Could social media be the key to cracking chronic disease?

The Christensen Institute

In contrast with acute conditions, chronic conditions require a different nature of care that reflects the difference in time frame: care that’s less transactional and more relationship-based; care that is is not strictly medical but more focused on social, environmental, and behavioral determinants of health. Social media platforms, such as Facebook and Twitter, are the most pervasive examples of facilitated networks in the world today.

Teaching empathy for better learning outcomes


Aside from their home environment, where parents are responsible for teaching them what empathy means, school is where they spend most of their time, learning how to socialize, make friends, collaborate, solve conflicts, and so much more. As an example, the Start Empathy toolkit from Ashoka, an international organization that promotes social entrepreneurship, breaks the process into three large steps: prepare, engage, and reflect & act.


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5 Keys to Effective Social Media Strategy for Schools and School Districts

The 21st Century Principal

Should schools and school districts have a "social media strategy" like business and industry? In the corporate world, social media has moved from being a novelty to a deliberate strategy to engage the public. It seems like schools and school districts mostly do social media as an add on, where someone in the central office "just happens" to post announcements to Facebook or Twitter. Listening in social media is as important as posting.

#40years of educational technology: Social media

Learning with 'e's

By 2006 several social networking sites were enjoying surges in popularity, including MySpace, Bebo and of course, Facebook. Social media lend themselves naturally to support learning through discussions, collaboration and sharing. They are vital components of the web, and social media are important for education - because learning is essentially social and personal.

When Students Leverage Social Media to Plan Events

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The ISTE Standards for Students are goals that have been vetted through thousands of educators to set measurable outcomes that have been decided would best prepare today's k-12 student for the use of technology in their future lives. Creative Communicator Students communicate clearly and express themselves creatively for a variety of purposes using the platforms, tools, styles, formats and digital media appropriate to their goals.

Context Matters in Social Media


Of course, context matters (heavily) outside of social media. Sean Michael Morris recently wrote a post about the upcoming MOOC MOOC Instructional Design and starts the post with a set of learning outcomes you will get from the post. Profession Teaching context Digital Pedagogy Lab Cairo social media Twitter

Incorporating Social Media and Digital Citizenship in the First-Year Experience Course

Part of that program requires (nearly) all undergraduate students to take a First-Year Seminar (FYS) course and one of the resolutions updated some of the specific outcomes of that course. In this post I’ll discuss how we’re approaching the new outcome of “responsible use of the internet and other social media” that the faculty have added to the course. Social Networking Services

Learning to Measure Media Literacy Outcomes

Educator Innovator

To measure the impact of its media literacy programs and tools, our partner The LAMP developed an assessment rubric to analyze the work created by students and how that form of activism enables the role a student plays in a participatory digital culture. On average, youth spend nine hours a day consuming entertainment media. Beginning in October, our team collaborated with outcomes and measurement specialists to help us evaluate our education programs.

Make your LMS a social learning platform

Ask a Tech Teacher

Vivek Singh, education professional and contributor to Ask a Tech Teacher, has some interesting ideas on using your native LMS as a social learning platform. Education, thus, has its roots in the earliest social interactions. We inadvertently learn from our daily social interactions, with most of our informal learning happens through online sources of information. What makes your LMS a social learning platform?

LMS 210

Become the Storyteller-in-Chief

A Principal's Reflections

They will also create differentiated assessments in order to provide students with valuable feedback as to the progress being made towards defined learning goals and outcomes. The mainstream media rarely shares the impactful work in schools that is actually making a difference in the lives of students. Social media allows us to take sole control of our public relations and tell our school stories consistently, accurately, and transparently.

3 Simple Steps to Help Students Become a Global Citizen

The CoolCatTeacher

The social media network can be Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or just about anything, although the sheer numbers of educators on Twitter is astounding and becomes quite useful. While books like mine and Connecting Your Students with the World by Billy Krakower, Paula Naugle, and Jerry Blumengarten help you find and join activities easily, the best opportunities are viral and spread through social media. See Social Media in Schools which is chock full of ideas.

Get Out and Vote!


The 2016 election is the culmination of more than 19 months of campaign promises and incessant media coverage of the United States presidential election. Regardless of its outcome, this election is one for the history books. Articles News education government Social Media teachers tips for teachersThe post Get Out and Vote! appeared first on Edudemic.

