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Mentoring Minds is an education publishing company and resource site created by former teachers. And finally, the website offers a collection of articles on pedagogic topics such as Thinking About Thinking Improves Learning and Cognitive Rigor in Today’s Classroom.

?Readers’ Roundup: EdSurge HigherEd’s Top 10 Articles of 2017


We’ve rounded up our 10 most popular articles from 2017, as picked by our readers. Microcredentials, and controversial moves and pivots by edtech companies hoping to disrupt the higher education landscape. A few weeks after EdSurge probed the company about the silence, Amazon opened up the resource library to the public. New years mean clean slates, fresh perspectives and goal setting for the months ahead.

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This Company is Using AI to Change the World

EdNews Daily

Each company has incredible resources, and each is synonymous with technological innovation. But none will be the company that will change the world with AI. THIS IS THE COMPANY. By Charles Sosnik.

Don’t Call Them Test Companies: How the College Board and ACT Have Shifted Focus


In a statement on its website in May, the ACT said that it is transforming itself from an “assessment company” into “an organization providing learning, measurement, and navigation support to learners.” Officials for The College Board declined requests to be interviewed for this article.

Should Teachers Take Cash from Edtech Companies?


When she was in the classroom, Jenny Herrera remembers feeling resentful whenever the school principal would email teachers telling them they needed to stay after school to give feedback to edtech companies. The ethics of teachers advising and working with edtech companies received a lot of attention when the New York Times published a piece on the subject last fall. Unsurprisingly, the panelists brought up the article—and their thoughts on the controversy.

What U.S. Companies Should Know About Asia's Edtech Market


After a summer of market research and competitor analysis, the company eventually signed off on a collaboration with a Chinese partner, TAL Education. company that has eyed Asia as the next big market. But their story is not a blueprint that will make sense for every company. Between the drastic variations in business culture, social norms and day-to-day education affairs, there are a lot of differences companies should know about (along with a few similarities).

The Big Guide to STEM - free guide with resources from educators

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" The Big Guide to STEM " is a free e-book containing resources and STEM ideas from educators on integrating STEM/STEAM into the classroom. link] /stem-guide Although it's published by Boxlight, the only company info is in the logos. Related: STEM Resources. Feel free to share summaries and links to these articles, but do not copy and repost entire article. free resources STEM

STEM 147

Simutrans - free game - goal is to establish a successful transport company

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Simutrans is a free simulation game with the goal to establish a successful transportation company. Your goal is to establish a successful transport company. It''s a great resource for any class, especially a business class, to use as a learning tool. Feel free to share summaries and links to these articles, but do not copy and repost entire article. educational games free resources

Interactive Whiteboard Resources - use, lessons, and more - a whole lot!

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Here are some interactive whiteboard resources that I have collected. Here are some great resources for learning how to use an Interactive WhiteBoard (IWB), and ideas for using it with your students to help them learn. free resources interactive whiteboard smartboard

How Some Edtech Companies Are Addressing a Lack of Employee Diversity


In an article last week , EdSurge shared a 2013 study by University of California, Berkeley economists Ross Levine and Rona Rubenstein, who analyzed the common traits of entrepreneurs and found that most entrepreneurs were white and male. The next logical question is, are those entrepreneurs’ companies any better, in terms of diversity? A few edtech companies are now using resources to document—and potentially address—disparities in their ranks.

Introducing Learning Resource's brand new Interactive White Board: now!Board


As a partner of Learning Resources , I was asked to introduce the launch of their newest product, the now!Board Of course, I was excited to introduce a new product from one of my favorite companies; however, being a SMART Exemplary Educator , I had a few reservations.

Free resource from Discovery Education about Manufacturing

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Discovery Education has a new free resource: Manufacture Your Future, which has free STEM lessons and resources for grades 6-12 related to manufacturing. This is an excellent resource. These externships pay teachers to spend the summer at a local manufacturing company learning about their industry and coming up with ways to get more students involved in engineering and manufacturing.

Introducing Edji: A Technology Coach’s Go-To Resource


I work with middle school teachers as a teacher resource specialist for technology, in other words, I’m a technology coach supporting teachers in multiple disciplines and across three grade levels. Hey Tech Coaches!

Weekend Reading: Post-Election Classroom Resources


But as we look towards next semester, here are a few readings and resources that might provide inspiration: The Trump Syllabus 2.0 It includes both online articles and works of fiction, film, and longer books in separate sections.

From Silos to Sharing: Why Are Open Educational Resources Still So Hard to Find?


For over a decade, plenty of time and dollars have been poured into encouraging the use of open educational resources (OER). Yet many teachers still ask: “Why can’t I find the open educational resources I’m looking for?” From my experience, the answers usually are: OER resources are in silos. Several software companies have their own repositories, such as Microsoft’s, Schoology’s public resources, Canvas Commons, and more.

OER 131

Internet Safety and Information - what data do the big companies collect?

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However, there are some drawbacks and everyone is concerned about their data and what the big tech companies collect about them. It is a good resource to use when teaching digital literacy and internet safety. Web safety resource Google Plus now open to Teens, with safety features PBS Teachers - Excellent Resources for Educators - has resources on internet safety Top 10 Resources from Discovery Education - all free - internet safety lessons too -.

