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Edcamps are a great way for educators to meet with peers in their area and share great ideas. edWeb was pleased to be able to support our friends Peggy George and Deirdre Shetler with EdCamp Phoenix. Edcamp Phoenix has come and gone, and what an event it was! edWeb Blog edcamp

A true gift from SHEG: DIY digital literacy assessments and tools for historical thinking


Using everyday digital content, the COR paper and online assessments directly connect to the questions posed in SHEG’s study and engage learners in credibility decision-making around three COR Competencies: Who’s behind the information? Beyond the Bubble History Assessments.

"Edcamp Style" PD- Personalizing teacher learning on a required PD day!

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On one day in August before the students came, and again in January of this year we set up Edcamp style PD days. We will discuss Functional Behavior Assessment and how it can be used as a powerful tool in the classroom.

How to Make Assessment Meaningful this School Year | By @EduSight


Last year, I attended EdCamp Los Altos. Boy did the EdCamp deliver! Given what we’re trying to help teachers with at Edusight , I was attracted to two sessions – making assessment meaningful, and reinventing the parent-teacher conference.

Learning Revolution Newsletter - Weekly Free Event Calendar - Conference Keynotes Update - Edcamp USDOE - Digital Citizenship

The Learning Revolution Has Begun

Friday, June 6th at 8am - 3pm in Washington, DC Edcamp US Department of Education: Leading, Learning, Listening , Edcamp US DOE will be an intimate gathering of teacher leaders and policy leaders in order to discuss the most important issues in education.

ThreeRing - “I feel like a fly on the wall in my child’s classroom.”

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Sustainability is one of our school initiatives and Three Ring has helped us share student assessments, newsletters, and announcements with parents without making a single copy.

Poor teachers: Who is to blame?

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The Unconference or the Edcamp Model is completely different. The attendees decide upon the entire Edcamp schedule of sessions on the morning of the conference. Assessments are not done once and finished. Here is a needs assessment form that was used in some North Carolina schools as an example: School Technology Needs Assessment. If it is not working and we know that from our assessment, then we need to change what we are doing.

The 2014 ASCD Annual Conference: There is Hope

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I attended the Edcamp session and watched as attendees unhooked chairs and created discussion circles and then proceeded to generate discussion topics and hold discussions around topics of their choice. technology conference social media reflection edcamp PBL

edWeb Supports EdCampFLX


edWeb makes it easy for educators to connect virtually anytime, anywhere, but educators love to connect in real time and EdCamps are a great way to do it. Here is an article on a recent EdCamp in upstate New York.

What Should First Year Teachers Know About Tech Integration?

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Technology-based formative assessment options. For centuries teachers have learned the value of formative assessment. If we aren't looking at results for assessment purposes, the chances of it being valuable use of instruction time is small.

Virtual Mentorship for Emerging Leaders

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Jennifer Gonzalez has released her 2018 Teachers Guide to Technology with over 200 education technology tools including tools for assessment, flipped learning, presentations, parent engagement, video engagement and more.

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5 Leadership Questions To Finish (And Start) The School Year With

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These questions are adapted from the Principals Technology Leadership Assessment from CASTLE. To what extent do you include the effective use of technology as a criterion for assessing the performance of faculty? This one, I believe, is the hardest to answer and hardest to assess.

This summer’s ultimate ed tech professional development guide


Intel Teach – Assessment in 21 st Century Classrooms has a ton of good resources and planning activities. Check out a complete Edcamp calendar to see if one is in your area. It’s officially summer.

Towards Choice-Based Learning in Elementary

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Sometimes you get to attend a surprise Edcamp. I was settling in to write when I saw a tweet about Edcamp Los Altos. At Edcamp LosAltos As the first session wrapped up, I was in the MPR and I started talking to John Miller.

Google Forms & Group Discussion


This was all good until I realized that I could use my new skill learned at the San Diego EdCamp (thanks, Kyra Bowers !) I never feel like I have to assess every student during every discussion/lesson.

