Bartleby - free books, lit and reference information

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Bartleby is a site that contains a huge amount of literature and reference books online, for free. The materials, both books and reference information, are categorized by reference, verse, fiction, and nonfiction. The site is easy to use and easy to search and is a great reference for any educator and student. free resources free resources for students literature reference

Managing references with Paperpile


As we write, we need a convenient way to insert citations and manage reference lists. We’ve spilled a lot of digital ink over the years writing about reference managers , such as Zotero and Mendeley , that can help us accomplish those tasks. That includes Paperpile’s own MetaPDF , which works well and which they’re working on integrating with the reference manager). What do you look for in a reference manager? Ah, research.


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NASA Interactive Reference Guide to the ISS

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NASA, which has tons of great educational resources , has a nice interactive reference guide to the ISS (International Space Station). In it, students can explore the space station, life on board, and what happens on it. There is a scalable model that explains each part of the ISS, as well as a 360 degree tour of the station. This is a great way for students to explore the station, learn about it, and get engaged and interested in space travel and science.

5 Education Technology Terminology Dictionaries/References


Free Tools & Resources Professional Development edtech dictionary edtech terminology referenceKeeping up with these ever changing terms can be a challenge – these resources will help! With the ever-evolving nature of education technology, it can be helpful to have some resources to tap. Please click on the post title to continue reading the full post. Thanks (and thanks for subscribing)!].

Intuitive Reference Tool for Grades 6-12


Useful reference tool with voice recognition and daily updates. Techlearning Resources App of the Day

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Inclusive Citation: How Diverse Are Your References?


Look at the reference list for your latest few articles or presentations. I was first exposed to this idea of seeking non-dominant references when I was doing my upgrade viva (in the UK, a small defense of the first few chapters of your PhD where you get formative feedback before you can proceed with your research). How many of the people you are citing are people like you, how many people different from you?

How We Refer to Groups of People Matters a Lot


American Indian or Native American? Latina or Latino or Latinx? African American or Black? History teacher Lauren Brown shares activities and resources she uses to help students understand the background and history of such naming choices and why it's important to teach. Future of History Word Choice African American American Indian Black Latina Latino Latinx Lauren Brown naming native American

12 Research-Backed Instructional Leadership Strategies [+ Downloadable Reference]


It’s an obvious challenge, but committing time to instructional leadership is significantly easier with clear strategies you can quickly reference. The post 12 Research-Backed Instructional Leadership Strategies [+ Downloadable Reference] appeared first on Prodigy Blog. Discipline, scheduling, conflict resolution and meetings in general. A principal’s calendar is typically packed with obligations that can shift focus from what is debatably your core duty: instructional leadership.

3 Good Android Apps for Organizing Reference Lists and Bibliographies

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Android reference appsJuly 21, 2015 Below are three good Android bibliography and referencing apps. These apps are particularly curated for student researchers and academics. They provide a wide variety of features more.

Quick Reference Guide to Literacy Teaching


The Literacy Quick Guide by popular experts Irene Fountas and Gay Su Pinnell is a good planning resource for the busy teacher who does not have much time to read lengthy explanations and theory. Teacher Stacy Thorpe provides a detailed overview of the PreK-8 resource. Book Reviews Literacy Gay Su Pinnell Heinemann instruction design Irene C. Fountas literacy literacy guide Reading Stacy Thorpe usage workshop writing

3 #GR8GoogleFinds #ThisWeek 05.01.15 - Textbooks, Google+ on Twitter, and Reference Users Wanted

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Google is looking for reference users Become a Google reference user for research studies! GR8Finds #This Week Google Google plus librarians Reference textbooks TwitterIt happened again -- all of my #GR8Finds #ThisWeek have to do with Google. What can I say? I find Google utterly fascinating. ☺ Textbooks using Google Docs Can't wait to see more schools doing this! Google+ on Twitter Google+ says this is its first tweet, but there were 36 previous tweets.

Mendeley: Free or Inexpensive Research Reference Manager for Use Across Devices

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I tried several reference manager options, but Mendeley seems to help me manage all the articles I am collecting as a part of my research in a manner most compatible to my own organizational needs. The app interface is much simpler and easier to use than some of the other reference management software I''ve tried. Mendeley Desktop Interface Mendeley iPad Mendeley is a free and relatively inexpensive reference manager for those, like me, in the middle of a degree program.

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6 of The Best Web Tools for Organizing and Managing Citations, References and Bibliographies

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Managing, organizing and citing references can sometimes be a real challenge especially if you don'' more. April 1, 2015 One of the onerous parts in essay and academic writing is the bibliography section. citation tools

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A Very Good Tool for Generating Citations, Reference Lists and Bibliographies

Educational Technology and Mobile Learning

April 7, 2015 A few days ago, we published a list of some of the best web tools to help you manage and organize your citations and references. One of the useful tools we forgot to include to more. citation tools

Tools 64 Ten Tech Tools Your Staffing Company Should Adopt


SkillSurvey’s online reference checking makes the list of top technology tools staffing companies should have in their arsenal to stay ahead. News hiring managers hiring trends reference checking staffing and recruiting

SCORM? It’s time to move on!

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Education & Technology LMS Teaching Trends and Best Practices Various Advanced Distributed Learning course on SCORM SCORM SCORM authoring tools SCORM content Shareable Content Object Reference ModelIn Google Trends, if you search for people’s interest over time in SCORM, the results do not look so promising. SCORM is fading out, and it is evident in the falling interest of people. So what has. This is a short summary of this post. Visit The WizIQ Blog for full content and links.

ZoteroBib: A First Look


Everyone knows, and most people love, Zotero , the reference management software developed by George Mason’s Center for History and New Media. Productivity Software bibliographies bibliograpy citations references zotero zoterobibWe certainly are great admirers of it here at ProfHacker. Zotero is an excellent way to build complex collections of citations, maintain them, and turn them into publishable bibliographies.

