Creating iChampions in Texas Elementary Schools

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When the bell rings, students rotate to a Reading and Social Studies class where another set of stages await them. To learn more about Hook Elementary, visit Hook Elementary’s website. The post Creating iChampions in Texas Elementary Schools appeared first on Digital Promise.

Study reveals elementary math gains

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Study of grades 3-5 students showed improved math achievement with personalized learning approach. Results of the study determined that DreamBox usage was significantly associated with increased student achievement when controlling for students’ baseline test scores.

5 Free Tech Tools to Try in Your Social Studies Lessons [ENCORE]

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In today’s show, he talks about top free tech tools to try in social studies lessons. The post 5 Free Tech Tools to Try in Your Social Studies Lessons [ENCORE] appeared first on Cool Cat Teacher Blog by Vicki Davis @coolcatteacher helping educators be excellent every day.

Study 269

5 Free Tech Tools to Try in Your Social Studies Lessons

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In today’s show, he talks about top free tech tools to try in social studies lessons. Richard Byrne the author of Free Technology for Teachers has some fantastic professional development courses including a course for history / social studies teachers.

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5 Free and Fun Online Tools for Studying


5 Free and Fun Online Tools for Stress-Free Studying I always give my Scholastic posts a lot of thought. I am excited to share a few of my favorite studying tools with you. Quizlet Quizlet states it best, "We make simple learning tools that let you study anything, for free."

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50+ Free Interactive Games for Elementary


over 50 games for EACH grade level ~ is My FAVORITE website for elementary learning! The site is perfect for any elementary grade level. For example, we may play Fraction Fling (similar to Angry Birds) before we launch our study of fractions.

Why Elementary Schools Should Teach Kids to Play Poker


This is known as the marshmallow study because oftentimes the reward was a marshmallow, but it could also be other things. So this ended up being one of the longest longitudinal studies in psychology.

12 Great Social Studies Apps for Elementary Students

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May 22, 2017 This is the seventh post is a series of posts covering educational iPad apps to use with elementary students. We are trying to build a repository of good apps elementary students more. iPad apps for elementary students

Some Good Educational iPad Social Studies Apps for Elementary Students

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October 25, 2017 To those of you asking about social studies apps to use with elementary students, the visual below has you covered. These apps, curated from iTunes App Collections, cover more. Repost

Will new standards improve elementary science education?

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Science could be considered the perfect elementary school subject. It’s one of three elementary school science curriculums Callahan is helping to pilot now that her district decided to re-commit to elementary science education.

Arts-based Teaching in Elementary Schools

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With efforts like Rhode Island School of Design’s championing of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math, the arts remain at the forefront of dialogue about best practices in elementary education). Arts-based Teaching Models in Elementary Schools. By Kathleen J.

5 Classroom Design Themes for Elementary Make-Overs!


From "White-Room" to Classroom - Enter the G i v e - A w a y at the Bottom of this Post - Prior to entering the profession of teaching, I studied Interior Design at Michigan State University for a bit more than three years.

Whole Wide World: a free Social Studies App for 5-8 year olds Launched Last Night!


Learning content : Whole Wide World features a range of themed content around Geography, Social Studies, History, and Culture introduced through exciting action, logic, puzzle, and matching games. I love sharing Fingerprint Apps because my almost 4 year old and 7 year old totally dig them!

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Elementary School Kids Getting Too Much Homework, Study Shows

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A study published in the American Journal of Family Therapy has shown that students in the earlier years of elementary school are getting more homework than education leaders suggest they receive – and sometimes as many as three times the recommended amount.

Figuring out flexibility in an elementary classroom

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” In retrospect, 5th-grade teacher Diane Johnson laments the lack of diversity of students’ experiences in her first blended-learning classroom at Orr Elementary School. Diane Johnson’s story accompanies four other educators’ blended learning journeys in our latest case study, “Blended (r)evolution: How 5 teachers are modifying the Station Rotation to fit students’ needs.” “Everyone was doing the same thing.”

Technology, Learning, & Chromebooks in the Elementary Classroom – from Avra Robinson


Many people fear that computer usage in the early elementary years consists of just “playing games” and want to limit the “screen time.” Google Drive organization can be its own unit of study. Technology in Elementary Classrooms. This post first appeared on Daily Genius.

5 Tools to Teach Coding to Late Elementary Students


I like this as a starting place for late elementary because there is so much I can do with it. Root's functionality for late elementary starts with the app. This seems like a no-brainer, but is a great place to start with late elementary coding because it's free.

Elementary Technology Favorites by Grade Level

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One of the things shared was the list of "tried and true" technology usage by grade level at our elementary school. Quizlet (free) works on multiple platforms Makes simple learning tools that lets the student study anything.

