Assessment Case Study Idea

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After the quiz, the SRS software can generate several different reports including customized study guides and instructor summaries. I print the study guides for my students and they use them to study for their tests. I will compile the quiz scores into the following groups: 1.

What life before edtech can teach us about personalized learning

The Christensen Institute

My colleague Thomas Arnett’s new case study, “ Connecting ed & tech: Partnering to drive student outcomes , ” highlights an example of a school, and one particularly innovative teacher, that took this order of operations to heart.

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We used these Google tools in our schools and saw tangible results soar

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Authors’ Note: We’re often asked by educators, “what impact do you see with Google technology in schools?” Last year we engaged Evergreen Education Group on a journey around the world to answer that question.

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Free Google Apps Training Resources

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Google Apps for Education is quickly becoming a significant force in education. Google recently announced that over 10 million students have gone Google. Google is an engineering company that has created some unbelievably useful products.

So You Want to Be a Google Certified Trainer? FAQ Answers!

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The post So You Want to Be a Google Certified Trainer? Are you ready to take your career to the next level and become a Google Certified Trainer? I am a Google Certified Trainer, Google Certified Innovator, and Google Educator Group Leader.

Offering School Districts a Better View of Blind Spots

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We had this incredible blind spot; we couldn’t see what was in our students’ Google Drive folders or what they were doing on email and with other Google apps,” said Dr. Teresa M. Read the case study to learn more about how this small district uses Gaggle to keep students safe.

Classroom Design Trends: Update Classroom Layout to Boost Engagement

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And to gather in groups to collectively process information. A landmark 2012 study found that classroom design alters academic progress over a school year by 25%. The study found five key design factors account for 73% of the variation in student performance.

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7 Ideas for Student Genius Hour and Passion Projects

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She’s helped the students find books in the library, and she has also helped them learn some ways to navigate ways to share their knowledge through Google Slides or Wixie.

Can EdTech enable Social Emotional Learning (SEL)?


Take for instant the Howe-Manning 6th grade project, that asked student groups to research the Syrian conflict, with a focus on the placement and conditions of refugees, then work with design technologies to design an ideal refugee shelter.

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Why new technologies often don’t help students

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One of LPS’s lead math teachers, Mike Fauteux, wanted to improve student engagement and address his students’ individual learning gaps, so he began experimenting with new instructional practices that used Google Sheets and OER to provide students with self-guided learning experiences.

3 Things I'm Proud of This Week: Explosive Disposal. A Few Good Men

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A Few Good Men I have written in the past about how I love to use medical case studies to spark inquiry in biology class. Each group of students created a question, then solved their own problem directly on a personal whiteboard.

Twelve Years Later: What’s Really Changed in the K-12 Sector? (Part 1)


In fall 2007, Larry Berger, CEO of Wireless Generation (now Amplify) was invited to submit a paper to an “Entrepreneurship in Education” working group led by Rick Hess, the director of Education Policy Studies at the American Enterprise Institute. This “Google and good luck” approach throws a lot of options, confusion, and competing agendas at teachers. This “Google and good luck” approach throws a lot of options, confusion and competing agendas at teachers.

edWeb’s Research-Based Practices for Personalized Professional Learning

edWeb Case Study: Rock Valley Community School District. Report prepared by Cambridge Learning Group. Down the case study to read the full report and the alignment to best practice and relevant research. Download the full report. Summary.

5 Tech tools educators can use to teach social responsibility in the classroom


It’s possible to register as a group, so your class can spend some time every week sharpening their general knowledge, and doing some good at the same time. This is an elegant and simple app, developed by Google, that sends one project a day to your mobile device.

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Resources for Using Edmodo in the Classroom

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Create a group for your class and use it to communicate upcoming assignments, quizzes, tests, due dates, class events, announcements and many more. Create alumni groups where students can keep in touch and stay connected with each other. Follow me on Twitter and Google+. Edmodo is a learning management system. Edmodo is a great resource for teachers, students, and parents, allowing communication, collaboration and sharing.

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Teachers are managers—so let’s give them the tools to manage

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In most industries, employees must first prove themselves effective at their own job; then, they may take on some administrative duties; and only much later do leaders oversee large groups of employees and become responsible for motivating, training, and retaining them.

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Personalizing Learning for All Students With OpenCourseWare

A Principal's Reflections

This is where the idea for incorporating OpenCourseWare (OCW) into Julie’s project arose, and the Independent OpenCourseWare Study (IOCS) was born. The most difficult decision was identifying a group of students that could help us pilot such a program.

How to Build a High-Functioning Remote Team for Your Edtech Company


A study by the International Workplace Group estimates that 50 percent of people globally work outside their headquarters for at least 2.5 We screened them using a pre-interview questionnaire built in Google Form. We used Skype for our daily/weekly, 1-on-1 and group meetings.

Investing in leadership capacity: The amazing, wonderful District 59

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thank you Pam Moran for this question!) – Establishing our rules of play and group norms – Quick reactions to my TEDxDesMoines talk about extracurricular learning v. All the interaction and discussion with my table group.

U.S. Dept. of Ed. Unveils Free Online Tool for Rapid Evaluation of Edtech Products


The need to make good decisions based on evidence, as opposed to relying on marketing hype or the buzz among a small group of peers, is critical,” wrote Katrina Stevens, deputy director of the Office of Edtech, in a blogpost announcing the tool. The RCE Coach takes users through the following steps: First, a school or district selects an edtech tool—from Google Apps to DreamBox to a completely new tool that’s fresh on the market—that they want to evaluate. “Procurement.”

