edWeb Releases 2020 Teacher Professional Learning Survey Results


edWeb.net has just released its 2020 Teacher Professional Learning Survey. For three years, edWeb has conducted an annual survey on professional learning and how edWeb meets educators’ needs. Each year the survey shows consistency in why teachers engage in professional learning, the features that are most important in a professional learning program, and the impact edWeb has on teaching and student learning.

Preparing Audience-Sensitive Presentations and Workshops


But when you are invited to present a keynote or facilitate a workshop to people you know little or nothing about, how do you ensure you are sufficiently sensitive to your audience? I can be giving a workshop on the same topic and I would do it completely differently to faculty at my institution vs other universities in Egypt. For Jim Groom’s keynote at AMICAL, several organizers and I had a meeting with him explaining context and brainstorming direction.

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One teacher’s 5 secrets for a fantastic math workshop

The Cornerstone for Teachers

Today, I’ve invited Meg from The Teacher Studio to share how she runs math workshop in her classroom. Meg has tons of practical, classroom-tested tips for math instruction on her website and is going to be launching a series of detailed posts about implementing math workshop, so make sure you’re following her to learn more! Over the years, I have had many people ask me to blog more about my math workshop. Why do math workshop, anyway?

Do’s & Don’ts to "PEP" Up Meetings For Success

The Innovative Educator

Most employees feel many meetings they attend are a waste of time but they don’t need to be. There are strategies you can implement as well as pitfalls you can avoid to help ensure your meetings are interesting, informative, productive and achieve desired outcomes. Coaching Psychologist Yaron Prywes ( @Yaron321 ) conducted a full-day workshop revealing the secrets to successful meetings so that they don’t resemble the comic below.

The Biggest Give-Away Yet - Thank You Readers and my Personal Learning Network!


Last week, I had the pleasure of meeting many of my virtual friends face to face in San Diego at the International Society for Technology in Education Conference. Because of social networking and the opportunities to connect at conferences and workshops, I''ve made some incredible friends. per Heinemann website): Troy Hicks holds sight on good writing workshop instruction. YAY It has a beginning, middle, and end of the year survey for parents.

During commotion, finding a way forward with teacher PD

The Christensen Institute

It’s tempting to think that schools can use third-party workshops, online courses, and YouTube videos for this skill-building. Teachers do not have time to attend a workshop that does not directly teach them specifically what they need to know.

Information Sharing at the 2019 Nonprofit Technology Conference

Digital Promise

I relish the opportunity for an in-person meeting or training to connect with colleagues and partners. NTC is a multi-day conference jam-packed with interactive workshops, engaging speakers, relevant vendors, ignite sessions (thought-provoking presentations only five minutes long), and opportunities to connect with other mission-driven techies from across the country.

Parents Look to Teachers for Help Using Educational Media at Home

Educator Innovator

That’s according to a new survey-based report by Sesame Workshop’s Joan Ganz Cooney Center, which documents parents’ perspectives on their children’s informal use of educational media—including apps, games, websites, and TV shows. According to the survey, parents from all socioeconomic backgrounds hold similar views about which media have educational value for their children and which don’t. Teachers are helping to meet that need.

How to succeed with online PD for teachers


How to power through a difficult parent-teacher meeting comes to mind, but there are many challenges that teachers learn how to handle in time. You can do this by gathering a focus group of teachers from a district or school, by handing out surveys or by observing them while they work. A survey of 755 teachers in the US found that they value the immediate feedback they get on Twitter. They solve this by offering PD days, which tend to be long days filled with workshops.

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PBL… Blended and eLearning – Part 1: Important Questions for the New School Year

21st Century Educational Technology and Learning

Booking Info – Are you looking for a practical and affordable professional development workshop for your school or conference? I have delivered hundreds of workshops and presentations. I have delivered hundreds of workshops and presentations. Teachers should also be surveyed.

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How Access to Technology Can Create Equity in Schools

Digital Promise

Teachers have access to workshops, in-class coaching, and building-based tech facilitators during the school year. Effective and powerful use of technology in the classroom should involve helping teachers feel both comfortable with unfamiliar tech, and enthusiastic about new opportunities to create innovative learning experiences that meets learners where they are. When used effectively, technology can greatly contribute to creating equity in schools.

Highly-versatile, Easy-to-use Form Creator–and it’s free!

