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Step 2 : Browse lessons by Programs, Standards by State or Common Core, & Grade Levels You can do this part without even registering - yes, all for free. Through Twitter, I found out about ''social bookmarking.''

What are your favorite Common Core resources?


I first started using the Common Core App by Mastery Connect. Above, you can see a screenshot of the Common Core App. Actually, the appearance looks like Facebook, but operates like Twitter.

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Free Common Core Professional Development from @TenMarks


Presenters will also introduce participants to new resources and collaboration tools to help demystify the Common Core State Standards. In these trying economic times, we''ve seen many schools going through difficult budget issues.

How Twitter influences the Common Core debate

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Researchers track tweets to determine how social media plays into Common Core and educational debates. A new study endeavors to uncover how social media can impact education politics and how people view those issues, especially as they relate to the Common Core State Standards.

Interactive Math Practice with @IXLLearning that is Common Core Aligned!


See for Yourself & Connect with IXL Plea se click here and get started explor ing IXL You can click h ere to follow IXL on Twitter, too.

Dropbox + Pinterest + SMART Exchange for Teachers + Common Core = ClassConnect


Flip your Classroom, Just Store your Favorites , Find Common Core Content, and Share your Lessons “ ClassConnect saves me time building lessons so I can focus on engaging & inspiring my students. Then, start searching for content you can use by the Common Core!

Who or What Hates Common Core?


A team of researchers from the Consortium for Policy Research in Education at the University of Pennsylvania’s Graduate School of Education has been digging deeply into social media data to examine the roots of the public dialogue around Common Core. In the most recent chapter of work released, the researchers identify one group that accounted for "roughly a quarter of all Common Core-related activity on Twitter" during the 32-month time period they studied.

Free Common Core Aligned Lessons and Web 2.0 Games to Play on your SMART Board!


When you click on Common Core State Standards. videos, websites, files - no upload/download time ) Utah Education Network put together a fabulous selection Common Core lessons! Step 5 : Share this free resource via Twitter, Facebook, Blog about It.

Common Core Elementary Apps Created by Teachers for the @iTooch App by EduPad!


National Common Core Standards. Connect with iTooch from Edupad To like iTooch on Facebook, click here To download the free version, click here To follow iTooch on Twitter, click here Disclosure: K leinspiration has been compensated for time attribute d to this review.

Connect to the Common Core with Resources Students Commonly Turn to For Learning

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If you know the Common Core Standards you know that “The need to conduct research and to produce and consume media is embedded into every aspect of today’s curriculum.

Draw on Student Interests to Make the Common Core Work for You

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This was originally posted at Common Sense Graphite. As the new school year begins, articles and resources dedicated to helping teachers develop curriculum and assessments aligned to the Common Core literacy standards are popping up everywhere. The best part: survey data is a perfect way to help students meet Common Core Writing Anchor Standards 6 and 7, which focus on using technology to produce writing and conduct research.

Websites for Hour of Code by Grade

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It’s easy to see why when you look at fundamental programming concepts: abstraction and symbolism – variables are common in math, but also in education. Besides Math Standards, Alice supports these Common Core writing skills: 8.3a

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To learn more about Mastery Connect you can follow on Twitter like on Facebook or check out their blog Disclosure: Mastery Connect is a sponsor of Kleinspiration. Back-to-school, what an exciting part of the year!

Owl Eyes: The Must-Get Web-App for Classical Literature Teachers

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Edtech Apps that work From the Cool Cat Teacher Blog by Vicki Davis Follow @coolcatteacher on Twitter. Owl Eyes is a new, simple-but-powerful, and FREE web-app for reading classic books with your students. Literature teachers are sure to be excited!

EPISODE 142: What If Everybody Understood Child Development? [PODCAST]

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You can follow her on @ BodyMindChild on Twitter. There is no #stuchat twitter chat for kindergarteners to voice their concerns about what is happening to them. Book Review Common Core Every Classroom Matters Podcast Teaching kindergarten

Teach Writing Skills: Using Powerful Prompts to Inspire Students to Write

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follow @ spencerideas on twitter. Common Core Every Classroom Matters Podcast Get Connected iPads Tools WritingEvery Classroom Matters episode 178 with John Spencer. Writing should be exciting.

XplorLabs Fire Forensics: A Free STEM Module for Middle School Science

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A Next Generation Science Standards Aligned Lab Activity (FREE) From the Cool Cat Teacher Blog by Vicki Davis Follow @coolcatteacher on Twitter. Common Core State Standards (See more on the Fire Forensics Site ).

STEM 309

Twitter as a Tool For Academic Discourse

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This step gave students a context and purpose for using Twitter with this particular play and in this particular way. Students not only interacted with one another in class, but also with students in other classes, as Twitter opened up their ideas to a wider audience.

