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The Impact of Inclusive STEM Education


STEM identity can last a lifetime and help students thrive in school, future careers and life. Inclusive STEM programs widen job opportunities for the growing technology sector, support students in building digital literacy skills and empower young people to become creators — not just consumers — of technology.

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Why educational robotics is a critical STEM learning tool

eSchool News

Engineering is a critical part of STEM education, and engineers play a role in creating, improving, and maintaining some of today’s most valued and essential things, from smartphones and airplanes to zippers and roller coasters. ”

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How K–12 Classrooms Can Benefit from Robotics

EdTech Magazine

How K–12 Classrooms Can Benefit from Robotics. Cracking the K–12 connection code requires a new approach, one that combines active-learning pedagogy with robotics in the classroom to deliver an interactive, immersive learning experience. . MORE FROM EDTECH: See how education robotics companies are invigorating K–12 learning.

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How robotic gamification helped my elementary students love STEM

eSchool News

Educators have found a solution to this problem: gamification. Through the CoderZ Robotics curriculum, kids learn to create, manage, and communicate with cyber robots in a virtual setting by inputting code. Learning is more accessible because virtual robots do not require hardware, space, or other associated costs.

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Empowering girls with STEM education to build tomorrow’s tech industry

eSchool News

Key points: Inspiring young women in STEM programs requires cultivating a culture of community Black students need more STEM career exposure Launching a districtwide computer science program for all grades For more news on STEM education, visit eSN’s STEM & STEAM hub All too often, female students are underrepresented in STEM classes.

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3D printing, drones, and AI — The future of STEM education?


STEM education is an interdisciplinary and practical teaching method of four specific disciplines: science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. In a nutshell, it is an innovative way of educating the engineers of tomorrow that boosts the ability to tackle practical problems of everyday life, as well as hard-core engineering.

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Robotics plays a key role in early STEM education

eSchool News

While many think of high school students engaged in mechanical engineering or robotics competitions when they hear the word “robotics,” the subject naturally lends itself to learners of all ages—including very young students.

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