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A true gift from SHEG: DIY digital literacy assessments and tools for historical thinking


You may remember Stanford History Education Group (SHEG) for its groundbreaking and utterly depressing report, Evaluating Information: The Cornerstone of Online Civic Reasoning. SHEG currently offers three impressive curricula that may be put to immediate use in secondary classrooms and libraries. Might we also study whether learners with solid K12 library inquiry experience perform better than the student in the general SHEG sample ?

Shine a Light on Advocacy - NOW!

The Daring Librarian

I got this compelling email from good friend and LJ/SLJ/The Horn Book publisher Ian Singer who forwarded a passionate plea to several of us to mobilize, sign the petition to Ensure all school libraries are properly staffed, open, and available for children every day and to get out the word via Twitter. I’m writing on behalf of a single voice, who has reached out to School Library Journal looking for “help and hope”.


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?Scaling Mobile Technology for Community College Students: 5 Tips for Entrepreneurs


It’s why mobile access has been one of the most important means of connecting students to their academic resources. This is not to say that the mobile medium provides a better learning experience ; however, students' work schedules often prohibit them from dedicated time in front of a stationary computer. These mobile messages keep students connected to course material and let students know we care about them, but the system is still too one-size-fits-all.

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Worldwide Library 2.011 Conference - Call for Presentations

The Learning Revolution Has Begun

This is our official call for presentations for the Library 2.011 conference, November 2 - 3, 2011. The Library 2.011 conference will be a unique chance to participate in a global conversation on the current and future state of libraries. We actively encourage non-commercial organizations that are primarily or substantively focused on libraries, librarians, librarianship, or library programs to become conference partners at [link].

10 Things To Know about the Future of Blockchain in Education

Doug Levin

Given the growing interest in the topic and recent blockchain-related announcements specific to education by organizations such as Sony , MIT Media Lab , and the Holberton School – to say nothing of the visions advanced by BadgeChain , the KnowledgeWorks Foundation , and Learning is Earning 2026 – I thought it might spur some interesting dialogue if I took the time to share my current musings on the topic. Student mobility within and across states is a big issue.

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Worldwide, Online, and Free - The Library 2.013 Conference Starts Friday

The Learning Revolution Has Begun

Please join us for the third annual global conversation about the future of libraries: October 18-19, 2013, [link]. There are eight conference strands covering a wide variety of timely topics, such as MOOCs, e-books, maker spaces, mobile services, embedded librarians, green libraries, doctoral student research, library and information center "tours," and more! join the Library 2.0 Ffion Alice Bell, Graduate Library Assistant.


The Power of Choice

Reading By Example

This is why we are seeing so many initiatives popping up in education today that allow for more choice. They can be located in an empty classroom, the library media center, or wherever creativity and innovation can be encouraged. We purchased an inclinable table, ergonomic chairs, and mobile desks. One student, who receives special education services for behaviors, has decreased his need to take a break from the classroom by 71% from fall to spring.

The Power of Choice

Reading By Example

This is why we are seeing so many initiatives popping up in education today that allow for more choice. They can be located in an empty classroom, the library media center, or wherever creativity and innovation can be encouraged. We purchased an inclinable table, ergonomic chairs, and mobile desks. One student, who receives special education services for behaviors, has decreased his need to take a break from the classroom by 71% from fall to spring.

2014 Global Education Conference - Day Two!

The Learning Revolution Has Begun

Tuesday, November 18th, is day two of the fifth annual Global Education Conference. K-5 Art Educator 11:00am Daffodils and tulips-PBL - Ruty Hotzen Modern Language Global Speaking Standards: ACTFL Can-Do Statements - Harry Tuttle, Ed. Join the movement to all children everywhere access to education. Kolleen Bouchane, Policy and Advocacy Director Turning Interests into Insights: Using Data Visualizations to Teach Global Issues - Ann Marie Gleeson, Ph.D.,

Learning Revolution Newsletter - Week's Events - GlobalEd Waitlist - CoSN - Google Forms - Breaking Down Library Walls - Better Than College - OZeLive Kudos

The Learning Revolution Has Begun

The Learning Revolution Weekly Update February 25th Never let formal education get in the way of your learning. These events bring together educators, learners, leaders, and others to rethink and reinvent education. CoSN is designed for education leaders to better understand their changing roles in creating the new face of learning, and it''s a great event with terrific history and high-powered speakers. Education Revolution Google+ Community Robots grading essays.

