Verizon Mobile Learning Academy

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New National Research Indicates Teacher Professional Development Program to Integrate Mobile Technology May Have Positive Impact on Students’ Standardized Math Test Scores Verizon, the Program’s Creator, and its partner, International Society for Technology in Education, to Launch Verizon Mobile Learning Academy to Train More Teachers Nationwide NEW CARROLLTON, Md. – The program aims to train 1,000 teachers over the next year, beginning this fall.

How to Empower Your Faculty in Mobile Learning Environment – From Jennifer Carey


Introducing a new technology into the learning environment can be an intimidating experience, even for seasoned educators. Is the Technology on Your School or in your School Image Credit: Greg Kulowiec Greg Kulowiec , in his talks on iPads and other mobile devices, is fond of asking “Is your technology on your classroom or in your classroom?” Mobile devices are just that, mobile! I also encourage you to not add training to already busy schedules.

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Mobile Learning in ELT: Survey 2013

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In 2010, after buying my first iPad I decided to do some research into how teachers were using mobile devices in their classrooms and their teaching. Whether you use technology, mobile learning or avoid it please find time to answer these 20 questions and share your ideas, opinions and reflections and I will once again publish the results for all to share. Mobile Learning in ELT 2013 Survey Many thanks for your help and participation.

Video communication apps and mobile learning

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One of the great things about mobile devices such as tablets, iPads and phones is that most modern devices have good quality cameras and microphones built in. Mailvu also provides mobile apps for iOS, Android an Blackberry. By this I mean that students can upload or record a video on their mobile device and then add a video commentary over the top explaining or commenting on what they see in the original video.

iPad Basic Training for Teachers


The Background Photo Used Under a Creative Commons License In the Spring of 2013, my school district committed to issuing an iPad to every classroom teacher. The purposes for this initiative were to give teachers an additional tool for teaching and learning and to familiarize teachers with mobile devices in anticipation of more iPads being purchased for classroom use and a grades 6-12 BYOD program coming in the next school year.

Selfie Activities to Inspire Reflection on Digital Identity

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This is why one of the missions in my new book, Hacking Digital Learning Strategies: 10 Ways to Launch EdTech Missions in Your Classroom , is for learners to go on a selfie adventure. Get your copy of Hacking Digital Learning , The 30 Goals Challenge , or Learning to Go. Ask me about training your teachers, !

Implementing Mobile Devices With a Focus on Learning

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The following post is a modified excerpt from Uncommon Learning. Mobile learning provides enhanced collaboration among learners, access to information, and a deeper contextualization of learning. Koole (2009) No one will deny the impact that mobile is having on the world. All one has to do is take a look at how mobile devices are changing everyone’s perception of computing as it is more accessible and personal than ever.

30 Apps to Spread and Enjoy Some Holiday Cheer

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To motivate them tie their learning into activities where they get to send some holiday cheer or celebrate the holidays. Find ideas for activities in my slide presentation, Mobile Holiday Apps for Spreading Cheer. Get your copy of Hacking Digital Learning , The 30 Goals Challenge , or Learning to Go. Ask me about training your teachers, ! Mobile Holiday Apps for Spreading Cheer from Shelly Sanchez Terrell.

Go On Incredibly Fun Learning Adventures With These Amazing Green Screen Ideas!

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A green screen in the classroom helps spark student creativity and imagination for any subject! With more preparation you can integrate green screen technology in much more imaginative and advanced ways that will send students your students on incredible learning adventures! Ask me about training your teachers, ! Effective Technology Integration Mobile Learning digital video green screen student videos video learning video projects

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5 to 6 Hours of Basic Training on iPads? What?


Photo Used Under Creative Commons License My last post was on the plan the educational technology team in my school district came up with for iPad Basic Training for Teachers. As iPads began making their way into our school district through different avenues last year, we felt it was important to make sure our teachers had a basic understanding of how to use the iPad before we even began to talk with them about using the iPad for teaching and learning.

Managing the digital classroom - Getting students' attention

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Competing with a computer or mobile screen for students' attention can be a challenge at best and at worst extremely frustrating. Banning devices in the classroom also deprives us and our students of the opportunity to develop responsible approaches to using these devices and robs students of the opportunity to develop their digital literacy skills and exploit the genuine benefits that technology in the classroom can bring. Many mobile apps are designed to be attention needy.

