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FEATURESThe “Blended” Classroom Revolution Virtual Technology Goes to SchoolWhile virtual schools, which currently serve only a tiny fraction ofthe nation’s 48 million K12 students, get all the buzz, a muchbigger, largely untold story of online learning is unfolding inAmerica’s brick.

Report that says online learning growth is slowing misses big picture

The Christensen Institute

For 12 years, the Babson Survey Group in partnership with other organizations, including the Online Learning Consortium (formerly the Sloan Consortium), has done critical research into the growth of online learning in American higher education that it publishes in the report Grade Level: Tracking Online Education in the United States. But as of late, the research has suggested that the growth of online learning is flattening.

The Case for Online Learning

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Online learning has been a part of higher education since the late 1990s. In fact, universities have utilized distance learning for decades, beginning with correspondence and then moving videoconferencing in the late 1980s. As the Internet improved, so did the opportunity to move from point-to-point video-conference delivery of instruction to asynchronous online learning. Now, online learning has become a required element in university program offerings.

9 Ways to Use Google Wave

The Electric Educator

Mrs. Davis : Our school district (in New Hampshire) is piloting a program for the state this year where three of our snow days will become online learning days (and will not have to be made up in June). Wave has great potential as a continuation of learning tool.

Using Online Sticky Noticeboards

Nik Peachey

For the last few days I've been playing with WallWisher a handy tool for creating online noticeboards that you can add sticky notes to. activities e-learning online learning

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Online learning can open doors for kids in juvenile jails

The Hechinger Report

CHICAGO — By Marquell Brown’s count, he has been locked up “roughly 42 times” since 2009. Sophia Jones-Redmond, superintendent of the district, which serves students from ages 13 to 21, said that a blended-learning model has been a major factor in this success.

Why do people use the internet?

The Electric Educator

In their own words: "Ruder Finn''s Intent Index is an ongoing online research study that provides a comprehensive analysis of the underlying motivations or reasons people go online-- their intent." Users expect social media tools to be incorporated into all types of online activities.

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Feeling Change

The Electric Educator

I believe that we need to develop an online component in our high school. Online learning is the future of education and we aren''t doing anything to address it. I''m currently reading The Heart of Change by John P. Kotter.

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Essential Reading

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Online learning is a disruptive innovation. A key component of this software will be the ability to accurately assess mastery of learning. blue ocean strategy disrupting class future of education on-line learning

Hybrid Courses?

The Electric Educator

Paul Star Tribune published an article this morning about a hybrid education model that blends traditional and online learning. Students at Bloomington Jefferson high school attend class twice a week and finish online assignments during the three days the don''t attend class. This model also answers the most common complaint of critics of online learning which is the lack of face-to-face interaction. on-line learning The Minneapolis/St.

The current state of online learning: the Babson report

Bryan Alexander

What’s the current state of online learning? A new report from Babson, Pearson, the Online Learning Consortium et al, Grade Level ( pdf ), offers some intriguing observations about campus strategy and leadership.

First 100% Online Christian School

The Electric Educator

Mark''s offers a 100% online, fully accredited, middle and high school curriculum. I believe that online learning will become the dominant form of learning within 20 years. Mark''s is certainly one of the first, if not the first, Christian school to offer a completely online program. Online learning continues to make strides. future of education on-line learning

Concepts of Educational Technology Reflection


Regarding broader knowledge of current effective practices, the focus in weeks two and three on professional development opened my eyes to different models of staff development and follow-up support for teachers regarding the creation of technology rich, student-centered learning environments. The one outcome I did not achieve was learning more about best practices in student instruction. In particular, the online collaborative community assignment comes to mind.

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Youtube goes educational.the times, they are a changing!

The Electric Educator

People of all ages are learning through their iPods, web enabled phones, wikis, blogs, and other web 2.0 Online learning has increased exponentially in the past 10 years with no end in sight. I continue to stand by my prediction that online learning will become the dominant form of education within 20 years. big ideas on-line learning youtube

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The Enduring Power of Print for Learning in a Digital World

Digital Promise

In 2009 , California passed a law requiring that all college textbooks be available in electronic form by 2020; in 2011 , Florida lawmakers passed legislation requiring public schools to convert their textbooks to digital versions. Reading was significantly faster online than in print.

