K-6 Educational Music Videos: Selecting the Right Videos for Learning

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Joanna and Matt Pace write videos on a popular YouTube channel, Hopscotch. Today they talk about what makes a great learning video and how to select good videos on YouTube for K-6 students. K-6 Educational Music Videos: Selecting the Right Videos for Learning.

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Making Better Videos and Movies with Students

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Making Better Videos and Movies with Students. Vicki: Let’s talk about making videos with kids! Joe, where do we start, making videos with kids? Vicki: Give me an example. What would be an example of a video you’ve seen in math or in history?

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Ed tech companies promise results, but their claims are often based on shoddy research

The Hechinger Report

Examples from The Hechinger Report’s collection of misleading research claims touted by ed tech companies. Video: Sarah Butrymowicz. All three of these companies try to hook prospective users with claims on their websites about their products’ effectiveness.

18 Unexpected Free Educational Videos Website for Teachers

ViewSonic Education

Quick take: Take a look at 18 free educational video website for teachers: 1. We searched across the internet for the best free education video websites for teachers. It is a great starting point for any teachers in building their own trusted list of educational video resources.

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This Company is Using AI to Change the World

EdNews Daily

Each company has incredible resources, and each is synonymous with technological innovation. But none will be the company that will change the world with AI. THIS IS THE COMPANY. And it may all be possible, thanks to a little-known company with a rather innocuous-sounding name.

A Student Improved a Classroom Tech Solution—So the Company Hired Him


But when 10th grader Dean Levinson approached him with an idea to enhance their recently installed wireless screen-mirroring and video streaming technology from Vivi , it may have been the first time a kid had actually asked before he hacked.

Bring Science to Life: The Impact of Video Game Simulations


They probably won’t feed mule deer in the future, but through a thoughtfully constructed interactive video game, learners can build their science proficiency in engaging and meaningful ways. Video games prove to be a useful tool on this front. WATCH THE EDWEBINAR RECORDING.

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How to Build a High-Functioning Remote Team for Your Edtech Company


Employees report higher productivity , greater efficiency and less stress , while companies can benefit from lower real estate costs and an expanded talent pool. My former company, Big Universe ( now acquired ) was a fully-virtual operation.

Do Tech Companies Need To Step Up Their Accessibility Game?

The Innovative Educator

Let's take a look by looking at social media examples. No extra effort for the video creator. It is a moral, ethical, and financial imperative for technology companies to develop and iterate their platforms with audience in mind following the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines.

Teaching Strategies Buys ReadyRosie to Reach Parents and Children With Video Lessons


In one of the 1,000-plus videos that ReadyRosie can text or email parents, a preschool-aged boy describes an item on a kitchen counter while a mother figure stands next to him, eyes closed, guesses the item. “It’s The Denton, Texas-based company is also growing up itself.

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CodeNow launches #CodeHow videos

eSchool News

New video series aims to teach teenagers about coding. CodeNow, a nonprofit focused on teaching underrepresented, diverse high school students how to code, is launching #CodeHow, an online video tutorial series designed specifically for teens and accessible for free on YouTube.

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30 Examples Of Disruptions In The Classroom

TeachThought - Learn better.

30 Examples Of Disruptions In The Classroom. This post is actually intended to supplement the “Cycle of Learning Innovation” model that will be publishing tomorrow (7.7.2015), which means this is less about analysis and context and more about the examples.

The Next Edtech IPO Might Be This London-Based Language Learning Company


Niesner claims the company is on track to hit $40 million in revenue in 2020. The company is still shy of the $100 million revenue threshold commonly associated with IPO-ready companies. The company reached 25 million users by 2012 and 55 million users three years later.

Can a Neuroscience Video Game Treat ADHD?


On the homepage of the health technology company Akili Interactive , there sits an intriguing line of copy: “Time to Play Your Medicine.” That tagline serves as something of a futuristic mission statement for the Boston-based company, which focuses on bringing brain-training video games to market and is seeking to produce the first FDA-approved game treatment for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, or ADHD. She singles out video games as a common example.

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Our 4 Do’s and Don’ts for Companies Selling to Schools


They are essential to the survival of companies, and they are neither glamorous nor easy to execute. Company reps think they are providing a useful onramp. As a quick sidenote, and in our opinion, it’s okay for companies to sell goods and services to schools.

Science Interactive Group Acquires Another Company to Grow Its Lab Education Kits


In business, two companies may join to build a stronger foundation, winning new customers and offering more services to existing ones. At least, that’s the idea for Tim Loomer, CEO of science education holding company Science Interactive Group.

Class Tech Tips: Spark Video Activities for Google Classroom


Spark Video is a fantastic, web-based and mobile movie-making tool for students. If your students are using Google Classroom, they can easily share their Spark Video creations with classmates before showing off their work to the world! I've had the pleasure of working with this company.

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Are Deepfake Videos a Threat to Democracy?

Graphite Blog

Every day, teens engage with countless images and videos that have been edited or digitally altered. From simple Snapchat filters to short, lighthearted, or ironic TikTok videos, it's clear that young people are pretty savvy when it comes to consuming -- and creating -- manipulated media. But are your students aware of -- or have they thought deeply about -- the phenomenon of deepfake videos? If you'd like to use your own examples, you can simply make your own copy.

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Video Games Engage, But Accessibility Can Be A Challenge

TeachThought - Learn better.

