Robot alligators

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I spent this morning at the Maker Tech Camp at Edwards Elementary here in Ames. The Team Neutrino First Robotics student helpers from Ames High were of great assistance. I spent this morning at the Maker Tech Camp at Edwards Elementary here in Ames.

Finch Robots are Coming to Our Library Makerspace in Fall 2015

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Our library makerspace will feature 12 Finch Robots by BirdBrain Technologies during the 2015-2016 school year. The robots are on loan to us for the entire school year, and this loan comes with the possibility of these robots being a permanent donation to our space.

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Using Robots to Teach Young Elementary Students to Code

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At my school, we've been teaching coding to our lower-elementary students for the past few years, and have incorporated robots from Wonder Workshop into the activities. The students in Pre-K through 2nd grade love it when I bring the robots to class. Their enthusiasm is palpable, and the Pre-K students show a particular attachment to our robots, Dash and Dot. This involves discovery-based play using the Wonder Workshop robots (Dash and Dot) and apps.

Robots teach coping and programming

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Students with special needs respond to interactive robots. One New Jersey school district here has a new member of its teaching staff: Nao, an interactive robot that works with students who have autism and those with language impairments.

Matching funds pair robots, underserved classrooms

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Dollar-for-dollar match brings robots to classrooms teaching computational thinking. Wonder Workshop will match one dollar for every dollar donated towards funding projects that bring the Dash & Dot robots to schools in need.

Maker Education Activities

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This coming summer I am getting the opportunity to teach a maker education camp for three weeks, half-days at a local elementary school.

Cross Curricular Maker Education Activity That Addresses Common Core Standards

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My primary job is that of educating pre and in-service teachers with a bit of teaching elementary students along the way. What follows is a specific lesson for upper elementary and middle school students. Brief Description: Learners create a robot using geometric shapes and LEDs.

Best Learning Apps of 2015

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2015 was another great year for learning apps. The Robot Factory by Tinybop. This sandbox app lets students design robots, leveraging play to spark interest in engineering. Kids direct their own creation ideas and styles by choosing robot parts such as the torso, head, arms, legs, hands, facial features, and color scheme. Plus, excellent elementary NGSS engineering practices are embedded in fun gameplay.

Coding and Bots

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I have been asked to return to teach summer enrichment classes on maker education for elementary-aged learners at a local school during the summer of 2016. Although I like the use of iPads and computers, I want elementary aged students to have to directly interact with materials.

Learning About Young Makers

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In my role as a teacher as ethnographer, I made some initial observations during my first two weeks of teaching maker education for elementary age students. During our maker education summer camp, the young makers made LED projects, circuit crafts, and simple robotics.

Top 12 Tools for Teaching Elementary Kids How to Code

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The youngest budding programmers will benefit most from iPad apps like ScratchJr , Kodable Class , and My Robot Friend. Click Here for Our Full List of Elementary Coding ToolsCoding teaches kids to be problem-solvers and critical thinkers. It's an invaluable 21st-century skill. This week, we're highlighting tools that help kids learn to code -- tools that encourage them to become creators, not just consumers, of the technology they use. .

Questions to Ask Oneself While Designing Learning Activities

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I just got a job teaching technology units for a summer camp for elementary age students. I absolutely love planning lessons from scratch. I can design and teach whatever I want – planning for a different theme each week.

K-12 Educators and Administrators: Share Your Ed-tech Pilot Approach

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8 PM ET, March 27, 2015. We believe our middle school students are ready for more complex projects, including using simulations which require students to program robots to solve challenges. “We first piloted an adaptive math program with elementary school students.

Making MAKEing More Inclusive

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Maker education spaces can be as large as full high school workshops with high-tech tools, or as small and low-tech as one corner of an elementary classroom. You gotta do more than robots,” she said. ( MAKE’ing More Diverse Makers ).

Creating A Fire For Inquiry Starts At The Beginning

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When the world talks about STEM education for the most part they talk around elementary teachers rather than to elementary school teachers. These programs, like Science Olympiad and First Robotics are building and encouraging students to continue to pursue lofting and rigorous goals.


Tinkering in Our Open Makerspace

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I love hearing how the elementary students and college students talk to one another. — Andy Plemmons (@plemmonsa) October 27, 2015. — Andy Plemmons (@plemmonsa) October 27, 2015. — Andy Plemmons (@plemmonsa) October 27, 2015.

Popup Makerspace at UGA with the Maker Dawgs and Flipgrid

Barrow Media Center: Expect the Miraculous

We are on a field trip with @plemmonsa and his students from Barrow Elementary School. — Flipgrid (@flipgrid) April 2, 2015. — Andy Plemmons (@plemmonsa) April 2, 2015. — Andy Plemmons (@plemmonsa) April 2, 2015.

Recent Scenes from Our Makerspace and an Exciting Update!

Barrow Media Center: Expect the Miraculous

— Andy Plemmons (@plemmonsa) January 28, 2015. One student brought a robotic dog that can be controlled through an app and another student brought his snap circuits. makered #tlchat #ccsdath [link] — Andy Plemmons (@plemmonsa) January 28, 2015.

