Unwrapping the Common Core Standards

A Principal's Reflections

Love them or hate them, the Common Core is a reality for the majority of educators and schools across the country. While attending the 2013 ASCD Conference in Chicago I attended a session entitled Unwrapping Standards to Drive the Adoption of the Common Core State Standards. By unwrapping standards educators see the interconnectedness within the Common Core. Common Core teachers

With @ClassDojo - Go Paperless, Reach Common Core Standards, & Enhance Engagement!


Reach Common Core Standards Instead of setting up a traditional class in Class Dojo, you can set up subject areas or units of study. Free Common Core "I Can Statements" for Pre-K - 3rd grade: click here Class Dojo Makes Sharing Easy Get Started Now with Class Dojo! apps for teachers behavior management Class Dojo Class Dojo App Common Core Common Core I Can education I Can Statements Liam Don manage student behavior Sam Chaudhary special education app teaching


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Discovery Education's Common Core Academies

A Principal's Reflections

Educators across America are grappling with what the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) mean for their instruction and have key questions around successful implementation: What are the core components of the CCSS and how do they impact me? Educators are invited to join their peers for Common Core Academies that are: Research-based: Their professional development integrates proven curriculum, instruction, and assessment practices from expert practitioners and thought leaders.

Join the @MasteryConnect Community and Connect with A World of Common Core!


Mastery Connect = Your Home for Common Core Mastery Connect was putting together resources for the Common Core before the Common Core was even adopted by many of the states. They truly are the leader in all things Common Core! Grab the Free Common Core App! You can easily start to follow teachers who are part of the Common Core Mastery Connect community and begin sharing resources to use in your classroom!

Interactive Math Practice with @IXLLearning that is Common Core Aligned!


common core math education IXL IXL Learning IXLLearning math enrichment math games for kids math intervention math practice math software online math program online math programs teaching technology Online Support for Pre-K - 8th Plus Algebra & Geometry - click here to try IXL - I''ve been using IXL for the past several months with my own two children, Jacob (4) and Riley (8). As a parent, I love how organized the site is to use.

Mobile Learning and the Common Core

The Mobile Native

Here are some links to get ready for the Common Core: 1. 55 Resources for meeting the Common Core 3. 3 Tools to Tackle Common Core Math Standards 4. Common Core: Assessments 5. Common Core Math 6. 11 Tech Tools to Teach the Common Core 7. 3 Useful Web Tools That Meet Common Core Standards 8. Common Core State Standards Initiative. Common Core Mobile Learning

2013 CUE Annual Conference – Common Core: Transforming Teaching and Learning


March 14, 2013 kicking off the Annual CUE Conference, teacher Catlin Tucker, kickoff keynote speaker, shares her perspectives on embracing the Common Core Standards as a transformative leap in teaching and learning. The post 2013 CUE Annual Conference – Common Core: Transforming Teaching and Learning appeared first on OnCUE. Common Core Standards CUE Conference

Common Core Standards Featured Prominently in 2013 Annual CUE Conference


The post Common Core Standards Featured Prominently in 2013 Annual CUE Conference appeared first on OnCUE. Common Core Standards CUE ConferenceEducational leaders know that any change in pedagogy, standards and assessment would require large doses of quality professional development to implement effectively. So what do you do when all three are changing? Send your team to the CUE Conference, of course!

School Leadership in the Common Core Era

A Principal's Reflections

Check out their book titled Beyond Core Expectations: A Schoolwide Framework for Serving the Not-So-Common Learner published by Corwin. Why we have chosen to title this work Beyond Core Expectations is twofold. Second, we advocate for the development of an action plan for educating the not-so-common learners that is research-based, achievable, and reaches beyond any current educational reform initiative for school improvement. Who Are the Not-So-Common Learners?

A Free App To Download Today and Use Tomorrow from @IXLLearning - Common Core Math: PreK - Geometry


simple to use free - you can get started by using the app as a guest TONS of concepts to choose from reinforces what I already do in the classroom Step 1 : download the IXL Math Practice App Step 2 : select your grade level Step 3 : select your concept Step 4 : select your skill Step 5 : have fun practicing For More Information: Interactive Math Practice with IXL Learning that is Common Core Aligned! Introducing the NEW IXL Math App!

Scholastic's First Thanksgiving Full Common Core Unit Plans with Videos and Printables!


The First Thanksgiving Scholastic has put together NEW Common Core-aligned lesson plans to introduce your class to the real story of the first Thanksgiving. There are interactive guides, lesson plans, activities for centers, printable reproducibles, virtual field-trips and more! You can access the entire unit and read more about it on my recent post. Enjoy the fabulous, free resources!!

Common Core Elementary Apps Created by Teachers for the @iTooch App by EduPad!


National Common Core Standards. There is an app for that. iTooch Elementary is an app covering the official Maths, Science and Language Arts curriculum for grades 3-5. Each title contains 40-50 chapters and includes 1000-2000 activities. The a pps created by iTooch are currently being used by more than 300,000 students and have been created by teachers to make sure they comply with the U.S. You can click here to see the teachers behind the development of iTooch.

