Why combining assessments and LMS technology is essential

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Assessments are more than just measuring how well students are doing in particular subjects in school, and they can actually improve student learning. In fact, frequent assessments can have a positive impact on a student’s education from kindergarten through college.

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Learning First, Technology Second #motivationmonday

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Today Liz Kolb @lkolb talks about how we can put learning first and a very important reason technology should be second. In today’s show, Liz Kolb talks about the role of learning and technology: What is the role of technology in learning. When technology is a distraction.

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Can technology solve the achievement gap?

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An Education Week article reported that in 2011, “black and Hispanic students trailed their white peers by an average of more than 20 test-score points on the NAEP math and reading assessments at 4th and 8th grades, a difference of about two grade levels.” percent of white students in the class of 2008 graduated on time, that was the case for only 57.6 To be clear, technology is not a silver bullet that can magically solve societal issues related to the achievement gap.

4 Steps for Designing an Online Assessment for Flipped Classroom

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Are you thinking about designing an online assessment for a Flipped classroom? First, consider whether the tool you are thinking about is the right tool for what you want to assess. Second, does this online assessment align with the rest of the course curriculum. 2008).

@Quizizz : Say Goodbye to Worksheets and Crosswords

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Want to hear another episode on technology tools? Jon was the co-designer of Minarets High School , which originated as a GAFE, 1:1 Macbook and PBL based high school in 2008 and has been named an Apple Distinguished School three times. And this is the beauty of technology.

U.S. K-12 Educational Technology Policy: Historical Notes on the Federal Role

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” This letter marked the launch of the implementation of the first federal program dedicated to ensuring universal access to information and communications technology for improved teaching and learning in the nation’s schools. Technology Literacy Challenge Fund.

Education Technology and the Power of Platforms

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Edmodo was one of the early stars of the most recent resurgence in ed-tech startup founding and funding (circa 2008 onward, that is). Are any education technologies, for that matter? They issue a lot of press releases; technology journalists happily rewrite them.

Using the Real World Classrooms Model When Teaching Finance

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My family and I were the victims of a fairly-elaborate Ponzi scheme back in 2008. They can see demos of our technology, download samples of the curriculum like I said, contact us with questions, see pricing, and things like that.

A Simple Switch at the College Board Could Mean More Equitable AP Exams


took an AP exam, compared to 25 percent in 2008. Education Technology Diversity and Equity Assessments NonprofitsThe College Board will soon allow high school students to register for Advanced Placement (AP) exams in the fall, rather than having them wait until spring—just before the exams are held. It’s a simple, seemingly inconsequential change, but in both the small- and large-scale studies the nonprofit conducted in U.S.

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Are Smartphones in the Classroom a Smart Move?

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Liz is a clinical assistant professor in education technologies at The University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, MI. published by ISTE in 2013), Learning First, Technology Second (published by ISTE in 2017).

The Use of Technology for Reading Acquisition

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And, of course, the educational technology community has now begun to focus on this. I hope to rectify this in the near future, but since 2008, reading acquisition has become something on the forefront of my mind. She scores much lower on online exams than in person assessments. What is my attraction to utilizing technology for students acquisition of literacy, especially in high school?

The Connection Between “Lower” and “Higher” Level Thinking

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Technology infusion: The shift from local classrooms that are largely based on pens and pencils, notebook paper, ring binders, and printed textbooks to globally connected learning spaces that are deeply and richly technology driven.

3 lessons from Curriculum Associates’ explosive growth

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Curriculum Associates [CA], a curriculum and assessment company founded in 1969 focused on K–12 schools, has seen its revenues grow nearly 1,000 percent in the last 10 years to nearly $260 million. And so, we use technology to address that problem in better ways.

What Public School Teachers Want: Less Disruption


Since the 2008 Time magazine cover story on Washington, D.C. We want all children to attend a public school where there is a nurse, the arts, band, orchestra, novels, field trips, technology and daily classes in the “untested subjects” (such as science and social studies).

With a New CEO, Can Edmodo Regain Its Ed Mojo?


What really drew me to Edmodo was the opportunity to use technology to provide a much better learning experience for everyone,” says Kim in an interview with EdSurge. Education Technology Enterprises

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That’s a Rap! Nearpod Buys Educational Hip Hop Creator, Flocabulary


Teachers can create, distribute and manage multimedia content and assessments on students’ devices. We’re taking the youth and media culture of Flocabulary, and pairing it with the device technology of Nearpod,” says Rappaport. Education Technology Mergers and Acquisitions

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How One Master Educator Uses Visuals and Tech to Make Dracula a Must-Take Course


He has also been selected as a Master Educator by the education technology company Course Hero , which produced a ten-minute film that features Stepanic and his crowd-pleasing class. How do you leverage technology in your course? I’ve always tried to keep up-to-date with the way the technology is advancing. Hellsing Ultimate" (2006–2008, 2012, 2014; created by Kohta Hirano) 2.

