50 Fun Virtual Activities for Elementary School Students


Luckily, there are plenty of Internet resources available at your fingertips—with options for both synchronous and asynchronous learning-based classrooms. The first section includes 25 educational tools that can help you plan online activities for your classroom.

Study reveals elementary math gains

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Study of grades 3-5 students showed improved math achievement with personalized learning approach. A research study from the Center for Education Policy Research (CEPR) at Harvard University demonstrates a link between an adaptive learning program and improvement in mathematics achievement for students in grades 3-5. Results of the study determined that DreamBox usage was significantly associated with increased student achievement when controlling for students’ baseline test scores.


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Thinking Routines in the Classroom

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Today Karen Voglesang @NBCTchr teaches children to use thinking routines in her classroom. After participating in Harvard’s Project Zero , she is applying and using the methods in classrooms and with teachers. Learn some thinking routines and how to apply these valuable techniques in your classroom. How to Teach Thinking Routines in the Classroom. Now, Karen, thinking routines are very important to you in your classroom.

Creating iChampions in Texas Elementary Schools

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When the bell rings, students rotate to a Reading and Social Studies class where another set of stages await them. Unlike traditional elementary schools where students have one teacher that teaches them all five topics, students at Hook Elementary belong to pods where they rotate between three teachers who teach Reading and Social Studies, Writing, and Math and Science. This classroom format also allows teachers to truly hone their craft and master their subject.

Minecraft in the Classroom

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Are you studying Mars? Well, now we can all use Book Creator in our classrooms using the Chrome web browser. Now we can all use Book Creator in our classrooms, on any device, using the Chrome web browser. Minecraft in the Classroom. Minecraft in the classroom. So, Jeff, describe for us… How are you using Minecraft in your classroom, and what kind of things are you teaching? In a normal classroom setting, they probably wouldn’t do that.

Project Based Learning at the Elementary Level: Nine Inspiring Examples


I recently had the opportunity to work with an incredible group of elementary educators from Nauset Schools on Cape Cod. Social Studies, ELA, Science. Social Studies. The post Project Based Learning at the Elementary Level: Nine Inspiring Examples appeared first on EdTechTeacher.

Innovation Study Tours Explore Equity in Diverse Settings

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In partnership with the Center for Global Education at Asia Society , the League of Innovative Schools has launched innovation study tours –– a learning opportunity focused on deeper learning and equity.

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Ideas for Project-Based Learning at the Elementary Level


In February, I had the opportunity to work with an incredible group of elementary educators from Nauset Schools on Cape Cod. Google Classroom, Seesaw). Social Studies, ELA, Science. Social Studies. By Tom Driscoll ( @TomDriscollEDU ).

Technology, Learning, & Chromebooks in the Elementary Classroom – from Avra Robinson


Throughout my years as a K-8 technology teacher & coordinator, many people have asked me what Kindergartners, first graders, and second graders might truly do with computers in the classroom. Many people fear that computer usage in the early elementary years consists of just “playing games” and want to limit the “screen time.” So when the question of “ What purpose would Chromebooks serve in the Kindergarten, first, or second grade classroom? ” The Chromebook Classroom.

PROOF POINTS: Free, no frills programs lead the class in new federal study of remote learning

The Hechinger Report

Department of Education, called the Institute for Education Sciences, commissioned a report to wade through all the studies on education technology that can be used at home in order to find which ones were proven to work. No small studies were allowed.

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Figuring out flexibility in an elementary classroom

The Christensen Institute

” In retrospect, 5th-grade teacher Diane Johnson laments the lack of diversity of students’ experiences in her first blended-learning classroom at Orr Elementary School. As part of the first cohort of blended educators in the District of Columbia Public Schools in 2013, Johnson had established a Station Rotation routine in her math and science classroom. In that model, Johnson began to peel away the visible markers of strict classroom structure.

5 Ways To Bring SEL Into Edtech Classroom Use

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From the Cool Cat Teacher Blog by Vicki Davis Follow @coolcatteacher on Twitter Mark Sparvell cites current research about what students really want in their classroom and how social-emotional learning relates to education technology. Sponsor : Urkund Urkund is great as a plagiarism prevention tool and connects with most common Learning Management Systems like Google Classroom, Moodle, and Canvas or as a stand-alone web tool or by email.

