The Education of an Android Teacher


When you meet an android, it’s important to follow etiquette. I'm the world's first android teaching assistant. This makes it difficult to discern whether the android is a sci-fi character come to life or mere parlor trick. Educating an android happens one conversation at a time.

In the News: Educational Android Apps Improperly Track Children

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Thousands of Android Mobile Apps Improperly Track Children, Study Says.” ” Which companies have apps that are flagged for privacy invasions by the study authors? You can review the full list of Android apps examined by the researchers at this website: [link]. Blog In the News News ad tracking Android COPPA Education Week Federal Trade Commission privacy researchAs quoted in: Herold, Benjamin.

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Dremel 3D Printer Adds Mobile Printing from iOS and Android Devices

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The company will also launch a program to give free 3D printers to education "ambassadors Dremel has rolled out two new mobile apps for its latest 3D printer that allow users to print 3D models and monitor printers remotely.

Definitions of Vpn Android


The Way to Get Started with Vpn Android? The Android program isn’t difficult to use. Much like the remainder of the categories of Android programs, the sport programs open for the Android mobile are very diverse. Vpn Android Could Be Fun For everybody. You just have best vpns for windows 10 to be sure that are you really going to opt for a VPN that gives you a specific method pertaining to android os.

How to use Screencast-O-Matic’s Android Screen Recorder App


EdTechTeam partner Screencast-O-Matic recently released an intuitive Android screen recorder app. The new Android screen recorder allows students to record their mobile screen with options to add audio narration and Facecam.

Do Tech Companies Need To Step Up Their Accessibility Game?

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Their site says: When you Tweet photos using the Twitter app for iOS or Android, or on, you have the option to compose a description of the images so the content is accessible to people who are visually impaired.

Company Offers Free Facial Recognition Software to Boost School Security

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Company Offers Free Facial Recognition Software to Boost School Security. Last month, RealNetworks , the streaming media company that garnered attention in the ‘90s and early 2000s for developing the first audio streaming solution , announced it would offer its facial recognition software, SAFR , for free to over 100,000 school districts. RealNetworks has also announced that SAFR apps for Windows , Linux and Android devices are on the way.

Companies Partner to Launch “Be a Maker”Programming Companion App


Be a Maker was developed in partnership with everis, an NTT DATA company, and is a part of the organization’s CLOQQ initiative. Be a Maker is currently available for free download in the Apple App Store for iOS devices, and will be available for Android devices later in 2018. Jibo, Inc.

How Tech Companies Woo Higher Ed (and What They Seek in Return)


But Christmas came early for some higher-ed institutions in the form of freebies and discounts from big technology companies. But these efforts are part of a longer-term strategy for these companies to train future workers in their technology. In October, the company and The Ohio State University announced a multi-part collaboration. In 1999 the company and the University of Pittsburgh opened an “Academic Java Center” meant to train and certify students in Java technology.

Noodle Companies Adds $5 Million Series A to Streamline K-20 Education Markets


Leading one education company is stressful enough for most people. That’s the challenge that John Katzman, one of the most recognized names in the business, has embarked on with The Noodle Companies. Today, the Noodle Companies, a conglomerate of four subsidiaries serving the K-12 and postsecondary education markets, announced it has raised $5 million in a Series A round from SWaN & Legend Venture Partners.

The Future of Business Cards

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What makes this company great is that the cards made are unique to your business. The companies graphic designer works with you to design a card that matches your brand. Android Innovation iPhone Leadership My Thoughts

Samepage - app to get more done with contextual collaboration

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It can be used by people for personal projects and planning as well as by companies and groups for major projects. It is web based and there are mobile apps available for iOS and Android. We built Samepage so our company could work together more effectively.

Accessing free eBooks with Open eBooks

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Right now, the app only works on tablets (iPad/Android), but the Open eBooks company informed me that they hope to have a web based version out later this year, so if you are a Chromebook district, keep your eye peeled!

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Google Play Store vs Apple App Store - my experience

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I am an Android fan and user. Maybe it''s just me, but you would think a company like Apple that prides itself on customer experience would provide a better app store experience. Android Apple google Google for Educators

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Accessing free eBooks with Open eBooks

Class Tech Integrate

Right now, the app only works on tablets (iPad/Android), but the Open eBooks company informed me that they hope to have a web based version out later this year, so if you are a Chromebook district, keep your eye peeled!

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Update on InstallFree Nexus and Rndr - work great on a Chromebook!

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It''s not as speedy as on a Windows device, but not bad at all, and the company making Rndr tells me that there are some performance improvements coming shortly. You can also use their apps to use LibreOffice (or MS Office) in the cloud on any device, including iOS, Android and Chrome. Android chromebooks free resources google Chrome OS libreoffice Web Applications

The Ultimate Google Cardboard and Expeditions Resource Guide

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Google Expeditions Android App. Google Cardboard for Android. Android and iOS. Google Streetview App ( iOS / Android ). Discovery VR ( iOS / Android ). New York Times VR ( iOS / Android ). Google Spotlight Stories ( iOS / Android ). Android Only.

