How educators and teachers can get the most out of online forms software - guest post

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How educators and teachers can get the most out of online forms software Online forms might not be the first thing that comes to mind as a helpful classroom tool. Follow me on Twitter and Google+.

Google Outpaces Other Tech Companies as the Most Trusted Brand

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By Meghan Bogardus Cortez A new survey shows efficacy in the tech giant’s domination of the market. Classroom Hardware PCs Productivity Suites Software

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7 New Features Added To Google Classroom

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Google Announces New Features In Google Classroom. At TeachThought, while we love Apple’s products, app ecology, and general aesthetic, we tend towards recommending Google for most classrooms. 7 Changes To Google Classroom. Attach a Google Form to a post.

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What is G Suite for Education? | What You Need to Know! (FREE Download)

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Whether you are brand new to Google or a seasoned user, there are probably a few things you don’t know about G Suite for Education. If you want to become a Google Certified Educator or Trainer, you need to learn the basics of G Suite for Education. (It

Google Apps Are Used Widely in K-12. A New Tool Will Show Just How Useful They Are.


One doesn’t need to search long to see how deep Google has seeped into schools. Forty million use Google Classroom, its learning management system. Kevin Kells, global director at Google for Education It’s hardly an exact science.

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Formative Assessment and Google Forms


Formative Data by Tracy Watanabe - Created with Haiku Deck, presentation software that inspires Gleaning results from the data and providing specific feedback must be timely, which is why I like using Google Forms (along with other tools).

All the Upgrades and Updates From Apple, Google and More at ISTE 2018


Software Updates Google is reorganizing its Classroom platform to make it easier to sort materials by topic. Frontline Education , a provider of K-12 data software, is developing a new feature (or “skill”) for Alexa that allows administrators to access data, such as teacher evaluation reports and employment rates, through voice-activated commands. McGraw-Hill introduces a new English language arts software for grades 2-7 called Redbird Language Arts & Writing.

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Battle of the Classrooms: Apple, Google, Microsoft Vie for K-12 Market


It’s terribly confusing, but perhaps no coincidence, that three of the world’s most prominent consumer technology companies—Apple, Google, Microsoft—each boast a “Classroom” tool aimed at K-12 educators and students. Google Google Classroom. Updates and Upgrades: The first of the “Classrooms,” Google Classroom launched in August 2014. Students and teachers using the platform have access to and work within Google Suite products including Docs, Sheets, Slides and more.

5 Interactive Presentations Ideas that will Engage Students

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3.Polls, surveys & quizzes - One of the most recognizable and used tools in the classroom to get a fast reaction from students are polls, surveys & quizzes. Surveys would require printed-paper with multiple choices, scales, or short answers to gather opinions.

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NearPod for Class/Workshop Polling


Last week, Amy Cavendar wrote about using Google Forms for polling. I agree with the general direction of moving away from “clickers” that need dedicated hardware and instead using software that allows students to use their own mobile devices (phones, tablets, laptops) to respond.

How to Build a Modern School – 6 Key Elements to Embed in Your Groundwork

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In fact, 65% of Millennials in a study felt they are not confident in face-to-face interactions from a survey from One Poll. VR technology like Google Tour Creator will allow students to create and take virtual tours anywhere around the world in an immersive 360-degree environment.

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Information Sharing at the 2019 Nonprofit Technology Conference

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Below are a few online tools and software suggestions that can help your organization during this process. Google Draw (free). Software. Conducting pre-surveys to assess baseline knowledge and skill sets provides a roadmap of where to start and where to go.

Personalizing Bulk Emails: MailMerge for Gmail vs MailChimp


But recently, someone asked me to help them send personalized emails to a large group of people they had surveyed… and I remembered MailMerge. Turns out there is an option to use MailMerge for Gmail and it’s a simple add-on you use with Google Sheets.

Can EdTech enable Social Emotional Learning (SEL)?


SEL plays a significant role in achieving that goal, with the district: Collecting SEL data through student and teacher self-report surveys. Brain Power have developed EmpoweredBrain, a Google Glass adaptation that shows students a different perspective on their own world.

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3 Teachers that are crushing assessments with ed-tech


The files were also uploaded to the university’s software, enabling them to archive their thoughts, and access them during the semester. Google Forms in elementary school. She has also found a number of useful ways that Google forms can help her with formative assessments.

Two Models for Leveling Up How You Integrate Technology and Teaching

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A 2019 Common Sense survey found that only four out of every 10 teachers consider the professional development that they received on the use of technology in the classroom to be effective. By Paul Erickson and Paul Gigliotti.

How Is Cloud Computing Revolutionizing the Education Industry?

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Many renowned names in the game, such as Blackboard and Google, are now offering their own cloud-based virtual classroom suites. When I started teaching, syncing work between school and home was impossible.

Are Free Educational Videos Worth It?


of teachers surveyed use video in their teaching but access and the quality of good educational videos are a growing concern for teachers. Of the teachers we surveyed, 30% of teachers reported that their institution restricts access to some popular websites.