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Like us on Facebook , follow us on Twitter , or follow us on Pinterest. follow MasteryConnect on Facebook , Twitter , & Pinterest to Win an iPad! CCSS CCSS Lessons Common Core Common Core App common core lessons Common Core website Mastery Connect MasteryConnect teach with the common core win an ipad Mastery Connect reaches out to users to get connected, socially!

FREE WEBINAR: 9 Ways Writing Has Been Reinvented in the Classroom

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Join me, August 25 at 7pm EDT From the Cool Cat Teacher Blog by Vicki Davis Follow @coolcatteacher on Twitter. Blogging Common Core Get Connected How to Guides. Writing has been reinvented. Learn about the tools, techniques and writing tips that are changing everything.

4 Reasons to Use Kids Discover Online for Inquiry-Based Learning

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A Product Review by Vicki Davis From the Cool Cat Teacher Blog by Vicki Davis Follow @coolcatteacher on Twitter. Nonfiction text is important for student reading.

PD for Writing Teachers: STEM Workshops, Rockstar Camps, Twitter and More!


We began examining the details of the Common Core State Standards years before their rollout in school districts. Twitter Practically 24/7, people to follow and chats to participate in, free. Twitter is more than political rants or celebrity sightings. Pick your experts—they probably have a Twitter presence or at least a website. Even more fruitful are links and ideas in any of the numerous weekly Twitter chats. “Must be nice to have summers off!”

What Is Competency-Based Learning, Why Does It Matter?

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Every Classroom Matters episode 210 From the Cool Cat Teacher Blog by Vicki Davis Follow @coolcatteacher on Twitter. Recent #nhedchat Twitter Chat on Competency Based Learning [January 26, 2016 Twitter Chat]. Common Core Every Classroom Matters Podcast News & Trends Teachin

It’s New Year’s…Yeah, But…


If we want to be innovators in education, we must be risk takers at the core. Twitter, Voxer, Facebook…we have ways of connecting with others that were not available before. She is also a frequent blogger on her site: [link] Follow her on Twitter: @ CoriOrlando1.

Making Math Meaningful with Virtual Math Manipulatives

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Use technology to help you teach math From the Cool Cat Teacher Blog by Vicki Davis Follow @coolcatteacher on Twitter. To simplify the process for teachers, they’ve aligned their virtual math manipulatives to Common Core and State Standards. Twitter id: @davidwees.

17 Ways to Add Tech to your Lessons Without Adding Time to Your Day

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Luckily, Common Core–and many State standards–provide an excellent starter list of seven ways to blend technology into your everyday teaching: have digital ebooks included in your class library. Use Twitter novels to teach writing skills.

From AOL Squatter to Start-Up Sensation: The Eric Simons Story & Claco Launch


Eric Simons reached out to me via Twitter a little over a year ago. At first, I ignored his direct message on Twitter to check out his new product. We continued to touch base weekly by Skype, text messaging, phone calls, Twitter, Facebook, etc.

An Open Letter to NJDOE Commissioner David Hespe #NJED

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The opinions of all educators matter and it is through platforms such as blogs and Twitter that I, and colleagues across the state, hope to engage all stakeholders in a meaningful conversation on how we can improve education. NJED Achieve NJ Common Core education reform New Jersey NJDOE PARC

Embrace the Power of Twitter

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When inspirational speaker Ken Shelton, @k_shelton , gave the keynote speech at our school district's first Institute Day this fall, he challenged educators to join Twitter. Twitter is a quick and efficient method of exchanging information and ideas in order to learn with a global audience.

Your Voice Matters So Use It

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Late last week I read an article about how elected officials in the county where my school is located passed a resolution to stop the Common Core. I came across this article in my Twitter feed where I have a column set up for #njed. Change Common Core NJDOE Opinion PARCC

5 Reader Activities to Invite Higher Thinking


Articles Reading character diary Common Core concrete found poem marilyn pryle postcard home Reading Response activities to-do list Twitter conversationYou’ve taught students to read closely, to annotate, to discuss – now what?

Tech This Out- Math Instruction


On top of all that, Desmos also has a hoard of ready-made activities that allow students to collaborate, interact, and create while building a conceptual understanding of mathematical ideas and focusing on the Standards for Mathematical Practice outlined by the Common Core State Standards.

Wisewire & BloomBoard Collaborate On Learning Solutions For K-12 Educators

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Own It!


Some find it in Twitter Chats (list of educational twitter chats ), others find it at conferences like CUE National in Palm Springs, and yet others find inspiration through online course like CUE’s Innovative Educator’s Certificate (#cueiec).

A Novel Idea For Student Writing


If you are interested in bringing NaNoWriMo to your students, I’ve created this site to help teachers with the project, and I love to connect with other teachers on Twitter @LAMBradley. Student novels.