Inside Tips for Successfully Implementing Online Assessments

Whether schools are 1:1 or still relying on computer carts, the move to online assessments creates new needs from devices to professional development to data privacy policies. Have an instructional framework centered around curriculum design before talking about assessment.

Preparing Students for Online Assessments with Digital Literacy Skills

Online assessments are becoming more common, and students who have strong digital literacy skills often score higher on them. Students who lack these skills may not be able to effectively demonstrate mastery of key concepts in math, reading or writing on online assessments.

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Learn about the revolutionary Pearson Tell Online Assessment | @Pearson


Jeff sits down with Sue Ann Towle to discuss the new Pearson Tell, a brand new interactive assessment experience for English Language Learners. . For more information about Pearson, visit [link]. For more information about Pearson, visit [link].

6 reasons it’s important to create your own online assessments

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Homegrown online assessments prove invaluable to one district. Assessments are critical to our efforts to improve instruction in K-12 education. At Hopewell Valley Regional School District (HVRSD), we began the transition to online assessment more than three years ago.

Learn about the revolutionary Pearson Tell Online Assessment | @Pearson


Jeff sits down with Sue Ann Towle to discuss the new Pearson Tell, a brand new interactive assessment experience for English Language Learners. . For more information about Pearson, visit [link]. For more information about Pearson, visit [link].

4 Steps for Designing an Online Assessment for Flipped Classroom

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Are you thinking about designing an online assessment for a Flipped classroom? First, consider whether the tool you are thinking about is the right tool for what you want to assess. Second, does this online assessment align with the rest of the course curriculum.

In praise of the open-book exam

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Whether or not students should be required to take proctored exams in an online course has been debated for as long as there have been online courses and I suspect it will not be resolved anytime soon. Online Learning, 22(1), 131-145.

A true gift from SHEG: DIY digital literacy assessments and tools for historical thinking


You may remember Stanford History Education Group (SHEG) for its groundbreaking and utterly depressing report, Evaluating Information: The Cornerstone of Online Civic Reasoning. The free assessments include Google Docs assessments to copy and digital rubrics to download.

20 Ways to Personalize Your Learning This Summer

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But the reality is also that we’re going to have to prepare for a fall that – whatever it looks like – will include an online learning component. Learning online will also help us become better teachers and now is the perfect time to take an online course.

Education Galaxy–Personalized Learning That’s Fun

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It’s online assessment, practice, and instruction for K-6 students with a tagline: Curiously fun, amazingly effective, refreshingly affordable. Thankfully, Jeremy Verret, the founder of Education Galaxy, provided me with more information: What is Education Galaxy ?

“Believing in people can be a catalyst for positive change.” – Kimberly Mecham, USA

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When I co-taught a unit on Innovation, we benefited from the collaboration space to do a group-based unit assessment using the Design Thinking process to design a space for our new Center for Leadership & Innovation. This was paired with an online assessment in Forms (using the Take a Test feature) for each student to complete individually.”. InformationKimberly Mecham. Director of the Center for Leadership & Innovation. Thomas School.

Teaching AP Students Remotely: What Does It Look Like?


How is assessment, instruction, and technology integration changing for our top performing high school students in light of Covid-19? They have AP Online Classes and Review Classes on their YouTube Channel, and the current content features 32 different classes.

Zap life into your feedback with technology

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Forms are an excellent and easy way to collect information. I use forms all the time to categorize information specific to feedback, a letter to a group of students or parents, etc. I just create the form and then enter the information.

How to ensure quality in your online classrooms.

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As more institutions are opening up to the world of online learning, new possibilities are emerging along with new challenges. We have previously written about topics like engaging your students in an online learning environment and assessing student performance in online classes.

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100+ Great Google Classroom Resources for Educators

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I only want this to include high quality up-to-date information, so if you think anything needs to be added or changed, leave a comment. . TIP: The Google for Education Blog has the breaking announcements and information on Google Classroom. Assessment.

8 Practical Ways to Use AI in Learning

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Not only is this technology designed to sift through massive amounts of information but it is also ingrained with powerful curation capabilities. As a result, AI helps create smart educational content that’s being used in both classrooms and online courses.

How to create beautiful online courses: layout


After clarifying a few things regarding colors (how to choose a great color theme and how to get the right color codes) and fonts (how to identify and marry them), it’s time for the third and last part of this series on how to create beautiful online courses.

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OPINION: How do you measure social and emotional learning?

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. In the education world, it is often said that what gets assessed gets addressed. But the field has lacked an organized method of identifying, choosing and using the best assessments to measure students’ competencies. Related: The limits of online assessments.

