Professional Opportunities for Educators in 2014


Come see me present and be sure use my personal VIP code of EK10 to receive my partner discount of 10% your registration at any of these 7 events. 2014 has been fantastic so far! This year, I was awarded the 2014 Pre-K - 12 MACUL Teacher of the Year Award.

2014 Was One Wild Ride

A Principal's Reflections

The holidays present a wonderful opportunity for many of us, including me for once, to relax from the rigors of work while spending time with family and friends. With 2014 coming to a close in a few days there is no better time than now to reflect on this past year.

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Meeting the uncommon core of our work using social media in the library

The Innovative Educator

I had the opportunity to speak with a few hundred librarians today to discuss how we can get to the uncommon core of our work using social media. You can see the presentation below and visit it at this link. Highlights include: What is social media (from a dog's point of view)? Why we need social media to prepare students for college, career, and citizenship success? How does social media help us meet the common core standards?

Persuasion as a Catalyst for Change

A Principal's Reflections

The power of social media then connected the both of us leading to him Skyping with the students at New Milford High School, a personal dialogue over the years, and his endorsement of my new book on Digital Leadership. ASCD 2014 Change Daniel Pink Leadership To Sell is Human

Experiences in Self-Determined Learning: Moving from Education 1.0 Through Education 2.0 Towards Education 3.0

User Generated Education

Moving Forward in the PAH Continuum: Maximizing the Power of the Social Web: Lisa Marie Blaschke. Heutagogy and Social Communities of Practice: Will Self-determined Learning Re-write the Script for Educators?: Collaboration and social negotiation is encouraged among learners.

Reflections from #iste2014 in Atlanta: Relationships are Key!


Genius Hour Panel: @coolcatteacher, @donwettrick, @angelamaiers, @kleinerin, @klirenman, @smartinez, @hughtheteacher ISTE 2014 - Atlanta, Georgia This is my third year attending ISTE. As I began presenting and sharing, I knew I had to start archiving and pushing my resources in a public forum.

Costs and Benefits of Social Media in Education

Reading By Example

This lead presents a counter to the promise of the Internet facilitating powerful connections among people. The opportunities provided through social media are not only couched in learning. 2014). It’s complicated: The social lives of networked teens.

Got Twitter? Make it Better! #TCEA14


At the 2014 TCEA Convention and Exposition , I presented a concurrent session called Got Twitter? If you aren''t comfortable with the basics, you should start with my Twitter for Professional Learning resources before delving into the info presented here.

Change is a Mindset

A Principal's Reflections

Here is a short list of some of the changes that have been implemented and sustained: Social media use as a communications, public relations, branding, professional growth, and student learning tool implemented in 2009.

2014 LRNG Innovation Challenge Winners Announced

Educator Innovator

“We have learned from research supported over the past 10 years that the most robust and effective learning is interest-driven, socially embedded, and relevant to the real world,” said Connie Yowell, Director of Education at the MacArthur Foundation. Digital Arts/Media Production. This project envisions expanding the brief time and access students have in the studio to learn and build stronger skill sets around broadcast journalism, media production, and communication.


Twitter as a Tool For Academic Discourse

A Principal's Reflections

To accomplish their goal, these teachers began with an informational text on the history of the Roman Forum to ground their use of social media in historical discourse and academic content.

Showing How Awesome You Are-Building Your Brand

The Web20Classroom

Oh and you can link to all your social media accounts too. A blog or portfolio site can be a great way to share presentations you do, exemplary lessons you create or projects you''ve worked on. I am in all of those social media spaces but I use each one very differently.

3 Things We Need To Remember For Every Professional Development

The Web20Classroom

The presenter leading did little to engage us. Several of our divisions like Title I, Social Studies and others have taken whole days and run them like a mini conference. Social Media. I remember my first professional development as a teacher. I was fresh out of college.

Sustaining Outdated Practices Will Not Transform Schools

A Principal's Reflections

Luckily for me I was diverted along a different path thanks to an epiphany provided by social media. The only difference is that style and focus need to change with the times if we are to accomplish the lofty task of preparing students for a dynamic world that is more social and connected as a result of technology. When one looks at education in general there is very little change from over 150 years ago.

An Open Letter to NJDOE Commissioner David Hespe #NJED

A Principal's Reflections

Over the years, and in my latest book , I have written about how social media has presented me and my school with numerous opportunities that I never could have imagined would be possible.

Adobe Voice: Easy Tool for Quick Presentations

Baker's B.Y.O.D.

This is designed to be short, quick talking points granted my example above is on the long side, but I wanted my students to see and understand the progression that I presented. Keep in mind, the longer your presentation, the longer it takes to upload to the Adobe Voice site on the web. Sharing to social media or via email is easy, and once the presentation has been uploaded, you can grab the link or embed code.

Adobe 85

2014 Global Education Conference - Final Day!

The Learning Revolution Has Begun

Mrs Fabiana Casella Social Media for Gender Equality: Exploring Popular Online Platforms for Mainstreaming Discussions on Sexual Orientation and Gender Identities - Ramil Andag (BSE Social Studies) Student Achievement in a Global Community: Educators Fostering Transformative Actions in a Standardized System - Kate E. Friday, November 21st, is the fifth and final day our fifth annual Global Education Conference.