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To un-muzzle upstart Negros, we need black-owned news media

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Over the decades, journalism’s power has eroded, buffeted by the rise of the Internet, the wide availability of free content, and the siphoning of advertising dollars by Internet giants Facebook and Google.

Leveling Up Language Learners’ 21st-Century Skills with Minecraft


Yet, one group was struggling for ideas. Students recorded these reflections on a Google Doc as a reference for the next time we played. That excitement was always communicated around my group very quickly and with a remarkable degree of fluency. And these discoveries were added to the student's Google Doc log so that descriptive or instructional language was captured and refined as necessary. “Can we set the story in Minecraft?”

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Tips from the pros: Making an Enriched Virtual program work for your students

The Christensen Institute

In the case of the Enriched Virtual, online learning is the backbone of learning, enhanced by a brick-and-mortar component that is distinct from the traditional classroom. On days when there is not a face-to-face class, students can see their blended teacher for extra help, go to the library, work in the cafeteria [renovated with flexible study and collaborative spaces] or the school’s cyber cafe.

Disruptive innovations in higher ed emerging from outside mainstream

The Christensen Institute

Exciting innovations are emerging from colleges and universities using online, competency-based learning, but given that President Paul LeBlanc of Southern New Hampshire University was testifying about that sector, I focused my remarks on three other groups of organizations that are, in classic disruptive fashion, emerging from the fringe outside of traditional colleges and universities.

Applied Learning in a Test-centric World

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There were groups of us there studying our hearts out day in and day out. I had studied like crazy, to the point where I was the one other students would come to ask questions but I wasn't ready for everything I studied to be applied as actual case studies.

Resources, stories, and connections with those who use social media in today’s k-12 classrooms

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In case you missed it, the webinar was called “Social Media: An Essential Tool for Today’s Classroom.” In the webinar, I shared case studies of amazing students, parents, and teachers. Thank you to the 300+ folks from around the world who joined me for the Common Sense Media Digital Citizenship webinar on EdWeb. You can view the webinar here [link] com/edwebnet/EA59D688824C.

Here's How Single Sign-On Saved One District 2,500 Hours of Instructional Time Per Month


So two years ago, the Orange Unified School District Director of Information Technology undertook what he dubs the most important project his IT group has completed to date—implementing single sign-on (SSO). And that is a very conservative number, based only on time saved using the top six critical core web applications from Pearson, McGraw-Hill, PowerSchool, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, and Google Classroom. Case Study: Pickens School District enjoys instant access.

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Active Learning in the Math Classroom


Students might learn through games, projects, debates, talking with peers, case studies, just-in-time teaching, or short demonstrations followed by class discussion. PHS teacher Jeff Rose introduces Google Classroom and Padlet to make students’ thinking more visible.

Passwords, Permissions and Student Data—How One District Got Account Provisioning Right


The OneRoster standard was established in 2015 by a Florida-based group of vendors, districts, and others known as the IMS Global Learning Consortium , so, by tech spec standards, it’s fairly new. Case Study: Clay County School District. The district plans to use it as a hub that automatically connects disparate data sources—including student information systems (SISs) and human resources—to one or multiple directories, such as Microsoft’s AD, Azure/O365, and Google.

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Thoughts on CyberSafety

Rebecca Davies

For older children you may give case studies that have been in the news, but for younger children this certainly is not necessary. Why can’t they take the images that are sitting in a Google search as their own?

S’Cool Tools, Teacher Voice Edition: FreshGrade, ScreenCastify, Quizlet Live


If you’d like to be featured in our S’Cool Tools column, click here to leave your very own Teacher Case Study. However, I liked the idea of broadcasting myself along with my PowerPoint/Google Slides presentations. Many of the options I found were for pay only, but Screencastify is a Google Chrome add-on. I used Quizlet Live as a game-like, group formative assessment. Students had a lot of fun and they really liked that they worked in groups.

Think universities are making lots of money from inventions? Think again

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Other universities look at those very few rare cases” and imagine they can also hit the invention jackpot, she said. Photo: John Green/Bay Area News Group/MediaNews Group/Bay Area News via Getty Images. “It’s

AV that Makes the Grade


Here is a sample of case studies that illustrate how AV can turn K-12 spaces into student-driven hubs. Interactive display solutions like the Microsoft Surface Hub and Google Jamboard are popular on the enterprise level; in K-12, affordability and scale are critically important.

S'Cool Tools, Teacher Voice Edition: IXL, Brightspace, Tales2Go


If you’d like to be featured in our S’Cool Tools column, click here to leave your very own Teacher Case Study. use ixl as whole group a small portion of the time. In addition, it would be great if the system would work well with Google Tools (i.e. This week in S’Cool Tools, we share the real experiences of three teachers using three different tools, written in their own words. .

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Real Questions About Artificial Intelligence in Education


Groups such as the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative are looking to overhaul this model. It’s how Google solved the AlphaGo challenge. You’re better off going to the district and saying: Because you use this product I can do a case study and show an increase in efficiency and less wasted time in the classroom. Don’t doubt it: Machine learning is hot—and getting hotter.