Make the Most of Accelerator Demo Days and Improve Your Chance of Success

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An ed-tech company CEO shares the pros and cons of demo day, and how to use these presentation as a springboard for investment and impact. The post Make the Most of Accelerator Demo Days and Improve Your Chance of Success appeared first on Market Brief.

Powerful Edtech for Adult Learners: Three Product Demos

Digital Promise

The post Powerful Edtech for Adult Learners: Three Product Demos appeared first on Digital Promise. Technology can be a powerful tool for improving access to learning for adult learners.

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Personalized Learning “Twister”: A Future of Learning Live Demo in Dallas

EdNews Daily

By Charles Sosnik. If you ask a dozen educators to define personalized learning, you’ll no doubt get some enthusiastic answers, and all twelve will probably be different.

Science Fix - resources, lessons, demos for science

Educational Technology Guy

ScienceFix is a great resource for science teachers, or anyone interested in science. It is targeted towards middle school, but can be used at different levels. It is run by a science teacher. It has science lessons, links, video demonstrations and web projects on science.

Epson to Demo Large Venue Laser Projectors at InfoComm


The Pro L10-Series are Epson’s most compact, interchangeable-lens laser projectors

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Video Demo: Using Google Sites as Student and Teacher Portfolios | #TechEducator Podcast


Learn how to create student and teacher portfolios using Google Sites. For more information, please visit | @TechEdShow The TechEducator Podcast is a weekly round table discussion about current topics in educational technology.

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Livescribe 3 Live Demo

My Paperless Classroom

I started working with the Livescribe 3 pen recently, the most recent offering from Livescribe, the smart pen people. Photo By Sam Patterson, pen provided for review I am pretty impressed with the pen. Unlike the previous pens, this one works in tandem with an iPad.

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Label 59 - free web based presentations and demos

Educational Technology Guy

Label 59 is a free, web app that lets you annotate photos with interactive labels. It''s easy to use and actually pretty fun. It''s easy to use. Add your photo, add the markers for your labels, add some features, add actions for each marker and then publish it.

Intro to Chromebook Interface Demo

Hansen's Link to Tech

This year and especially for the next couple years more and more schools and the general public will continue to hear more about the Chromebook and how it will be integrated in schools.

Video Demos: How Minorities in Tech Can Inspire Students to Follow


Marcus Robinson comes off as an earnest, competent guy in his explainer videos. He looks like he has a good sense of humor — he might even be a bit of a joker with his friends — but he can also clearly get immersed in a project when he’s passionate about it.

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Video Demo of Apple TV in Clinical Setting


'At last weekend''s ASHA Healthcare and Business Institute in Las Vegas, I presented a session entitled "Tech Up," detailing a variety of simple technologies that can be infused for productivity and engagement in the private practice setting (though the ideas, including this one involving Apple TV, are applicable to other settings). Apple TV is a small device that allows you to display content on a TV, and is especially helpful when you need to engage a group. Because this technology is pretty impossible to demonstrate in a conference setting (one never knows what the wifi situation will be), I made a short video at the Ely Center where I work and where we have been using Apple TVs in order to show this to the attendees- and you! A couple of key points I want to reiterate in case you missed them in my babbling: -The Apple TV is only $99 and can be attached via HDMI cable to any HDTV (now cheap- the one shown here cost about $400). -It can then be used to "mirror" an iPad or iPhone so that anything viewable on the small screen will show up on the big screen- apps, videos, webpages. -This is useful for "dedicated" speech-language apps (such as Tactus'' Conversation TherAppy , shown here) as well as creative application of any apps that provide a visual context for speech, language, or social communication, as well as overall client education. -The Apple TV and your device need to be on the same wifi network in order for the AirPlay button to show up in Control Center, as shown in the video but also here. -My point about turning on the actual TV after mirroring is just one I have learned from experience, and usually just prevents distraction. However, once, after this poster popped up , I had to explain to a parent that her son had inquired what a "virgin" is (I pretended I didn''t hear the question)- luckily, she was totally cool with it. You can also quickly dismiss the iTunes preview by tapping "down" on the remote. Hopefully the video is helpful to you. context iOS visual teaching'

Product Demo: Wiimote Ceiling Mount

The Electric Educator

This year I added a ceiling mount to my Wiiboard setup. Previously, I had been placing my wiimote on top of my ceiling mounted projector. This worked okay, but limited the placement of the wiimote in my classroom. The Wiimote ceiling mount is available from

QR Codes Part 3: Mobile Scanning Apps and Demo


So in this, Part 3 of my series on using QR codes to deliver engaging messages, stimuli and visuals to students during sessions, you''ll get to see what it looks like when you scan a code with a mobile device. Check out the video here: So, that video pretty much sums it up.

4 of My Favorite Web Tools Demonstrated

The Playground Advocate

BeFunky Creativity Demo Digital Tools Magisto Murally Photo Editing Screencast Thinglink Tutorial Web Tools I''ve been working on building resources for a website I use to support one of my presentations.