100,000 Thank You's

The Web20Classroom

I''ve presented at conferences all over the country and the world, even keynoted a few, worked with educators in just about every state, have 1 book published and 2 more on the way. When it comes to social media the quality of the interactions are more important than quantity.

Here's what you missed at the MidWest Technology Conference 2014 #METC14


I had the pleasure to attend and present at the Midwest Technology Conference in February. I co-presented two workshops this year. Social Studies: [link] - tons of resources on creating effective flipped videos.

Control or Ownership

A Principal's Reflections

Image credit: [link] The motivation from this post came from a recent presentation I did on digital learning. I also hope that those who block social media, ban students’ devices, and mandate Common Core scripts understand that these decisions are destroying a love for learning.

The Summer of COVID-19 Presents a Unique Opportunity for Education Companies


How to Reach Teachers This Summer Be social : According to the 2014 Teachers Know Best survey by the Gates Foundation, teachers find out about products largely through word-of-mouth. This means that teachers are largely relying on social media for inspiration.

Roadmap to a Job-Embedded Growth Model

A Principal's Reflections

As social media embracement was not even a blip on the radar at this time, these teacher leaders were quite skeptical about the alleged benefits I described.

Reflections, Part 2: Hawaii Google Summit 2014

In Part 1 of my reflection on the 2014 Hawaii Google Summit by +EdTechTeam , I shared my personal goal and the journey I took from last year''s summit until today. In Part 2 I''ll share my experiences, take-aways, and session resources from the 2014 Hawaii Google Summit.

The Free and Online 2014 School Leadership Summit Starts Wednesday! (Full Session List)

The Learning Revolution Has Begun

Our second annual School Leadership Summit is this week, and we hope you will consider joining us for some or many of the 60+ free online presentations and keynote addresses.

Making an Impact with Problem / Project Based Learning

Teacher Reboot Camp

Find an example of students transforming the world in this post, Kids Transforming the World Through Social Media. We have the opportunity to implement problem/project based learning and teach our students how to use web tools and social media to solve real world problems. Below, I have included the steps of the process, bookmarks for tools and apps that support PBL , and two presentations to help you get your students transforming their world with digital devices.

Connecting Teaching, Learning, & Leadership


You have taken control of your own learning You have made the decision to be a public learner, swimming through social media waters using tools like Twitter, Google+, Linked In, blogs, etc. But they do not send out student names on social media.

Making an Impact with Problem / Project Based Learning

Teacher Reboot Camp

Find an example of students transforming the world in this post, Kids Transforming the World Through Social Media. We have the opportunity to implement problem/project based learning and teach our students how to use web tools and social media to solve real world problems. Below, I have included the steps of the process, bookmarks for tools and apps that support PBL , and two presentations to help you get your students transforming their world with digital devices.

Using Google to Enhance Teams

The Playground Advocate

While I can certainly work on a document, presentation, spreadsheet, or website on my own, I can also easily work in real time with other folks from all over the world by taking advantage of the many sharing options I have for everything I create in or upload into my Drive.

Are You Leading with Fear? #BYOD

The Mobile Native

There are major concerns regarding social media and the fear of allowing students to use their cell phones for educational purposes. In reality, these challenges have always been present within the classroom.

BYOD 112

5 Things Every Digital Citizen Should Know #digcit

The CoolCatTeacher

In addition to these roles, she is a Google for Education Certified Innovator, 2014 Lead PBS Digital Innovator, and PBS SoCaL American Graduate Champion. She is also a consultant and presenter who regularly speaks at regional and national conferences.

Take ThingLink App Smash Challenge

Cool Tools for 21st Century Learners

App Smashing challenges us to discover new possibilities for teaching and learning with an iPad and presents us with greater possibilities for making the device meet our goals. Promote through social media. Use Rich-Media Tags to present your ideas.

iPad 97

Effective Digital Leadership: Moving Our Schools Forward


Notes from a concurrent session at TASA Midwinter 2014. We need to be using social media to tell people about the positive things that are going on in our classrooms and schools! Royse City is hosting EdCamp Awesome in Feburary 2014.

In the Hands of the Students: The Classroom Computer

Inquire and Inspire

Enhancing Presentations: Combined with a projector, a single computer becomes a powerful tool, especially when used by students. presentation tools available online which, when used by students, often results in a significant increase in student engagement and achievement.

The drama of Facebook

Learning with 'e's

The world''s largest and most successful social network, Facebook - celebrated its tenth anniversary in February 2014. Facebook is a social phenomenon that cannot be ignored. One social anthropologist in particular might have had a great deal to say about the Facebook effect.

How will we learn tomorrow?

Learning with 'e's

In May 2013, between keynote presentations in Ljubljana, Las Vegas and Doha, I found myself sitting in front of cameras in a West London hotel, giving an interview to a French TV crew. education future learning mobile phones social media Technology