Meet NEO at BETT 2020 in London!


Meeting with like-minded people and sharing ideas of what’s currently happening in the educational sector and also of what will happen — because the future is never that far away. Going to BETT 2020? Meet NEO at BETT 2020! The post Meet NEO at BETT 2020 in London!

2 Student STEM Challenges Open Now

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Stanley Black and Decker Making for Good Student Challenge Submission Period: Now through Thursday, January 30, 2020 Resource Link: [link] Who is eligible to apply? CITGO Fueling Education Student Challenge Submission Period: Now through February 13, 2020.

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Overcoming security and privacy concerns with e-learning


Lesson plans can be tailored to meet the learning needs of individual students. Phishing scams involve sending emails to a large group of people, such as a university’s student body, that appear to be from a reputable company or individual.

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Can you teach K-12 students to become entrepreneurs?


For example, even if 70% of your students end up working for a company, they’ll still be good at coming up with a solid business strategy or be competent problem solvers. Indeed, people could work together for years before actually meeting in person!

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A step in the right direction: UAE’s investment in Africa’s youth

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The innovative insurance company has developed a unique business model for providing insurance to tens of millions of nonconsumers of insurance for “free”. The company now boasts close to 90 million customers in Africa and Asia.

The next decade of disruption in education? Unlocking networks

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On tools like Nepris or Educurious , students can meet a neurosurgeon or an engineer on the other side of the country over video chat. These seemingly rudimentary connections could prove far more valuable than meets the eye on a different dimension of performance.

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10+ new products from TCEA 2020

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During TCEA 2020, educators, decision-makers, and stakeholders came together to articulate their visions for the future of education. Related content: Can’t-miss sessions at TCEA 2020. Here’s a sampling of some of our favorite products from TCEA 2020.

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First EduJedi Training Orientation Video is Now Available to Every Educator

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The Learning Counsel’s EduJedi Leadership Society is an existing community of over 1,000 Schools and Districts that annually attend Digital Discussions meetings, as well as more than 215,000 U.S.

Post-Secondary Options That Will Let You Work From Home

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Some employers require showing up to the office for periodic meetings, but many companies hold meetings over Skype or similar channels. A website is important for any company to help advertise their services or products.

Reducing Friction in OER Adoption

Iterating Toward Openness

Or remix existing open source tools to meet their needs. If we want to facilitate a wide-scale shift away from traditionally copyrighted materials to OER, we have to meet these other faculty – the overwhelming majority of faculty – where they currently are.

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FETC Was Great(er) Again This Year

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Brunell founded the company in 2012 with his partner and wife, Brittany Brunell, who is responsible for all clinical content within Everyday Speech therapy materials. . When I think of her company, I think of a large technology vendor. By Charles Sosnik. Kudos to the team at FETC.

The Best Edtech for Students Is Backed by Research. Here’s What to Look For.


At the same time, educators face difficulty identifying edtech products that meet their needs and improve student learning. Studies paid for by the organization or company that produced the program or resources tested are typically less reliable than studies that are externally funded.

ASU’s ScaleU, an Edtech Accelerator With a University Behind It


What began with faculty interest in Stephenson’s Canadian company, Riipen, which connects students with class projects offered by actual businesses, led to conversations with a university accelerator that invests in edtech startups and connects them with faculty to launch pilot programs.

The universities that enroll more poor students have less financial aid to give

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Ward barely spoke for the rest of the meeting. Stepping into the hallway after the meeting, Ward could no longer hold back her tears. In North Carolina, where the flagship at Chapel Hill has committed to meeting 100 percent of student need, the average student gets $11,300 in aid.

Weld North Education Acquires LearnZillion in Its First K-12 Core Curriculum Deal


Weld North Education, an education company that has long focused on providing digital intervention and supplemental products in the K-12 market, has acquired LearnZillion , a Washington, D.C.-based based company that sells core curricula.

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OPINION: What if students returned to the same teachers the next year?

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Some basic current practices include grade-level team members orienting teachers who are new to the grade-level; participation in workshops/webinars provided by the curriculum company; regular teacher-teacher observations, feedback sessions and mentoring. Meet Mark Rogers.

Don’t Rely on Cute Apps and Games to Teach Coding. Turn to Your Students Instead.


So, having no idea where to begin a curriculum, they turn to so-called experts: companies that sell them products to meet new coding or STEM requirements. And many former campers are now professional coders at top technology companies.

Sparking Deeper Learning Through Authentic, Real-World Experiences


At the end of the Challenge, it was evident to the districts that each community should adopt a RWL definition that meets their own district and community context. The Roadmap : Turn-by-turn guidance to the destinations where educators and real world partners meet.

