Recognizing the Digital Assets You Have at Your Disposal

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However, there is a big difference between talk or desire to innovate and an evidence base that illustrates an actual improvement grounded in better outcomes. I have also been blessed to observe great examples that members of my Personal Learning Network (PLN) make available on social media.

Schools Uncertain of How to Deal With Security Threats

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Threats of mass violence continue to come across social media, educators say. Most recently, I think there’s definitely a tendency to err on the side of caution.”. K-12 Schools School Safety Social Media

10Q: David Mitchell

Learning with 'e's

Blogging suffers from a very narrow definition! Firstly, a blog is an outcome, this outcome has seen many stages before it is made public. And in the public nature of the outcome lies the magic of the engagement that so many teachers that use blogging preach about.

Popular vs Effective

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In her case social media has only increased her popularity exponentially. We can even take a look at social media numbers in general. I really wasn't concerned much about this as a teacher, but during my first few years as an administrator it was definitely on my mind.

The Blueprint for a Great Story

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Social media and a variety of other technologies allow for the mash-up of text, hyperlinks, audio, images, and video to craft compelling narratives that showcase all that is great in education. In other cases, many stories in education just share a positive outcome or point.

Why Esports in Schools is a Good Thing

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Studies have definitely shown that students who are involved in extracurricular activities are more successful in a number of ways. When students can join a school esports team, it becomes a social experience. For one thing, strong social connections boost immune function.

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The BrandED Difference

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When I first dipped my toe into the social media waters in March 2009 I really did not know what to expect. The definition above provided clarity, but it was still missing some integral components in order to make the concepts of branding more applicable to the education world.

Build a Door for Opportunity to Knock On

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I love this definition, as there are so many apparent connections to a growth mindset, entrepreneurship, and innovation. On the other hand, you can act to create a different and better culture defined by actual outcomes aligned with improvement.

The Top 3 Elements of Student Digital Citizenship

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The discussion surrounding digital citizenship has been growing, but not everyone can agree on its definition. To start teaching digital citizenship, remember three simple maxims: Be safe, be savvy and be social. Here are some tips for getting a digital citizenship conversation started with K–12 students and how technology can be used to promote effective outcomes: . Social media, software and apps all have settings that can keep data protected.

9 Ways to Teach Tolerance

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Admittedly, in the current social media world, words are today’s doing. While these may raise public awareness, they don’t deliver the tolerance necessary to change the outcome. If you watch the news, tolerance seems to be a lost art. College kids shout down speakers.

Opinions Are Nice, But Actions Are What Matter

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You hear it in schools, during face-to-face conversations with educators, at the dinner table, and most emphatically in social media spaces. However, offering opinions and stating what one thinks should be done to change anything in education falls short of the intended outcome.

The Meaning of Words

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Whether it is in person at events and workshops or in social media spaces, I routinely see conversations play out where educators take a certain stance on the meaning of specific words. Jargon in education is nothing new.

The Human EdTech for Diversity

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By definition, it’s the “motion” of “e.” Second, social-emotional learning is the single biggest tech trend in software. . It encourages lack of sensitivity by demonstration of insensitivity, the exact opposite of the desired outcome. By LeiLani Cauthen.

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Technology and Capstone Courses

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In this post, I will address each of these questions based on the definition of a capstone course at my current place of employment. Throw social media into the mix and the potential is huge.

A public cloud of social capital to connect schools and communities

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But as I’ve researched this topic I’ve been equally excited by efforts to ease the logistical barriers of creating new local networks by connecting schools to the latent social assets right in their backyard.

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Helping teens find their purpose

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They project a slide on a topic of near-universal interest to teenagers – social media. Social media and technology are not agents of change. A lively discussion soon erupts over the pluses and minuses of social media.

How can your institution attract students

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You can raise the quality by multiple means including technology integration like Academic Management Systems and implementing learning theories like Outcome Based Education (OBE) , Choice Based Credit System (CBCS) etc. Definitely not.

How Much Screen Time Is Too Much for Kids?


And I’m definitely not seeing schools discontinuing their focus on effective use of technology. This is a model that simply doesn’t lead to good learning outcomes. Anya Kamenetz, journalist and author , “The Art of Screen Time: How Your Family Can Balance Digital Media and Real Life” : I'm not seeing any trend away from devices in the classroom. Heuston : Learning is social and always happens in the context of other people and other people's ideas.

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How Effective for Learning are the Apps we Use?


A recent University of Phoenix College of Education survey showed that about 58% of teachers use educational apps and 41% use social media. As the costs for devices and applications decrease, technology use is increasing In classrooms across the country.

The Benefits of Helping Teens Identify Their Purpose in Life


They project a slide on a topic of near-universal interest to teenagers – social media. Social media and technology are not agents of change. A lively discussion soon erupts over the pluses and minuses of social media. It’s 12:15 p.m.