The Drivers of a Successful BYOD Initiative

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As devices have become more affordable over the years, parents have bestowed a variety of mobile technologies upon their children. The potential is there for schools and educators to empower students to take more ownership of their learning. The overall goal of any BYOD initiative should be to support and enhance student learning. A rash decision is made to go BYOD without a sound rationale for how it will impact student learning.

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3 Ways to Help Teachers Feel Comfortable with Technology in the Classroom

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Many classrooms are using a Learning Management System (LMS) and digital course materials even with traditional face-to-face learning. As effective as technology can be in the classroom, the fact remains that if instructors are uncomfortable using technology, it will show in the implementation and overall use. Here are some ways to help teachers feel comfortable with technology in the classroom. Offer to train them.

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Top 10 Tools for Self-Paced Learning


"Self-paced instruction or learning is any kind of instruction that proceeds based on learner response. The content itself can be curriculum, corporate training, technical tutorials, or any other subject that does not require the immediate response of an instructor. Also, this is ideal to help users retain information in a low pressure place as well as supplement different learning styles. Top 10 Tools for Self-Paced Learning.


#4: What does research really say about iPads in the classroom?

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Popular mobile devices may come and go, but the iPad has remained a hit in the K-12 classroom. But even though they’re in schools, our work with teachers has led us to understand that while many of them would like to use iPads meaningfully in their classrooms, they can’t because of time, access, and training. So for the past year and a half, we’ve both been working with teachers and university students integrating iPad technology into the classroom in a controlled way.

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7 Digital Icebreakers for #BacktoSchool

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If your students feel you care about them they will be more open to learning in your class. Get your copy of The 30 Goals for Teachers or Learning to Go. Ask me about training your teachers, ! Mobile Show and Tell – Divide students into small groups. Each student spends about 30 seconds sharing a personal photo from a mobile device and the anecdote behind the photo. QR Code Jokes – In Learning to Go , I provide a template.

Using Cell Phones and Other Devices In and Out of the Classroom

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Marys City Schools is the longest running mobile learning program in the country. Join us on November 8th for our community''s next webinar to see how smartphones (mobile learning devices) were successfully integrated into the curriculum at St. They will share many examples of how the students are using these devices inside and outside the classroom setting. They will also recommend many resources and websites to help you in your own mobile learning efforts.

LEGO’s WeDo 2.0 teaches science, coding

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New wireless, tablet-ready robot-based learning system for elementary science curriculum teaches science and coding in a hands-on way. a hands-on science solution designed for elementary classrooms using a robot-based learning system. The solution combines the LEGO brick, classroom-friendly software and engaging, standards-based projects to teach elementary students essential science practices and skills.

Makerspaces go digital: 6 options for the blended classroom


Makerspaces are a wonderfully interactive, highly creative and increasingly valued part of classrooms in the technology age. Not wanting to be a complete killjoy, I must however point out that many, many Makerspace projects exist and are conducted in blended learning environments using digital tools. Read more: 4 Modern literacies students need to learn in school. This is a mobile app that mimics real world mechanics in a child-friendly environment.

Give Your Traditional Syllabus a Needed Makeover!

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“In an effective classroom students should not only know what they are doing, they should also know why and how.” Plus, the best kind of learning is when we meet the unexpected. Get your copy of The 30 Goals for Teachers or Learning to Go. Ask me about training your teachers, ! Find out more about mission minded learning in my new book, Hacking Digital Learning Strategies: 10 Ways to Launch EdTech Missions in Your Classroom.

Chromebook takeover signals major shift in education…but not in the way you may think

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classrooms (accounting for more than half the mobile devices shipped to schools) is signaling a “profound shift in American education;” and they’re calling it the “Googlification of the classroom.” But is Googlifiction spurring a much bigger shift in today’s K-12 classrooms than simply switching devices? Read more about Chromebooks and the Googlification of the classroom in the New York Times article here: “ How Google took over the classroom. ”.

3 must-dos for caring for your mobile devices

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Today’s classrooms, at any level, are drastically different from the classrooms of just 10 years ago. In fact, many middle and high school students have access to mobile devices and are using those devices for schoolwork. And, according to a 2014 report by Project Tomorrow, almost a third of those students are using a mobile device issued by their schools. How will our teachers and students learn to use these devices? A training strategy.

7 PROs and CONs of m-learning in the classroom


Mobile learning is generally defined as training or education conducted via a mobile device such as a smartphone or tablet, generally connected to a wireless network such as GSM, G3 or Wifi. Typically mobile learning — or m-learning — entails extending teaching beyond the classroom environment, connecting with learners further afield, as well as empowering students to learn wherever they are. E-learning

Why overwhelmed educators should stick to these simple tech tools

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Tech is shifting faster than teacher training can keep up. I recently had the pleasure of spending a few hours in a friend’s classroom where I introduced her students to technology applications that would engage them in “showing what they know” at different points in their learning. The solution is to keep it simple.