Fighting FAKE NEWS: Recommended Reading and Resources for Teachers

mauilibrarian2 in Olinda

I've created a reading and resource list to help battle fake news at our school. Feel free to share these resources with your teachers! Fast Company, Nov. A gold mine of resources, some of which are mentioned in this post. The Classroom Where Fake News Fails ( article ).

Media Literacy Resources for Classrooms

Graphite Blog

In this collection, you'll find hand-picked, regularly updated resources to help you better understand and practice media literacy. At the top, there are featured resources as well as more comprehensive curricula. one of our favorite resources.

Lightsail Partners With Washington Post, in Latest Latest Alliance of Literacy, Media Companies

Marketplace K-12

A company focused on improving K-12 literacy through ed tech has struck a deal with the Washington Post that will give the provider access to dozens of breaking news stories weekly, and hundreds of stories in the newspaper’s archives. LightSail , founded in 2012 and headquartered in New York City, says the partnership will allow the company to use its reading platform to deliver articles tailored to students’ with different skill levels. Resources.

The Evolving Economics of Educational Materials and Open Educational Resources: Toward Closer Alignment with the Core Values of Education

Iterating Toward Openness

The Evolving Economics of Educational Materials and Open Educational Resources: Toward Closer Alignment with the Core Values of Education. Educational materials published under an open license are called open educational resources (OER). A Return to Sharing: Open Educational Resources.

OER 126

FREE WEBINAR: Living and Learning in 2025

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When he’s not researching, his articles appear in Scientific American, Forbes, and Popular Science, and he makes the occasional appearance on PBS and the Discovery Channel. The company who sponsored it compensated me via cash payment, gift, or something else of value to edit and post it.

10 More Digital Citizenship Resources: The Web in the Classroom…Part 4

21st Century Educational Technology and Learning

Welcome to the fourth article in a series devoted to facilitating proper student internet interaction in the classroom. In this post I would like to introduce 10 more resources that are available for facilitating proper digital citizenship in the classroom. Ten More Resources.

How Teacher-Created Free Online Resources Are Changing the Classroom


Teachers relied on textbooks as the primary resource because that’s all there was. The Liberty Public Schools district sees Langhorst and his colleague as front-runners in an important shift toward open educational resources (OER).

OER 58

How to Use Metaverse: Awesome Augmented Reality and New Features

The CoolCatTeacher

I like to use Kanban Boards and Agile Software Development principles (something outside the scope of this article). The company who sponsored it compensated me via cash payment, gift, or something else of value to include a reference to their product.

25 Resources For Teaching With Movies And Film

TeachThought - Learn better.

25 Resources For Teaching With Movies And Film. Whether you’re a student looking to get into the film industry or a teacher looking for reference points to help your pupils, you’ll need all the online resources you can find. 25 Resources For Teaching With Movies And Film.

Cyberpatriot - national youth cyber education program

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These are excellent, free resources and more for K-12 educators and students. ?The the position of newly hired IT professionals tasked with managing the network of a small company. More importantly, CyberGenerations offers resources to victims of cyber scams.

How VR and AR Will Change How Art is Experienced

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For example, companies can make use of simulated interviews and best choose candidates for the job when recruiting and training. Another example, the furniture company IKEA recently used this immersive technology to help shoppers envision how furniture would look inside their home.

End of Year Maintenance: Update Your Online Presence

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A note: The links won’t work until the articles publish! FB has become a common resource for future employers (be they schools considering you for teaching positions or parents and students interested in your pedagogy) to use when researching your background.

How to Empower Students With Timely Knowledge Using “The Week”

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The Week is a valuable current events resource with timely information that helps students build their knowledge of current events. Instead of one point of view, the news articles include multiple points of view so students can compare and evaluate sources and discuss a variety of opinions.

How To 335

How Teachers Learn About New Edtech Products (Round-up)

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Here’s a taste of what SnapLearning shared, and then click the link and go read the entire article. If you are an edtech company, don’t miss this post as it is bound to get your wheels turning! Tech Ed Resources–Organize Your Class. Education reform Teacher resources

EdTech 227

5 Misconceptions About Online Program Management Providers


Higher ed people simply don’t like the idea of long contract lock-ins (usually between five and 10 years) and revenue share arrangements that send half to three-quarters of tuition dollars to for-profit companies. There are many excellent articles and resources on the OPM industry.

Amazon Inspire Carries Big Implications for Schools, and Ed-Tech Providers

Ed Tech from the Ground Up

For ed-tech companies, aggregate rankings and reviews mean faster feedback and in turn more effective products and learning solutions. However, that’s how most edtech companies are trying to reach schools and school districts today, albeit through centralized communication platforms.

Loopster - Free Online Video Editor

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Designs is working on a new motorcycle for a company called Loopster , that has something to do with online video work. Feel free to share summaries and links to these articles, but do not copy and repost entire article. free resources video editing

Video 241

Augmented Reality Ideas from Mary Howard’s #ISTE19 Session

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It is a great teacher PD tool which includes videos and resources to help you learn new techniques and technologies for your classroom. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I believe will be good for my readers and are from companies I can recommend.

Turn any exisiting PC or Mac into fully functional Chromebook - for free!

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Product images, case studies, company bios and additional quotes are available at: Related: Google Apps and Chromebooks Resources -. Feel free to share summaries and links to these articles, but do not copy and repost entire article.