With ‘MicroBachelors’ Program, EdX Tries Again to Sell MOOCs For Undergraduate Credit


And rather than mimic a typical set of first-year liberal arts courses, as the academy did, the MicroBachelors courses will be designed to meet employers’ specific needs, drawing on input from companies like IBM and Boeing. “We

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Women in K-12 Technology Leadership Still Face Sexism. Now They’re Calling It Out.


That was one takeaway from an all-women leadership panel last week at FETC 2020 , an edtech conference in Miami. Once, after what she described as a “disturbing” conversation with a vendor, Dodd shared her concerns with the company’s president.

Clayton Christensen: A Giant of Uncommon Intellect, Teaching Prowess and Kindness


After students learned a theory by focusing on a particular industry—steel mills were a favorite—the class would often flip open the Wall Street Journal and apply the theory to different industries and companies to cement the learning. I had a meeting with him about a different topic.

Changes at the National Science Foundation Raise Objections From Education Startups


But a recent reorganization of the NSF’s grantmaking portfolio and personnel has raised concerns about whether that support will continue—especially after a dozen edtech companies that recently applied for funding said they were all unfairly rejected. There is no such thing as free money.

'Cheating Economy' Brings Frustration for Colleges—and Teachable Moments


You can read part one on the aggressive tactics used by companies, and part two on the response by colleges, and look for part three later this week.) And then they'll say, "Hey, let's meet up here,” Or, “You know what, there's people that can do this for you."

A Case for Educational Innovation Without ‘Disruption’


And it eventually will lead to those established industries falling away and the new industries and companies taking over. But the change you’re making that you’re saying is happening—is it enough to meet the needs and the challenges of students and higher-ed institutions?


How the ‘Contract Cheating’ Industry Has Gotten More Aggressive in Recruiting Students


While companies that offer to sell students “custom term papers” are nothing new, college leaders say that the shadowy industry has become more aggressive at recruiting students as customers, using a mix of social media, direct email and even parties. Do you want to meet up?”

The Inconvenient Truth about Your Team’s Culture

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Google is also widely revered for its company culture. After studying more than 180 teams across the entire company, Google found creating psychological safety was the most important aspect of any team; it wasn’t an individual’s personality, aptitude, or past leadership experiences.

When the bus is the schoolhouse

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Some families who meet the income requirements qualify for Head Start, a federally-funded preschool program for children living in poverty, but letting children attend means sending them on a long bus ride that could last over an hour, something many parents are unwilling to do.

With New Scorecard, Group Seeks Promises That Colleges Won’t Use Facial Recognition on Campus


Among the former are Stanford University and the University of Southern California, which, according to a 2019 story in student newspaper The Stanford Daily , have hosted tools designed by private company PopID that allow students to pay for meals at campus restaurants by scanning their faces.

Where education systems stumble, grassroots groups step in to raise success rates

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Among other things, the boosters who pitched international companies to come and do business in this port city promised that its high quality of education would guarantee a steady supply of skilled employees. Bishop State Community College.

Deal with online giant threatens Pennsylvania colleges, Moody’s warns

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In January 2020, the state’s 14 community colleges signed an unusual agreement with a private nonprofit university far outside Pennsylvania’s borders to encourage students to complete their bachelor’s degrees online. 27, 2020 calling Southern New Hampshire’s incursion into the Keystone State “credit negative” for all of Pennsylvania’s four-year colleges, from Penn State to Temple University.

A ‘wildly intrusive’ way to help older college students get their degrees

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Byrne calls this level of advising “wildly intrusive” with advisers telephoning and forcing these high-risk students to come in for face-to-face meetings to learn about their problems. Companies typically charge colleges $300,000 a year for providing predictive analytics services.)

Using Tech to Bring Listening Comprehension to the Classroom

As a result, his work has been featured in, Fast Company , and VentureBeat for designing digital and physical experiences for business growth. For many teachers, edtech translates to visuals and video.

Privilege for the poor: Farming giant gives back — to its workers children

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They own The Wonderful Company, the $4.6 The company is also the world’s biggest processors of almonds and pistachios. Lynda Resnick, owner of The Wonderful Company on the charter schools she and her husband have opened in California’s Central Valley.

Why Focusing On Adult Learning Builds A School Culture Where Students Thrive


Harvard researchers have been studying the impact of what they call a “growth culture” on the effectiveness and productivity of companies. But schools are not businesses and don’t operate in the same way as for-profit companies.

You can be a Paperless Classroom or a Blended Learning Classroom, but you can’t be both.

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I have not found one company that has gone paperless. Maybe there is one out there…I’m willing to say I haven’t checked with every company.