How a Classics Education Prepares Students for a Modern World


Ian Malcolm, Jurassic Park As described in our modern mythical tale, Jurassic Park, technology may not always lead to positive outcomes if implemented without critical thought, moral ground or inquiry. From cloning to social media, it is more essential to understand the ethical implications of an idea and how it will impact people than it is to build well-designed code. Your scientists were so preoccupied with whether they could, that they didn’t stop to think if they should.

What’s In? What’s Out? And What’s Likely? Decoding Higher Ed Act Reauthorization


Before the bill was introduced, speculation about provisions and their impact started flying on social media channels, conference calls, and in sidebar conversations between colleagues. And the long-standing ban on a federal student data system (retained in the House bill) will only stymie efforts to connect college credentials with workforce outcomes.

Why Stubborn Myths Like ‘Learning Styles’ Persist


To explore this, let’s connect neuromyths to other phenomena that have been observed in social and behavioral science. Specifically, social psychology and behavioral economics offer useful clues when thinking about why these ideas persist, as well as what can be done to more effectively change people’s beliefs. This explanation is definitely plausible. “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.”.

Setting Goals You’re Sure to Finish: 3 Steps Towards Setting Achievable Goals


How might we best use the remainder of the school year to achieve positive outcomes instead of looking to “next school year”? If you have a favorite place where you do your best work, then definitely use that space. It’s that time again.

Will giving greater student access to smartphones improve learning?

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And when I peer into classrooms, I see students tuning out their peers and teachers and focusing instead on YouTube and social media. He also wrote that much “student disruption and conflict centers around cell phones in schools and ease of access to social media.”.

That Was No Heckler The @Tim Ferriss #SXSWEdu Keynote

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Tim shared stories of his wrestling coach who pushed students to work until they threw up and a navy seal who he thought would be good to bring into a classroom because students would definitely listen to an overbearing figure such as that.

How Big is Your Brave? – Angela Maiers, USA

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There is a reason that Angela Maiers is recognized as one of today’s most influential education bloggers , social media activists and education thought leaders : her work resonates with teachers, school leaders, students and parents alike.

100+ Ways to Use a Chromebook in the Classroom – SULS033

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Children can learn reading, language, writing, math, social-emotional development, problem-solving skills, and motor development. ” Khan Academy Kids is definitely worth a look for early childhood and primary educators as well as parents.

Once Reviled in Education, Wikipedia Now Embraced By Many Professors


In fact, you definitely will find spotty quality. One important factor is that content in the course through the OER process tends to be much more customized, so the teachers are teaching with texts and resources that are tailored to the outcomes of that course. In so many social-media camps, people just go to find a reaffirmation of what they believed before they logged on. A decade ago professors complained of a growing “epidemic” in education: Wikipedia.

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Defining (adj. or v.?) Innovations

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How does innovation as used today stack up to the 20th Century gold standard definition by economist Joseph Schumpeter where innovation consists of business/organizational steps beyond invention (defined by Schumpeter as a process of creativity unencumbered by economic forethought)?

How a State E-rate Coordinator Drives Digital Access

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I’m a very social and collaborative person, so my approach to handling that stress and confusion was to join everyone together to tackle applications as a group. That’s definitely the group you lean on when you find out there’s new legislation or funding in your state and you’re wondering how best to use these opportunities. Strong associations nationwide focus on outcomes for us all. Meet Melinda (“Mindy”) Fiscus.

Dog Introductions, Humanization and Other Ways Online Ed Can Better Serve Students


The quality of online courses still varies drastically, and research shows there are major racial disparities in digital-learning outcomes. That social-emotional part that comes with it, that comes into the online learning environment is something that instructors really need to know how to nurture. For instructors who don't use social media and who aren't used to being behind a camera or making videos, some of these ways of interacting with students could seem like a big deal.

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Top 20 Tech Tips for Teachers

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Begin with your learning outcomes, not the technology. Just because you are using technology doesn’t ensure you are meeting any objectives or learning outcomes. The question is always, “What are the desired student outcomes?

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Cultivating Cosmopolitanism in a World of Echo Chambers

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In other words, on social media, we often “flock together” or connect with like-minded individuals and those who are similar to us in other important ways. exposure to online news and dialogue about racial issues varies significantly by race : “African-American social media users are nearly twice as likely as whites to see posts on social networks about race or race relations.”

How Kim Lepre trimmed 15 hours off her workweek

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Oh, definitely. ” Then, what was really huge for me was that I started to realize that all of those hours spent weren’t necessarily improving my teaching or the student outcomes. Definitely. I mean, I would go and find someone who was on the same prep and just chat with them because I was avoiding all the things that I needed to do, or I would check social media, or read the news. Checking social media is fun for me.”