The workshop model: Beyond the basics

The Cornerstone for Teachers

This week on the Truth for Teachers podcast: Jen Bengel explains the workshop model, how to create mini-lessons, and how to get students excited about books. So in this episode, we’re talking about the workshop model. Jen’s going to do a deep dive into an ELA or reading workshop model.

Why These Educators Meet Regularly to Align Instruction with Mind, Brain, and Education Research


toward the end of Writer’s Workshop. To my surprise, people were interested and they voted to meet before school at 7 a.m. We agreed to meet regularly and within weeks additional members of the leadership team and teaching assistants joined our group, which now includes over 20 members.

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Apple joining Hour of Code and offering free workshops! #edtech

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During Computer Science Education week (December 8-14th) they will be hosting other workshops. Can’t wait to meet you there!

Quiet In The Classroom: How To Recognize And Support Introverted Entrepreneurs

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Set up meetings to chat with your child’s teacher to explain unique concerns and necessary accommodations. Teacher training is similar to influential groupthink, focusing in on design thinking, group discussions, meetings and project collaboration. Written by: Robyn D. Shulman.

A conference about what is sacred in education: 5Sigma Edu Con

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Hundreds of conferences, workshops, MOOCS, edcamps, professional journals, blogs, the list seriously goes on and on. There are a lot of options for professional development. If you’re like me, your inbox and mailbox have a pretty consistent stream of offerings.

5 Ways to Battle Burnout

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Their flexible, self-paced courses are available for graduate credit through CAEP and regionally accredited university partners or for continuing education units that meet your state requirements.

Who Will Teach the Children? The 3 Keys to Building Globally Competitive, World Class Schools

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Teachers and administrators need training and support to meet the ever-changing challenges of the profession. . What did a young white male know about the economically challenged, minority students I was about to meet? ” Everything else is secondary! By Franklin P.

Demonstrating the Impact of Powerful Learning: HP Teaching Fellows and Micro-credentials

Digital Promise

As part of the Reinvent the Classroom initiative, a collaboration between Digital Promise, HP, Microsoft, and Intel, Digital Promise is supporting innovative elementary and secondary school teachers through the HP Teaching Fellows.

Could This Be One of the BEST Edu Conferences of 2015? #WGEDD


During this year, I attended our state's annual reading conference, Kagan professional learning 5 day workshop, several Lucy Calkin's writing workshop sessions, numerous district level conferences, and received private coaching from some of the nation's top educational consultants.

The Best PD for Math Teachers (and How to Use It) #mtbos #iteachmath

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It turns out it’s actually a great place that educators meet and share what they’re doing in their classrooms. I could go in the airport and tweet out, “Hey, I’m in the Atlanta Airport, and then other friends would see it immediately, and we could meet up, and chat and have lunch.

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6 ways to bolster STEM education for the future

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STEM education disparities threaten the nation’s ability to close education and poverty gaps, meet the demands of a technology-driven economy, ensure national security, and maintain preeminence in scientific research and technological innovation.”. The ideal future of U.S.

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Part 4: Over 35 Formative Assessment Tools To Enhance Formative Learning Opportunities

21st Century Educational Technology and Learning

Are you looking for a practical and affordable professional development workshop for your school or conference? I have delivered hundreds of workshops and presentations. Today’s Meet – Create a virtual chat room for students to collaborate and learn from each other.

Taking the First Steps Towards Teaching With Video Games


Educators at Nordahl Grieg Upper Secondary, a public high school in Norway, are taking a unique approach to teaching that treats video games as just another classroom tool. When they host their workshops for teachers, they start off with these steps: Show That It Works.

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Give me some credit, please! (Exploring plagiarism through a series of clever case studies by Jen)


In going through my grad students’ final workshop presentations this semester, I found one just too useful not to share. Designed as a professional development experience for secondary teachers, Jen’s workshop has school-wide value for opening conversations about academic honesty.

Literature Performance Odyssey with Drama and Student Leadership

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So, during our Monday morning meeting, I just said, “You know what, guys? Marynn: Several of them, I actually led some conflict resolution workshops because they found out the hard way that they didn’t know how to do conflict resolution.

Storefront Advising Programs Bring Free College Counseling Into Low-Income Communities


Students come here from miles around to meet—first-come, first-served—with advisers for help navigating all things higher education, from admissions tests to majors to meningitis shots.

20 Texas Education Leaders to Follow on Twitter

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Can’t wait to see all the TASM members at #CAMT19 in about 3 hours for our summer business meeting. Get evidence-based PD from 7 of @utexascoe best professors in this 2-day workshop.