Common Core Academy Learning Opportunities From Discovery Education

The Web20Classroom

A long time ago, Francis Bacon said that knowledge is power … This summer, teachers can empower their teaching with meaningful and actionable knowledge about the Common Core Standards at Discovery Education''s Academies! Visit the Discovery Education Common Core site to learn more!

How Twitter influences the Common Core debate

eSchool News

Researchers track tweets to determine how social media plays into Common Core and educational debates. A new study endeavors to uncover how social media can impact education politics and how people view those issues, especially as they relate to the Common Core State Standards. Common Core News Research Social Media Top News

Giveaway: @itooch Giving Away a Full Set of Common Core Apps Created By Teachers!


National Common Core Standards. There is an app for that. I n January of this year we feature d a fantastic app devel oper named iTooch Elementary. You can view the full re view here and also see some excerpts below. iTooch was one of our mos t viewed posts this year and I ha ve heard nothing but outstanding comments on their work since first being int roduced to the product.

iCommonCore with @MasteryConnect - CommonCore at your Fingertips!


apps for common core CCSS Common Core Common Core App common core app update common core update education Mastery Connect mastery connect app update MasteryConnect standards app teaching The MasteryConnect App just got a Beautiful Upgrade If you''re like the 700K+ people who already have the MasteryConnect FREE app, then you already know how amazing it is.

Who or What Hates Common Core?


A team of researchers from the Consortium for Policy Research in Education at the University of Pennsylvania’s Graduate School of Education has been digging deeply into social media data to examine the roots of the public dialogue around Common Core. In the most recent chapter of work released, the researchers identify one group that accounted for "roughly a quarter of all Common Core-related activity on Twitter" during the 32-month time period they studied.

Common Core practice tests now available online

The Innovative Educator

From eSchool News " Site of the Week :" View more Sites of the Week The Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium, one of two collections of states that are designing online tests aligned with the Common Core standards, has released online practice tests in both ELA and math for students in grades 3-8 and 11. common core standards

Common Core Standards and Technology – Using Blended Learning in a Robust Infrastructure


Part 1 of 2 – by Catherine Banker and David Tokofsky It requires a robust infrastructure and thoughtful planning to implement 1-on-1 student-to-computer ratios in order to deliver new common core standards, new content, and new testing strategies. The post Common Core Standards and Technology – Using Blended Learning in a Robust Infrastructure appeared first on OnCUE. Blended Learning Common Core Standards

Common Core is changing how schools teach ELA and math

eSchool News

New report finds Common Core is affecting reading and math — but not test scores. States considered strong adopters of Common Core are more likely to see a de-emphasis of fiction and a decline in advanced math enrollment among middle school students thanks to adoption, according to a new report that also found a trivial difference in test scores between states that have and have not adopted the standards.

Five years after Common Core, a mysterious spike in failure rate among NY high school students

The Hechinger Report

Back in 2013, when New York was one of the first states in the nation to adopt Common Core standards and administer tougher tests, children’s test scores initially plummeted. After an initial drop in pass rates among eighth and ninth graders on a Common Core algebra exam in 2014-15, scores improved. In California, scores dipped among 11th graders in the spring of 2018, four years after the introduction of Common Core aligned exams.

High School Senior's Take on the Common Core and the Obsession with Testing

The 21st Century Principal

The debate over Common Core continues. accountability and standards Common Core High Stakes Testing testing and accountability This video captures a high school senior Ethan Young speaking eloquently about some of the concerns about establishing a national curriculum and our current education system''s obsession with testing, accountability and standards. Perhaps our policymakers forget that standardization doesn''t equal equity though they might think so.

What Does "Common Core Aligned" REALLY Mean?

The Innovative Educator


Is the common core sending children over an educational cliff?

The Innovative Educator

There’s been a lot of buzz about the Common Core Standards and how they’re supposed to somehow get our children college and/or career ready by raising the standards for all. Guest post by TimeOutDad As an aspiring school leader, as an educator, as a parent, I am deeply worried about the education of our children.

5 Reasons I Use TenMarks in My Classroom:


common core math common core math websites education free math program master math facts math programs math websites online math program teaching ten marks TenMarks TenMarks for Math I started using TenMarks a while ago. I fell in love with their site because it met my two critical requirements: free and functional. Simply put, it didn''t cost me a penny, and it was easy to use.

Connecting 21st Century Learning, Technology, and Common Core Standards


21st century learning and technology integration are part of the Common Core design. Academic conversations Academic conversations are part of 21st century learning and the Common Core Standards. Three types of writing in the Common Core are: arguments, informational, and narratives. Final thoughts The shifts that need to occur in 21st century learning are the same shifts that need to take place to implement Common Core Standards.

Back To School With @TenMarks, New and Improved


In addition to the core, a new-and-improved interface are sure to make going back to school a great experience for you and your students. back to school CCSS CCSS Lessons common core math common core math websites math intervention math support math websites online math programs ten marks TenMarks Just In Time For Back To School? - try TenMarks.

Congrats to @MasteryConnect for New Million Dollar Investments!