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50 Ways to Teach Using Music in Your Classroom


Bringing music into your classroom can not only make lessons more engaging, it may also promote cognitive and social-emotional advantages for your students. Then, discover kid-friendly books and activities about music that are perfect for elementary classrooms.

5 Classroom Design Themes for Elementary Make-Overs!


From "White-Room" to Classroom - Enter the G i v e - A w a y at the Bottom of this Post - Prior to entering the profession of teaching, I studied Interior Design at Michigan State University for a bit more than three years. As my program moved less towards hand drafting, studying art, and creating with tangible materials and more towards the technical aspect using CAD Software, I became less interested and couldn''t imagine spending my days behind a computer.

5 Free Tech Tools to Try in Your Social Studies Lessons

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In today’s show, he talks about top free tech tools to try in social studies lessons. Richard Byrne the author of Free Technology for Teachers has some fantastic professional development courses including a course for history / social studies teachers. 5 Free Tech Tools to Try in Your Social Studies Lessons. We’re talking about five free tech tools to try in social studies lessons! Here’s a couple of activities that I’d recommend trying out in your classroom.”.

Study 234

PROOF POINTS: 114 studies on flipped classrooms show small payoff for big effort

The Hechinger Report

In a flipped classroom, students watch video lectures before class and use class time to work on assignments and group projects. Flipped classrooms also free up class time for teachers to help students individually, as a tutor does.

150+ Digital Activities for the K-2 Classroom Inside One Simple App

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Digital Learning Collection has over 150 apps for kindergarten to second-grade classrooms. The Really Good Stuff team has curated the best apps in education for the K-2 to classroom — all in one place. In this blog post, I’ll include the video unboxing tour that I recently had with the team at the Really Good Stuff Digital Learning Collection, and I’ll share some thoughts on how you can effectively use this collection in your classroom. Social Studies.

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Celebrating Black History Month in the Classroom


In 1926, the group “Study of African American Life and History” sponsored a week in February (chosen because Frederick Douglass and Abraham Lincoln’s birthdays were that week) for a celebration. Black History Month Classroom Resources for Teachers.

5 Free and Fun Online Tools for Studying


5 Free and Fun Online Tools for Stress-Free Studying I always give my Scholastic posts a lot of thought. My goal is to make each week''s post meaningful and relatable to what is going on in my own classroom. I am excited to share a few of my favorite studying tools with you. I am aware that there are tons of tools available for studying; however, I always use the following to determine if a tool is awesome. What are some of your favorite study tools?

Study 205

How to Use Robots in Elementary Classrooms – From Courtney Pepe


My elementary faculty impressed me with their ability to use these 21st-century robots in a variety of subject areas including language arts and humanities. While the teacher read the story to the students as a traditional table activity, after they finished, the teacher moved the class to a more open space in the classroom. Example #2 – Using BeeBots in an Elementary Language Arts Lesson. Example #3 – Using Bluebots to Teach Social Studies.

Arts-based Teaching in Elementary Schools

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With efforts like Rhode Island School of Design’s championing of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math, the arts remain at the forefront of dialogue about best practices in elementary education). Arts-based Teaching Models in Elementary Schools. Many elementary school systems have programs that include some rotations of music, visual art, and PE classes. Models can be school-wide or classroom-based. By Kathleen J. Tate, Ph.D.

5 Ways to Teach Gratitude in your Classroom #creativitymatters

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Lesson Plans that Teach Gratitude From the Cool Cat Teacher Blog by Vicki Davis Follow @coolcatteacher on Twitter Whatever your activities for November and Thanksgiving, I’ve got some ideas to inspire gratitude in your classroom.

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5 Ways Adobe Premiere Rush Encourages Creativity in the Classroom

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It has replaced my use of iMovie in the classroom with my students because it is more robust. I’ll also dive into some of the features that have me most excited as a classroom teacher. For these reasons, gridlines are a must-use in my classroom.

Adobe 251

Will new standards improve elementary science education?