Ask a Tech Teacher

Format the form to meet your school theme or other design criteria using predesigned themes or one you upload from your computer. push out polls or surveys on upcoming or past events. register participants in a Professional Development workshop. Compare JotForm and Survey Monkey. Everywhere outside of the education industry (which seems to focus on Google Forms), JotForm is the gold standard for creation of forms whether on PCs, Macs, or mobile devices.

Urban Adult Literacy Collaboration in Nashville: Building Networks for Frontline Talent Development

Digital Promise

Committed to improving adult education and literacy rates within Nashville, the AECI has taken strides to identify opportunities, understand barriers, and make data-driven decisions to meet adult learner needs across their community. For the next few years, the learning group served that vital role for providers as they shared knowledge from conferences and hosted monthly workshops from policy to programming.

Why so few students transfer from community colleges to four-year universities

The Hechinger Report

The RP Group surveyed 800 California community college students and interviewed others in depth to understand why some students managed to transfer and others didn’t. Moreno told me she’s considering lengthening her workshop with a fifth session.

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Helping Students Make New Friends During COVID Is Possible. Two Programs Show How.


In past years, according to nXu’s own surveys, over 90 percent of participants not only reported that they felt more clear about the direction of their life but also that the program had enabled them to build friendships and connections they would not have otherwise made.

Survey 102

How three California communities are trying to improve preschool for vulnerable students

The Hechinger Report

Helping parents : in San Jose, the Educare California child care center has a family resource center where adults can attend parent education workshops, bring children for developmental screenings and receive referrals for medical care. A California preschool teacher reads to students.

What the research says about the best way to engage parents

The Hechinger Report

In January, adults could attend two 30-minute workshops on everything from how to set limits to understanding trauma — topics the parents had suggested themselves. “I And yet, surveys suggest most teachers find it challenging to connect with families. Second grade teachers Amy Hart (center) and Alina Turner (right), with her dog, Mello, meet with Karen Shutt (left), instructional coach for a planning meeting at Edmondson Elementary.

Who Will Teach the Children? The 3 Keys to Building Globally Competitive, World Class Schools

EdNews Daily

Teachers and administrators need training and support to meet the ever-changing challenges of the profession. . What did a young white male know about the economically challenged, minority students I was about to meet? I estimate that I have delivered over 250 workshops to about 50,500 educators. I ask at each workshop, “How many of you were well-prepared to enter the classroom when you graduated from your school of education?” By Franklin P. Schargel.

Four Tips for Choosing the Right Edtech Resources


In addition, partner with the education technology provider in developing a plan that will meet your district’s curriculum and strategic goals. Choose a company whose experience meets your needs The edtech market is complex, which can make potential choices seem overwhelming. According to research from the Bill & Melinda Gates foundation , 50 percent of teachers are uncomfortable using digital tools to meet student learning objectives.

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How to Integrate Online Professional Development Into Your School’s PD Culture


Specifically, PD that leverages technology in a meaningful way, as one survey showed that less than half of teachers felt that the PD they received supported their use of edtech effectively. Google Classroom and Meet for Remote Learning.

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Middle school is often difficult. Try experiencing it under quarantine.

The Hechinger Report

a survey of teachers released in early April, only 39 percent reported interacting with their students at least once a day. Before the shutdown, in English class, if he and classmates were writing a story he’d normally workshop his writing with others. I have kids where I’m like, ‘Okay, now log off, our meeting’s done. Only 39 percent reported interacting with their students at least once a day during the shutdown, according to a survey of teachers released in early April.

TOP 10 Ways To Deliver The Worst PD EVER!


Mandating that teachers attend a specific training, and never surveying them to ask what they need, or what they would like to learn. Meeting this challenge is a huge task. Most districts don’t have funding to send teachers to national conferences, or to host keynote speakers, but instead have found ways to revamp the look of Professional Learning to meet the needs of their staff in non-traditional ways. Create a survey using a simple Google drive or survey monkey survey.

Closing the Gap for ELs and Students of Color


The researchers and local educators then hosted a mini workshop and conference series that included students and family members. Based in part on results of an initial survey sent out prior to the events, the events were held during school hours to avoid the need to provide care for other children, and translators were present to assist speakers of Spanish, Korean, and other languages.