Debate on new education law overlooks future of testing

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But this polarizing debate misses the long-term picture—and in so doing, threatens to derail the creation of more humane, transparent and accurate assessments enabled by technology that are critical to driving dramatically better outcomes for all students. But NCLB also locked us into an assessment regime that focused too narrowly on annual, summative grade-level assessments for accountability purposes and restricted innovation in assessments—and ultimately learning.

How to Prepare Students for PARCC/SBACC Tests

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I polled my PLN to find specific tech areas students needed help with in preparing for the Assessments. Pay attention to these and your students will be much more prepared for this Spring’s Common Core assessments: Keyboarding. Use online dictionaries, thesauruses.

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Data Driven Instruction: How Student Data Guides Formative Assessments

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Data Driven Instruction: How Student Data Guides Formative Assessments. As personalized learning becomes a more mainstream pedagogy in K–12 classrooms, teachers have started to adapt assessment processes to get a deeper look at student growth. .

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4 important questions teachers in the flipped classroom must answer


It requires a giant leap into digital online tools that many do not feel well-prepared for. The temptation, when it comes to converting your long-time and much practiced classroom lessons into online modules, is to simply convert each class (by a temporal definition) into online lessons.

Should Career Counselors Use Digital Personality Tests to Help Students Choose Majors?


Colleges have long relied on pen-and-paper assessments purporting to measure students’ personalities, interests and values, Donnelly says. The system offers students a short online assessment of their interests , then matches them with Butte degree programs that may be a good fit for them.

Learning management systems 101


Most learning management systems today require users to log in (teachers, administrators and students) to gain access to full LMS features, such as lessons and assessments. There would be no consistent way to deliver class content and assessments. A typical LMS is accessible on a web browser, and usually has online classes, managed and taught by a teacher, and students can enroll in the classes.

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4 Questions about the flipped classroom teachers must answer


It requires a giant leap into digital online tools that many do not feel well-prepared for. The temptation, when it comes to converting your long-time and much practiced classroom lessons into online modules, is to simply convert each class (by a temporal definition) into online lessons.

6 EdTech Resources and Strategies to Gain a Deeper Understanding of Students


The key strategy to get to this level of understanding involves a tried-and-true instructional practice: formative assessments and feedback. So what are some main characteristics of these assessment practices? Students learn to set goals, self-assess, monitor their progress over time. Joins Google for Education Technology Partner Program


For more information on’s solutions, visit About is a national leader in providing digital literacy solutions that help prepare students for online assessments, school, college, and their future careers.

Edulastic launches district tool for administrators

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Edulastic, creator of formative assessment tools for teachers, has launched Edulastic District Enterprise, a premium version of the software platform designed specifically for district and school administrators. Securely manage and control centralized assessments. “We

Tools 78 Unveils New Integration with Google Classroom


This new functionality allows educators to easily access digital literacy lessons, activities, application exercises, and quizzes through an online catalog, then deliver the content directly to students through Google Classroom. PORTLAND, Ore.

Why Should Students and Publishers Adapt eBooks in STEM Learning

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Say for example, a student needs more information about kinetic energy. It improves their ability to quickly understand concepts and recall information. Online learning has ensured that learning is not confined to classrooms.

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Getting More Out of Google Forms with autoCrat

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Most users utilize Google Forms for tasks such as surveys, data collection, assessments, contact forms, etc. Using Google Sheet add-ons you provide efficient and effective opportunities for the information you collect.

Blended learning can enable teachers to focus on cognitive skills

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I enjoyed doing them, but I think my students benefit more if I take my PowerPoint slides or a recording of myself giving that lecture and put them online for students to access individually. When students can access lecture content online, they’re not struggling to keep up or working ahead because I’m going too slow. For example, a student may try several times to learn a specific area of the content using the online resources and still not understand that content.

Survey: Educators express concerns over assessments

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Quality, cost remain top concerns when it comes to assessments. Assessments are a hot topic in K-12 education — particularly in states that now require school districts to assess students in all subjects, not just those tested by the state. Assessments News

Funding Edtech with the E-Rate Program and Grants

And with online assessments now being required in many states, reliable broadband access is also essential so that students’ knowledge and skills are accurately represented, and technology is not a barrier to achievement and its documentation.

BENCHMARK UNIVERSE PRO TIP: How to Save Time By Reusing Last Year’s Assignments

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You’ve established routines and perhaps you are back to using your e-books, e-posters, and online assessments for your instruction. How much new information do I need to add? It’s October, and I bet you are getting back into the swing of things for the school year.