Video Games Engage, But Accessibility Can Be A Challenge. In part 1, we argued that video games can indeed teach your students. Below, we’ll look at specific examples of how I’ve used them, and the opportunities and challenges I’ve noticed as a resu lt.

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Videos Find Their Place In and Out of the Classroom

Wired Campus

Among today’s students, videos as an educational tool are as expected as textbooks. A new study has found that 68 percent of students watch videos in class, and 79 percent watch them on their own time, outside of class, to assist in their learning. Company Watch Libraries

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Just like Bullet Trains, We’re Constantly Monitoring Reliability and Speed (of Video Uploads)


There’s a striking similarity between Japan’s bullet trains and the Edthena Video Tool: they’re both known for being reliable and fast. Video Upload Reliability. Video coaching can’t happen if the videos aren’t online. Video Upload Speed.

MIT Moves Beyond the MOOC to Court Companies, Professional Learners


Providing courses to companies, and adults not enrolled in a full-time degree program, has long been a way for universities to extend their reach (and pockets) beyond the physical lecture hall. Now, as MOOCs have evolved to court professional audiences , so too have MIT’s efforts to harness companies and organizations. We have always worked with corporations and companies, it’s part of the DNA here at MIT in terms of our research and innovation,” says Piloto.


Live Online Video Classes Are ‘The New Face-to-Face.’ So How Many Students Can They Handle at a Time?


An experimental university announced last week that its home-grown online teaching platform can now handle up to 400 students at a time via live video. Lawrence DeBrock Over the past year the company has been working to sell its online platform and curriculum to other universities.

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How peer video coaching is completely changing how our teachers teach

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Peer-to-peer video comments are changing how one district’s teachers think about their practice. We’ve augmented our professional development program with an online video coaching platform for classroom observation through one-on-one coaching and collaborative study teams.

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Yes There’s ‘Disruption’ in College Market, But the Bigger Trend Is Growth of ‘Enabler’ Companies


And, over the last year – alongside the disrupters – firms that provide technologies that help colleges and universities operate and deliver in a digital world have garnered some of the more significant venture funding rounds, including for example Panopto (lecture capture), Kaltura (video), Examity (remote proctoring), and Knewton (analytics), among others. In this way, as a recent example, the U.S.

New case makes iPad video more professional-looking

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iPad case helps improve video quality. A new snap-on iPad accessory is helping users create professional-looking videos, letting them shoot, edit, stream and share. On its website the company features several tutorial videos, as well as examples shot using the device.

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Online Video: Authentic Genres

Nik Peachey

Over the past few years video sharing websites have become increasingly specialised, bringing about the development of different 'genres' of video sharing sites. As online video increasingly competes with TV this has also brought about the development of genres of 'micro shows'.

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Guest Post: Using Video Games in the Classroom: by Leah Landly


Many students today play video games more than they watch television or go online. With a little creativity and the right game, teachers can use video games to strengthen their lesson and to encourage more active participation in the learning process. For example, one Ohio teacher uses "Rome: Total War" to teach students about military strategy and to encourage fact gathering and interpretation. Have any of you used video games in the classroom?

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5 Ways Video Games Transform Learning and Prepare Students for Tomorrow's Jobs


I believe the answer has been in front of us this whole time: video games. Good video games are incredibly effective at capturing our attention, converting extrinsic rewards into intrinsic motivation, and creating meaningful experiences. Here are some key insights we’ve gathered about the ways video games foster learning: 1. With Pokémon Go, for example, players got excited to go out and work toward common goals.

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Making Video Games for Higher Ed Requires Major Investment. Is It Worth It?


A majority of young adults already play video games, so using them in courses seems like a natural fit. For higher education, with smaller potential audiences and student outcomes at stake, companies are debating whether return on investment is there for game-based learning experiences. Can the time, team-based expertise, and financial outlay for creating video games in higher education bring a positive return on investment? For example, W.W. Norton & Company.

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A Conspiracy Video Teaches Kids A Lesson About Fake News


The video claims that the CIA spread the AIDS virus in Cuba, and says that was the real reason behind the decades-long U.S. It was only lifted, the narrator says, so American and French pharmaceutical companies could cash in on an AIDS vaccine developed by Cuban doctors.

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Beyond Videos: 4 Ways Instructional Designers Can Craft Immersive Educational Media


As online learning companies compete for the attention and wallets of learners, players like MasterClass , Linked Learning , Cognotion and Harvard are investing in producing videos that are so beautiful they could be National Geographic documentaries or sitcom pilots. Harvard reportedly spends $75,000-$150,000 building each new MOOC, most of which goes towards video production costs. Relate” videos get the student to feel connected to the instructor.

Exploiting a Video Viral

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My Fame Star is a great example of this and one that we can use to create lesson materials. It then converts this story into a small video report. Here's an example I created called 'How my past caught up with me.' You'll have to watch a short advertisement first) Example: Click here if the video doesn't play How to use it with students Create a video about yourself or a fictional character and ask your students to watch it and make notes about your life story.

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Practical Strategies for Flipping Our Classrooms this Fall

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How do you use video effectively? Passionate about evolving authentic learning into digital formats, Kate leads by example and shares her expertise with the global Edmodo Community and on Twitter @KtBkr4. This company has no impact on the editorial content of the show.

What the demise of Google Helpouts means for education

The Christensen Institute

A few months ago, Google Helpouts —a barely two-year-old effort to connect users to on-demand experts via video chat—folded. Helpouts was not growing fast enough to keep up with the projections that the company had set for it.

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