Making Choices for Our Children

The Principal of Change

Everything happens for a reason, but every decision made, or not made, has an outcome. But at some point, I want to talk with her when she has a better understanding of social media and talk about what pictures she is comfortable with being shared, and which ones she is not. As I thought about this, it dawned on me how sharing images on social media is a newish phenomenon, but parents have been making decisions for their children without their input for years.

6 Edtech New Year’s Resolutions

Tom Murray

Districts having success in this area are working to empower teachers – giving them a voice and choice; moving from hours-based to outcome-based systems of accountability; and have school leaders that model and are transparent with their own growth. Commit to Leveraging Social Media and Telling Your Great Story! Blog Access edtech Equity future ready Osmo Osobot planning Policy Privacy professional learning Samsung Social Media Sustainability

EdTech 159

Why Instructional Design Must Focus on Learning Outcomes, Not Learning Activities


However, teachers continue to feel the daunting pressure to compete for their students’ attention amidst the ever-evolving and rapidly-hanging mass media, social media, and entertainment industry, as these elements do a stellar job of keeping students highly engaged outside of the classroom. If we want such activities to produce genuine student growth, instructional design must focus on learning outcomes as opposed to the activity itself.

An Upcoming Frenzy in Education

My Island View

If educators can count on one sure-fired outcome of the largest national education conference in America, it is the information feeding frenzy that accompanies it. Each year that ISTE holds its Annual Conference with 20+ thousand attendees social media lights up all over the world with exchanges of information between educators emanating from whatever city ISTE is in that year.

Are You Ready for Generation Z

The Game Agency

They want to know that their work provides a social purpose and mission. Make sure you have a great website and active social media to attract talent. Generation Z refers to the group born between 1995 and 2010 and currently represents the largest population sector. They make up about 24% of the population (compared to Millennials representing about 22%, Gen X at 19% and Baby Boomers at 23%). It’s estimated that Gen Z is at approximately 2.52 billion!

Are we wasting our time?

Learning with 'e's

So time is a precious resource, and what we do with our time determines the outcomes of our lives. Here's what he said: There is often an impression, especially from those on the outside looking in, that time spent on social media is time wasted. But there are times when I am on social media, trawling through my timelines, that I feel it is time spent on worthwhile reading, thinking and doing. Here lies the greatest value of social media.

Playing at Orientation: Interview with the Designers of “The Parasite” at University of Chicago


This new spin on orientation is a new alternate reality game (or ARG) called “The Parasite” designed by Heidi Coleman, UChicago’s Director of Undergraduate Studies in Theater and Performance Studies; Patrick Jagoda, Associate Professor in English and Cinema and Media Studies at UChicago; and Kristen Schilt, Associate Professor in Sociology at UChicago. Our current media environment calls for alternative concepts and methods of experimentation.

Trying to Ban Facebook is Not the Answer.


From Pinecrest Preparatory Middle-High Administration Letter to Parents , February 22, 2012 When I first read and watched a news story about this Florida charter school''s letter to parents encouraging them to get their kids off of Facebook because of the problems social media activities were causing during the school day, it got me thinking. I wondered what would make a school even venture this request in our social media saturated society.

A little more conversation

Learning with 'e's

My Personal Learning Network (PLN) is the vehicle that carries me to this learning, and social media is the highway that enables me to get there. The dialogue I enjoy is accessed via my PLN, often through Twitter, but can also come from LinkedIn or Facebook, Google Hangouts or even YouTube and any number of other of the social media platforms I use.

Open or shut?

Learning with 'e's

Those who blog – including me – agree there are positive outcomes, such as networking and collaborating, finding new audiences and opportunities, disseminating research more widely, and building one’s reputation. Additionally, the potential of social media to amplify content and expand reach exponentially should also be acknowledged. blogging education knowledge learning peer-review publications research social media Technology

Strategies to Accelerate Family Engagement

A Principal's Reflections

Right now, time is of the essence, which is why leaders need to critically reflect on their actions in order to improve the outcomes of any messaging strategy. Below is a quick list of ideas to consider: Social media Video streaming (i.e.,

Uniting to Make a Difference in African Education – MIE Fellows Worldwide

Daily Edventures

Ovi created a blog in Sway , which presents our actions and outcomes: Information People Social media Belgium koen timmers projectkakumaGuest Post by Koen Timmers (MIE Fellow, Belgium). During the E2 conference in Redmond (April 15), all MIE fellows were scheduled for a “Kakuma” session. The fellows were intrigued– was this a new secret tool? Or maybe a team building activity? A tour of the campus?