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New Ownership for an LMS Giant: Private Equity Firm to Buy Instructure for $2 Billion


The company was founded in 2008 and went public in 2015 (at $18 a share), and plans to continue to operate with its same management team after the acquisition. Under his watch, Instructure purchased two companies: a digital portfolio tool for $43 million and a K-12 assessment platform for $42.5

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Healthy Body, Healthy Mind: The Impact of School Lunch on Student Performance

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In 2008, a Journal of School Health study discovered that fifth-graders eating fast food scored worse on standardized literary assessments. Education News Featured TechnologyBy now, it is no mystery that what people eat has an effect on their daily physical and mental health.

Tic Tack Toe in the Blended Classroom

A Principal's Reflections

The primary goal has been to take a critical lens to instructional design with a focus on increasing the level of questioning, imparting relevance through authentic contexts and interdisciplinary connections, creating rigorous performance tasks, innovating assessment, and improving learner feedback.

14 Examples Of Innovation In Higher Education

TeachThought - Learn better.

” Competency-Based Education isn’t necessarily an innovation, but a move to Competency-Based Education can lead to other innovations–using technology to personalize a student’s navigation of to-be-mastered content, for example.

How to Build a High-Functioning Remote Team for Your Edtech Company


It proved useful in finding teachers to help develop our lesson plans, assessments and professional development. Video worked exceptionally well for us (even dating as far back as 2008) as our employees reported feeling more connected.

Healthcare offers lessons from the last recession to higher ed of what not to do

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As Ben Thompson wrote , “EHR penetration in physician offices went from just over 40% in 2008 to 86% in 2017, and in hospitals from around 10% to 96%.”.

Develop Stronger Teaching Skills Through Ed Tech

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But learning new ways of teaching and preparing new materials in response can be overwhelming, given a faculty member’s overall responsibilities (Loch & Reushle, 2008; Price & Oliver, 2007). Shift your reliance from paper to digital content to assess students’ learning.

Congress should prioritize innovation in higher ed. Here are three ways it can.

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In December, on a party-line vote, the House Committee on Education and the Workforce released the PROSPER Act , a bill to update the Higher Education Act for the first time since 2008. Technology is changing the nature of work in industries far from Silicon Valley, including manufacturing, healthcare, and retail. Studies estimate that nearly half of current jobs face a high risk of obsolescence caused by technology over the next few decades. Washington D.C.

New Course Offering: The Tech Savvy Teacher

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Do you struggle with effectively integrating technology into learning? Do you wonder how your pedagogy must change to respond to the technology choices you and your students make? From Shaelynn - In 2008, the district I worked in adopted a 1:1 Laptop Initiative.

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Turnitin to Be Acquired by Advance Publications for $1.75B


A company best known (and sometimes rebuked) for its plagiarism checker has just received one of the biggest checks in the education technology industry. Founded in 1998 by four university students, iParadigms, Turnitin’s previous parent company, launched with a vision to offer tools across different industries, from law to education and technology. In 2008, iParadigms was acquired by private equity firm Warburg Pincus. Education Technology Mergers and Acquisitions

This Observation Tool Is Helping Teachers Improve Their Interactions with Children


Observations are done using a tool called the Classroom Assessment Scoring System (CLASS), which Pianta helped create in 2008. Education Technology Early Learning Teaching & Learning

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Online Learning's 'Greatest Hits'


More than two decades ago, when I was hired at Stevens Institute of Technology, as dean of web-based distance learning—a quaint title for what is now known as online learning—few tools were available to help faculty migrate their on-campus courses online. Learning Management Systems With learning management systems now installed at nearly all higher education institutions here and abroad, instructors can create course materials, assess student progress and generate custom exams.

Can a Neuroscience Video Game Treat ADHD?


On the homepage of the health technology company Akili Interactive , there sits an intriguing line of copy: “Time to Play Your Medicine.” Gazzaley, a neurologist and neuroscientist by training, was originally searching for experimental treatments to improve brain function using digital technology. In other words, because it relies on human training and interaction, it doesn’t scale like technology. Education Technology Learning Research Game-Based Learning Special Needs

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Rethink funding for quality learning

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In 2008, in the book Disrupting Class, Clayton Christensen, Michael Horn, and Curtis Johnson made the bold prediction that by 2019, 50 percent of all high school courses in America would be online. This post was first published on WISE ed.review.

4 Ways Students Can Plan Their Writing

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Consider this from the 2008 Leadership and Learning Center : In schools where writing and note-taking were rarely implemented in science classes, approximately 25 percent of students scored proficient or higher on state assessments. Few people can sit down and start writing.

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10 Books You’ll Want to Read This Summer

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It takes into account recent changes such as connectivity, open-source technology, mobile devices, and personalization of learning to dramatically shift how schools have been run for over a century. Jacqui Murray has been teaching K-18 technology for 30 years.

Educators can no longer ignore the TPACK framework


TPACK stands for Technological Pedagogical And Content Knowledge. Koehler, who co-authored a paper in 2006 and another one in 2008 , referring to the above core idea with these exact words. Now TECHNOLOGY won’t go away. The use of technology in education will only grow.

10 things teachers can do today to prepare students for the future

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In 2008, I read Clayton Christensen’s Disrupting Class: How Disruptive Innovation Will Change the Way the World Learns. Technology advancements promised to make a great impact to initiate change in the classroom, but now we are faced with a newer set of obstacles.