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4 Ways to Use Social Media for Education


billion users globally , social media has revolutionized how we communicate and connect with one another. Social media has also made its way into the world of education. With the help of social media, teachers can authentically engage with their students. Not just in our private lives.

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Overcoming Social Media Fears

Tom Murray

Amy is an awesome High School Assistant Principal from Oregon and is the type of school leader that leverages social media in her daily work; to both share the incredible things that happen in her school as well as to grow professionally. Don’t pretend to have been the perfect teacher when they were in the classroom 4.)


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Classroom Travels with Twitter: An Evolution

Ask a Tech Teacher

The social media platform became a resource when I was running on empty. Twitter as a classroom resource, you ask? I began using Twitter in my classroom soon after its introduction in 2006. Nowadays, there are so many social media platforms that it can be overwhelming to keep track of for teachers.

Twitter 334
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How to Teach Social Media Safety

Ask a Tech Teacher

These days, teachers should introduce students to the world of social media so they can begin to develop the skills they need to live a safe digital life. Then, ask your students to go home and work with their parents to adjust their privacy settings on their personal social media profiles. Create a social media contract.

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6 Classroom resources that help students become digital citizens


With so much use of technology, especially during the past school year, we need to make sure that we are helping students to build digital citizenship skills in our classrooms. 6 Classroom resources that help students become digital citizens. Have your class create their own Digital Citizenship book to inform others!

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Digital Leadership with Students and Social Media featuring Jennifer Casa-Todd

The CoolCatTeacher

Today Jennifer Casa-Todd @JCasaTodd opens our minds to social media leadership with students. She argues that we’re limiting students when we don’t let them lead using social media. Jennifer is the author of Social LEADia. Learn about the Unified Classroom. Enter the giveaway contest. Listen Now.

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How EdTech Can Encourage Healthy and Professional Social Media Use in Teens


Today’s teens have never known a world without social media. While teens are pretty savvy regarding social media use, it can be a slippery slope if they aren’t educated on how to use it correctly and safely. As of 2022, it’s estimated that about 46% of teens use some form of social media almost constantly.