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Overcoming 3 challenges of introducing blended learning in the classroom


Introducing blended learning experiences in core subjects presents many opportunities over traditional print-heavy classrooms. But introducing blended learning in the classroom is not the easiest thing to do. Overcoming 3 challenges of introducing blended learning in the classroom.

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What is Blended Learning?

Educational Technology and Mobile Learning

In today’s post, I am introducing you to blended learning, a concept that is now common parlance within the ‘education speak’ In crafting this comprehensive piece on blended learning, I delved deep into academic literature, drawing on peer-reviewed research papers to create an authoritative and informative post.


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Blended Learning – How to Make it Work in the Classroom.


In spite of the fact that online education has been massively developing over the last decade, we cannot deny the fact that the majority of teaching still takes place in a traditional classroom. As you see, the blending learning has a bunch of benefits, but only when it is applied wisely. How to make a good blend then?

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5 Flipped Classroom Activities for High School Students

ViewSonic Education

The flipped classroom approach is emerging as a popular option within academic institutions, but many high school teachers remain unaware of the best flipped classroom activities to turn to for the in-person lesson component. 5 Suitable Flipped Classroom Activities for High Schools. Case Studies.

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How we improved our blended-learning program

eSchool News

Ubiquitous access to technology means that acquiring knowledge is no longer dependent solely on a classroom teacher. Google provides quick and easy access to information while YouTube provides on-demand how-to videos on just about any topic. The case for blending and online learning.

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K-12 Tech Innovation News

eSchool News

One notable piece of K-12 tech innovation news is the integration of interactive devices and digital learning tools, transforming static learning spaces into dynamic, multimedia-rich environments. These devices and tools empower teachers to create engaging lessons, fostering a more interactive and collaborative learning experience.

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20 New Ways to Use Google Classroom [infographic]

The Shake Up Learning Blog

The post 20 New Ways to Use Google Classroom [infographic] appeared first on Shake Up Learning. Expand Your Use of Google Classroom. Google Classroom can be used for so much more than just your traditional classroom LMS. Consider these 20 New Ways to Use Google Classroom. Keep reading! Click To Tweet.

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