Has ‘Shift’ Happened? Revisiting a Viral Video From 2008


The original Shift Happens videos focused a lot on economics, and workforce, and technology, and not so much about learning and teaching. Education Technology EdSurge Podcast Community

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Learning technology teacher development blog: Online Video: For Language Development

Nik Peachey

Learning technology teacher development blog. Tuesday, 16 December 2008. Quick Shout Technology News. Edublog Awards 2008. ▼ 2008. (64). IATEFL Online Conference 2008. Im a learning technology consultant, writer and teacher trainer. technology.

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Developmental requirements for technology

Connecting 2 the World

The discussion on the eLearning Technology blog about cursive vs. print vs. touch typing got me to thinking about any of the technologies being used in the classroom today. So I was wondering, at what age are various technologies appropriate? Should technology have different standards as we do in the Writing Across the Curriculum profession? Tags: distance learning Educational Technology Tony Karrer Writing writing across the curriculum

Defining New Communication Technology

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One of the first goals in teaching my class on New Communcation Technology in Organizational Life, is to define “New Communication Technology.&# While some people may question the use of a blog as an assigned reading, the fact is that there is very little accessible at the undergraduate level on New Communication technologies. Technology without structure and egalitarian? Is technology the tool? technology attributes ZDNet Blogs

The effect of new technologies on organizational communication

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The following is a framework I am developing to use in my class as we look at new technologies (enterprise 2.0, mobile technology). In my previous blog I mentioned there being four categories of technologies: those for CMC, information sharing, collaborative work, and social networking and community building. The technology allows for portability of work, which is especially important as teachers move from office to office and classroom to classroom.

Skills needed for new communication technology

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What are the skills needed for new communication technologies? George Sieman wrote an interesting post that got me thinking. What should we be including at the higher ed level to prepare students for the workplace of the 21st Century? Here are some idea: How to network. I plan on having my students join linkedIn and follow the paths of networks they create with their class.

Naming My Sources: Part 2

Nik Peachey

In the first part of this series aimed at sharing the sources of the information I blog about, I focused on sites which spread the word about new technology or websites. link] Free Technology for Teachers This is another great blog.

Make Your EFL ESL Yearbook

Nik Peachey

As ever I'm a fool for technology which can make images entertaining and personalise them, so when I saw this I couldn't resist it. Nik Peachey or Austin Powers?

Artificial Intelligence Chat bots and EFL ESL

Nik Peachey

Earlier this week I posted a short article to my Quick Shout blog about a new site called Virsona that enables teachers and students to develop their own AI ( Artificial Intelligence) chat bots.

Second Life Teacher Training Videos

Nik Peachey

3D second life technology video virtual worldsA few months ago I did some work on a series of teacher training videos for teachers who want to use Second Life, and I'm glad to say these have now been published on Russell Stannard's Teacher Training Videos website.

The fear of podcasting!

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I recently heard a podcast from the ELI conference on the future of education and technology. Tags: communication Educational Technology Educause Podcasts While I am sure there was some editing done, in listening to the podcast I knew that I could never be a star in this area. Since I will be teaching about podcasts as a means of organizational communication in the next few weeks, this got be to thinking, Who should and who shouldn’t podcast.

Create your own social network 7 steps

Nik Peachey

Some suggestions: To support particular dispersed groups doing specific projects / training courses To record and share examples of practice and expertise specific to their context To help train and develop teachers in the use of ICT / Learning Technology Why create your own network for students? Social networking is one of the key concepts that is driving Web 2.0 these days.

Social Networking and Search Engines

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In reading Tony Karrer’s blog today, I realized that there is so much technology that I don’t understand and know how it works. Tags: Blackboard elearning Technology facebook My Space Tony Karrer WebCT For example, he has a number of statistics that I am sure I should know how to use, yet I can’t figure it out. Likewise, the shift from WebCT to Blackboard’s BLS system has been painful and frustrating.

What can a wiiboard do for me?

The Electric Educator

Johnny Lee''s stated goal is to make technology more accessible by discovering new functions for everyday technology. educational technology johnny chung lee wii wiiboard Over the summer, I came across this video by Johnny Chung Lee.

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Understanding the big picture while keeping track of the details

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technology, and how they relate to each other. The problem is that much of what we learn of these technologies either are through step by step instructions which don’t really give us the big picture of how they fit with other tools, or they are organically presented, and you need to figure out the details on your own. I find whenever I use a new tool, I have trouble using it until I see where it fits into the system of communication and education.

Not all blogs are created equal

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While searching for blogs on new technologies (I am surprised at how many there are), I came across a conference that was held at the dawn of blogging. Global PR (which I had come across before) gave me some new directions in finding relivant blogs. The posting I came across was written by Italo Vignoli about blogging in foreign languages. He brings up some interesting points that I would love to see follow up on.

Top tools for e-learning

Nik Peachey

Nik's Top 10 Tools as at 20 March 2008 Blogger : This is my basic essential survival tool for writing my blogs. e-learning software technology virtual worldsFor a while now Jane Hart over at Jane's E-Learning Pick of the Day has been collecting the top 10 favourite tools of a range of people involved in e-learning. These have been compiled into a top 100 from, would you believe it, a directory of over 2,000 !

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Text to Speech for EFL ESL Materials

Nik Peachey

Text to Speech (TTS) technology has come a long way in recent years and this is nowhere more evident than on the Read The Words website. I've just been having a look at the site and trying to decide whether it has real potential for helping EFL ESL students with their listening, reading and pronunciation. As an experiment I decided to select quite a challenging text and see what the site could do.

