Managing references with Paperpile


As we write, we need a convenient way to insert citations and manage reference lists. We’ve spilled a lot of digital ink over the years writing about reference managers , such as Zotero and Mendeley , that can help us accomplish those tasks. That includes Paperpile’s own MetaPDF , which works well and which they’re working on integrating with the reference manager). What do you look for in a reference manager? Ah, research.

4 Tips for using accessibility features to promote inclusion


4 Tips for using accessibility features to promote inclusion. In many cases, companies are developing accessibility features to be built into devices to promote access for all. Read more: How to create accessible e-learning design.


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Martians in Your Classroom, STEM, and Making Makerspaces Accessible

The CoolCatTeacher

The company who sponsored it compensated me via cash payment, gift, or something else of value to include a reference to their product. Rachael Mann on Episode 492 The first person to walk on Mars has already been born and is in our classrooms today, so the experts tell us. He or she could be in your classroom or mine.

STEM 231

How Colleges Can Improve Accessibility In Remote Courses


Colleges have long had offices designed to support students who have learning disabilities and to encourage broader accessibility in the classroom and beyond. They also addressed audience questions about how to get faculty motivated to adjust their courses to improve accessibility.

Travel Series Travel and Physical Access


Welcome to part three of our travel series, where we will cover a variety of topics on travel and access that will better prepare you for traveling with children with special needs. Travel and Medical Access. Travel and Communication Access.

Mendeley: Free or Inexpensive Research Reference Manager for Use Across Devices

The 21st Century Principal

I tried several reference manager options, but Mendeley seems to help me manage all the articles I am collecting as a part of my research in a manner most compatible to my own organizational needs. My favorite features of the software include: Cloud Access: I can upload PDF copies of my articles and have web access wherever I need it. The app interface is much simpler and easier to use than some of the other reference management software I''ve tried.

iPad 52

Travel Series Travel and Communication Access


Welcome to the fourth and final article in our travel series, where we cover a variety of topics on travel and access that help prepare you for traveling with children with special needs. Travel and Medical Access. Travel and Physical Access.

Teach Access Tutorial: Best Practices for Digital Accessibility


I recently came across a solid teaching and learning resource devoted to giving designers, developers, and writers a better grounding in creating accessible content. The “ Teach Access Portal ” is a new-to-me tutorial that provides interactive lessons, much in the same way that Codecademy does. It’s a product of the Teach Access project, which (I have to admit) I don’t know much about. Profession Teaching a11y accessibility teach access

Accessibility for Web Writers


For a number of years now, the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) have been seen by many as the international gold standard for making online resources as accessible as possible. These kinds of relatively technical guidelines can feel like an awful lot of information to take in at once if you’re coming to them for the first time, and in my post on “ How to Evaluate Your Web Pages for Accessibility ” I shared a few links to beginner-friendly introductions.

Accessibility vs Inclusion. What's the Difference?

The Innovative Educator

It's the law Making the world accessible to those with disabilities isn't just the right thing to do. For example, in 1998, Congress amended the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 to require Federal agencies to make their electronic and information technology accessible to people with disabilities. More and more businesses are following this lead, not just for ethical reasons, but also because accessibility means more customers. You must take extra steps to make something accessible.

Travel Series Travel and Medical Access


Welcome to part two of our travel series, where we cover a variety of topics on travel and access that will better prepare you for traveling with children with special needs. Travel and Physical Access. Travel and Communication Access.

Creating Color-Blind Accessible Figures


Following colorblind accessible guidelines when creating graphs and charts for publication or display ensures that everyone in your audience can read your figures, something that should be of concern for all teachers and researchers. One of the most often cited resources for creating color blind accessible figures is: Okabe, Masataka and Kei Ito. What other resources do you use to create accessible figures?