From private to public school: A college counselor straddles an economic divide

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College counselor Brad Ward meets with school principal Katy Dunlap at Terra Linda High School. At a public school,” said Ward, “you might be lucky to meet with some students once for half an hour or 45 minutes.”. SAN RAFAEL, Calif.

Tips and Scoops from ASU GSV That You Won’t Find on the Agenda


It’s very easy to feel FOMO, across all the panels, keynotes, workshops, receptions and serendipitous meetings in the hallways.

Strategies for Culturally Responsive Teaching

Only then can students, especially immigrant students and students of color, meet their potential and succeed in school and beyond. In addition to instructional coaching, Monica supports teachers through workshops, speaking engagements, and blogging for Education Week and Education Post.

The five things no one will tell you about why colleges don’t hire more faculty of color

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In addition, I give talks, conduct research and workshops and do consulting related to diversifying the faculty across the nation. “ The reason we don’t have more faculty of color among college faculty is that we don’t want them. We simply don’t want them.”.

What these teens learned about the Internet may shock you!

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The Center has run a course for undergraduates since 2007 and has since expanded into secondary schools by hosting summer teacher-training workshops and making course materials available online through its Digital Resource Center. Northport, N.Y.,

Iron Sharpens Iron


In our own version of an Admin Camp, we tackled multiple topics including supporting Reader's and Writers' Workshop and Reading in the Content Area. We began conversations around guiding principles for elementary instruction and secondary instruction.

Social-Emotional Learning Is the Rage in K-12. So Why Not in College?


secondary schools and universities , where demand for counseling services is rapidly outstripping supply. Although it’s certainly encouraging to see individual professors and researchers taking interest, colleges need to ask themselves whether band-aid courses and programs are ultimately adequate to meet students’ needs. Whether you believe the.

Global Collaboration Week Begins - Find a Project and Connect!

The Learning Revolution Has Begun

DIRECTIONS: Step 1: Join us at the online meeting room on Zoom ([link] Step 2: We are going to play a Kahoot game to learn some things about Amazon. The moderators of this session represent communities that have been meeting and collaborating online for well over a decade now.

Six Steps to Project Based Learning


And while experts agree that a hands-on approach to core standards leads to significant student growth, even the most innovative districts can struggle to design research projects that are differentiated to meet the needs of every learner.

Teacher Development Research Review: Keys to Educator Success

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On the other hand, one-shot, “drive-by,” or fragmented, “spray-and-pray” workshops lasting 14 hours or less show no statistically significant effect on student learning ( Darling-Hammond, Wei, Andree, Richardson, and Orphanos, 2009 ). This article originally appeared on Edutopia.

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From Private to Public: A College Counselor Straddles an Economic Divide


At a public school,” said Ward, “you might be lucky to meet with some students once for half an hour or 45 minutes.”. College counselor Brad Ward meets with school principal Katy Dunlap at Terra Linda High School.

Enter the #squadgoals Challenge


We know for many of you this is a time where you're meeting with your staff and colleagues to make big plans for the year. Our staff was excited and eager to participate in the workshops and activities available to them.

These formerly homeless single moms beat the odds and are now college grads

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If you meet two or three of people’s challenges, that’s good, but if they have 17 challenges, you’re not going to get very far,” said Cathe Dykstra, president and CEO of the growing program. “It’s

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Minnesota has a persistent higher-ed gap: Are new efforts making a difference?

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Luckily for Nyakora — and the patient, Operation’s “Cavity Sam” —the surgery is only a game, part of a stress-management workshop for freshmen and sophomores in a program for underrepresented students here at Minnesota State University, Mankato. To reach the state’s target, another 131,400 Minnesotans — two-thirds of them people of color—must earn a post-secondary credential. “As Before Ontere leaves, she schedules a follow-up meeting and hands him a meal voucher.

The upside, and the downside, of working ‘as fast as you want and as slow as you need’

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We have found that having grades that continue on for a year has become abstract with students not feeling a sense of urgency to meet deadlines. The Nellie Mae Grant allowed us to have $25,000 to spend on workshop opportunities, pay for substitutes and stipends for teacher collaboration.

First MakerBot Innovation Center at a high school opens

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After numerous classroom projects and strong demand from their students, they decided in the spring of 2016 with the support of the school district to massively elevate 3D printing by installing a MakerBot Innovation Center, making MOHS the first secondary school worldwide with such an offering.

Students on the autism spectrum are often as smart as their peers — so why do so few go to college?

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Students who are part of Project REACH meet weekly to discuss study strategies and ways that autism affects them socially and academically. The workshops vary depending upon student interest and what the faculty think is needed.

96 edtech predictions for K12 in 2019

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This more comprehensive understanding of social-emotional health will spur schools to prioritize SEL as a foundational response and technology monitoring as a complimentary (but secondary) facet of student wellness and safety.