A conference about what is sacred in education: 5Sigma Edu Con

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Hundreds of conferences, workshops, MOOCS, edcamps, professional journals, blogs, the list seriously goes on and on. There are a lot of options for professional development. If you’re like me, your inbox and mailbox have a pretty consistent stream of offerings.

Questions To Ask For #LeadershipDay12

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These questions are adapted from the Principals Technology Leadership Assessment from Castle. 4) To what extent do you include the effective use of technology as a criterion for assessing the performance of faculty? This one, I believe, is the hardest to answer and hardest to assess.

Learning Resolutions For 2015

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In this article a study from Harvard Business School is cited which showed that when participants were allowed to reflect on a test, did remarkably better the on the next assessment. Perhaps you''ll attend a conference or Edcamp this year.

5 Simple Ways to Improve Teacher Professional Development

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Formative assessment can help teachers understand how students are learning. Formative assessment is a snapshot of how knowledge is forming in a student’s mind. At Edcamps across the world, teachers show up on a Saturday morning to an unconference location.

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3 Things We Need To Remember For Every Professional Development

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Then in the morning I went back and asked if I could lead a small group to talk about formative assessments and how we could use the clickers for that. I remember my first professional development as a teacher. I was fresh out of college.

Four Ways School Leaders Can Support Meaningful Innovation


Looking at Student Work involves closely examining representative pieces of student work, and asking questions about what kinds of learning students are doing and what kinds of evidence we can find of student learning in their assessments.

Need Professional Development for a Reasonable Price?

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He is the author of 9 books on effectively using digital technologies to communicate, tell stories, teach and assess learning. Friday, January 15, 2016. Alumni Center. K-State Campus, Manhattan, KS. Cost: $50 (includes lunch).

Make a Big Splash Into Learning This Summer


Dive Deep into Digital Assessments What creative measures do you use to assess students through digital media? I give some suggestions for formative assessments here , like Kahoot and EdPuzzle. “Summer break”: two words that bring smiles to both teachers and students.

5 Innovative ways for teachers to connect with other teachers


Collaboration is one of the most valued features of meeting with other teachers, and projects such as EdCamp have demonstrated how successful this informal style of unconference can be in inspiring and enabling teachers.

3 Misconceptions About Innovation in Education

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Look at EdCamp. It trickles into how we do everything, whether that is assessment practices, leadership, professional learning, how we use technology, and so many other areas, but ultimately in teaching and learning.

Give Teachers Credit: They Know Learning Is Social


This is why hundreds of thousands of teachers around the world are participating in Twitter chats, Edcamps and other informal, organically organized professional learning communities. When I look into the eyes of an educator through a Google Hangout conversation or during an Edcamp session, I am vividly reminded of what it was like to interview an entrepreneur or early-stage investor at a pitch competition during the dot-com boom.

The Paperless Way to Collect Parent Contact Information!


From Pot Luck Party sign ups, to in-class data collection for math, and even quizzes and formative assessments! Michael will be presenting at the following upcoming events: Hawaii Association of Middle Schools Conference 2014 Schools of the Future Conference 2014 Edcamp Honolulu 2014.

Tips And Tricks To Keep Kids On Track During Genius Hour Projects


When Sean Crevier accidentally wandered into the room where educators at a Milwaukee Edcamp were discussing 20 percent time projects, also known as Genius Hour , he stayed only out of politeness. ASSESSMENT.

8 Things to Look for in Today’s Professional Learning (Part 1)

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Voice (V), Choice (C) , Connected Learning (CL), Problem-Finders/Solvers (PFS), Reflection (R) , Self-Assessment (SA), Critical Thinking (CT), Opportunities for Innovation (INNO). Other elements that could be incorporated: Reflection, Connected Learning, Self-Assessment, Critical Thinking.