Study Examines Effective Ways to Help Low-Income Students Make Reading Gains


To identify the instruction most effective at advancing literacy skills for students from low socioeconomic (SES) backgrounds, Lexia Learning, a Rosetta Stone® (NYSE: RST) company, conducted a three-year longitudinal study with students in early elementary grades

Study: Blended Learning Literacy Tool Boosts Reading Achievement


Findings from a new study suggest that Raz-Plus® is an effective supplemental resource to improve elementary students’ reading achievement and interest

Get inspired by Project Based Learning! 3 Awesome PBL case studies


The key concept is active learning , which dovetails neatly into today’s topic where I will share with you three incredible Project Based Learning (PBL) case studies, that I hope will inspire you to be more ambitious in designing, developing and implementing PBL in your classroom.

Class Tech Tips: Adobe Spark Activities for Elementary Students


This post includes a handful of Adobe Spark activities for elementary students! On each slide of Spark Video students can add an image related to an animal they are studying. Creation in the classroom is essential at every age.

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How to Use Robots in Elementary Classrooms – From Courtney Pepe


My elementary faculty impressed me with their ability to use these 21st-century robots in a variety of subject areas including language arts and humanities. Example #2 – Using BeeBots in an Elementary Language Arts Lesson.

New Research-Based Games Available for Elementary School Students


The elementary school games complement Legends of Learning’s existing middle school suite of more than 800 games and simulations.

Two studies point to the power of teacher-student relationships to boost learning

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Two studies on elementary schools published in June 2018 point to the importance giving teachers and students plenty of time to form relationships. And a May 2018 study found that when teachers are antagonistic, college students learn less.

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Five Reasons Why Elementary Teachers Should Flip Math First

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Four years ago, before the concept of flipped learning really took off, I wrote a blog post about flipping the elementary classroom. It was that realization that ultimately led Aaron Sams and I to write Flipped Learning for Elementary Instruction.

How social studies can help young kids make sense of the world

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Experts say that requires regular and high-quality social studies lessons, starting in kindergarten, to teach kids to be critical thinkers and communicators who know how to take meaningful action. Border Crossers trainers Ben Howort and Ana Duque are both former elementary school teachers.

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A study finds promise in project-based learning for young low-income children

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A study of project-based learning found that social studies scores were higher for second-grade students who learned this way, compared to students who were taught traditionally. studied civics in the fall of 2016, they began by exploring a nearby park in Pontiac.

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Elementary school teachers struggle with Common Core math standards

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2, 2014 photo, teacher Joy Burke surprises her students with homemade cookies as they leave their fifth grade class at John Hay Elementary school in Seattle. Cookies and math tend to go together in an elementary school classroom. In this Thursday, Oct.

Grant helps elementary schools boost engineering enthusiasm

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For the start of the 2016-17 school year, 11 elementary classroom teachers and two teacher technology librarians across the district’s five elementary schools have volunteered to participate in this pilot year of using the program Engineering is Elementary (EiE).

Cheaper human tutors can be highly effective, studies show

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Robert Slavin, director of the Center for Research and Reform in Education at Johns Hopkins University, recently set out to find the most effective programs to teach elementary and middle school students. But it was based on very few studies.

Study 81

Study finds that new principals can boost student achievement — with a little help

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Drawing clear lessons that are useful to school leaders is challenging but this study could be a potentially influential document in persuading school districts across the country to spend money on this “principal pipeline initiative” and enable them to pay for it with federal funds earmarked for poor students. One big problem with this Wallace study is that the student gains materialized throughout the districts, not just in schools that got new principals.

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Students Step up to Lead Tech Implementation at Their Elementary School


Maggie is a fifth grader at Roosevelt Elementary School in Park Ridge, Illinois and in Fall 2017, she was trained to become a “TechXpert” at her school so she could coach fellow students daily during the tech lab at the LRC. In January 2016, the parent teacher organization at Roosevelt Elementary generously purchased a number of new tools for our school including Spheros, Dash and Dots, Cubelets, Snap Circuits, Osmos, Marble Mazes and a 3D printer.

5 Things to Know About Gen Z Kids

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Shalini Shankar or episode 480 of the 10-Minute Teacher Shalini Shankar has been studying Generation Z. Shalini Shankar – Bio As Submitted Shalini Shankar Shalini Shankar is Professor of Anthropology and Asian American Studies at Northwestern University.

Meaningful Reading & Sharing: A Differentiated Book Study Guide for Teachers

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In many schools, we use the book study as a general approach to reading a text together in order to share, learn and grow. However, I have often found one glitch in our staff book studies. And so the idea of the differentiated book study has come to be.

Study 88

Genes are key to academic success, study shows

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A new study published in npj Science of Learning by researchers from The University of Texas at Austin and King’s College London explains the substantial influence genes have on academic success, from the start of elementary school to the last day of high school.

Study 79

Welcome to Social Studies: Hoopa City


Like science, social studies has much opportunity to teach language underpinnings involving the skills that our students can struggle with, thereby providing rationale for our interventions.

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