Global K-12 Market for Personal PCs to Contract in 2016, Experts Project

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While Microsoft might traditionally be expected to be best positioned to capitalize on the 2-in-1 market, Google’s Android operating system is outperforming expectations across the board in the U.S.

Mobile Schools: The Next Generation in Communication and Engagement

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Where we stand today is that the New Milford High School native mobile application is now in use by the students, faculty, staff, and parents at New Milford High School on iOS (iPhone and iPad) and Android devices (smart phones and tablets). The company has graciously agreed.

How to Use Virtual Reality and Google Expeditions in the Classroom

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When you open the Expeditions app on iOS or Android , you will first see the guidelines that you must review and accept. The post How to Use Virtual Reality and Google Expeditions in the Classroom appeared first on Shake Up Learning. Virtual Reality in the Classroom – Part 2.

The Guide to Keeping Up with Google - Part 2: Twitter

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Official Google Twitter Accounts: @Android @Gmail @Google @GoogleCalendar @GoogleCardboard @GoogleChrome @GoogleDocs @GoogleDrive @GoogleforEdu @GoogleforWork @GoogleStudents @SolveforX Want more?

“After School:” Mobile SM App for High Schoolers Offers Potential Headaches for Educators

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We also need to make clear that this app basically allows students to set up their own cyber community, totally disconnected from our schools, that is supposedly monitored by this company. What on earth would make us think that out there in cyberspace a company can do that better?

What’s the Easiest-to-Use Cloud Storage Solution for Administrators and Educators?

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I can take a photo with my Android tablet, and place it in my Dropbox folder. If I were employed at a company that manufactures these devices, I would be looking for a job. If I type a document at home, save it to my Dropbox, it will be on my desktop at work, and it will be on my iPad, my Galaxy Android Tablet too. Sharing is complicated and there is no reliable Android app.

Getting Started with Google Expeditions and Virtual Reality

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Google Expeditions for Android. Google Cardboard for Android. Android Apps edtech educational technology Free Resources for teachers Google Google Cardboard Google Expeditions Virtual Reality google expeditions virtual reality

What are apps?

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Here are the differences for the top companies: Apple What: Apps for Apple are always on an iOS device (iPhone, iPad, iPod). Apple in Education APPitic Android What: Apps for Google platform devices (Nexus 7, Samsung Galaxy, HTC, Kindle Fire, etc.) Where: Google Play How: Apps for Android devices range in a similar fashion like iTunes App Store just in with a different interface. When you hear the word apps you''ve probably heard it in the context of an iPhone/iPad.

Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and Wearables for Learning! Oh My!

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Pilot programs– Often big companies like MicroSoft or Verizon will want to run pilot programs worldwide and provide your school with tons of their devices. The Google Cardboard app for iOS and Android has different virtual reality adventures to explore nature and the world​​​. Teachers can download the free Google Expeditions Android app and take their students on virtual reality field trips around the world. Ingress is another free iOS/Android AR game.

Age of Learning’s Latest Is a $100 Million Educational Game


The game, publicly available today, works on web browsers and iOS and Android mobile devices. Age of Learning is currently best known for ABCmouse, an online, early-learning program for children ages 2 to 8 used by 20 million children around the world, according to the company.

QuickOffice mobile office app launches new help site

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It is available for Android, iOS, Symbian and webOS, with HD versions for Tablets. There are deals and specials at different times, and the Amazon App Store for Android has offered it as a free download in the past. It is a great app and the company has always been very responsive to user feature requests and help. Related: Android for Education resources and apps Essential Apps and Installs for Windows, Chrome, Android.

Adobe unveils 2015 Creative Cloud release

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Adobe’s 2015 release of Creative Cloud includes major updates to Adobe’s desktop tools, including Photoshop CC, Illustrator CC, Premiere Pro CC and InDesign CC; as well as new connected mobile apps for iOS and Android.

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Class Dojo real-time behavior feedback platform Apps get updates

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They had launched an iOS app this past September, and an Android app after that, to help teachers be able to use their tool while moving around the room, and even access it when not in the classroom. of its Popular iOS and Android Apps ClassDojo 2.0

Language Learning Startup Raises $10M, Says COVID-19 Won’t Stop US Expansion


The CEO of Preply says he was less focused and less experienced back in 2012, when he opened operations in the Boston area for an earlier iteration of his company. Back then, the company specialized in standardized test prep.

Guest Post: A Revolution In Language Practice


The Android & iOS versions continuously promising to significantly increase learning effectiveness and motivation through several new and exciting features.

Coda - free online doc system that you can build apps with

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He has run meetings at various companies including Microsoft and YouTube. There are also iOS and Android apps for it. Coda , a low-code platform for building and automating business processes has a CEO who is very passionate about effective meetings.

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Metaverse–Education Game-changer

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The app, available for Android and iOS, lets you find and play augmented reality games including a large selection of educational games. Know that I only recommend products or services I believe will be good for my readers and are from companies I can recommend. .

Yogome Math Games

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To celebrate Yogome''s 2 year anniversary they are listing all their wonderful iOS/Android Math games/apps for free. Yogome is one of my favorite companies for making fun beautiful looking iOS/Android apps starring their famous characters Yogotars.