Managing references with Paperpile


As we write, we need a convenient way to insert citations and manage reference lists. We’ve spilled a lot of digital ink over the years writing about reference managers , such as Zotero and Mendeley , that can help us accomplish those tasks. Ah, research.

Bartleby - free books, lit and reference information

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Bartleby is a site that contains a huge amount of literature and reference books online, for free. The materials, both books and reference information, are categorized by reference, verse, fiction, and nonfiction. free resources free resources for students literature reference

NASA Interactive Reference Guide to the ISS

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NASA, which has tons of great educational resources , has a nice interactive reference guide to the ISS (International Space Station). In it, students can explore the space station, life on board, and what happens on it.

5 Education Technology Terminology Dictionaries/References


Free Tools & Resources Professional Development edtech dictionary edtech terminology referenceKeeping up with these ever changing terms can be a challenge – these resources will help!

3 Good Android Apps for Organizing Reference Lists and Bibliographies

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Android reference appsJuly 21, 2015 Below are three good Android bibliography and referencing apps. These apps are particularly curated for student researchers and academics. They provide a wide variety of features more.

Intuitive Reference Tool for Grades 6-12


Useful reference tool with voice recognition and daily updates. Techlearning Resources App of the Day

Check123: Video Encyclopedia

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Check123 is a great one to keep bookmarked on classroom and library computers for quick reference. What it is: Check 123 is a new video encyclopedia site for kids.

Video 30

3 #GR8GoogleFinds #ThisWeek 05.01.15 - Textbooks, Google+ on Twitter, and Reference Users Wanted

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Google is looking for reference users Become a Google reference user for research studies! GR8Finds #This Week Google Google plus librarians Reference textbooks TwitterIt happened again -- all of my #GR8Finds #ThisWeek have to do with Google. What can I say?

Inclusive Citation: How Diverse Are Your References?


Look at the reference list for your latest few articles or presentations. One of my examiners (white, female) pointed out that I was expressing postcolonial perspectives and tendencies and writing about critical pedagogy, but using mostly Western references.

Making the Journey as an ELA Teacher


Leila Christenbury and Ken Lindblom pack the voices of teachers and students, activities, stories, recommended reading, and references into the journey they lay out for new and novice ELA teachers.


Bibliographies and Citations made easy with EasyBib Add-on in Google Docs.

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add-on add-ons APA bibliographies bibliography citations cite college commenting google apps google docs MLA post-secondary references students table of contents united states university Ten Tech Tools Your Staffing Company Should Adopt


SkillSurvey’s online reference checking makes the list of top technology tools staffing companies should have in their arsenal to stay ahead. News hiring managers hiring trends reference checking staffing and recruiting

Cite It In

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Cite It In is a great site for students looking to reference material and make bibliographies. bibliography Reference ToolsThis is an easy to use that has a generator to cite materials such as: websites, books, videos, etc. Also, it works w/ APA, MLA, and Chicago styles. I highly recommend checking out Cite It In by clicking here !!!

5 Ways to Accelerate your Digital Curriculum

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You may not refer to your lessons and activities as a digital curriculum, but using technology for teaching and learning means you are going digital. Brilliant or Insane. If you have computers in your classroom, periodically use laptops or tablets or, better still, teach in a bring-your-own-device (BYOD) environment, you have a digital curriculum.

How The Language Of Special Education Is Evolving

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The "r" word is gone, but the ways we refer to people with disabilities shape our perceptions and behavior

Google Classroom: LMS or NOT?

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Tweet I hear Google Classroom frequently referred to as an LMS. Technically what most people refer to as an LMS is actually a CMS (Course Management System). The question is… “Is Google Classroom an LMS?” ” and “Can I use Google Classroom if I have an LMS?”

CMS 47

Strategies for Strengthening the Brain’s Executive Functions


Brain-Based Learning Introduce students to the concept of executive functions, put it to work, referring frequently to these learning tools in positive, productive classroom interactions Donna Wilson, Ph.D.

Beyond Unpacking: How to personalize a standard

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Unpacking a standard refers to the practice of reviewing what is often a long, clause-ridden statement and breaking it down into component parts to identify what students should know and be able to do. If you’re an educator, my guess is that at some point in your career you’ve been to a workshop focusing on unpacking standards.

10 Top Cooperative Learning Strategies (and some tech tools that could come in handy)


He is mainly known for his work on cooperative learning strategies (often referred to as Kagan learning structures). Dr Spencer Kagan is a renowned educator who changed the way the world viewed teaching.

Examples of using Evernote as: teacher, student, admin

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Notebooks for each classroom to collect and share resources with students Meeting notes Parent contact logs Reference materials Teacher evaluation resources Contacts To Do List Lesson Schedule - weekly schedule of what is being done in each class, with a note link to the lesson plan note in Evernote.