How to reach students without internet access at home? Schools get creative

The Hechinger Report

On the Friday before spring break at Meigs Middle School, special education teacher Matt Coe was busy preparing new lessons for his students now that schools were set to close due to the coronavirus crisis. Matt Coe, special education teacher, Tennessee.

The 2019 Global Education Conference - Full List of 130 Sessions and 10 Keynotes!

The Learning Revolution Has Begun

The ninth annual Global Education Conference starts this coming Monday! This is an amazing and free online event that brings together educators and innovators from around the world. The Global Education Conference is a collaborative, inclusive, world-wide community initiative involving students, educators, and organizations at all levels. The hidden treasure of the Global Education Conference is volunteering--you will love it!

After-school programs have either been abandoned or overworked

The Hechinger Report

For low-income kids it’s really hard for programs to run in person,” said Jodi Grant, executive director of Afterschool Alliance, a nonprofit advocacy group. “It She had to provide laptops, tablets and even mobile hotspots to a number of her kids just so they could participate.

#ISTE13 - San Antonio Highlights & FUN!

The Daring Librarian

to represent school based educators, teacher librarians, and to be your big mouthed unfiltered advocate for what''s really important, our kiddos! Member Networking Fair, Tower View Lobby -- Visit All 25 SIGs, Affiliates, Advocacy/ETAN, Young Educator Network, and other member communities who will showcase their activities and recruit new members. Download the ISTE Mobile App ! USE The ISTE Conference Mobile App & it''s OK to take a nap!

What If Schools Viewed Outdoor Learning as ‘Plan A’?


Library of Congress ) The photos, shot in black and white, are from the early 20th century, and the disease in question was tuberculosis. And she hopes educators and families all across the country will try it and see that for themselves. In June, the group mobilized.

Buncee is headed to FETC19


The Buncee Bus is on the way to the 39th Annual Future of Education Technology Conference in Orlando, Florida. Buncee is such a versatile tool that makes it easy for educators to address the ISTE standards and promote student choice. She will be sharing how Buncee fits into the different wedges and literacy within the FRL framework and stories of using Buncee in her library along the way. Mobile MegaShare- Showing What I Know.My

Funding School Services in the Midst of Multiple Crises

Faced with fast-changing instructional models, varying infection rates, decreasing revenue sources, and a variety of natural disasters, how can education finance officials meet the short-term needs of their districts as well as longer-term requirements? By Robert Low.

Digital Equity in Rural School Districts

One of the struggles in Wisconsin is digital learning days, where students with limited or no access to WIFI at home cannot access their education. Dr. Holland holds a Doctorate of Education (Ed.D.) WATCH THE EDWEBINAR RECORDING.

Cybersecurity is Still Paramount for Schools

Educating all constituents, not just about the process, but also why it’s important, is essential. They educate staff about the types of attacks as well as what to do. Educate. Stacey Pusey is an education communications consultant and writer. By Stacey Pusey.


Critics warn that well-meaning reforms may be lowering the quality of college

The Hechinger Report

A student walks past the Bender Library on the American University campus in Washington, D.C. But it’s among the ways critics warn some well-meaning reforms designed to solve the many challenges in higher education are threatening to water down its quality or benefiting students who don’t need help. secretary of education who is among those raising caution flags. Department of Education inspector general has raised concerns about a lack of oversight of this.

The Key Role of Tech in Accessibility for All

Every two or three years, state and federal laws regarding accessibility in education change. While there is no substitute to having an attorney or special education director focused on special education legislation, there are additional services that can keep the flow of information coming.

A Tiny Microbe Upends Decades of Learning

The Hechinger Report

This disparity in home computer and internet access, dubbed the “homework gap,” was a slow-burning problem for most districts in the days when schools were in session and students could get online at libraries, after-school programs, coffee shops and other community gathering spots.

Leading Teaching and Learning in Today’s World

In a recent edWebinar , sponsored by ClassLink and co-hosted by CoSN and AASA , education leaders reflected on the challenges of the past year and the possibilities of the upcoming school year. Department of Defense Education Activity, Pacific Center for Instructional Leadership in Japan.

Leading a District Effectively During an Unprecedented School Year

A key element in any remote or hybrid scenario is equitable access to technology, and Dr. Domenech cited an estimate that as many as 14 million students still don’t have the equipment they need to receive an equitable education in areas where schools may be closed. By Robert Low.

