ISTE 2015: Google Classroom Expands With API Tools and Share Button

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Classroom Digital Content Learning Management SoftwareFrank Smith New tools give educators more control over their classroom roster and powerful integration with SIS.

Five Instances Your “Free” Education Software May Actually Cost You by @edsby


If a software company wants to give its product away free to educators, that’s a good thing for schools, teachers and students, right? Schools and boards will forego free software for the right software.

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5 Great Software Functions!

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Typically there are 5 types of instructional software functions. Teachers must analyze a software carefully to determine which instructional function it will serve to ensure that it supports the needs of the class. Tutorial software offers self-contained instruction.

This software turns old laptops into new Chromebooks

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Using device-agnostic software called Neverware, districts are breathing new life into old laptops. Neverware, a New York-based startup, makes software that lets older computers run newer operating systems without compromising speed.

Keyboard Shortcuts for Google Docs

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Just like most software, Google Docs has keyboard shortcuts available. Google has a great support article with all of the Google Docs keyboard shortcuts , by OS, listed. Follow me on Twitter and Google+. Google Docs Google for Educators

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Texthelp Announces Teach for Google - free PD to help educators use Google Edu

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Texthelp, a language and literacy support software company, has just announced Teach for Google , a new, online, professional development resource for educators. It is designed to help educators use Google Apps for Education to increase student achievement.

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Google Launches Education Conference on Hangouts

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Frank Smith Google is launching an online education conference in May that's focused on innovating with the company's tools in classrooms. Classroom Cloud Cloud apps Platform as a Service Software as a Service

Chromebooks + Google Apps for Education = Cloud-Friendly Classrooms

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By Jacquelyn Bengfort Schools find a cost-effective approach to collaboration by implementing Google solutions. Classroom Cloud Cloud apps Digital Content Software as a Service

Why Should Schools go with Google Apps and Chromebooks?

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I''m a huge fan and user of Google Apps for Education and Chromebooks and have written about them at length here. Here is a generic version of what I presented as reasons why my district should Go Google that you can use in your own school/district. Follow me on Twitter and Google+.

7 Highlights from Google’s First Online Education Conference

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Frank Smith Those who missed Google Education on Air when it was streaming last week can still catch all of the sessions. Classroom Cloud Curriculum Internet Leadership Management Online Learning Online Video Software as a Service

Google Classroom API Goes Public, Giving Users More Power to Share

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Frank Smith Developers and administrators now have far more options within Google’s classroom managing app. Classroom Digital Content Learning Management Software

Everything Schools Should Know About Windows 10 Education Edition

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A simple Google search should also help but before you do any kind of upgrade, make sure you’ve backed all of your data in case you cannot repair your installation. Classroom management Guest post Teacher resources computer hardware software young

Learn the Ins and Outs of Google Classroom from an Expert

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Frank Smith Educator and blogger Alice Keeler has written extensively on integrating Google Classroom with everyday school work. Classroom Cloud Cloud apps Collaboration Digital Content Management Software as a Service

Leave voice comments in Google Docs with Kaizena – From Jennifer Carey


I recently returned from the 2015 annual ISTE Conference in Philadelphia. Kaizena has recently introduced their “Kaizena Mini” add-on that will allow you to leave voice comments and written notes on students’ documents within Google Docs itself.

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7 New Features Added To Google Classroom

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Google Announces New Features In Google Classroom. At TeachThought, while we love Apple’s products, app ecology, and general aesthetic, we tend towards recommending Google for most classrooms. 7 Changes To Google Classroom. Attach a Google Form to a post.

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Google Addresses the Future of Chromebooks

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By EdTech Staff Amid rumors of change, Google explains why ChromeOS isn't going anywhere. Cloud Cloud apps Continuity of Operations Data Center Hardware Operating Systems Software

Pixar makes its 3D rendering tool, RenderMan, free for anyone

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Pixar, the company behind Toy Story, Cars and other incredible animated movies, has announced that it''s in-house 3D rendering software, RenderMan , is now free for non-commercial use. Follow me on Twitter and Google+. 3d free software graphic design

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Q&A with Google Classroom Expert Alice Keeler on the Future of Education

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Classroom Cloud Cloud Computing Internet Management Social Networking Software as a ServiceFrank Smith We learn what makes Keeler tick and what’s kept her glued to education throughout its turbulent technology transformation.

How to Use Padlet: A Fantastic Tool for Teaching

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Sandboxing software means that you play with the software before you get down to “business.” Tom Barrett has a fantastic Google Presentation “ 32 Ways to Use Padlet in the Classroom ” that you should review.

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4 Writing Tips to Help the Writing Process

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Make Writing Essays Easier My student cried when I showed her how to voice type in Google. You still have to use the software between your ears. But now, Google Docs has Voice typing (as I demonstrate above.) Tips for Voice Typing in Google Docs.

