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Sphero Announces Acquisition of LittleBits to Expand K–12 Robotics Tools

EdTech Magazine

Sphero Announces Acquisition of LittleBits to Expand K–12 Robotics Tools. The merger will bring the companies’ hardware, software, curricula and training programs — used by nearly 6 million students and 65,000 teachers worldwide — together under one roof, according to the Sphero press release.

Yaskawa America, Inc., Motoman Robotics Division Sponsors 2018-2019 Cyber Robotics Coding Competitions


Motoman Robotics Division (Yaskawa Motoman), has committed to being a major sponsor of the 2018-2019 Cyber Robotics Coding Competition (CRCC), happening in 14 states across the United States. Motoman Robotics Division. “We is a leading robotics company in the Americas.

Can a wall-climbing robot teach your kid to code?

The Hechinger Report

Last month, a few hand-sized, hexagonal robots took over a third-grade classroom in Southborough, Massachusetts. Meet Root — a robot being beta-tested by its creators at Harvard’s Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering.

'Robots Are Coming For Your Children'

Hack Education

This isn’t simply a matter of “ robots are coming for your jobs.” This narrative – robots are coming for your jobs (and your kids’ jobs) – involves tasking schools with retooling so they can better train students for “ the jobs of the future ,” although to a certain extent, workforce preparation has always been what (part of) the education system has been expected to do. Helicopter Robots. ” Robots Raising Children.

'Robots Are Coming For Your Jobs'

Hack Education

” I’ve looked at how for-profit colleges , MOOCs , and learn-to-code companies have tapped into these narratives in order to justify their products and services. ” That’s because the stories told this year to keep us hustling and to keep up imagining a certain kind of future are almost all about robots. Over and over and over and over and over and over and over again we were told “robots are coming for your jobs.”

December 15 University of New Hampshire to Host the State Finals forState’s Second Annual Cyber Robotics Coding Competition


On December 15, the University of New Hampshire (UNH) will host the finals of the state’s Cyber Robotics Coding Competition (CRCC), being held by the New Hampshire Department of Education (NH DOE) and the Intelitek STEM and CTE Education Foundation ( ISCEF ).

The 4 C’s of Learning in a Connected Classroom

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The 4 C’s of Learning in a Connected Classroom. K–12 schools transitioning to a connected classroom model should be focusing on four key aspects, or the “four C’s” of learning , to create a successful learning environment, according to a Cisco report on using technology in the classroom. Once the classroom is connected, it can be difficult to determine how best to integrate these new tools into daily classroom activities.

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Virtual Valentines: The Global Valentine Project Sharing Love and Learning

The CoolCatTeacher

Also, learn about other projects throughout the year and how teachers design these projects to meet standards. We’re going to talk about Virtual Valentines and lots of other ways that you can connect and collaborate with other classrooms. He’s the robot there.

Coding in the Classroom: Six Tips to Get Even Reluctant Teachers—and Students—Started


Now, she’s referred to as LEGO Lady at P.S. 34, where she teaches science, LEGO engineering, and robotics. Andrew-Lamon faced her fears and brought Hour of Code to her classroom. Companies like Intel and Apple have launched diversity initiatives, but we have much work to do. And it starts in the classroom. When Williams started programming in her classroom with Vidcode , she had an English language learner (ELL) who knew very little English.

Swivl adds live conferencing to collaborative cloud platform

eSchool News

Robotic telepresence will help students, teachers in classrooms and homes. Ed-tech video provider Swivl announced on April 14 the debut of its new live conferencing solution with robotic telepresence, Swivl Cloud Live.

11 Leadership Principles for an Amazing School Year

The CoolCatTeacher

Subscribe to the Show Podcast PD Idea At the end of each show, you’ll hear suggestions from me on how to apply today’s learning to your classroom now. We’re trying to get our classrooms organized and decorated so they’re welcoming for our students.

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Wonderful World of Wearables in Education

The CoolCatTeacher

To be sure, wearable technologies have many uses in the classroom an in our world. In the movie, moviegoers often see the world through “the terminator” robot’s vision. Soon this technology will be available in our classrooms.

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6 Tips for making the most of ed tech exhibitions


Drop by our Booth F302 in the expo hall at any time during the event, where we will provide insights on how to effectively manage online classroom activities, answer all your questions and showcase NEO’s newest features. Not to mention 3D printing, AR and robots!

The Maker Movement In Education

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True, it has long since been time to transform the classroom from a boring place of black and white textbooks to a virtual experience filled with 21 st century tools and projects. High Tech In The Classroom.

How to Engage More Girls in Coding

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Every single company in every single industry has a demand for computing jobs. To help meet this need, Girls Who Code has created free curriculum materials built around female role models, called Women in Tech. “It’s By Dennis Pierce.

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K-12 Educators and Administrators: Share Your Ed-tech Pilot Approach

Digital Promise

Digital Promise will award up to ten school or district leaders who submit a response by March 27 with a $1,000 stipend for a trip to San Francisco, including workshops with leading software companies, in partnership with the Education Technology Industry Network. So do most ed-tech companies.

This STEM-focused district hands out paychecks along with report cards

The Hechinger Report

A robot built by students to research endangered frogs in Lake Titicaca, in Peru, being tested in June, 2016, by Lindsey Hamblin (left), then a Skyline High School senior, and Callie Meyers, then a Skyline junior. The district has rejected proposals for not meeting these goals, Quinones added.


Going to School, Running a Startup: When Students Build Their Own Edtech


For teenagers, the company’s collaborative study sets and competitive vocab games often feel more like a fun social experience than a study tool. Students and classrooms from different geographical and political leanings are connected to discuss hot-button issues, led by guided discussion.