Creating a personal homepage

Nik Peachey

technology in their teaching, I decided that a session on RSS and personal home pages was an essential. You can add and name different pages for different topics (one for ELT and a separate one for technology etc.) Creating your own personal homepage / feed reader can be really simple to do and can also help you to save time and stay in touch with what's going on in your professional and personal life.

Using wikis for teacher development

Nik Peachey

I've actually started up a Technology in ELT wiki here which you are welcome to get involved in. In my two previous features, I've looked at how to create a wiki and how to use them with EFL students. In this posting I'd like to look at a couple of technical aspects, how to embed video in the wiki and how to add hyperlinks, and how we can use them for teacher development. Let's start with the technical bit. Here are two video tutorials.

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Video debating website

Nik Peachey

link] Can technology make us happy? I’ve been having a look at a new website (still in beta) which I think has some great educational / language learning potential. It's called BigThink.com The site is designed to create debate and get people thinking about some of the big issues in life. It contains video clips from a very large and broad range of experts giving their opinions on various issues.

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Interaction, Conversation, and Reflection

Connecting 2 the World

I’ve found an amazingly diverse and technologically rich ecosystem along the way. Image via Wikipedia. Yes it’s been ages; my regular posting pattern has disappeared, and visits have dropped away.

Wiiboard Software

The Electric Educator

educational technology interactive whiteboard IR pen johnny chung lee smoothboard wii wiiboard Turing a Nintendo Wii controler into a smartboard is a relatively simple process. Here is what you need. Nintendo Wii controler (Note: you do NOT need to have the Wii system. A controler can be purchased for about $50).

Blog Creation

The Electric Educator

The intention of this blog is to record the use of technology in my classroom. I opened this blog on my Christmas vacation because I am free from the tyranny of grading and lesson planning! I am doing this in part for my own benefit so that I can review what I have done and for the benefit of others so that they might take my ideas for further use and improvement. Thanks for subscribing to my blog. I always appreciate feedback on my posts.

Award Nomination

The Electric Educator

The two things that I came up with were hands on activities and technology. I love doing labs with my students and I love using technology to enhance learning. One of the reasons that I am excited about the Wiiboard technology is because it incorporates both of these things. educational technology hands on activities lab work MSTA reflection wiiboard My mentor teacher nominated me for the Michigan Science Teacher Association''s "Teacher of Promise Award".

Wii Board

The Electric Educator

This technology allows teachers to create a smartboard for a fraction of the cost of a commercial product such as the ones sold by Smar t. educational technology johnny lee MACUL smartboard wii This year, one of my primary projects has been the creation of the Wii smartboard first created by Johnny Lee Chung. First, I readily admit that the Wiiboard is not for everyone.

To whom much is given …. imagination and poverty

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I wonder if we had the ‘beam me up’ technology of StarTrek, if we could somehow materialise ourselves into the middle of a refugee camp or a slum or the empty kitchen of a fellow citizen would our behaviours change … and for how long? It’s BAD day (blog action day) around the world and this year’s action revolves around poverty.

Hello, my name is Dramagirl, and I’m a webaholic …

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Yes, blogging is not the same … at least it’s diversified beyond what I’d imagined when I began blogging 3-4 years back, and it’s all because of the technology. Several of my latest posts here have focused on the flood of social networking sites I’ve been attracted to during the past few months. In fact, an entire theme has developed with these often apologetic posts.

Serendiptious thinking and a new endeavour

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tools and cited the technology adoption model: Adoption Rate = Perceived Usefulness (PU) * Perceive Ease of Use (PEOU). Michele Martin and Tony Karrer are two writers I enjoy. Their individual contributions to the sphere of workplace learning come together in their new endeavour WorkLiteracy. Check it out and engage if you can. One thing I’ve come to believe in the past 6 months or so is the power of the serendipity of our connection and writing in this field.

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Technology and Digital Media in the Classroom: A Guide for Educators


Technology has done more to change school curriculum and practices than nearly anything else—and in such a short amount of time! So, why and how should you use technology in your classroom? What Is the Proper Role of Technology in the Classroom? How to Integrate Technology.

Connected Minds.

Learning with 'e's

The second chapter, written by John Traxler , dwells on the realities and possibilities of the mobile culture, made possible by cellular and wireless technologies that are now pervasive in the Western world and in the process of becoming a global phenomenon.

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Learning First, Technology Second #motivationmonday

The CoolCatTeacher

Today Liz Kolb @lkolb talks about how we can put learning first and a very important reason technology should be second. In today’s show, Liz Kolb talks about the role of learning and technology: What is the role of technology in learning. When technology is a distraction.

Virtual Technology: A Solution to Rural Isolation

Digital Promise

Enter the power of virtual technology. A 2008 state audit found that parents were pleased with how much they learned with these home visits. SPICE was meeting all of their learners’ needs except one, rural isolation, and this drove their focus on using technology to strengthen their program. In 2008, SPICE was already using technology in innovative ways.

How Will Coronavirus Impact Education Technology Investments in 2020?


School budgets may well soon dip too, as they did following the last recession in 2008. Education technology investors say they have no plans to slow down their dealmaking activities. Education Technology Investors Market Trends Financing

Can technology solve the achievement gap?

The Christensen Institute

percent of white students in the class of 2008 graduated on time, that was the case for only 57.6 Last week, I attended the San Mateo County Office of Education’s Achievement Gap Summit , where I spoke on a panel about the impact that technology can have on closing the achievement gap. Preparing for and participating in this event gave me an opportunity to reflect more deeply on the potential role of technology in addressing this issue. One of the biggest challenges the U.S.