board of Education The speakers words flowed fast and I caputred/paraphrased them as accurately as I could. For an additional take on this event from someone else who also live blogged it, you can visit this post from Bryan Doyle. Members of Panel: Representative Scott Hochberg - Houston, TX Representative Mark Strama - Austin, TX Mr. Thomas Ratliff, State Board of Education - Mt.

Reflections on Edcamp Boston 2011


This past Saturday I attended Edcamp Boston, an "unconference" set in the wonderful Microsoft NERD center overlooking the Charles River in Cambridge.