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Three Things Teachers Need to Spot—and Stop—Plagiarism


According to the International Center for Academic Integrity, 58% of more than 70,000 students surveyed say they have plagiarized someone else’s ideas in their writing. Teachers’ options include checking for plagiarism manually or using time-saving software designed for this very purpose. Plagiarism-detection software can address the most pressing needs of classroom educators faced with assessing students’ written work. Google Classroom integration.

Student Response in the Classroom

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Google Forms : useful tool to help you create surveys, give student assessments, collect any type of information in a streamlined way. share it out to students, as they respond, project the real-time results from you response Google Spreadsheet.

How To Protect Your Privacy As An Online Student.


According to a survey from RoboForm, 63% of users have lost a password or had it compromised. Listen to Browser Security Software Warnings. If you are using Google Chrome or FireFox, your browser will let you know about any security risks.

Innovative Ways to Encourage Writing

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Have them take the following surveys: Edutopia’s Multiple Intelligences quiz . There are three great options for audio writing in your classroom: Audacity –software download; free. Slides–online free slideshow tool from Google. Google Sheets–from Google.

7 Innovative Writing Methods for Students

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Have them take the following surveys: Edutopia’s Multiple Intelligences quiz . There are three great options for audio writing in your classroom: Audacity –software download; free. Slides–online free slideshow tool from Google. Google Sheets–from Google.

Take Two: Clever’s Newest Effort to Help Teachers Try Before They Buy Edtech


The San Francisco-based company is best known for its rostering technology that provisions user accounts for software, and a single sign-on service that makes it easy for students and teachers to log into and use tools purchased by district officials. A report published in January suggests that most software licenses purchased go unused. Another recent survey found that, on average, districts saw more than 700 different edtech products used each month during the last school year.

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Employers Pay for Job Referrals. Now Job Seekers Can, Too.


This week, a software engineer in Atlanta is willing to pay $40 for a referral at IBM, Microsoft, or Warner Media. And a recent graduate from a French university will pay $20 for a good word at Google—ideally for a job in Paris, London or Berlin.

GitHub’s New Education Bundle Equips Students With Industry-Standard Coding Tools


million companies across the world, GitHub is considered the standard when it comes to software development platforms. GitHub is where many companies, including Google, Facebook and Twitter, host their open-source projects. In a nutshell, GitHub is a collaborative development tool popular among programmers and software companies. Similar to Google Docs, Github will save historical snapshots of a project so that users can always revert to an earlier version.)

K–12 Teachers Use Virtual and Augmented Reality Platforms to Teach Coding

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Since 1990, jobs in science, technology, engineering and math have grown by 79 percent , and are expected to grow an additional 13 percent by 2027 , according to a 2018 Pew Research Center survey. . K–12 Teachers Use Virtual and Augmented Reality Platforms to Teach Coding. eli.zimmerman_9856.

How Districts Can Unlock Actionable Data

In a 2018 survey , the majority of school districts either have 1:1 as a current goal or have already achieved it. Along with a 1:1 goal, comes the deluge of edtech tools, software, and applications into classrooms.

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Social Media and Kids - what you should know - guest post

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Instagram According to the above Pew survey, Instagram is the second most popular social platform for teens. Consider putting proper safety measures in place, too, such as installing security software and keeping networks secure. Follow me on Twitter and Google+.

Grammar Check Websites and Apps That Save Your Writing

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Global Lingo surveyed 1,029 people and found that 59% “would not use a company that had obvious grammatical or spelling mistakes on its website or marketing material”. It can be used as a Chrome extension, with Google Docs and MS Word, on the web, and on your desktop.

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The massive experiment in New Orleans schools that few have noticed

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Five-year-old Mykell Robinson practices his reading on the Lexia software while a small group of classmates work with a teacher. What’s different about the trend today is that educational technology companies are eagerly marketing software under the “personalized learning” label.

Here’s Why Teachers Adopt New Tech — and Why They Don’t


And the number of education-specific apps, services, and software I actually used consistently? Most teachers I know have adopted the Google Suite into their practice. I can’t count the number of technological tools that were marketed directly to me during my 14-year teaching career.

How Online Tools Help Teachers Perform Digital Assessment


For example, Unicheck plagiarism checker Google Docs Add-on allows students not just avoid accidental and self-plagiarising, but check the property of marking citations and references. Plickers is another real-time educational software allowing to get data for an assessment?

What if we hired for skills, not degrees?

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One day, a friend forwarded an email about Resilient Coders, a boot camp that trains people of color for web development and software engineering jobs. 63 percent — Percent of business and HR leaders in a recent survey who had trouble filling middle-skills jobs.

A Thinking Person’s Guide to EdTech News (2017 Week 13 Edition)

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And yet survey after survey says that we expect that this data is being used to obtain medical or educational breakthroughs.” This week, I introduced the K-12 Cyber Incident Map. Thanks to those who helped spread the word of its release and for offering feedback.

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