Is your classroom ready for BYOD?


BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) classroom setups are very common nowadays, but there are a few aspects to consider before implementing them. I tried to BYOD when I was in college and the reactions of my teachers were mixed – some were totally open to it, while others were a bit cautious.

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5 practical tips for BYOD equity


5 practical tips for BYOD equity. One issue that comes up pretty often is that of BYOD equity. So how can schools ensure all their students can have access to the same quality of education when involved in a BYOD program? My high school building is a really old one.

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Top 10 BYOD concerns — and how to overcome them [Part 1]


BYOD at school is more than the latest buzz phrase you hear at every corner of the teacher’s rooms or along school hallways. But failure BYOD stories exist as well, and they rarely hit the headlines as often. Top 10 BYOD concerns: 1. BYOD deepens the digital divide.

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Debunking 3 myths about BYOD in the classroom


BYOD — Bring Your Own Device — has gained some momentum in today’s education system. From temp teachers to entire school districts, more and more educational staff debate about or seriously consider the adoption of BYOD in their instruction. Myth No 2: BYOD is not safe.

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BYOD and Web Based Apps, Hosted Apps

Educational Technology Guy

BYOD, Bring Your Own Device, is very popular in many schools. BYOD does present some challenges including security and access to resources and software from personal devices. The other issue is access to software. byod chromebooks server virtual Web Applications

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Orange County Public Schools Adopts Interactive Flat Panels To Support BYOD Program

The Journal

The Orange County Public School District has adopted interactive flat panels and classroom software to complement its bring-your-own-device program

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Interested in #BYOD? Become a #ConnectedEducator! #CE13

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So, you’re interested in supporting bring your own device (BYOD) where you work Congratulations! Learning Community Join a vibrant connected educators learning community for those interested in discovering what it means when we empower students to BYOD that meets all year long in a variety of platforms (Twitter, Facebook, Google). These are just some places you can go to get connected to other BYOD educators. CE13 #connectededucators 1:1 BYOD / BYOT


5 Areas of Consideration for Developing a BYOD Policy for Your School or District

The 21st Century Principal

While there is some debate about whether a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) Policy perpetuates inequities and the technology gap, school districts in times of tightening budgets and limited resources are looking for cost-effective ways to increase student access to technology. While BYOD should not be a substitution for adequately funding access to technology for all students, it is a means by which we do not have to ask students to unplug when their walk through our school building doors.


Impero Software Announces New Version of its Flagship Product ? Impero Education Pro ? at ISTE 2018


Chicago, June 24, 2018 – Impero Software, a leading provider of classroom management, network and online safety software to schools today announced the latest version of its award-winning product, Impero Education Pro V7. Founded in 2002, Impero software is now accessed by over 1.5

The (Native) App is Dead; Long Live the (Web) App

The Journal

Educational app developers can now write highly interactive apps that will run on virtually all end-user-oriented, computing devices, i.e., on all the crazy computers that kids bring into their BYOD classrooms. HTML5 is nothing short of a sea change in educational software

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Chrome Can: Sticky Notes on Your Chromebook Desktop

Dr. Shannon Doak

The applications of this little bit of software in the classroom are mainly for helping students and teachers stay organized. BYOD Chrome Can Chromebooks Friday Tech Tip Innovation Organization

Vernier app offers hands-on learning about thermal energy

eSchool News

Vernier Software & Technology developed a new free app to allow students to study thermal energy concepts by analyzing images and video captured with the FLIR ONE Thermal Camera for iOS.

New Projectors Create Immersive Experiences in the Classroom


This eBook details how today’s projection software can be used cost-effectively, including: Take notes and then send work back to the projector—no PC required. Resources projectors Projection BYOD Classoom Interactive

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Ed-specific or student specific? Which device is right for your school?

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A device just for education that’s loaded with filtering and management software sounds like a simple and convenient solution to many IT and administrator concerns. What about schools that invite students to bring your own device (BYOD)? BYOD / BYOT

Technology and Capstone Courses

Dr. Shannon Doak

In my current school, HPA, we have a program called Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) where the students are responsible for bringing a device to school. These tools, combined with the BYOD enable HPA to offer equitable access to support the capstone program at the middle school.

3 people & 3 ideas for using Twitter to share, discover, & connect with students

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You can use Twitter right on your phone without downloading any software and even with just one teacher cell phone per class, contributions can be made and modeled anywhere, anytime. BYOD / BYOT Cell phones in Education social media in education Twitter in Education

4 Take Aways from ATLIS 2017

Indiana Jen

He was also sure to point out that children can often learn coding on their own (with the self-directed software today). For example, Margie Llines and Rurik Nackerud tackled Equity in BYOD. This is especially concerning when a school has a mandated BYOD program.

The Secret to Effective Technology Integration in Schools

The CoolCatTeacher

” And in the blank insert Chromebook, iPads, BYOD, or laptops. This is what happens when you put in the hardware, buy the software, but you don’t take time to educate the human software that is so necessary for the effective use of education technology in schools.