The messy reality of personalized learning

The Hechinger Report

In one class, Danusis introduces me to a lanky child in rain boots, who clicks through an online math program while chatting about a baby goat that’s being weaned in her backyard. Future of Learning. Mississippi Learning.

Technology Integration Research Review

Digital Promise

In our series of five articles, learn about three key elements of successful technology integration, discover some of the possible learning outcomes, get our recommendations on specific practices and programs by academic subject and promising tools for additional topics , find tips for avoiding pitfalls when adopting new technologies , and dig into a comprehensive annotated bibliography with links to all the studies and reports cited in these pages. Learning Outcomes.

OPINION: Is a new kind of online ‘resource room’ boosting morale for teachers?

The Hechinger Report

I have witnessed how online curricula, such as Teachers Pay Teachers for Schools , have changed the minds of even the teachers most skeptical of online materials. Future of Learning. Mississippi Learning. K-12 Opinion Curriculum online learning teachers

Blended learning proof points showcase district schools

The Christensen Institute

Public school districts began innovating with blended learning before most charter schools. According to surveys that Brian Bridges has conducted in multiple states, including California where blended learning is growing rapidly, more school districts utilize blended learning than do charter schools. And the pace of innovation with blended learning is picking up within school districts nationwide.

Will the decline of AP course offerings spur the rise of Course Access?

The Christensen Institute

As Malkus himself notes, online courses have long provided a solution to filling gaps in coursework that schools otherwise can’t afford. The upside for schools willing to invest in online courses to fill these gaps is threefold. Indeed, online AP courses marked the beginning of the disruptive trajectory that online learning has taken for over a decade. These approaches, however, only work if a school is willing to hire online courses to fill in gaps.

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What do at-risk students, English language learners and adult college students have in common?

The Hechinger Report

The New York Times has a new education supplement, called Learning, and The Hechinger Report is collaborating with the Times to produce Bulletin Board, a collection of noteworthy ideas and trends in education that will appear on page 2 of the section, which will come out four times a year.

Success with Online High School Courses: From Probation to Graduation for More Than 600 Students


Blended Learning Success. After Chicago Public Schools (CPS) put John Marshall Metropolitan High School on academic probation in 2009, the Marshall staff knew that innovation was necessary to address their problems.

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Top 5 new EdTech tools that you might use in your university


The change already delivers extraordinary results and 96% of teachers claim that EdTech increases student engagement in learning. 3D learning. However, the whole system changes with the introduction of 3D learning. Game-based learning. Online learning.

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4 Keys to Student Success Online: Part 3

The Electric Educator

Note: While research regarding best practices for online learning is difficult to obtain due to the relative infancy of the industry, four key areas of focus critical to program success have been identified. This week I will be posting four keys to student success in online courses.

Can Online Education Help Refugees Earn Degrees?

Wired Campus

But in the past few months, some online universities have been reaching out to those students, telling refugees that they don’t have to provide comprehensive records to enroll and offering free tuition. The University of the People, an online degree program based in the United States, is one of those institutions. Founded in 2009, the university charges students a $100 examination fee for each course as well as a one-time application fee.

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4 Keys to Student Success Online: Part 1

The Electric Educator

Despite the misconceptions held by the general public regarding online learning, several comparative studies have determined that there is no significant difference in the outcomes of online classrooms when compared to traditional face-to-face classrooms. Rice 2006) Some students will thrive in an online environment while others will be better served in a face-to-face classroom. The key is determining the attributes of a successful online student.

4 Keys to Student Success Online: Part 2

The Electric Educator

Note: While research regarding best practices for online learning is difficult to obtain due to the relatively infancy of the industry, four key areas of focus critical to program success have been identified. This week I will be posting four keys to student success in online courses. The impact of quality teachers reaches beyond the quality or preparation of students in the online program. Learning on Demand: Online Education in the United States , 2009."

