Preparing Audience-Sensitive Presentations and Workshops


But when you are invited to present a keynote or facilitate a workshop to people you know little or nothing about, how do you ensure you are sufficiently sensitive to your audience? I recently co-facilitated a workshop for African participants.

One teacher’s 5 secrets for a fantastic math workshop

The Cornerstone for Teachers

Today, I’ve invited Meg from The Teacher Studio to share how she runs math workshop in her classroom. Over the years, I have had many people ask me to blog more about my math workshop. Why do math workshop, anyway? How can I set the tone for math workshop?

Survey 114

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Do’s & Don’ts to "PEP" Up Meetings For Success

The Innovative Educator

Most employees feel many meetings they attend are a waste of time but they don’t need to be. There are strategies you can implement as well as pitfalls you can avoid to help ensure your meetings are interesting, informative, productive and achieve desired outcomes.

The Biggest Give-Away Yet - Thank You Readers and my Personal Learning Network!


Last week, I had the pleasure of meeting many of my virtual friends face to face in San Diego at the International Society for Technology in Education Conference. Because of social networking and the opportunities to connect at conferences and workshops, I''ve made some incredible friends.

Information Sharing at the 2019 Nonprofit Technology Conference

Digital Promise

I relish the opportunity for an in-person meeting or training to connect with colleagues and partners. Try this : Consider meeting your audience where they’re at by tailoring the content to make it more comprehensible and applicable.

How to succeed with online PD for teachers


How to power through a difficult parent-teacher meeting comes to mind, but there are many challenges that teachers learn how to handle in time. You can do this by gathering a focus group of teachers from a district or school, by handing out surveys or by observing them while they work.

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Should Schools Be Asking Teachers To Self Assess Their Tech Skills And If So … what Would That Look Like?


There are plenty of opportunities where a simple survey can yield great results. ” In this post, we will look at different types of staff surveys and learn why they work … why they don’t … and how you can create one that works for your particular school district and staff. What should your survey look like? There are a variety of tools readily accessible to be able to create a survey that meets your needs. When… and How to Survey Our Teachers.

How Access to Technology Can Create Equity in Schools

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Teachers have access to workshops, in-class coaching, and building-based tech facilitators during the school year. The district collects data through a School Climate Survey, a Getting to Know You Survey, and an MPS Cares self-reporting tool.

Highly-versatile, Easy-to-use Form Creator–and it’s free!

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Format the form to meet your school theme or other design criteria using predesigned themes or one you upload from your computer. push out polls or surveys on upcoming or past events. register participants in a Professional Development workshop. Compare JotForm and Survey Monkey.

How three California communities are trying to improve preschool for vulnerable students

The Hechinger Report

Helping parents : in San Jose, the Educare California child care center has a family resource center where adults can attend parent education workshops, bring children for developmental screenings and receive referrals for medical care. A California preschool teacher reads to students.

Closing the Gap for ELs and Students of Color

The researchers and local educators then hosted a mini workshop and conference series that included students and family members. Her primary research area focuses on best practices to meet the needs of at-risk, diverse learners in the P-12 classroom.

Four Tips for Choosing the Right Edtech Resources


In addition, partner with the education technology provider in developing a plan that will meet your district’s curriculum and strategic goals. Choose a company whose experience meets your needs The edtech market is complex, which can make potential choices seem overwhelming. According to research from the Bill & Melinda Gates foundation , 50 percent of teachers are uncomfortable using digital tools to meet student learning objectives.

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TOP 10 Ways To Deliver The Worst PD EVER!


Mandating that teachers attend a specific training, and never surveying them to ask what they need, or what they would like to learn. Meeting this challenge is a huge task. These are just informal sessions that educators can meet up to talk about whatever they want.

The Teacher Prep Program That Starts in High School


Some students in the program work on special projects related to areas of interest, such as Dylin’s art workshop. Since CAPS pulls from the five high schools in the district, this gives students with different interests who might otherwise never meet the chance to work together.

Parents Don't Need to Be Coding Experts, Just Willing to Learn With Their Children


As part of this work, DevTech hosted 14 Family Coding Day events reaching over a hundred families, conducted surveys and observed play sessions to learn more about the impact of these events.

Connecting with ELL Parents One Step at a Time

Examples include parent workshops, regular parent support meetings, and mentoring programs with other English Language Learner (ELL) families. Castaneda also advocated for sending out parent surveys and finding out their strengths and interests.

Productivity Tips and Tools for Teachers and Students – SULS032

Shake Up Learning

Lisa, better known as TechChef4u, has been educating for more than 18 years with experience ranging from high school English and middle school math to international curriculum development, creating and developing workshops, and managing technology integration camps within the state of Texas.

