Meet NEO at OEB 2017!


OEB 2017: shaping the future of learning. Meet NEO at OEB 2017! Among the 80+ exhibitors that will participate at OEB 2017 merely a week from now you’ll find NEO LMS. The NEO team is really excited to be part of OEB 2017 and has already prepared plenty of surprises.

Global Education Conference 2017 #globaled17

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Lucy Gray and Steve Hargadon, Global Education Conference co-chairs, talk about the Global Education Conference 2017 that runs from November 13-16. Date: Friday, November 10, 2017.

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How to Hold Better Meetings

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Rushton Hurley gives us ideas for improving meetings. His first book, Making Your School Something Special , was released by EdTechTeam Press in January of 2017. His second book, Making Your Teaching Something Special , was released in June 2017.

2017 Teachers Pay Teachers’ July Conference — Overview

Ask a Tech Teacher

TpT 2017 Conference Observations. It’s more like an Amway convention than an IBM shareholder meeting. One of the largest online marketplace for teachers is Teachers Pay Teachers. If you haven’t heard of this estore, you are either new to teaching or long since retired.

Smartphones Meet Adult Education

Digital Promise

The post Smartphones Meet Adult Education appeared first on Digital Promise. Mobile technologies allow adult learners to study anytime, anywhere, extending their learning far beyond classroom hours.

MAD About Mattering 2017 Kickoff! #appsthatmatter

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Last night we kicked off the MAD about Mattering 2017 project. The picture on this post is from our teacher kickoff meeting. The post MAD About Mattering 2017 Kickoff!

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The Edtech Revolution: 2010 – 2017


Many schools employ the use of a web filter to meet these requirements; however, administrators required new solutions that extended protection to school-owned devices at home. The proposal must meet Florida Department of Education criteria.

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10 Summer Jobs For Teachers 2017

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Please find 10 summer jobs for teachers in 2017 listed below. 10 Summer Jobs For Teachers in 2017: Back to Basics Learning Dynamics is hiring experienced, accomplished tutors, teachers, translators, interpreters, and education specialists in Delaware. Summer jobs for teachers in 2017!

CUE Presents the LeRoy’s Big Idea 2017 Finalists


It was a challenging process, but in the end our selection panel managed to choose five Big Ideas to be represented at the CUE 2017 National Conference. Let’s meet the five finalists and see what the Big Idea is. CUE is you, the educators.

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Happy New Year! Thank you PLN for An Awesome 2017!

Teacher Reboot Camp

Many of you got to meet her at the ISTE conference or saw her develop online. I began the Teacher Reboot Camp blog in 2009. It amazes me so many of you are still here as I continue to grow as an educator and learner.

Win a Veative VR headset at ISTE 2017!


Calling all ISTE 2017 attendees! If you’re attending ISTE 2017, there are two ways you can win your very own Veative VR Learn headset. Play the expo hall raffle and come meet us at our booth! Trending Virtual Reality ISTE 2017Want to win a Veative VR Learn VR headset?

More Inclusive Meetings


We’ve written a lot here at ProfHacker about making meetings and conferences better. Recently, I came across this list from University of Michigan Department of Human Resources, 10 Tips for Inclusive Meetings. Profession conference inclusiveness meetings so many meetings

NEO will be at ISTE 2017!


The countdown has begun and we can hardly contain our enthusiasm at the thought of meeting once again so many beautiful people who, before anything else, are interested in how to leverage technology in order to do more for student learning. We can’t wait to meet you at ISTE 2017!

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A Thinking Person’s Guide to EdTech News (2017 Week 35 Edition)

Doug Levin

A Thinking Person’s Guide to EdTech News (2017 Week 35 Edition). " Tagged on: September 2, 2017 A Classroom of Tomorrow | CURMUDGUCATION → A biting and satirical response to the New York Times' latest article on teacher brand ambassadors. Tagged on: August 27, 2017.

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STEM Project: When Minecraft Meets Google Streetview.


Google Street View is amazing. It allows you to walk the streets of the world and view amazing artefacts and monuments. Minecraft is a tool that can be used to build and create things. How can I use these tech tools in a STEM project?

Meet Me Inside, Meet Me Inside

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The post Meet Me Inside, Meet Me Inside appeared first on The Jose Vilson. The students already dispersed. They left desks misaligned, books out-of-place, looseleaf discarded, and the only adult in the room weary.

Resources and Wrap Ups From #FETC 2017

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I spent the last week in warm and sunny Orlando attending the 2017 FETC Conference. We looked at the various ways you can apply the flipping methodology to meetings to provide more professional learning time in your school and district.

COLUMN: When body meets mind in learning

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In a 2017 study with 93 native Spanish-speaking children in Arizona, he reports a “large positive benefit in story comprehension.” The post COLUMN: When body meets mind in learning appeared first on The Hechinger Report.

This Is What It’s Like To Teach Online And Meet Your Students In-Person

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In this interview, Ian shares his experience and describes what it was like to meet his students face to face. First, as an experience is was truly moving to meet my students. My favorite part of teaching is meeting new students.