Check123: Video Encyclopedia

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Check123 is a great one to keep bookmarked on classroom and library computers for quick reference. What it is: Check 123 is a new video encyclopedia site for kids. All videos are validated and ranked by Check123 professionals, are 1-3 minutes in length, and a curated on just about any subject you can think of.

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Making the Journey as an ELA Teacher


Leila Christenbury and Ken Lindblom pack the voices of teachers and students, activities, stories, recommended reading, and references into the journey they lay out for new and novice ELA teachers. Book Reviews New Teachers activities English language arts Heinemann Ken Lindblom Leila Christenbury Linda Biondi recommended reading references stories teaching voices of teachers and students


An Easy-to-Access Guide to Instruction


Book Reviews Teaching Insights acronyms Barbara Blackburn eye on education graphic organizers instruction Laura Von Staden reference tool Routledge rubrics strategiesWith short chapters, graphic organizers, rubrics and acronyms, the strategies in Barbara Blackburn's updated Classroom Instruction for A to Z are right at the fingertips of busy teachers, ready for trial runs or implementation, says educator Laura Von Staden.

Bibliographies and Citations made easy with EasyBib Add-on in Google Docs.

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add-on add-ons APA bibliographies bibliography citations cite college commenting google apps google docs MLA post-secondary references students table of contents united states university I wonder if the days of teaching our students about proper MLA or APA citations for bibliographies are gone? I''ve gone through years of post-secondary education and tons of classes and professors who grilled me top to bottom about my citations and not doing them correctly.

Cite It In

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Cite It In is a great site for students looking to reference material and make bibliographies. bibliography Reference ToolsThis is an easy to use that has a generator to cite materials such as: websites, books, videos, etc. Also, it works w/ APA, MLA, and Chicago styles. I highly recommend checking out Cite It In by clicking here !!!

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A true gift from SHEG: DIY digital literacy assessments and tools for historical thinking


You may remember Stanford History Education Group (SHEG) for its groundbreaking and utterly depressing report, Evaluating Information: The Cornerstone of Online Civic Reasoning. In the November 2016 Executive Summary , the researchers shared: When thousands of students respond to dozens of tasks there are endless variations. That was certainly the case in our experience.

Qwiki - A Multi-Media Search Engine

Cool Tools for 21st Century Learners

common core cool tools differentiation education free technology interactive multimedia qwiki reference research search student tools technology tutorials web 2.0 Qwiki is a multi-media search engine designed to improve the way people experience information by appealing to users on a human level. A Qwiki search delivers content in the form of a narrated, interactive slideshow that tells a story. Although it''s relatively new, there are millions of topics available for searching now.

5 Tips to Avoid Plagiarism

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A few well-know issues that diminish the standards of a students’ writing are listed below: Method of citation: There are different styles for citing references. Plagiarism: Stealing information and references without correct citations cause the problem of plagiarism.

Comprehensive Dictionary App Engages Learners Grades 3-12


Vast word reference features tons of content and word games


IoT in Education: Tech Makes Gains in K–12 Schools

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IoT refers to technology, such as fitness wearables and smart home devices, that have sensors and software for exchanging data with other devices or systems via a network connection. The Internet of Things is the connection of devices — beyond tools such as computers — to the internet.

24 Of The Best Digital Tools To Build Vocabulary

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The following digital tools to build vocabulary include reference tools, word clouds, games and review, word walls, and virtual field trips. The post 24 Of The Best Digital Tools To Build Vocabulary appeared first on TeachThought. Literacy Experienced Teacher Tools

Tools 106



In my role as Year 4 Leader, I have decided, this year, to research and undertake ‘coaching’ ‘ Teacher-centered coaching refers to a coaching strategy that is focused on teacher actions in the classroom, versus student-centered coaching, which focuses on looking closely at student-level data. ‘ –

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Library in Your Pocket

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Watch a YouTube VIDEO DEMO Ideas for Library QR Codes: Send a text to the reference librarian Library tours Library scavenger hunts for orientation Photo from Justinsomnia Amazing Stuff! NCSU Library Mobile Catalog search Databases/federated search if they have mobile interfaces Circ info (due dates, holds) Room/computer reservations Reference info/widgets/forms Hours Links to useful mobile content NCSU Photo by by users_lib So many wonderful ideas!!!

Cognitive Learning Strategies: Making Learning More Productive and Efficient

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These two different types of learning are also referred to as declarative knowledge and procedural knowledge. Procedural knowledge refers to skills that have been acquired through repetition and includes […].

30+ digital escape rooms (plus tips and tools for creating your own)

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Digital escape rooms, also referred to as digital breakouts, are a great way to bring gameplay and problem solving to any lesson or unit. They can be an exciting and engaging activity for the whole class or as an option for early finishers. In a spin on the popular Escape Room challenge, a digital version […].

Top Astronomy App Invites Kids to Explore Universe


Sky Guide is a beautiful app filled with easy-to-understand reference material on astronomy and the night sky


Poster of Google Docs Keyboard Shortcuts

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Print out this poster for an easy reference to some helpful Google Docs tricks. By popular demand I have created a Google Docs poster for keyboard shortcuts similar to the Google Slides poster. Popular Keyboard Shortcuts The shortcuts I chose for this poster are the ones I use most often!

@VictoriaTheTech’s Favorite Microsoft Educator Center Courses – #3: Techquity- Creating Learning Environments for Sustainability, Equity, and Access

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Techquity” refers to the infusion of technology and equity, and equity refers to the concept of every student needing what they need to be successful in the classroom. Guest Post by Victoria Thompson Number 3 is one of my personal favorites: it focuses on Techquity!