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How to minimize cheating in online assessments


As the name suggests, the proctoring feature ensures that assessments are carried out safely. Through this feature, you typically limit students’ access to assessments until the day of the exam. What teachers can do to minimize cheating in online assessments. Read more: How to manage assessments in the blended classroom.

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Data Driven Instruction: How Student Data Guides Formative Assessments

EdTech Magazine

Data Driven Instruction: How Student Data Guides Formative Assessments. As personalized learning becomes a more mainstream pedagogy in K–12 classrooms, teachers have started to adapt assessment processes to get a deeper look at student growth. . What Are Summative Assessments Vs. Formative Assessments. eli.zimmerman_9856.

Data 311

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West Virginia Department of Education selects Istation’s ISIP™ Assessment for Reading, Math, and Dyslexia Screening

eSchool News

Dallas, TX (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Istation, a leader in educational technology, announced today that the West Virginia Department of Education has selected Istation as a K-3 formative assessment for literacy, numeracy, and indicators of dyslexia selection criteria. said Vice President of Research and Assessments, Victoria Locke, Ph.D.,

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Preparing Students for Online Assessments with Digital Literacy Skills

Online assessments are becoming more common, and students who have strong digital literacy skills often score higher on them. Students who lack these skills may not be able to effectively demonstrate mastery of key concepts in math, reading or writing on online assessments.

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Digital Natives Still Need Help Navigating Online Assessments


You can find ways to bring in tools and assessments that mirror the functionality of the tests. I also like the TIME for Kids Digital Edition because it allows students to read passages, synthesize information and answer questions like they are expected to on the English language portion of the test.

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21 Top Professional Development Topics For Teachers Now

The CoolCatTeacher

Relationship over reproach: Fostering resilience by embracing a trauma-informed approach to elementary education. SEL Courses Assessment Strategies for SEL In this course, you’ll get up to speed on current practices in SEL, including the history and legislation that has propelled it to the forefront of our educational focus.

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20 Ways to Personalize Your Learning This Summer

The CoolCatTeacher

Course: Designing Blended Learning for Student Engagement and Achievement “By the end of the course, you will be able to design and implement meaningful blended learning experiences with objective-aligned assessments and activities that foster core 21st-century skills.” Check out the course 17.