How One Teacher Let Go of Control To Focus On Student-Centered Approaches


She shared her findings at a recent EdCamp gathering in New Jersey. And with their teacher’s input, students set their own goals, reflect on their work and assess themselves. When Kristine Riley looks back on how she used to teach her students, she sees order and control. Her third, fourth and fifth grade gifted-and-talented classes had been structured and orderly, and students sat in designated seats.

Beyond "Ditching the Desks," 9 Creative Ways to Avoid "The Cemetery Effect"


I also recommend attending an unConference like an EdCamp which is free and led by the participants who attend.

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Hansen's Link to Tech

Using a web-based central location to communicate, collaborate, assign, assess, and create allows for great opportunities for teachers and students to efficiently learn especially in a real-wold context. Tired of the long lines to access the school copy machine?

Making Your Teaching Something Special: 50 Simple Ways to Become a Better Teacher


Area 2 explores the world of assessment, and overall deals with the question ‘Are our assessments effective?’. which are easier with digital tools such as Google Forms, Quizlet, and other survey-generating software) Ultimately, for myself, the reflection on assessments we give iaan critical takeaway. Are we really thinking about the purpose of an assessment before we give it? What did you like, dislike, or would change if you were to give the same assessment?

A National Push for More ‘Active Use’ of Technology in Learning

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The plan spotlights other Educator Innovator partners like the National Writing Project , EdCamp , Connected Educator Month , P2PU , the Future Ready Schools Initiative , the YOUmedia Learning Lab Network , and the National Park Service who are all using technology to narrow the digital-use divide.

2016 EdTechTeam Impact Report


Other books were pursued to fill a particular need, such as inspiring learning spaces, assessment that matters, or classroom management in the digital age.

8 Things to Look for in Today’s Professional Learning (Part 2)

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Self-Assessment. I have collected and developed resources on both “how” to create a digital portfolio, and the power of learning through this type of self-assessment. EDCAMP professional learning day. What is EdCamp? Self-Assessment.

Big ideas and ed trends from the #ASCD15 conference

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I was thrilled to see a session on EdCamps offered this year, and many others on differentiated and personalized professional development.

Edtech Needs More Infrastructure, Educator Support in 2017


Teachers are hungry for collaborative learning experiences as evidenced by the growth of Edcamps , and they need more opportunities to reflect on their practice, especially as it relates to the use of technology in the classroom. To prepare students to thrive in an increasingly globally connected world, it is critical that technology is used to facilitate collaborative problem solving and allow students to create and “show what they know” beyond standard assessments.

Literacy in the Digital Age: 9 Great Speaking & Listening Tools

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Additionally, by embedding formative assessment checks throughout the video and analyzing real time data based on student response, teachers can provide precise intervention or enrichment along with timely and specific feedback. Natalie is involved in EDCampNJ , EDCamp Jersey Shore , EDCamp Leadership , NJ/PA ECET2 , and NJASCD.

Do-It-Yourself Professional Development

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Common Sense Education provides many valuable resources focused on helping teachers identify how they can use tools and technology to assess learning in the classroom. Sometimes we hear about so many different tools from conferences, edcamps, and workshops it can be a little overwhelming.

Do-It-Yourself Professional Development

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Common Sense Education provides many valuable resources focused on helping teachers identify how they can use tools and technology to assess learning in the classroom. From polls to digital tools, the articles, resources, and videos can help reshape or clarify the role technology plays in everyday assessment. Sometimes we hear about so many different tools from conferences, edcamps, and workshops it can be a little overwhelming.

My #ISTE12 Reflection, Part 1


Mary Beth Hertz : Her idea of EdCamp , which was an unconference based on collaboration, sounded fabulous! It happens by caring, planning, & assessing. What had the most impact on me this past week, and what memories will be most prominent from this week?

Wahoo! The 2013 Global Education Conference - Still Time to Present + Plan to Attend!

The Learning Revolution Has Begun

And we also organized India''s first edcamp, EdcampMumbai. Hear how schools across the United States are developing students'' global competence through the use of authentic, project-based learning experiences and portfolio assessment.