As stated before, I''ve been using Mastery Connect before the Common Core was '' popular.'' catamount ventures Common Core Common Core App common core ipad learn capital learncapital Mastery Connect MasteryConnect michael and susan dell foundation series a round of investing. I wanted to shoot out a quick email letting my readers know about an exciting landmark for one of my favorite education companies, Mastery Connect.

Turn your iPad into a Clicker for Students!


assessment tools for iPad clicker for iPad clicker system common core assessments on iPad david kapuler immediate feedback iPad ipad tests tap it tap it free the answer pad The Answer Pad. turning your iPad into a Clicker System A friend of mine, David ( @ dkapuler ), just sent me an email about a great new app that can offer teachers immediate feedback so that they can adjust their instruction in real time. You can also click here and read more about it on their website.

iPad 219

Core Leadership Summit 2013 on Blended and Personalized Learning: EdTech Reaches Out to EduLeaders


The 2013 Core Leadership Summit, titled “Blended and Personalized Learning: Conversations for 21st Century Learners,” offered almost 200 leaders and administrators three featured speakers Barbara Nemko, Alan November, Catlin Tucker; one panel on Smarter Balanced Assessment led by Beverly Young; and a charismatic keynote speaker- Harvard University’s Eric Mazur. Blended Learning Common Core Standards

Collaborate on Stories and Publish Student Work with BoomWriter!


boom writer boomwriter collaborative storytelling common core writing creative writing digital storytelling education publish digital stories publish student work share stories on the web BoomWriter allows kids to publish books together! BoomWriter is a site that is free for teachers to use with their classrooms to allow for collaboration on stories and publication of student work. I know teachers who have used BoomWriter and loved it.

More than five years after adopting Common Core, Kentucky’s black-white achievement gap is widening

The Hechinger Report

It’s been over five years since Kentucky adopted the Common Core, guidelines for what students need to know in math and the English language arts in each grade. students graduating from the K-12 system are college and career ready, Common Core has ramped up academic expectations that schools everywhere, including those in Kentucky, are still far from meeting. Related: Common Core ignores underprivileged students — and testing will lead to more achievement gaps.

Kentucky thoroughly sold it’s educators on Common Core. How?

The Hechinger Report

Over the course of three years, starting in 2009, Kentucky’s state education commissioner, Terry Holliday, added 50,000 miles to his odometer, crisscrossing the state to bring each of the 173 school districts the message: Kentucky was adopting the Common Core. Related: Academic expectations around the country, updated for Common Core. Related: New York school beats the odds by “going rogue” on Common Core. Read more about the Common Core.

Have Fun with @ABCyaGames Counting Money App (set up for your whole class!)


ABCya abcya app abcya games common core math apps counting money app education educational technology math apps money app money games teaching My Favorite App for Counting Money ABCyaGames makes some of my absolute favorite interactive games for students. The best part is - my kids just love their games, too! Though ABCya is a sponsor of my site, I continue to be surprised by the games I find. I recently ran across their Counting Money App for $1.99 in iTunes.

What Parents Need To Know About the Common Core (technology tips included)

Saving Socrates

What Parents Need to Know About the Common Core and How They Can Help Their Children The Common Core is an attempt to nationalize the curriculum creating common core standards in grades K-12. In addition, they have ensured that these standards will be measured by creating tests (albeit not necessarily a national test) to test the acquisition of this core knowledge.

Internet Search to address Common Core


The Common Core ELA Writing Standard 8 requires students to navigate the Internet for research and evaluate the validity of the sites to support their claims. Furthermore, Common Core Writing Standard 7 has students conduct research projects, utilizing multiple sources. Basics to Googling Digging into Google by Tracy Watanabe is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 21st Century Learning Common Core

Your Voice Matters So Use It

A Principal's Reflections

Late last week I read an article about how elected officials in the county where my school is located passed a resolution to stop the Common Core. The tweet I read blasted this anti Common Core and PARCC decision. I was not shy about expressing my thoughts on the Common Core and PARCC out in the open. We had a candid, respectful conversation for about 45 minutes mostly on PARCC, but also Common Core, NJ School Performance Reports, and Achieve NJ.

Learning Artifacts

A Principal's Reflections

Even in a Common Core world this can be accomplished if teachers are given the autonomy and empowered to develop innovative lessons that push students to think critically while having them showcase what they have learned. best practices Common Core educational technology Innovation pedagogy I routinely speak about the need for students to produce learning artifacts that demonstrate conceptual mastery.

If You Don’t Know Where You’re Going, You’ll End Up Somewhere Else

A Principal's Reflections

In my desperation, I remembered a session I wandered into at AMLE the year before, where Catherine Garrison of Measured Progress gave a talk on formative assessment and learning targets coupled with the Common Core Curriculum Standards (CCCS). The idea was simple: select those core standards that pertain to narrative writing (written in “teacher-ese”) and turn them into student-friendly language with the words “I can” in front of them. Common Core Professional Development

Reflections On 2013-This Year's Most Popular Posts

The Web20Classroom

As 2013 comes to a close let''s take a quick look at the most popular posts here over the course of the last year. It seems the voices, both for and against the Common Core State Standards got louder over the past year. 2013 year in review Wherever you come down on the debate I hope we can all agree that, in most cases, summative assessments have their place.