Going on the Offensive: Cyber Security Strategies for Schools

Educate all staff members frequently and thoroughly. Education programs need to be more comprehensive and ongoing throughout the year. Manheim Central School District (PA) Superintendent Dr. Peter Aiken said they partnered with a company to educate their staff about email threats.

Hack Education Weekly News

Hack Education

Education Week looks at the campaign donations Betsy DeVos has made to “to Senators who will oversee her confirmation.” ” Via Politico : “Trump’s education secretary pick supported anti-gay causes.” Via The Columbia Dispatch : “Group once led by Trump education secretary nominee owes $5.3 Liberty University ’s Jerry Falwell Jr says Trump offered him the Secretary of Education job first. Education Politics.

Sign Up Now - Fascinating New Sessions at "Privacy in the Digital Age" Virtual Mini-Conference

The Learning Revolution Has Begun

We're in the process of adding five fascinating new sessions to the Library 2.016 mini-conference: "Privacy in the Digital Age." Their topic will be "A Current Update on Library Records, Privacy, and National Security Letters." Kelly Cottler , from the Gumberg Library at Duquesne University , on "Protecting Our Principles and Patrons’ Privacy on Cocial Media: Libraries Sharing Without 'Oversharing.'" Please also join this Library 2.0

Planning for the Total Cost of Edtech Initiatives

Most educators look at the cost of their device and software, but what they need to understand is that the total cost includes PD, tech support, sustainability. Department of Education Secretary in October 2016. Ann also attended the 2014 White House Connected Superintendents Summit and was named a 2012-2013 NSBA Technology Leadership Network 20 to Watch Educator. Dr. Soumakian has over 35 years of education experience, including eighteen years of high school teaching.

Where Did All These Teen Activists Come From?


Listen and subscribe to our podcast from your mobile device: via Apple Podcasts | via Stitcher | via NPROne | via Spotify. Ana and her peers are increasingly using their tech savvy to mobilize protests and inspire older generations in ways that weren’t possible before social media — generations that include people like Ana’s mom, Alice Ostrovsky. ’ ” At the end of four years of advocacy work, Ana is getting used to cumbersome bureaucratic systems.

What?s New: New Tools for Schools


ASSIST EDUCATION & APEX LEARNING ( ) & ( ) ASSIST Education and Apex Learning enhanced their partnership with the addition of adaptive content and digital tutorials into the ASSIST Integrated Education Management System for K-12 schools. Coalition members include Microsoft, Amazon, Computer Science Teachers Association, College Board, and Excellence in Education Foundation, and other local tech and education organizations.

Essential Elements for Moving to a 1:1 Environment

During an edWebinar for the Empowered Superintendent series, “Leadership for Mobile Learning: Creating a Shared Vision,” the presenters said school leaders, though, often miss key parts of the planning process and end up with useless “hunks of plastic.” She guided both the educational technology and IT departments to support district and site personnel to plan and complete all iPad deployments and the Mobile Learning Initiative. Step 1: Make a plan.



CENTRALREACH PK-12 ( ) CentralReach launches CentralReach PK-12, a collaborative and data-driven software for special education. The software helps schools foster communication and coordination of instruction and care for students in special education programs. FOLLETT AND LEGO EDUCATION ( ) & ( ) Follett announced it will sell a selection of LEGO Education solutions.

What’s school without grade levels?

The Hechinger Report

On windswept fields outside Fargo, North Dakota, a bold experiment in education has begun. The goal is to stop tethering teaching to “seat time” — where students are grouped by age and taught at a uniform, semester pace — and instead adopt competency-based education, in which students progress through skills and concepts by demonstrating proficiency. Educators wanted students to engage more and apply their learning in meaningful ways.”. Higher Education.

GlobalEdCon 2013 - Day Three Schedule

The Learning Revolution Has Begun

Today is day three of the 2013 Global Education Conference. To receive the daily conference schedule, be sure to join the Global Education Conference network. Assistant Professor of Education Why my experience as a Cultural Exchange Educator helped bridge the gap between my community and others. - A summary of today''s sessions is shown below in US-Eastern Standard Time (GMT/UTC-5).

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Software & Online ACCELERATE LEARNING STEMSCOPES SCIENCE ( ) Accelerate Learning announced a new platform using the best of CNN’s digital content to create a new science education product. Advantages School International provides quality education to students around the globe. ASSIST has expanded the system with content for every grade level, K-12 through Higher Education. KANO EDUCATION PACKAGES (

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