Schools Uncertain of How to Deal With Security Threats

K-12 Schools - Education News

Threats of mass violence continue to come across social media, educators say. While some fear the outcome of not responding strongly enough when lives are at stake, officials say there are costs to overreacting as well, including additional police, lost classroom time, heightened nerves and the threat of copycats. “It’s K-12 Schools School Safety Social Media

The 2014 ASCD Annual Conference: There is Hope

Philly Teacher

Social Media and Connected Learning. On Saturday morning, during the “Saved by Twitter” session, I watched complete strangers huddle in groups to discuss social media, their use of Twitter, the challenges involved in using social media and I witnessed a few people send their first tweet or use a hashtag for the first time. conference edcamp PBL reflection social media technology

In the Hands of the Students: The Classroom Computer

Inquire and Inspire

The biggest challenge is finding an effective way for sharing a single computer so that students have the opportunity to create the digital media that they''d like to present. Cultivating a Social Media Presence: There are an abundance of meaningful ways that social media can be used in the classroom. 21st Century classroom digital citizenship engagement google learning skills social media student directed student led student work students technology twitter

Nurturing a media literate next generation


Good schools have always placed importance on personal, social and health education (PSHE). Education professionals are often spending valuable time, solving issues which have arisen from social media, online behavior and misunderstandings from digital communication. Social media and digital connectivity is an integral part of our daily lives. Primary schools are looking for tools to effectively teach media literacy and promote digital intelligence.

K-12 Dealmaking: GreatSchools Acquires Schoolie; n2y, Thrivist Gain Funding

Marketplace K-12

based Thrivist said its platform “enables schools to develop, deliver, and manage online learning and leverage learning analytics to improve outcomes,” according to the company, which notes that software is offered via a software-as-a-service model and is being used in more than 25 school districts. Marketplace K-12 Fundraising K-12 dealmaking Social Media software as a service

20 Ways to Personalize Your Learning This Summer

The CoolCatTeacher

Student Engagement I’m in social media groups where frustrated teachers recently commented that their grade books looked like “Swiss Cheese” and that many students were just missing during online learning sessions. You can create a community of learners in your school, your department, and through social media. You’ll explore different media you can use to engage your students, and create lesson plans that will challenge them to think at a higher level.

Teacher beliefs

Learning with 'e's

A long history of psychological research supports the argument that an individual is more likely to perform a behaviour when there is a high probability of a positive outcomes. Journal of Experimental Social Psychology , 22, 453-474. Journal of Personality and Social Behaviour , 63 (5), 754-765. Technology teachers education change management social media schools learning teacher beliefsHow can we promote successful change in education?

Interview on Down the Hall Podcast


It was exciting to be part of a program whose purpose is to reach an audience including "EPLT/Faculty of Education stakeholders (students, prospective students – especially at the graduate level, faculty members, prospective academic and/or social media contacts, and those interested in educational technology & social media in education)." How important of a resource are various social media for doing this? Graphic Used Under a CC By-SA 2.0

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The 2014 ASCD Annual Conference: There is Hope

Philly Teacher

Social Media and Connected Learning. On Saturday morning, during the “Saved by Twitter” session, I watched complete strangers huddle in groups to discuss social media, their use of Twitter, the challenges involved in using social media and I witnessed a few people send their first tweet or use a hashtag for the first time. technology conference social media reflection edcamp PBL

BETTing on the future

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Education, whether face to face, or technology mediated, can play an important role in improving intercultural relationships and raising awareness of social responsibilities. What are the best practice case studies you are aware of in using technology to enhance educational outcomes, either in the UK or the Middle East? How can student outcomes best be improved in the next decade? Abu Dhabi BETT Middle East education learning social media Technology

Manufactured education

Learning with 'e's

The use of mobile telephones and social media has also promulgated democratic change and political upheaval in recent years. Social media played a vital role in Barack Obama's election success, and was instrumental in overthrowing governments in a number of countries during the Arab Spring. Even the long lived postal delivery service has seen declining popularity as a result of the increased accessibility of e-mail and social networking services.