Joining the ed tech game changers at BETT 2017


The 2017 edition was packed-full with game-changers. The NEO team attended the Bett Show 2017 and met many amazing people there. We thank everyone who responded to our calls and social media posts and who booked a meeting with either of us.

Remote Meeting Tips

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In 2017 MarketWatch predicted 50% of the workforce would be working remotely by now. Roles Assigning roles will help your remote meetings run more smoothly. They were wrong. An unforeseen pandemic has made remote working an essential component for much of today's workforce.

A Thinking Person’s Guide to EdTech News (2017 Week 35 Edition)

Doug Levin

A Thinking Person’s Guide to EdTech News (2017 Week 35 Edition). " Tagged on: September 2, 2017 A Classroom of Tomorrow | CURMUDGUCATION → A biting and satirical response to the New York Times' latest article on teacher brand ambassadors. Tagged on: August 27, 2017.

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Meet the 5 Education Technology Startups From Y Combinator’s Summer 2017 Class


Michael Seibel (@mwseibel) August 21, 2017. Investor pitch events are a dime a dozen, but no one does it with the flair and furor of Y Combinator. Now in its 25th Demo Day, the Silicon Valley accelerator has created a machine for turning fledgling ideas into businesses that get investors salivating—and writing checks. Since 2005, Y Combinator has funded 1,430 companies and nearly 3,500 founders. Its graduates have gone on to raise more than $13 billion in total.

Labors and Dangers [2017 At Last]

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In education, the phrase "for the kids" kept intensifying in popularity, but 2017 showed us who was willing to get dirty when the murk was abundant. The post Labors and Dangers [2017 At Last] appeared first on The Jose Vilson.

5 Lies I Used to Believe About Teaching But I Don’t Anymore

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Date: Friday, December 8, 2017. In marketing or advertising meetings, people would say, “Well, I wouldn’t be interested in that.” Now for the next three weeks, we’re going to be counting down the Top 15 Episodes of 2017.

The Personalized Learning Journey: Oh The Places You'll Go, And How The Friends You Meet Can Help You

Education Elements

In the book Oh The Places You’ll Go, Dr. Seuss describes the excitement and trepidation we all feel before we embark on a new adventure. There are going to be tales of success, failure, and everything in between, but what makes this journey so special is it truly becomes your own. Leaders

This Is How It Feels To Meet Your Online Students In-Person

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Have you ever wondered what it can feel like to meet some of your online students in-person? On August 15, 2017, 51Talk brought students from China to New York to compete in an English competition titled: The 51Talk Star Final.

Meeting the Educational Challenges of COVID-19 Together

MIND Research Institute

ST Math meets WWC quasi-experiment and ESSA Tier 2 requirements, and the program's unique, patented approach delivers robust results on a national scale. 2017). 2017). 2017). Reimagining the role of technology in education: 2017 national education technology plan update.

Class Is Almost In Session At ISTE 2017


We’re only a few weeks away from ISTE 2017 in San Antonio, TX where we’ll be launching VR Learn , a new offering for for 3D, VR, AR and mixed reality education. Email us at to set up a demo or one-on-one meeting.

3 Strategies to Organize Google Drive and Meet the Needs of ALL Learners


The post 3 Strategies to Organize Google Drive and Meet the Needs of ALL Learners appeared first on EdTechTeacher. In the G Suite for EDU environment, Google Drive is a wonderful, unlimited storage place for files of all types.

Get Inspired Whether You’re at #ISTE2017 or #NotAtISTE

Teacher Reboot Camp

We’d love to meet you face-to-face and interview you. Shelly Sanchez (@ShellTerrell) June 15, 2017. We will meet there around 10 a.m. Events Holidays #ISTE2017 #NOTATISTE edtech Education conferences ISTE ISTE 2017

Summer 2017 Learning Series-6 Awesome Tools To Try This School Year

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The possibilities for students to demonstrate what they know and for educators and leaders to get back time in faculty meetings are truly endless. Send a tweet, write a blog post, lead a PLC meeting, share in a faculty meeting.

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Meet the Webinators

At the ISTE 2017 conference this year, edWeb held a poster session to “Meet the Webinars” where three of our “star” Webinators – Michelle Luhtala, Shannon Holden, and Rachel Langenhorst – met with some of their edWeb fans and continued to spread the word about the free world of edWeb PD

Summer 2017 Learning Series: Create Solid School:Home Relationships This Year

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Ensuring that all stakeholders receive the best, most complete information, on a “channel” that meets their needs can be a challenge. Periscope -Live broadcast meetings or other events for parents/community members who can’t attend.

A Thinking Person’s Guide to EdTech News (2017 Week 12 Edition)

Doug Levin

A Thinking Person’s Guide to EdTech News (2017 Week 12 Edition). Tagged on: March 26, 2017 Are computers teachers? Tagged on: March 26, 2017 Arizona lags behind in schools' internet access, but change is coming | → “Urban Arizona keeps progressing and keeps getting access to better technology,” he said. Tagged on: March 25, 2017 Cybersecurity Knowledge Quiz | Pew Research Center → This is not easy (though I did get 10/10).

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