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Math Journals: Reflection, Documentation, and Deep Engagement

Catlin Tucker

When math teachers ask students to document their reasoning and explain their mathematical thinking, it helps to reinforce their understanding, highlight areas of confusion or need, and document their growth over time. You can access your copy of the math journal user guide below.

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Document Learning in a Digital Portfolio

Teacher Reboot Camp

The digital portfolio tools below help students document their work in multiple ways and also can be used throughout a student’s learning journey. Seesaw is safe for K12 institutions and we are able to access the portfolios on multiple devices. Parents, peers, and teachers can comment on student work.

STEM 331

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Why It Is Important For Teachers To Convert A PDF to Word Document


Besides, there are lots of educational platforms that provide learning material teachers can access. Although most platforms can be accessed freely, almost all of them require teachers’ collaboration, enabling educators worldwide to exchange materials for their classrooms. Here is a solution to convert PDF to Word documents.

Adobe 223
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Making Print Documents & Posters Accessible

The Innovative Educator

There are times when innovative educators use print documents such as when displaying posters, student work, or infographics on a wall or bulletin board. Usually this material is not accessible to all people with disabilities or who speak languages other than English, but it doesn't have to be that way. Pick one that won't expire.

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4 Tips for using accessibility features to promote inclusion


4 Tips for using accessibility features to promote inclusion. In many cases, companies are developing accessibility features to be built into devices to promote access for all. Just as it is important to model skills to teach students, the same philosophy can be applied to accessibility features. Model technology use.

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How Our Micro-credential Audit Supports Equitable and Accessible Professional Development

Digital Promise

To support educators in accessing quality and relevant professional learning tools at the beginning of the pandemic, we curated a list of micro-credentials that could be earned with a remote or hybrid classroom. We believe that high quality must also mean accessible and equitable. Are the colors accessible?

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Digital Accessibility Is a Bigger Education Issue Than We Think. Here’s What We Can Do About It.


The newsletter, while pretty, had the gritty look of a document that’s been printed out and scanned back into the computer. As a school communications professional trained in digital accessibility, I’ve probably seen hundreds of newsletters like the one forwarded to me — and that’s a problem.