Parents Don't Need to Be Coding Experts, Just Willing to Learn With Their Children


As part of this work, DevTech hosted 14 Family Coding Day events reaching over a hundred families, conducted surveys and observed play sessions to learn more about the impact of these events.

We Created Subscription Boxes for Learning—and Teachers Love Them!


Our weekly after school workshops had seen low attendance for months and our district had recently experienced significant budget cuts, which meant fewer opportunities to meet with teachers in person and a decrease in resources from the previous school year. For our first round, sixteen staff members including teachers, reading specialists, media specialists and para-professional educators signed up by completing a short interest survey.

Part 4: Over 150 STEM Resources for PBL and Authentic Learning… Math

21st Century Educational Technology and Learning

Are you looking for a practical and affordable professional development workshop for your school or conference? I have delivered hundreds of workshops and presentations. I will be providing workshops and featured sessions on STEM, PBL, Inquiry, Maker Space, and Computational Thinking! Discover activities that meet you where you live, whether your “classroom” is an active volcano, the shark tank at the local aquarium, or your own kitchen table.

STEM 107

9 questions to create a powerhouse active learning classroom


Try holding a class or committee meeting there, and then ask for their impressions. Make sure to hold meetings there to give all faculty a low-risk introduction. Run specific workshops to train everyone on the new tech, and keep things focused on the pedagogy, not the technology bells and whistles. Conduct surveys or have informal chats to find out which active learning activities are favorites or which tools are getting the biggest workout.

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5 Radical Schooling Ideas For An Uncertain Fall And Beyond


A national survey by the advocacy group ParentsTogether found big gaps by income in the ability to access emergency learning. When asked about barriers to children’s participation, lower-income families who took the survey were more likely to name issues such as “school resources are too complicated” or “it’s hard to get my child to focus” than they were to cite a lack of equipment. One April survey found 4 in 10 U.S.

Students Tap into Passions to Serve Community With New Making Skills

Educator Innovator

Project Make It Happen first began to take shape after a career interest survey revealed that students wanted more exposure to design, making, and engineering opportunities, says principal Sarah Pazur.

The Teacher Prep Program That Starts in High School


When he gets older, Dylin wants to teach, and thanks to a forward-thinking career readiness program in his district, he’s already gaining classroom experience, learning how classes are structured and designing an art workshop he hopes to one day implement at his own school, which currently does not have an art teacher. Some students in the program work on special projects related to areas of interest, such as Dylin’s art workshop. OVERLAND PARK , Kan.

Can Space Activate Learning? UC Irvine Seeks to Find Out With $67M Teaching Facility


According to Matthew Williams, principal analyst for learning environments and technology at the university, the study will involve a mix of class observations, student and faculty surveys, interview and focus groups, and course outcomes data. The so-called Active Learning Institute consists of eight 90-minute workshops ranging from course design, to hearing how other faculty use active learning, to technology training.

How Districts Can Unlock Actionable Data


In a 2018 survey , the majority of school districts either have 1:1 as a current goal or have already achieved it. It was critical that school districts “get a handle on” digital tools and subscriptions in an attempt to streamline and create efficiencies in their districts that can lead to measurable improvements and learning outcomes while balancing student privacy and meeting annual budget.

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Summer Gigs For Students Are Scarce. Think Like an Entrepreneur and Build Your Own.


A fifth of those surveyed by the National Association of Colleges and Employers are revoking internship offers. I learned this last summer during 9-to-5 days that included not just coding instruction, but also interpersonal skill development, networking and touring startups, and meeting with founders, engineers and venture capitalists. I pushed outside my comfort level and taught workshops.

Need a Team-Building Icebreaker? Try Team Trivia!


Being an attendee at many a workshop as well, I know that there is a sense of dread when it comes to “icebreakers”. I knew I was going to meet with a dynamic team of educators in Illinois and later in the week was playing co-host to my own teams’ beginning of the year retreat.

Quarantine campuses: With dorms shut and class online, students DIY college life

The Hechinger Report

They set up satellite dorms (some right near campuses), downloaded apps like “Beer With Me” (just what it sounds like) and planned Zoom parties, trivia nights and club meetings. A survey of college students last month by Top Hat, a higher education technology company based in Toronto, found that 85 percent said they missed face-to-face interactions with faculty, and 86 percent missed socializing with other students.