Google Offers A Free Online Computational Thinking Course for Educators

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July 4, 2015 Several students confound computational thinking with computer science when, in fact, the two refers to two different concepts. Computer science is the corpus of knowledge and more. Open educational resources

A Marcos Attitude

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He still gets my reference. “Let “You know what you need this morning?” Groggy-eyed, a boy more than likely suffering from the effects of a late-night gaming binge, nods. Let me hear you say it,” I tell […]. Psychology


10 Very Good Tools for Student Researchers

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Managing, organizing and citing references can sometimes be a real challenge especially if more. January 27, 2016 One of the onerous parts in essay and academic writing is the bibliography section. citation tools

Tools 40

9 Amazing iPad Apps for Teaching Kids Phonemic Awareness

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August 27, 2015 The importance of phonemic awareness instruction to the development of early reading skills has been highlighted in several research papers (see references below). Phonemic more. iPad phonemic awareness apps

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A true gift from SHEG: DIY digital literacy assessments and tools for historical thinking


You may remember Stanford History Education Group (SHEG) for its groundbreaking and utterly depressing report, Evaluating Information: The Cornerstone of Online Civic Reasoning.

7 Great Tools to Create Digital Mashups in Class

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This is referred more. December 19, 2015 One way to creatively integrate technology in classroom learning is through engaging students in media activities that involve the use of various digital forms. Digital Mashups Tools

Creating Learning Centers in a Blended Literacy Classroom

The Web20Classroom

References Blended Learning Models ( Friesen , 2012) Guided Reading, Fountas & Pinnell Shaelynn Farnsworth is a Digital Literacy Expert in the Iowa.

Moving From “Stealing” to “Remixing” With Credit

The Principal of Change

We should use terms like “remixing”, “altering” or “build on” (all with references) but never “stealing.” ” Personally, I get frustrated when I see an idea that I have worked on just taken and used by others without reference.


Note Taking is DOK 0

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Depth of Knowledge (DOK) refers to the level of critical thinking the STUDENT is doing. Teaching in 2015 should not look like teaching in 1980. One shift we are looking at when doing modern lesson plans is the level of complexity of the tasks students are doing.

Sorry but You’re Not a Connected Educator Unless

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I pointed to a bright orb in the sky, referring to it as the sun. Brilliant or Insane. The sun?” a woman replied incredulously. That’s not the sun. It’s just a big light bulb!” Okay, that didn’t really happen, but the story’s point is amplified when compared to the real chat I had about what it means to be a connected [.]. The post Sorry but You’re Not a Connected Educator Unless appeared first on Brilliant or Insane. Innovation Social Media Technology edtech social media

Using the iPad for Deeper Learning

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Student competencies that allow for deep learning include cognitive reasoning and problem solving, intrapersonal competencies which involve self-management, and interpersonal competencies which refer to working and communicating with others.

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Why I am Loving Instead of Hating the Beginning of This School Year

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For your reference, I am in the same classroom, I have the same team teacher, I have the same demographic of students, I am teaching the same classes (mostly 12th grade English), so.what is different? This year marks my 17th in the classroom, and I have had the best first few weeks of my entire teaching career.

Google Docs: Create a Hanging Indent

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Tweet For APA style formatting in the references section, I need the first line to left aligned and the second line to be indented. This can be done in Google Docs. Select Location Possibly you only want one part of the document to have a hanging indent.

Comprehensive Dictionary App Engages Learners Grades 3-12


Vast word reference features tons of content and word games. Techlearning Resources App of the Day

What’s the difference between blended and personalized learning?

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It does not refer to a particular philosophy or pedagogy (unless you consider using any technology whatsoever to be a philosophical or pedagogical decision unto itself). But in the current education conversation, personalized learning tends to refer to a host of efforts and models that tailor learning and development to the individual student. Earlier this month, after two exhilarating and exhausting days at the Blended and Personalized Learning Conference in Providence, R.I.,

Here Is A Great Google Doc Tool for Research Students

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Paperpile is a powerful reference manager that you can use in more. July 7, 2016 If you are looking for a good alternative to Endnote or Zotero, Paperpile is definitely a very good option to consider. google docs

Equipping Students with the “4Cs” through Micro-credentials

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The Partnership for 21st Century Skills refers to these four skills as the “ 4Cs ”: Creativity, Collaboration, Communication, and Critical Thinking. Educators know that for students to thrive in our constantly evolving world, what they learn must go beyond reading, writing, and arithmetic.

Teachers Guide to The Use of Concept Maps in Education (Infographic)

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We summarized the main points from that post, for more details you can always refer back more. Here is a handy visual we created for the post “9 Great Concept Mapping Tools for Teachers and Students”. concept mapping tools

In the arduous task of health behavior change, it’s the thought that counts.

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We’ve synthesized what we’ve learned about health beliefs into a notion we call the Health Reference Point. A Health Reference Point is the level of mental, emotional, and physical health people believe possible or necessary to make the progress they seek, at a particular life juncture, given their circumstances and the trade-offs they are willing to make. Everybody has a Health Reference Point, whether they know it or not.

A Teacher’s Guide to Wikipedia


Many teachers specifically ban students from using the site from as a reference in research papers. Wikipedia is often vilified in educational circles. The site’s loudest critics think that it offers biased, non-credible information. However, though they may not cite it in their final papers, many students start their research process on Wikipedia. Not because […]. The post A Teacher’s Guide to Wikipedia appeared first on Edudemic.