Day 2: The Feeling of Greatness Has Returned

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We lost two of our matches today due to physical problems/changes on the robot and just because we were against a better alliance team. They had questions about our robot during the game and the second set was a larger number.if My face was drawn today by an NXT powered lego robot.

The Best Educational App. Ever??? by @SamPatue


It’s that parents of elementary students are looking for someone to talk to about iPads, phones, tablets, and how their kids are using them. As I was preparing to present to the parents, I created a small slide deck, grabbed a robot, and headed over to the elementary school.

iPad 137

Game Education: It’s in Their DNA – Guest Post from Courtney Pepe


At Dayton Hall Elementary School in Charleston, South Carolina, kindergarten teacher and Apple Distinguished Educator, Kristi Meeuwse, chose to pilot Tangible Play by Osmo because it is hands on and manipulative in nature. Game #4 – Sphero the Robot.

5 Digital Tools (& tips) to Help New School Leaders – Guest Post From Courtney Pepe


Sphero Challenges that were provided to me by other teachers who had their students use their coding skills to make Sphero the robot to do the hokey pokey as well as navigate an obstacle course. This guest post from Courtney Pepe ( @iPadQueen2012 ) first appeared on Daily Genius.

Robot Maker Wonder Workshop Raises a $20M Series B to Expand Internationally


The company’s flagship products are two round blue robots aimed at introducing students six to 12 to computational thinking. Students use an iOS or Android app to code commands for the robots. Wonder Workshop claims that more than 4,000 elementary schools in the US and 2,000 across the rest of the world have incorporated Dash and Dot into their curricula already. By the end of 2015, 1,500 schools, mostly American, had adopted it.

Wildly Audacious Goals and the Power of One

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So then we thought that maybe we could pool our money and buy a Sphero robot to do random acts of kindness for others. In 2010, I thought that technology might be the savior of education.

From MakerSpace to MakerFaire – Guest Post from Christine Boyer


Since creating our school’s makerspace in November 2013, I’ve seen a small revolution start to grow within our elementary school and also across our district. Technology in Elementary Classrooms.

No Student Is Unreachable

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All he wants to do is work with Mr. B, the teacher in the robotics lab.”. The contact wouldn’t have to be earned, because kids shouldn’t have to earn something that they really need; Garrett needed time with Mr. B and robotics as much as a typical student needed to be in social studies.

Metanoia- the journey of changing one’s mind, heart, self, or way of life (basically what #edu is all about!)

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We also have Chromebooks, projectors, robots, etc. The problem with education reform is that we keep attempting to change surface level systems and hoping for deep systemic change as a result.

What did Hour of Code look like in Vermont?

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And for a closer look, check out the collection of pictures you all submitted directly to Vermont’s Hour of Code site in our 2015 Gallery. Some schools participated in making the Robot Rodeo Announcement as an opportunity to continue coding beyond and hour of code.

Facebook helps makerspaces expand in the classroom

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By the end of this week, five out of seven of the district’s public schools will have spaces filled with 3D printers, Legos, laptops, robots and more for hands-on learning. The spaces in the district focus on robotics, coding and creating.

Messy Works: How to Apply Self-Organized Learning in the Classroom


” Recently, Bechtel has been experimenting with Self-Organized Learning Environments, or SOLEs , in her elementary school classes. Every year ninth-graders do an end-of-year project called “Rockets and Robots” where they eventually build both a rocket and a robot.

How to Bring Playfulness to High School Students


” Teenagers need creative outlets, just like elementary school children. At the makerspaces and “fab labs” that some high schools now have, students make jewelry, build guitars out of cigar boxes, design robots or lanterns, even sew their own clothes.

Cool Coding Tools for a Summer of Learning

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Kids headed to coding camps will get to build things they can actually enjoy and use, like robots, computer games, and iOS apps. For those with coding camps on the mind, we're highlighting our popular Best Apps and Websites for Learning Programming and Coding top picks list, along with our grade level-specific lists: Best Coding Tools for Elementary , Best Coding Tools for Middle School, and Best Coding Tools for High School.

What a School District Designed for Computational Thinking Looks Like


Instead, each team member spent a few minutes sketching out how one part — a marble run, say, or a Lego Robotics kicking foot — would operate within the machine. They started incubating coding, robotics and other computational project classes in after-school programs and summer clubs.

Busting Stereotypes: A Homeschool-Public School Partnership That Works


Elementary school is cheaper to operate and most can do so on state funds with some left over, said recently retired Berrien Springs Superintendent Jim Bermingham, who started the partnership. He also credits the homeschool community for bringing other innovations to the district, like a robotics club. The homeschoolers were asking for a robotics class , which they got, but a public school educator also got involved and together they formed a robotics club.

From Legos to Maker Labs: Fun and Learning After School

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As you can imagine, an elementary-school maker club is bound to look different than its middle or high school counterpart. For those still unsure what form their making will take, we have an extensive collection of littleBits , modular electronics prototyping kits, and a Lego robotics set to scaffold the making process. For more than six hours each day, we aim to seize every teachable moment.

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