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9 questions to create a powerhouse active learning classroom


Try holding a class or committee meeting there, and then ask for their impressions. Make sure to hold meetings there to give all faculty a low-risk introduction. Postsecondary students are on campus a lot – perhaps more than anywhere else. The spaces they spend time in matter.

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Part 4: Over 150 STEM Resources for PBL and Authentic Learning… Math

21st Century Educational Technology and Learning

Are you looking for a practical and affordable professional development workshop for your school or conference? I have delivered hundreds of workshops and presentations. I will be providing workshops and featured sessions on STEM, PBL, Inquiry, Maker Space, and Computational Thinking!

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Can Space Activate Learning? UC Irvine Seeks to Find Out With $67M Teaching Facility


According to Matthew Williams, principal analyst for learning environments and technology at the university, the study will involve a mix of class observations, student and faculty surveys, interview and focus groups, and course outcomes data. The so-called Active Learning Institute consists of eight 90-minute workshops ranging from course design, to hearing how other faculty use active learning, to technology training.

How Districts Can Unlock Actionable Data

In a 2018 survey , the majority of school districts either have 1:1 as a current goal or have already achieved it. Additionally, she provides professional development and hands-on workshops for educators at local, regional and national venues.

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How Students Would Improve Their School Lunch Experience 


A 2013 survey of parents found that 20 percent of their elementary-age kids had less than 15 minutes to eat. Workshop students close and cover their eyes in order to taste the nuances of differently sourced food. (Ki

We Created Subscription Boxes for Learning—and Teachers Love Them!


Our weekly after school workshops had seen low attendance for months and our district had recently experienced significant budget cuts, which meant fewer opportunities to meet with teachers in person and a decrease in resources from the previous school year. For our first round, sixteen staff members including teachers, reading specialists, media specialists and para-professional educators signed up by completing a short interest survey.

How to Plan an AWESOME Book Study!

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If not, consider forming multiple groups to better meet the needs of everyone. If you are unsure who will be participating, send out a Google Form survey. Flag the sections that you expect could meet resistance or disagreement. When and where will you meet to discuss?

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Students Tap into Passions to Serve Community With New Making Skills

Educator Innovator

Project Make It Happen first began to take shape after a career interest survey revealed that students wanted more exposure to design, making, and engineering opportunities, says principal Sarah Pazur.

Five Steps to Closing the Homework Gap

For example, in some communities, tech surveys need to go out in multiple languages, but in others home visits or phone calls might work better.

Hyped Up and Empowered: Hyperdocs Bootcamp


I had surveyed one of our elementary sites to find out their tech needs. I didn’t know how to meet ALL of their needs, but I valued their time during PLCs so I had to find a way to make sure my teachers were engaged (really, actually, EMPOWERED).

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Need a Team-Building Icebreaker? Try Team Trivia!


Being an attendee at many a workshop as well, I know that there is a sense of dread when it comes to “icebreakers”. I knew I was going to meet with a dynamic team of educators in Illinois and later in the week was playing co-host to my own teams’ beginning of the year retreat.

What’s New


Teachers and administrators are empowered with tools that meet the needs of everyone for any sized school. These workshop modules offers efficiency, flexibility, and choice to Texas teachers.

The Teacher’s Guide to Professional Book Studies – SULS031

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If not, consider forming multiple groups to better meet the needs of everyone. If you are unsure who will be participating, send out a Google Form survey. When and where will you meet to discuss?

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Access does not equal equity

The Hechinger Report

It ranks high on the education department’s annual school quality surveys, and it’s becoming increasingly attractive to families, with five times more applicants than seats available, according to the most recent city data.

Resources to Help Parents Raise Empowered Digital Citizens from @CommonSenseEdu


Here is the breakdown: Parent Kick off Events Digital Life Survey: A simple survey of the school community's daily use of and attitudes toward media and technology. Not sure how to organize a workshop in your school. Kids today. They're addicted to their phones. Distracted.

Dealing with digital distraction

The Hechinger Report

During a recent meeting of Gonsalvez’s marketing class, the visible smartphones were dutifully dark and quietly charging from floor outlets. Smartphones appeared in every story workshopped — sometimes nearly as prominently as the characters themselves.

Strategies to Plan a District Digital Learning Day


They can gather this information through surveys, feedback at faculty meetings, informal conversations, or through an open invite to email the team about their experiences with digital learning. This information can be gathered with a pre-survey or pre-screening questionnaire.

At a Time of Campus Polarization, Can ‘Viewpoint Diversity’ Efforts Help?


It’s also happening in our faculty meetings and in our department meetings. There’s a growing call for diversity on campus. And it’s not all about demographics—there’s a new push toward making classrooms inviting to a diversity of political viewpoints.