EdTech Acronyms Explained


BYOD – Bring Your Own Device. LMS – Learning Management System (software that runs and manages educational programs). OSS – Open Source Software (programs online that are free to use).

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To improve cybersecurity, start at the endpoints

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A survey by educational software company Kajeet found an overwhelming majority of students and teachers use an array of devices—including Chromebooks and iPads—every day in the classroom. Getting better grades in cybersecurity must be a top priority for K-12 schools this year.


10 Things School Leaders Do to Kill a Teacher's Enthusiasm for Technology

The 21st Century Principal

The same goes for iPads, digital cameras, interactive boards, and any number of tech devices and software. Mandating specific devices, technologies, and software will kill an educator''s enthusiasm quickly. Fail to provide adequate hardware and/or software. It is the school leader''s responsibility to ensure teachers have adequate hardware and software for implementing technology. Purchase hardware or software after a sales pitch rather considering staff needs.

Personal devices in higher education

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Universities must therefore ensure that institutional services such as Learning Management Systems and the provision of other centralised software remain stable and accessible at all times. BYOD education learning mobile learning spaces Technology university

Mapping mobile learning

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That critical mass of users has driven a number of changes, including innovations in design of hardware and software. BYOD (bring your own device) is on the rise, with many organisations recognising the potential of employee/student owned devices. Mobile technology is a game changer.

Fabulous learning spaces

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It was refreshing to see that the school is also fully open source in its software use. He argued that the most equitable way to manage this to avoid any digital divides is to provide Open Source Software to all students.

5 steps for implementing a 1:1 program


The device is usually offered by the school, but with the spread of BYOD programs, this no longer stands true all the time. This means that both the security of the hardware and that of the software must be ensured.

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PaperCut Announced as Google for Education Premier Partner


PaperCut , a print management software provider, today announced it has joined the Google for Education Partner Program as a Premier Partner. The collaboration will provide printing solutions for G Suite and Chromebook users. [Do Do you have an innovative edtech product?


6 Pillars to Successfully Integrate Technology In Your 1:1 Classroom


Business and technology have become truly complementary: Forbes gives the example of engine manufacturers relying on software to push forward production. Check out this BYOD guide that a Washington Public School system provides its teachers for device management in the classroom. .

MobyMax: Tablet + help differentiating instruction

iLearn Technology

At Anastasis , we are a 1-1 iPad setting, this works really well for us, but we also have a population where we can request a device in a BYOD situation. It’s always nice when new toys show up in the mail to review.

Computing, Cost Savings and the Cloud: The Value of Virtualization

EdTech Magazine

Even amid the proliferation of mobile technology in K–12 schools through BYOD programs and one-to-one computing, desktop computers remain a popular choice. Computing, Cost Savings and the Cloud: The Value of Virtualization. eli.zimmerman_9856. Mon, 08/19/2019 - 09:40.

8 Characteristics of a Successful K-12 Technology Department

Ask a Tech Teacher

Online testing, BYOD, 1:1 computing, and assistive technology are only a handful of the variety of technical challenges that flow through the department every day.

Impero Education Pro, SMART partner on classroom management

eSchool News

Impero’s Education Pro remote management and monitoring software is an enhanced classroom management offering that also includes remote management tools for school technical staff. Partnership brings added functionality and platform support to SMART Sync customers.

Why School Boards Should Want to Get Devices Into the Hands of Students

Gaggle Speaks

For years, school boards have worked to put learning devices into the hands of students, whether through carts, one-to-one or BYOD initiatives. Another less-discussed benefit of educational devices and software is that you put the possibility of self-education into the hands of students.


Dell releases network appliance to provide Virtual Windows Desktops to Chromebooks

Educational Technology Guy

It uses desktop virtualization to allow Chromebooks, and other devices, to access Windows desktop software. These solutions all cost money (except for Chrome Remote Desktop) but can save money in the long run by eliminating expensive Windows workstations (initial cost, support and upgrades, software deployment) with Chromebooks and Chromeboxes. Related: BYOD and Web Based Apps, Hosted Apps Why Schools Should Go with GAFE and Chromebooks What can you do on a Chromebook?

7 Skills Students Need for Today’s Classwork

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Besides basic skills, students should be able to (age-appropriately) take care of their computer by knowing how to update software, check for viruses, and replace the printer cartridge.If you have a BYOD school, teach these. Classrooms are infused with technology.

And the top e-learning trends for 2016 are.


For those in the know, learning integration in the cloud isn’t just about using online cloud storage solutions here and there – it also involves the technical aspects of cloud computing such as learning platforms being offered as SaaS (Software as a Service) or PaaS (Platform as a Service), and the ability to access such platforms on any platform, and more importantly, 24/7 collaboration. It’s December, it’s almost the end of the year and it's time to talk about the 2016 e-learning trends.

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