Nine New Lawsuits Target ?Inclusive Access? Textbook Programs, Alleging Antitrust Violations


Nine lawsuits filed in March, April and May against major textbook companies and retailers take aim at their bulk deals with colleges to offer online course materials, sometimes referred to as “inclusive access” programs.

Accessibility Tip: Provide Materials Before, Not After

The Innovative Educator

The arrows point to the url & QR code provided to participants before, during, and after the Website Accessibility Summit. Easy peasy accessibility tip: Provide participants with handouts before, not after, workshops, learning opportunities, or any type of event.

An Easy-to-Access Guide to Instruction


Book Reviews Teaching Insights acronyms Barbara Blackburn eye on education graphic organizers instruction Laura Von Staden reference tool Routledge rubrics strategiesWith short chapters, graphic organizers, rubrics and acronyms, the strategies in Barbara Blackburn's updated Classroom Instruction for A to Z are right at the fingertips of busy teachers, ready for trial runs or implementation, says educator Laura Von Staden.

@VictoriaTheTech’s Favorite Microsoft Educator Center Courses – #3: Techquity- Creating Learning Environments for Sustainability, Equity, and Access

Teacher Tech

Techquity” refers to the infusion of technology and equity, and equity refers to the concept of every student needing what they need to be successful in the classroom. Guest Post by Victoria Thompson Number 3 is one of my personal favorites: it focuses on Techquity!

Three Big Bills, Three Ways to Access Educational Funding


This eBook is a reference for school leadership teams as you consider the funds available to your local educational agency and make decisions about applying for grants. CARES, CRRSA, and ARP: Big Legislation, Big Opportunities. To address the economic fallout from the pandemic, the U.S.

Open Access & Copyright: A View from the South


In all the discussions about open access and copyright, I want to add my story as someone from the Global South who strongly advocates for open access. Before I do so, I need to admit my privilege: my institution has a great physical and electronic library with additional free document delivery – so I can literally get any article or book chapter I want, for free, and during my PhD I had additional access to the University of Sheffield’s eResources library.

More on the Cost Trap and Inclusive Access

Iterating Toward Openness

My recent post about the cost trap and inclusive access prompted responses by Jim Groom and Stephen Downes. For example, in 2015 I wrote that “My ultimate goal is this: I want to (1) radically improve the quality of education as judged by learners, and (2) radically improve access to education. Ask a publisher why inclusive access is good for students and the list of reasons they will provide sounds like it came straight off a 2013 OER advocacy slide.

OER 80

Transcription and Accessibility—New Partnerships from Microsoft and Amazon


On the heels of one another, two tech titans recently announced higher-education partnerships that leverage transcription technology to make educational materials more accessible to a broader swath of learners. Nine classes at the university are currently piloting Microsoft Translator, according to Brian Trager, the associate director for the National Technical Institute for the Deaf’s Center on Access Technology.

STUDENT VOICE: ‘I worry that the coronavirus is going to erase access to opportunity for low-income students and students of color’

The Hechinger Report

I worry that the coronavirus is going to erase access to opportunity for low-income students and students of color. And I am fearful that Covid-19 will wipe out what access low-income students like me have to education and opportunity.

Toolkit outlines steps for ensuring accessibility

eSchool News

Accessibility is a “critical key” when it comes to leveraging technology for all students — including those with disabilities, according to a new toolkit offering accessibility resources and tips for state and district education leaders. Digital accessibility improves student learning, improves user experience, expands website visibility, and saves time and money.

With 3D Technology, Special Education Students Can Focus on Content—Not Access


But the boy had never touched an ox or even a cow and had no reference for the animal. McKenzie has since created dozens of his own designs for objects to help bridge the accessibility gap between his visually impaired students and the sighted counterparts with whom they share classrooms and teachers. With computer assisted design in particular,” he adds, “it’s sometimes possible to create instant access.” He can worry about content, not access.” “What’s an ox?”