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The Beginner’s Guide to the Hour of Code

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The post The Beginner’s Guide to the Hour of Code appeared first on Shake Up Learning. Below, you will find a resource guide for CSEdWeek and Hour of Code, in order to help all of you K-12 educators bring coding into the classroom. The philosophy is simple but significant: every student deserves the opportunity to learn computer science. Anyone can learn the basics of computer science in a fun and easy way! Check out the Shake Up Learning Coding Pinterest Board.

6 tips for making the most of your Chromebooks

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In exchange for exclusive use of this Chromebook cart, I agreed to provide professional development on the Google for Education platform to the rest of our small staff and to simply use the devices in my classroom every day. I was ecstatic about the possibility of transforming my classroom into a nearly paperless learning environment. The end of the scavenger hunt brought my students to a Google form posted in my Classroom stream.

Byte-sized Potential: Can Compassion & Citizenship Go Viral?

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It lets people learn things they didn’t think they could learn before, and so in a sense it is all about potential. The most powerful learning and communication tools are in the hands of millions worldwide. In addition to having access to incredible learning, we have the potential to impact the world through social media. Find them in my recent Reinvent the Classroom Keynote: Byte-Size Potential. Part of the category, Byte-sized Potential.

When one-to-one goes wrong

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With its filtering system in place, Tustin USD monitors the filters at both the grade and classroom level, particularly for high school. its learning management system). “It’s The training counts. He said both teachers and technical staff members need to be trained on how to leverage and manage the “big scale-up,” with a primary focus on how to most effectively use the devices for learning. Not all implementations are smooth sailing.

Courses, or learning episodes?

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During a recent Learning Pool Live event in London, I posted the following message on Twitter: Move away from courses, towards events, experiences, challenges. We were discussing a range of digital provisions for learning and development in the corporate world. It''s universally accepted right now in this current economic climate that stringency and cost cutting are hitting the training budgets of just about every organisation. Posted by Steve Wheeler from Learning with e''s.

The Seeds of Innovation

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A few weeks ago, I made a commitment to visit schools that are using social media, smartphones, texting, and other digital technologies, as a vital part of daily classroom instruction. There are plenty of schools that have very expensive artwork on their classroom walls (i.e. It being, that technology, if used responsibly is a great asset for teachers to improve instruction and for students to enhance their learning.

10 steps to a better one-to-one experience

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Their classrooms will be equipped with a laptop or tablet for every student, and in many cases, the students will get to take those devices home at the end of the day. Wherever you are on that spectrum we have some advice to help you move forward and make the most out of these new resources in your classroom. We both teach in one-to-one classrooms. Diana’s students have iPads that they take home, whereas Jen has a cart of laptops students use daily in her classroom.

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SMART, Samsung offer a boost for collaboration

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The SMART Samsung Chromebook 3 Bundle features SMART amp and is fully integrated with Google Classroom and Apps for Education. Under the new agreement, schools can purchase a classroom-wide package including several Samsung Chromebook 3 devices , associated licenses for SMART amp, and access to SMART’s online professional development. Digital Learning and Tools IT Management IT Newsletter Mobile Learning News Top News

BYOD in Elementary Schools


We''re about to launch a pilot at one of the K-5 elementary schools in my school district, and I''d like to collect stories of elementary BYOD implementation, links to videos and anecdotes, training materials and ideas - essentially, anything that has to do with BYOD in the elementary classroom. Let''s collect some fabulous resources so we can all learn from one another and improve instruction for all of our students. BYOD BYOT collaboration mobile learning


'Always on' learning

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This is a continuation of my series on mobile learning. Mobile devices represent a tangible step-change for learning. They facilitate personalised learning while we are on the move, and enable us to access the Web. Just these two factors alone would be enough to tip the balance and convince most people that some kind of revolution is taking place, but mobile learning goes so much further. Sure, there can be frivolous use of mobile devices.

The future is not here yet

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No - I'm just one more person who wants to know what might influence my professional life and my students' learning over the next year or two. You have been working in learning technology for over 35 years. Does the evolution of learning still hold surprises for you? Every day I am surprised because new things are coming to me and I discover new technologies or I learn about new software. Do you see this change as some kind of revolution in learning?