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7 Skills Students Need for Today’s Classwork

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By middle school, they work in online groups through forums, wikis, and Google Apps. Doing a project that uses Google Docs or MS Word doesn’t mean students will apply that knowledge to the year-end PARCC and SB tests. Typing programs are much more than MS Word and Google Docs.

Getting Started With Google Apps for Education Training

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Training on Google Apps for Education is extremely important from day one and should continue throughout the adoption year and beyond. Some users will likely already be familiar with some Google Apps. Is Your School Using Google Apps for Education?

How to Drive Safe Google Apps Adoption in Your School

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Without the right strategies in place, most software and web-based tools—whether free or paid—are underused in education. Rolling out Google Apps for Education (GAFE) is really no different. You will learn: 12 ways to safely adopt Google Apps for Education into your school.

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Google Apps and Chromebooks Web App Recommendations - a whole lot!

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Google Apps and Chromebooks App Recommendations and Substitutions Here is a list of Google Apps and Web Apps to use. Suggestions for extensions/apps to be preloaded on Chromebooks Edmodo Google Keep - notes and lists Evernote Web Adblock Plus Evernote Web Clipper WeVideo - Video Editor and Maker GeoGebra math app Read&Write - reading support EasyBib Desmos Graphing Calculator A to Z of Google Services

50 Of The Best Google Chrome Extensions For Teachers

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50 Of The Best Google Chrome Extensions For Teachers. Google Chrome is, increasingly, where it’s at. But for the here and now, as far as browsers are concerned, Google Chrome is king, and part of what makes it great are Google Chrome Extensions. Google Similar Pages.

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My 2015 Chromebook Gift Guide

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Chromebooks, by definition, are much less expensive than their Windows or Mac counterparts, but they have gotten even more affordable during the 2015 holiday shopping season. They all run the same software and have access to the same web-based tools.

9 Super Apps For Stargazers

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iOS, Google Play, Kindle Fire ($2.99) [link]. iOS, Google Play (Free) [link]. 99) Night Sky Lite Google Play (Free). Planetarium” Software. All three software programs give you the option to create overlays of planets, stars, satellites and more from anywhere in the world.

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Google LLC. Is an American multinational technology company that specializes in Internet-related services and products, which include online advertising technologies, search engine, cloud computing, software, and hardware. Google was founded in 1998 by Larry Page and Sergey Brin while they were Ph.D. They incorporated Google as a privately held company on September 4, 1998. Sundar Pichai was appointed CEO of Google, replacing Larry Page who became the CEO of Alphabet.

Tech Ed Resources for your Class–Lesson Plans

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There are lots of bundles of lesson plans available–by theme, by software, by topic, by standard. Let me review a few: bundles of 5 lesson plans –These are great when you want to cover a software program, a tool, a grade, or a standard.

What Google’s New Open-Source Software Means for Artificial-Intelligence Research

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Google wants the artificial-intelligence software that drives the company’s Internet searches to become the standard platform for computer-science scholars in their own experiments. On Monday, Google announced it would turn its machine-learning software, called TensorFlow, into open-source code, so anyone can use it. “We TensorFlow is meant to combine the best of the three, Jeff Dean, a top engineer at Google, told Wired. “I

Benefits of Google Apps and Chromebooks for Schools

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Benefits of Google Apps and Chromebooks How does Google Apps and Chromebooks compare to Apple or Microsoft inside the classroom? Google Apps and Chromebooks are extremely easy to use. Google Classroom i s a game-changer…it allows teachers to share resources and communicate with students, distribute, collect and grade assignments, and so much more. Follow me on Twitter and Google+.

Faceoff: What Digital Device Should My School Buy?

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Does this include teacher favorites like MS Office, Google Earth, or KidPix? software–can you install favorite programs? ability/need to upgrade–when there are software/hardware updates, how easy/difficult is this to accomplish?

12 ways to adopt Google Apps for Education

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A new digital resource offers tips to safely use Google Apps for Education. A new resource from Gaggle and Amplified IT offers technology facilitators 12 tips to help ensure that Google Apps for Education safe for teachers and students to use. “Without the right strategies in place, most software and web-based tools–whether free or paid–are under-used in education,” according to the guide. Next page: 12 tips for Google Apps.

Let’s Change the Conversation About Education (Technology)

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So why do we talk so much about devices and software? that started a computer programming club for girls and recruited employees at Google, SpaceX, and University of Michigan to join the class virtually. Sara Schapiro is the director of the Digital Promise League of Innovative Schools.

5 Must-have tools for Ed Conferences

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Here are five tools that will make you look and act like the Diva of Digital: Google Maps. Bring the latest version of the Google Maps app on your smartphone or iPad, complete with audio directions. Note Taker HD –the iPad app for professionals in need of note-taking software.