Amazon, Federation of the Blind Reach Agreement on Accessibility

Marketplace K-12

After years of questioning the accessibility of Amazon’s Kindle e-reader , the National Federation of the Blind today announced that it will work with the online retailer to improve reading experiences for blind, low-vision, and deaf-blind students. The accessibility issue became an obstacle last year when Amazon won a $30 million contract with New York City schools to develop an online e-book storefront for educators. EdX Settles Justice Department Complaint Over Online Access.

Video Games Engage, But Accessibility Can Be A Challenge

TeachThought - Learn better.

Video Games Engage, But Accessibility Can Be A Challenge. Right now, if a game is being used in the classroom, it should be similar to how we use literature in the class: you read some together, but for the most part, you do it yourself on your own time, and together, you use it as a point of reference for activities. These are some of the benefits (engagement) and challenges (accessibility) of learning through video games.

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Opening up #learning: Access to knowledge

Learning with 'e's

All are specifically related to learning: providing access to information automating, simplifying, and transforming tasks representing knowledge and thinking communicating and collaborating with peers and experts In my next few posts I plan to elaborate on these four (and possibly other) affordances that will impact on learning and education in the foreseeable future. Here's the first: Access to knowledge. Reference Putnam, R. Learning is opening up like never before.

10 Do’s & Don’ts for Creating Accessible School Websites

The Innovative Educator

This includes making all public-facing content accessible to them. In more and more places, this refers to website content as well. It requires that the City of New York make its websites accessible to the disability community. By making sites accessible we include people of all education levels, who speak many languages, and have varying physical abilities.

Whether synchronous online course activities meet accessibility guidelines may depend on how you use them.

IT Bill

Web-conferencing can be used to prepare students for upcoming assignments, review recent material, offer virtual office hours, and more… but what about accessibility? Our campus recently adopted a policy that essentially requires all online instruction meet accessibility guidelines. However, applying universal design concepts in course planning will assure full access to the content for most students and minimize the need for specific accommodations. – DOIT Center.

A true gift from SHEG: DIY digital literacy assessments and tools for historical thinking


You may remember Stanford History Education Group (SHEG) for its groundbreaking and utterly depressing report, Evaluating Information: The Cornerstone of Online Civic Reasoning. In the November 2016 Executive Summary , the researchers shared: When thousands of students respond to dozens of tasks there are endless variations. That was certainly the case in our experience.

Closing the homework gap so ‘no child is left offline’

The Hechinger Report

While remote learning may be ending in most places across the country, many students will continue to struggle to complete many lessons and assignments because they lack adequate internet service and access to devices at home — a phenomenon commonly referred to as the “homework gap.”.

Will this semester forever alter college? No, but some virtual tools will stick around

The Hechinger Report

But while all of this is widely being referred to as online higher education, most of it isn’t. Coursera is providing 550 colleges and universities with free access to its online courses.

Some colleges ease up on pushing undergrads into picking majors right away

The Hechinger Report

Boston College is offering something similar, called True North — a reference to the geographic North Pole, rather than the magnetic pole of a compass — during orientation this summer, for the first time, to new students and their parents. “We BOULDER, Colo.

Survey 112

How Minecraft YouTubers made me a better parent during the pandemic

The Hechinger Report

The “Dream’” part refers to the username of a popular online gamer. This refers to the private Minecraft server that Dream launched in April 2020 so he and a few gamer friends could explore a new update to the game.

Study 78

In Massachusetts, public colleges send debt collectors after nearly 12,000 students

The Hechinger Report

Advocates call this practice of withholding transcripts and referring unpaid balances to collection agencies the “transcript trap.” In order to access that data, we would need institutions that come forth and actually open their books,” Jones said. “It

Report 100

Millions of Students Are Still Without WiFi and Tech—Why Haven’t Policymakers Stepped Up?


They just weren’t ready for distance learning, and a big part of that was that too many students lacked adequate WiFi access to get to virtual class. Education Technology Access and Affordability Policy & Government