4 Keys to Student Success Online: Part 4

The Electric Educator

Note: While research regarding best practices for online learning is difficult to obtain due to the relatively infancy of the industry, four key areas of focus critical to program success have been identified. This week I will be posting four keys to student success in online courses. Students will not be naturally successful in an online program. Online students to have a greater sense of autonomy and flexibility, but the work load remains the same.

Survey Shows Summer Learning Gains Ground

Educator Innovator

New research from the 2014 edition of America After 3PM, the most comprehensive household survey of how students in America spend their after school hours, shows that summer learning programs are strongly supported by parents and that participation in summer learning programs is on the rise. Demand for summer learning programs for 2014 is high. More than half of families reported a desire to participate in a summer learning program this summer.

Reflections on an Online Master's Degree - The Stuff That Could Have Been Better


My purpose is neither to recommend nor to critique a specific program, but rather to share my own expeirences and perceptions of obtaining a degree online. I wanted to ask them questions about course content, and I wanted them to question and challenge me on my learning.

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Preparing Teaching Candidates for Blended and Online Environments

Fractus Learning

There is a growing need for today’s pre-service teachers to be equipped with skills and competencies for blended, online, and technology-rich teaching and learning environments. These courses include blended methods and technologies for blended learning environments. 2009).

Digital Portfolios + Micro-credentials = Massive Impact for Students & Teachers

Digital Promise

Now that we have powerful, easy-to-use design tools and a capacity for worldwide publishing, we have an opportunity to restore the dignity and integrity of a work ethic by redefining the role of the learner as a contributor to the learning culture. — Alan November, Who Owns the Learning. Powered by ever-changing technology advances, digital portfolios serve as hubs for a variety of media to more fully illustrate the learning cycle. The Learning Is In The Struggle.

Return of the virtual reality hype cycle (what’s different this time?)

The Christensen Institute

With headlines like “ Virtual Reality Learns How to Get Into Classroom ,” which the Wall Street Journal ran this February, the hype cycle around VR’s potential in education has returned. million people created accounts, adopted avatars, and played out their lives in this online virtual world.

Theories for the digital age: The digital natives discourse

Learning with 'e's

Is learning in the 21 st Century significantly different to learning in previous years? Technologies for Learning at Key Stages 3 and 4,Coventry: Becta Publications. 2009) The Quest For Identity In The 21st Century. 2009) Living and Learning with New Media.

Experiences in Self-Determined Learning: Moving from Education 1.0 Through Education 2.0 Towards Education 3.0

User Generated Education

It is titled Experiences in Self-Determined Learning and can be found at [link]. Self-determined learning or heutagogy is fast gaining interest from educators around the world interested in an evidence-based approach to learning. Learning Environment. 2009).

Using to Connect with Pre-Service Teachers

The community hosts edWebinars presented by teacher ed candidates, giving them an unprecedented opportunity to share their learning and perspectives on the issues impacting education with the global education community. How to Survive an Online Class.

Micro-Credentials: Taking PD to the next level

The Thinking Stick

It is long-term embedded learning with a Master Teacher. Now you can have the same experience online. Teachers are doing the things they learn while they are learning them. “The lessons learned offered by these three states fall into the following five categories: ƒ.

Beneath the facade.

Learning with 'e's

Evidence from a number of sources has indicated that our conceptions of knowledge are indeed changing and that new and emerging technologies have a key role in the process (Guy, 2004; Lankshear and Knobel, 2006; Kop, 2007; Kress, 2009). 2009) Does technology change the nature of knowledge?

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In praise of the open-book exam

IT Bill

Whether or not students should be required to take proctored exams in an online course has been debated for as long as there have been online courses and I suspect it will not be resolved anytime soon. Online Learning, 22(1), 131-145.

Personalized learning: How kids are getting into college by mastering their skills

The Hechinger Report

Students work on individual projects in the blended-learning classroom of Jessica Anderson, in Deer Lodge, Montana. When they are ready, the students demonstrate their understanding by performing thoughtfully developed tasks that determine how much learning has taken place.