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Malachi Ballinger, 6, laughs at how far he has made his “pinball” travel during a science lesson in his kindergarten classroom in Redmond, Oregon. Science could be considered the perfect elementary school subject. Most elementary school teachers have little scientific background and many say they feel unprepared to teach the subject well, according to a national survey of science and mathematics education conducted by a North Carolina research firm in 2012.

5 Ways to Step Back into the Classroom Better Than We Ever Were Before

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Understanding these simple principles can help us connect, improve classroom management, and be better teachers. I then continued my studies at the University of Regina with the thought of pursuing a career in Police Psychology. ” The post 5 Ways to Step Back into the Classroom Better Than We Ever Were Before appeared first on Cool Cat Teacher Blog by Vicki Davis @coolcatteacher helping educators be excellent every day.

Wade King: Find Your Classroom Creativity Wildcard

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So, Wade, you have come on the show, and we are going to help motivate teachers to get excited about creativity in our classrooms. It is one of those where we are just pumped to share how we use creativity in the classroom for engagement. So reflecting on that is absolutely essential to what you do in your classroom. We also know why I am going to go all this effort to make an exciting classroom, because that’s also a why. There was a study done.

Labeling kids with mild disabilities can backfire, study finds

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Those parents should consider the results of a new study finding that children who are mildly symptomatic for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) often end up worse off in school if diagnosed with the condition.

Study 97

How to Encourage Girls in Your Classroom to Get Involved in STEM


6] Whether you’re an elementary school teacher or work with older grades, you have the power to make a difference. Read on to discover the barriers that women in STEM face and how you can help counteract them through lessons and classroom strategies.

STEM 266

How Parent Empowerment Can Change Your Classroom for the Better


You may already be familiar with parent involvement and engagement, or listening to and working with parents in the classroom. It means embracing the belief that all voices and perspectives are welcome in your classroom,[1] and intentionally providing space for those voices to be heard.

Swarming the Classroom


American poet and etymologist John Ciardi once remarked, “The classroom should be an entrance into the world.” Contemporary classrooms (from elementary school to graduate school) are structured similar to a manufacturing line and typically produce students who are full of information. However, in order to produce knowledge, we must introduce “thinking” back into the classroom. Thus, I plan to introduce a new concept called “Swarming the Classroom.”

Getting Rid of Cemetery Style Seating in the Classroom with Bill Selak

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Prepare to have your mind shift about how we sit in classrooms today! Getting Rid of Cemetery Style Steating in the Classroom with Bill Selak. VICKI: Happy Wonderful Classroom Wednesday. But he’s in Hillbrook Schools in California and they’re really reimagining the classroom. VICKI: Now, we’ve already had an episode with him talking about the Amazon Echo in the classroom. Read more on the Hillbrook Blog: Flexible Classrooms.

High-Agency in the Remote and Hybrid Classroom

A Principal's Reflections

The elementary teachers are also using both Seesaw and Canvas to promote voice. The elementary school has also upped their game as of late. Path could come in the form of customized curriculum, asynchronous virtual courses, selecting the order in a playlist , or independent study.

7 Global Project Ideas from a Leading 3rd Grade Classroom

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Overview of Vickie Morgado’s Global Collaboration in Her 3rd Grade Classroom. We have connected with different classrooms. How Vickie Morgado Uses Social Media in Her Classroom. Describe how that works in your classroom. Vickie Morgado: Basically I have my own classroom handle, @ mrsmorgado1. Step 5: Connect with Other Classrooms. I scan through it, and that why I only follow classrooms — which I would recommend.

How to Teach Thinking Routines in the Classroom

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Today Karen Voglesang @NBCTchr teaches children to use thinking routines in her classroom. After participating in Harvard’s Project Zero , she is applying and using the methods in classrooms and with teachers. Learn some thinking routines and how to apply these valuable techniques in your classroom. This fun, visual tool lets students explore 150 different science and social studies units for elementary and middle school learners.

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Classroom Makerspaces: Boost Creativity and Critical Thinking Skills By Giving Students Their Own Corner


Read on to learn all about makerspaces and why they may be the key to revolutionizing your classroom. If you’ve heard about makerspaces but are not sure whether they’re right for your classroom, a good place to start is a quick rundown on what makerspaces are.