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Convincing students that learning blue-collar job skills will pay off

The Hechinger Report

Matthew Porter, a student at Craig High School, inspects a “collaborative” robot at Prent Corporation, in Janesville, Wisconsin. The high school students clustered around a four-foot-tall red robot with long arms and cartoonish eyes.

?Making A New Era: How A High-Tech Facility Is Shifting Students’ Mindset Around Manufacturing


The multi-million-dollar facility is stocked with today’s most advanced manufacturing equipment ranging from steel 3D printers to precision cutters to collaborative robotics that work alongside humans on the factory floor. Students who enroll in programs at CMI can walk away with an associate degree or certificate training in industrial automation, robotics, mechatronics, engineering design, project management and much more.

What’s New: New Tools for Schools


CAROLINA BIOLOGICAL SUPPLY COMPANY BUILDING BLOCKS OF SCIENCE 3D ( ) Carolina Biological Supply Company launched the new Building Blocks of Science 3D hands-on unit kits for students in grades K to 5.

PASCO Motion Sensor–A Must for Science Classes

Ask a Tech Teacher

No matter the technology mix in the classroom, everyone shares the same user experience, with learning focused on the subject matter not the hardware, thus simplifying classroom management for the teacher. the Ergobot to teach both Forces & Motion and Programming & Robotics. How to use PASCO devices in your classroom. When I talked to teacher users of PASCO’s devices, here are some of the ways they enjoy it in their classrooms: to for the iconic Egg Drop.

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Game Education: It’s in Their DNA – Guest Post from Courtney Pepe


As educators in the digital age, it is important that we embrace the power of play in our classrooms. Game #4 – Sphero the Robot. Ali’s classroom, students use the app Pass Sphero to practice speaking and listening skills as well work on cognitive skills such as following directions.

The future includes good (human) teachers

The Hechinger Report

– China’s state-controlled news broadcasters have long been considered somewhat robotic in their daily recitation of pro-government propaganda, and a pair of new presenters will do little to dispel that view. The best civics lesson requires you to leave the classroom.

14 Lessons in #Education fr Israel During The #VibeEdu @VibeIsrael Tour

The Innovative Educator

VibeEdu Bloggers pictured in a classroom designed to support students with attention deficit. The First Robotics Y Team 3211 of Yeruham needs donations from the community to fund these young makers. The Robotics team has a goal to reach 2000 likes on their Facebook page.

This Workforce Partnership Trains Tech Talent. Can It Boost Civic Engagement Too?


A couple decades later, tractors were assembled here for Caterpillar, the construction machinery company. They have been working with local governments and tech companies to design solutions to problems such as homelessness, water conservation and clean energy. SAN LEANDRO, Calif. —

Want to Organize Your Digital Assets?

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Project based hybrids, such as software to run a robot, science instruments, and calculators . When digital innovations were previously offered to students, like a computer in the classroom, the decision of how to use it was often made on a teacher level, such as what programs might be on it.

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The 2019 EdSurde Annual Special: Edtech April Fool’s News That Should Stay Fake


As early as Monday morning, students posted photos of word problems asking how many oranges Mickey Mouse has left after Donald Duck absconded with some, and how quickly Spider-Man would meet Homer Simpson if Spidey started swinging from Manhattan at noon and Homer’s Springfield train left the same time going 70 miles per hour. HAPPY MEALS, PERSONALIZED: McDonald’s just acquired an AI tech company to personalize the drive-thru experience.

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Searching for the Ability to Think: Training our Kids to Go Past Google

The CoolCatTeacher

Her talent won her an internship with a company in Atlanta (she telecommuted as a sophomore and junior in high school.) When students meet a problem that they can’t Google, they must venture forth with teamwork, creativity, and tenacity — all things that they need to be successful.

Day 2: The Feeling of Greatness Has Returned

Dangerously Irrelevant

We lost two of our matches today due to physical problems/changes on the robot and just because we were against a better alliance team. They had questions about our robot during the game and the second set was a larger number.if My face was drawn today by an NXT powered lego robot.

Guardians of History: Britannica’s new choice-driven historical adventures


Players will also meet BRITT, a Backpack Robotic Informational Temporal Technician, who functions as a trusty sidekick who can translate languages, provide critical information and is a personal hologram that wraps around and disguises players to ensure they blend in.

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The Flipped Hiring Revolution


America has always struggled to meet this ideal, of course. Automation, in the form of AI (artificial intelligence) and RPA (robotic process automation), is the primary driver. New entrants as well as existing companies are providing new talent on a try-before-you-buy basis. These models take different forms: staffing businesses with temp-to-perm products; apprenticeship service providers; business services companies with “outsourced apprenticeship” programs.

A new way of helping students pay for college: Give them corporate jobs

The Hechinger Report

The companies get reliable employees and prospective hires while universities can promise students help with keeping their loan debt low. In my mind, they learn it better here than they would just listening to it in the classroom.”.

What’s New: New Tools for Schools


The program includes in-classroom professional development sessions. Furthermore, ABCMouse will be offered at no cost to teachers for use in their classrooms, allowing them to take full advantage of many of these offerings. has joined the ENA family of companies.

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Inside ‘Dream Big,’ the Engineering Doc That Wants to Reach Every US School


And there’s even an underwater robotics underdog to root for. But the film also appeals to high school because of the robotics competition and the solar car challenge in the film. Our Girls Night Out program, where girls meet women engineers, was aimed at middle schoolers.