The colAR App: Another Great Place to Play

The Playground Advocate

apps Augmented Reality colAR Creativity Demo Digital Age digital storytelling Digital Tools engagement Exploration Fun play playground Web Tools Wonder When I was a kid, I used to love to draw and color.

#MyISTE19: Trending Now: 06/25/19


Helpful ISTE Reminders, One-on-One CatchOn Demos, eSports Spotlight

iMovie Basics

The Playground Advocate

Apple Basics Demo How-To iLife iMovie Screencast Tutorial video creation video editing As I mentioned in a recent post , I have been working with some 6th-graders to create election videos for a Project-Based Learning unit that was designed by one of our CODE teachers.

Startup Shortcuts: Create Free Videos About Your Product, Part Two

Ed Tech from the Ground Up

In my previous post, we reviewed the first half of how to make a free intro/demo video for your product with software you probably already have. Today, we're tackling part two. Click the headline to read the full post. Questions? Email

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Startup Shortcuts: Create Free Videos About Your Product

Ed Tech from the Ground Up

When developing your ed-tech startup, there are times you'll need to create a video, either for pitching to a business plan competition or as a demo for your product.

Video 375

A Great App to Help Students Showcase Their Learning

Educational Technology and Mobile Learning

You can use it for a wide variety of purposes from creating demos and tutorials to crafting visually appealing presentations and more30hands is an excellent app to use with students in class.

My Favorite Swag Item

Teacher Tech

I went to Google Cloud NEXT and Salesforce was giving out these “Not Yeti” coffee mugs if you did a product demo and an online tutorial.


Tom Murray

Schedule a demo and you'll see how much thought and attention went into designing the interface. You may have seen my friend, Eric Sheninger's recent post, "Finally, an SIS Worth Switching For".

9 Steps to Buying the Right Digital Content for your District

Education Elements

Thankfully, Education Elements created a 9 step process, and compiled tips and tricks from district leaders across the country in our new curriculum white paper: “Phase Three: Review, Demo, and Select Digital Content and Tools.” Just like online dating or buying a new car , choosing a new digital content provider can often feel overwhelming , complicated, and like a shot in the dark.

SlideShot Math with Desmos

Teacher Tech

Demos helps shift the math classroom from students doing math to exploring math. Use the SlideShot Chrome Extension with Desmos Desmos is so much more than an online graphing calculator. “Math is about pattern finding.”

EdTechTeam Maryland Summit Featuring Google for Education [Register Now] w/ @adambellow @kleinerin @kylepace


'We invite you to join us for the EdTechTeam Maryland Summit Featuring Google for Education - click here to register and read more - Open to attendees from around the globe LEARN MORE The Summit includes two keynote presentations, 8 breakout sessions, a demo slam competition and a closing capstone session. Participants will be able to attend beginner through advanced sessions on uses of Google Apps in the classroom. Adam Bellow gafe google education Kyle Pace learning maryland summit google professional learning teaching'

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Google Slides Has Easy Peasy Accessible Closed Captions

The Innovative Educator

Read this "how to" from Google or watch the demo below Closed captioning is helpful for many students when listening to presentations, but it wasn't always easy to provide. Until now. Closed captioning in Google Slides is easy peasy? Just select "Present" and select "captions." Have questions?

Explore Great NGSS Lessons This Summer


Teaching the "NGSS Way" is challenging, admits science specialist Kathy Renfrew, but unlike 2013 when the New Generation Science Standards were first released, teachers can now find plenty of high quality lessons and video demos to help achieve 3-D science classrooms.

Technology Tidbits

Below is a brief demo. is a excellent new social network for finding educational resources. curates their resources by common core standards and allows users to share (download/upload) files such as: videos, documents, PDFs, and more.

How To Use ‘Erase All Kittens’ To Teach Coding and HTML


I must note that the full version is coming soon – for now, just use the demo. Click on ‘Play The Demo’ Next you’ll see a funny introductory video – we watched it as a class and laughed a lot!

How To 208

How To Use ‘Erase All Kittens’ To Teach Coding and HTML


I must note that the full version is coming soon – for now, just use the demo. Click on ‘Play The Demo’ Next you’ll see a funny introductory video – we watched it as a class and laughed a lot!

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Blended Learning: Designing a Whole Group Rotation with StudySync

Catlin Tucker

For teachers using StudySync, I hope this demo of my lesson planning process will provide some clarity about how to approach a Whole Group Rotation with a StudySync First Read Assignment.

3 Emerging Technologies That Will Reshape Education in 2019


Ardalan presented the IVOW demo at NYC Media Lab’s annual Machines + Media conference, hosted by Bloomberg, on May 15th, 2018. In her demo, she referenced a student writing a term paper on Latin America.

Google Docs add-on is released


To schedule a demo and get a trial account, please contact us at Google Docs is used by students, teachers, and content writers to write and format papers. Considering all the possibilities and features, it is no wonder writers choose Google Docs.


Technology Tidbits

Below is a brief demo. Socrates is an innovate new site where educators can seamlessly differentiate instruction for each student through a unique game based learning system.


Technology Tidbits

Below is a brief demo. Floop is an excellent learning tool for educators to give and receive student feedback in real-time.

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